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Work is Work: Down to Bussiness (Kat)

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  • Work is Work: Down to Bussiness (Kat)

    Posted by The Lady Athena on 11-11-2002 02:58 PM:
    Work is Work: Down to Bussiness (Kat)

    The Sith Knight had since her return gotten to know many of the new people of the Empire. But she had a memory of Kat from when her Maker spared her last. And time would only tell if Kat had gotten any better in her skills.

    As the day started to fade into the night she stood within the dusk of light. She waited in the training grounds for Kat. She had sent her an invitation to spar.

    Understanding the two's difference in Rank and Skill Athena thought it would allow both to learn something new. And Athena would have to take it somewhat easy on the girl but not to easy. This was the only way for both Kat and Athena to learn.

    Athena had her cloak placed on a tree branch and her weapons still on her belt. She waited for the younge Disciple and Ex Jedi to find her way to where she was waiting.

    Posted by Kat Kariena on 11-11-2002 03:10 PM:

    Kat stepped into the training grounds, her eyes scanned for Athena. She had recieved her invitation and welcomed the chance to spar with the woman again, this time to learn. Not bothering to hide her presence there she walked over to the woman.

    Posted by The Lady Athena on 11-11-2002 03:14 PM:

    Athena smiled as she noticed the force signature before spotting the woman.

    " Hello Kat its so nice to have this chance to spar you once more?"

    Athena paused for a moment in thought.

    " How is the training with Lord Darkstar going for you? "

    Posted by Kat Kariena on 11-11-2002 03:17 PM:

    "Very well," Kat replied. "He keeps things a challenge."

    Posted by The Lady Athena on 11-11-2002 03:26 PM:

    " That is wonderful to hear. Now down to bussiness. "

    Athena dropped her hands towards her weapons. Her right hand gripping her saber and her left dancing and hovering above her daggers and her whip.

    " Care to start this dance or do you want me too? "

    With out waiting for her answer, Athena moved with sudden speed not force accelerated speed just sudden speed. Her soft yellow blade igniting and then spinning towards Kat.

    Posted by Kat Kariena on 11-11-2002 03:33 PM:

    Kat reacted quickly, ignighting her own saber to block Athena's, and stepping foreward to kick her back and away.

    "You can start," she said wryly, bringing her own saber around quickly to cut at her neck.

    Posted by The Lady Athena on 11-20-2002 06:10 PM:

    With the pressure of the block from Kat and then the swing at her neck. Athena smiled, then brought her own saber up to the side the blade was coming from. The two sabers sparking as they touched.

    " Tell me Kat, what is you wish to learn from this spar? Anything you care to work on? "

    Athena then threw Kat away from herself with the force. Nothing to hard. She had promised to take it light on the Disciple.

    Posted by Kat Kariena on 11-21-2002 07:04 PM:

    Kat jumped back with Athena's push and then shook her head, "What I learn isn't nearly as important as how I learn," she replied before she sent a minor blast of the Force at Athena. "Unless you can think of something I should work on specificly."

    Posted by The Lady Athena on 11-26-2002 12:15 PM:

    (OOC sorry about the sparatic posting. I am so busy its not funny. But I am trying. )

    Athena smiled at looked at Kat. She had grown in the darkness. Athena felt the force blast that Kat had sent her way. She buckled down and felt it hit her. But she had backed herself with the force and stood there still.

    Then a dark and powerful force wave rippled towards Kat. At all of Athena's power. She knew it was nothing to really hurt Kat but just to show her the difference in the power each had learned so far.

    " More Anger Kat. You want to kill me even though this is a spar. So far this feels like teaching. try to kill me. "

    Posted by Kat Kariena on 12-24-2002 09:51 PM:

    OOC: Sooooooo sorry for taking so long.


    Try to kill, Kat thought. That was a tactic she had never before thought to try. Though it is one I should have learned long ago. Letting the anger she had surpressed for years surface she attacked Athena again, this time the power behind the cut at her waist was as if she was going to actualy kill.

    OOC: sorry the post stinks x.X

    Posted by The Lady Athena on 12-28-2002 10:10 PM:

    Athena lowered her blade to block the attack but this time she could feel the difference in the blade pressure. It was much better, this time she had to fight back with her own power to move the blade.

    Athena pushed Kats blade from hers and smiled.

    " Much better Kat.... Now lets get this spar started. "

    (OOC no problem worry not. My post sucks too! LOL )