Posted by Drako on 11-15-2002 02:09 PM:
Drugless combat (ReY)

Drako entered the training ground having summoned ReY. He began working through his simple warm up techniques, he wouldn't need to move straight away but he would by the end of the session.

Those complete he began setting up the rocks he always used in the first part of a training exerise with a new apprentice. Those set he folded his arms and waited for his newest apprentice to arrive.

Posted by ReY DaSSaKoTh on 11-15-2002 02:19 PM:

::ReY walked into the training grounds he still had somewhat of a minor limp in his left leg due to past quarrels. He had just come from the med bay, restoration didn't take long. He scanned the area and quickly caught sight of his master. He slowly made his way towards the Sith Lord. Arriving a mere few feet away from the man,ReY bowed showing his respect.::

"Hello Master,I am here as you have summoned me."

Posted by Drako on 11-15-2002 02:22 PM:

Drako turned to ReY and inclinded his head in greating. He gestured to a pile of rocks, ranging from pebbles to larger rocks the size of a mans head.

"You will arrange those rocks in order of size, without moving them,"

The request was simple, this was a simple test of ReY's Force powers, all Sith could do this, though Drako had in the past made things more difficult when humbling the more arrogant of his apprentices.

Posted by ReY DaSSaKoTh on 11-15-2002 02:40 PM:

::ReY looked at his master intently, little his master knew of him, little anyone truly knew of him. For he was for once in his life, truly scared, scared of failure. For ReY had never intentianally used his powers! Rey looked into his Masters eyes, his gaze cool and collective yet tinged with a fear blind to the naked eye.::

"Hm, as you command Master..............."

::Rey quickly turned his focus to the rocks, he had aqquired his target, now it was simply a matter of completing the objective. Rey steadily raised his two fingers and pointed towards the rocks, he closed his eyes and began a deep hopeful trance. Then as he began to open his eyes, sweat pouning down his forehead, he saw the rocks begin to levitate, suprised and excited a small grin appeared on his face, but just as soon as it appeared it dissapeared for the rocks were trembeling. They rocked back and forth in mid-air.Rey couldn't hold them in his grasp any longer. He quickly ripped his hand backward,trying to withdraw his control over the rocks, but it only made matters worse for like bullets they flew this and that way, and eventually all were out of their sights. Gulpining ReY turned back to his Master.::

" never know, they might be lined up somewhere.......heh............"

Posted by Drako on 11-15-2002 02:55 PM:

Drako stood, looking in shock at what had just happened, then his face cracked a smile and he threw back his head with deep, amused laughter. He looked at ReY and smiled.

"I take it you have never used the Force before like that, do you know how to weild it at all?"

The question was kind, like a grandfather looking after his grandson, there was none of the edge ReY had expected from a man so apparently cold as Drako.

Posted by ReY DaSSaKoTh on 11-16-2002 02:39 PM:

::ReY very much suprised by the reaction by his master simply nodded in awe.::

" sir, you are correct. I haven't ever used the force power intentionally like that. I'm not 100% sure as to how one uses their force powers, I have simply used it for little things such as giving me that extra boost of power or speed when I needed it."

::ReY continued to look at the man in a confused expression.::

Was this really the legendary Sith or was he just holding back............oh well either way I'll never let my guard down!

Posted by Drako on 12-04-2002 02:14 PM:

Drako nodded

"Very well. Look at the rock, see it moving in your mind then project the thought at it, when you try you will understand what I mean,"

Drako folded his arms and waited for his apprentice to attempt the task.

"Some find it easier to make gestures to accompany the movements, see what works best for you,"

Posted by ReY DaSSaKoTh on 12-04-2002 02:25 PM:

::ReY looked at the man then the rock, he listened intently to every word spoke by his master.::

Hm, hand gestures,eh?

"Very well master..........."

::With that said Rey focused on the rock, in his mind a clear crisp picture of the rock materialized in his mind. He raised his two fingers once more, the pointer finger and middle, as he did the rock started to tremble upon the ground. He gritted his teeth and used every bit of energy he could possibly conceive and the picture in his mind became sharper, clearer, stronger! With that the rock was no longer on the ground, within the time he had closed his eyes to concentrate on the visualization, the rock had been rising more and more every second, and now as he looked onward it levetated in the air before him.......and before his master......::

Posted by Drako on 12-18-2002 02:14 PM:

Drako nodded slowly as his apprentice performed the task

"Good, now, the same principle works for increasing your speed and making you jump higher than normal people, will yourself to do it, see it happening in your mind, then do it, now, catch,"

Drako spun a stone in the opposite direction to his apprentice, expecting his apprentice to run after it and the Sith Master made sure he would have to use the Force to catch it.

Posted by ReY DaSSaKoTh on 12-26-2002 03:14 PM:

::ReY without a seconds hesitation, without even thinking he automatically chased after the stone. He ran at maximum speed, yet he was unable to reach it. He tried to reach for it, but just couldn't get enough up. So with his last bit of excertion, he focused his mind and with all his effort made one last leap for the stone...and within a matter of seconds he was on the ground, stone in hand....::


Posted by Drako on 01-11-2003 03:26 PM:

Drako nodded before launching three more stone, one at rey and one to either side, it seemed the Sith Master had no finished the tests of speed yet.

"Catch them all, but even I am not fast enough to catch them all by running..."

Drako let the cryptic message drift over to his apprentice before he launched the first stone at him.

Posted by ReY DaSSaKoTh on 01-27-2003 03:16 PM:

::With sudden realization of the stones flying towards him, Rey quickly began to shuffle and scramble towards the closest one,(the one directly infront of him.) He made a sudden grab for the stone.""

"1 down 2 to go..."

::He turned around with swift grace and agility, and with that he knew what he must do. He began concentrating his thoughts upon the task at hand. He rose his right hand and once more extended his two fingers, and simultaneously pointed in the mid most direction of the two stones pathways. And with a sudden change in the winds direction, the two stones, at a rapid laser like pace, zoomed.......right into the open palm of ReY DaSsaKoTh...::

Posted by Drako on 01-29-2003 02:00 PM:

Or at least it would have, if Drako hadn't grasped it with the Force and sent it spinning upwards, out of normal reach. With a small exertion of his power Drako sent the stone moving away from ReY at an alarming rate, his Force grip firmly set so it couldn't be taken via the Force.