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    Posted by The Lady Athena on 10-31-2002 03:13 PM:
    Hall of Mirrors (Zeta)

    It was time to do as she said and teach Zeta.

    She had called to him via the darkside, calling him into a room filled with mirrors. Zeta would use them to perfect his magic as he was taught.

    She waited her eyes closed as she thought of the events that had passed. She had left and returned. Master Lynch had given her a dagger that she kept with her now, and told her if she had thought of leaving again to just kill herself.

    Her mind wandered until she felt it.

    " welcome Zeta, I trust you are somewhat ready for the hell you will be going threw? I just need to know some of what Lord Rain has already taught you. "

    Posted by Darth Zeta on 10-31-2002 05:38 PM:


    Everywhere he looked, they were there.

    It intrigued the Zabrak, and he could not help but stare.

    Until Athena spoke to him, that is, his attention immediately being placed on her.

    "There is much I learned from my previous Master before coming to join The Sith Empire. Master Raine is rather busy, but I patiently wait as he continues to teach me in the Darkside. I have studied with him some basic force abilities, along with sparring. Other than that, not much else at this time."

    The Disciple nodded once.

    "I am ready to face whatever you put before me, Lady Athena."

    Posted by The Lady Athena on 11-02-2002 08:17 PM:

    She studied his words and thought to herself for a moment. There was so many different force moves but how would she know what all he could do?
    " Any of these? Rage: (disciple and up)
    Siths equivalent to Emptiness, when you come out of rage, all force skills are greatly increased. After a short time period, Force abilities are decreased until the Force User has a chance to rest. Any Force User in using the power is in danger until he has come out of it.

    Doppleganger: (warrior and up)
    This is the ability to harness the force in order to create a "clone" of the user. The user may control the clone though the force. These creations are exactly like user save one aspect, No clone can touch the force. Only one dopplegangered clone may be created at a time and a user must enter a state of rage in order to create the clone.

    Feed on Dark Side: (Disciple and up)
    Allows a dark sider to channel the dark side emanating from people with dark emotions and feelings, making them stronger.

    Force Lightning: (Lord/Master)
    Corruption of the force that allows user to issue blue lightning bolts from their fingertips.

    Transfer Force: (Lord/Master)
    Allows user to transfer their life force into another being, causes escape from death. Any Jedi who uses this power to escape death immediately looses access to the Light Side of the Force.

    Inflict Pain: (Disciple and up)
    Allows a Dark Sider to cause extreme pain in an adversary.

    Control Mind: (Knight and up)
    Allows a powerful Sith to take over the mind of someone nearby, making them slaves and puppets for the Sith controlling them, a Sith cannot take over and completely control more then one person at a time and great concentration and time is needed though he can alter the will of a small group for a short time.

    Create Force Storms: (Disciple and up)
    Either storms of nature where the Force rages or Great destructive Storms created by Dark Siders.

    Telekinetic Kill: (disciple and up)
    This power allows a darksider to kill someone they are not even touching. The favorite methods of this is the old sith choking method.

    Force Scream: (Knight and up)
    This power is an involuntary reflex of a Dark Sider as a result of frustration from battling a Jedi. If a Sith is being beaten and frustrated by a Jedi he may post himself doing this which greatly injures himself and all those around the area within 50 meters.

    Control Powers

    Absorb/Dissipate Energy
    This power allows a force user to absorb energy attacks, and dissipate it.
    Difficulty: Any Adept may do this with items such as blasters etc., the higher the level the more powerful attacks a Force user can absorb.

    Accelerate Healing
    This allows a force user to greatly accelerate their healing process
    Difficulty: Adept to start but this only aids in small cuts etc. and does not heal them immediately but improves the speed of the healing that will still take place slowly. The higher the level the quicker the time healing. No one may heal themselves in a day from the Force.

    Control Pain
    Control pain lets a jedi / dark jedi continue a task despite great pain. Difficulty: Adept for small pains, higher the level the less the pain is reduced and the greater the pain that can be dealt with.

    Detoxify Poison
    Allows you to detoxify poison in yourself or someone nearby
    Difficulty: Adept to start, for very complicated poisons Knights and Masters.

    Enhance Attribute
    Enhance attribute increases a basic skill, i.e. jumping, running, acrobatics. Difficulty: Knight

    Hibernation Trance
    Sends a force user into a hibernation where their body needs less attention. Difficulty: Adept

    Instinctive Astrogation Control
    Allows a force user to "feel" their way through hyperspace, and to plot courses. Difficulty: Adept

    Reduce Injury
    Similar to Accelerate healing, except reduces extent of injury, doesn't actually heal. Difficulty: Adept for sprains etc., Knight and above for more serious injuries.

    Remain Conscious
    Allows you to remain conscious when wounds normally would incapacitate you. Difficulty: Knight

    Resist Stun
    Allows you to resist a stun blast
    Difficulty: Knight

    Short-term Memory Enhancement
    Very useful tool for remembering the exact details of a recent memory. Difficulty: Adept

    Shields of the Force:
    The Ability to raise a defensive Force Shield.
    Difficulty: Shields can defend against Energy attacks and other physical attacks. It cannot last for very long however. In combat a Force User may raise it as a reflex against Saber attacks. A Knight can block a saber attack but not be able to raise a shield again during combat. Masters would be able to raise their shield again in battle at some point and take another hit from a saber after taking one already, being able to take a total of 2 attacks before they lost their abilities to block saber attacks. Often when this is done, some form of damage is also done to the person raising the shield. A very direct attack with a saber may kill someone regardless of a shield. For instance, a saber attacking a hand or neck or feet will do damage and probably cut the thing in half because the force shield would block the saber but not stop it. An attack aimed at a shoulder would probably be blocked but the shoulder would be cut. Another use of the power, when some other attack is suspected, and a shield is raised to defend against something such as shrapnel etc., a Knight may raise a shield to defend against it. Depending on the type of attack, they will take damage. They cannot raise another shield after this until they rest some way. Another use for a Force Shield is raising a small one to block blaster attacks, a Knight may raise a small force shield the size of a hand to block blaster attacks, A Force User will eventually tire though and cannot defend against blasters for ever.

    Sense Powers

    Combat Sense
    Allows force user to focus on the battle, enhancing combat effectiveness. Difficulty: Adept

    Danger Sense
    This is power all force users constantly have. Allows to sense immanent danger. Difficulty: Apprentice

    Life Detection
    Allows jedi to sense life around him, and who that life is
    Difficulty: Apprentice.

    Magnify Senses
    Using this power, a force user can magnify the five senses
    Difficulty: Adept

    Receptive Telepathy
    With this, you can receive emotion and thought of others
    Difficulty: Apprentice

    Sense Force
    Allows you to sense the force in a certain place, and whether it is light or dark. Difficulty: Apprentice

    Alter Powers

    Allows you to injure or kill an opponent through touch, i.e. punches, kicks. Difficulty: Master

    This very important power involves using the force to pick up and move/ stop solid objects. Difficulty: For very small items, like small rocks and maybe a light saber or blaster an apprentice would have to concentrate. For things a bit larger an Adept would have to concentrate. Things like Blasters and Lightsabers come a bit quicker and concentrations isn't required much and tiny rocks etc. move easily. Knights can bring small items like lightsabers etc. quickly without concentration, large rocks and heavy machines like a droid would require moderate concentration, something several hundred pounds would require concentration. Heavy things can be pushed with the Force much easier now as well. Masters can lift people and large rocks and droids fairly easily, while fairly heavy things would require a great deal of concentration. The most powerful Masters can lift people, large rocks and droids very easily and move things under a thousand pounds with a fair amount of concentration. Heavy things such as Star Fighters may be lifted with great concentration. Note: A Force User cannot levitate another Force User of the same strength unless the other Force User allows him too.

    This power involves using Telekinesis to lift the Force user using the power up above the ground. Difficulty: Varies according to level. Adepts may be able to slightly slow a short fall decreasing injury but not avoiding injury. Knights may be able to slightly increase the effectiveness of a jump or turn a fall backwards into a flip. A Master may be able to levitate himself with much concentration upward but never very far. A powerful Master may be able to levitate himself fairly high with much concentration but small heights very easily. Never can a Force User levitate himself when falling a very great distance.

    Control and Sense Powers

    Allows a force user to "see" into the future, past, and present.

    Lightsaber Combat
    Allows you to become one with your saber, making it like an extension of your arm.

    Projective Telepathy
    This power lets a force user project their thoughts and feelings to someone receiving them.

    Sense and Alter Powers

    Dim Other's Senses
    This allows a user to dim another's perception

    Control, Sense, and Alter

    Affect Mind
    Someone think they are, hear, see, and feel something
    they do not.

    Enhanced Coordination
    Very useful power, makes the coordination of a group better, works especially well on Imperial Navy crews.

    Astral Translocation
    The final form of teleportation. This makes the users tangible body go limp, while the life essence of a user moves through the astral plain to view things he cannot see. Unlike mental translocation, in the astral plain, a user can interact with others who use this power. This is a good way to fight duels where one side is notorious for pulling a saber, blaster, or other non force attack. If the corporal body is destroyed, the user is forever trapped on the astral plain... "

    She waited to see what all he knew and what all she could teach him...

    (any questions find me on AIM or Email me at [email protected] )

    Posted by Darth Zeta on 12-08-2002 08:51 PM:

    Athena spoke not a word as she held out the datapad for Zeta to take. The Zabrak studied the text carefully for quite some time before he responded.

    "I have heard of many of these force moves, and I've seen some. As for me crafting any of these moves..only a small few, Lady Athena."

    He scanned the list, speaking each one out loud, only pausing to look.

    "Danger Sense, Life Detection, Sense Force, Telekinesis,(equal to that of an apprentice.)Levitation."

    After Zeta had finished speaking of the few force moves he knew of, he quickly made eye contact with Athena.

    "That is what I know, but I am always eager to learn more in the ways of the Darkside. I learn quickly."

    Posted by The Lady Athena on 12-09-2002 11:45 AM:

    Athena watched as Zeta read the data pad. She knew it was a lot of things to read and try to figure out. As she waited Athena worked on one of her better Illusions....

    As she heard the Disciple speak Athena turned to look at him.

    " Then we shall need to work on them.... As we go of course. "

    Athena looked back at the mirriors.

    " Zeta pull the dark force within you, and in your mind see what you want the force to show.... "

    Athena knew this was not an easy task, but it was the only way to learn the Art of Illusions. If you could not see the image you wanted there was no way the force could show it out of your mind either.

    Within her own mind Athena created the image of her Dark Sister Mistress Shadowtide...

    Then the Figure of the Sith Master started to shimmer to life. Slowly the form took place starting with her face, then her body, finally all of the exact details.

    Posted by Darth Zeta on 12-09-2002 01:01 PM:

    "As you request..."

    The Zabrak began the process by clearing his mind of everything and anything. As his thoughts faded into nothingness, he drew on his feelings of the darkside, allowing him to pull upon the dark forces.

    The start of the process was easy, it was seeing that he was having difficulty with. That is, until he saw the image of Mistress Shadowtide.

    He found himself becoming confused for a single moment, studying the image, wondering how Dara's presence had suddenly showed up.

    He did his best to ignore the image, concentrating instead on the instruction that Athena had given to him.

    He knew of what he wanted to see now. Seeing Athena's master made the Disciple think of his own master.

    He could see Raine perfectly within his own mind, clear as day. Try as he might though, Raine's form would not come to life as Dara's had.

    He continued at the task, drawing more and more onto the dark force, putting all of his effort into the task.

    Posted by The Lady Athena on 12-10-2002 07:10 PM:

    Athena watched Zeta in the mirrors. She noticed the confused look upon his face when seeing Dara. Then the slightest flicker of an image started to form. Athena knew it to be Raine.

    speaking into Zeta's mind softly,

    Start small, a face, or a weapon... then more slowly added.

    Athena finished working on her image of Dara, weapons and even the color of her hair.

    Posted by Darth Zeta on 12-10-2002 09:27 PM:

    All the Zabrak gave was a nod of acknowledgment to the Knight's words.

    The face, to him, seemed the hardest feature of all. Yet, still he planned to have every little detail.

    First came the hair, and then the shape and texture of Raine's face, the tone of his face. Then the rest soon after followed, his eyes, his nose, his mouth, his cheeks.

    Then the body, it didn't seem so hard after that, everything just...fell into place. Until, Raine came to life.

    ...And the Disciple could feel it, the force energy, it was there.

    He did not let go, he watched the image of his master, for now, there, but not in motion, just standing still.

    He did not question his ability to keep this so called illusion, even if it faded out, he would continue to keep a hold of the dark force energy as best he could until Athena told him otherwise.

    Posted by The Lady Athena on 12-19-2002 08:25 PM:

    Athena looked at Zeta he had a strong hold on the image. She smiled, and then finally told Zeta via the darkness to either drop the image or creat another while holding the old one.

    " You are doing wonderful Zeta, now make the image move. "

    Posted by Darth Zeta on 01-28-2003 08:48 AM:

    "As you ask, Lady Athena, I shall do..."

    Without a moments hesitation from Zeta the Zabrak concentrated on the image, his mined tuned to nothing more for the moment.

    It was all in the feet, or was it?...

    Slowly Zeta's former Master began to move into a different form, his left hand drawing upward from his side to move to his person, in time, withdrawing his staff.

    Zeta remembered the weapon well, he had used the item within his training session with Raine. He had never seen a staff before then, really.

    The image said nothing and did nothing more except motion to Zeta with his staff.

    Posted by The Lady Athena on 01-28-2003 10:34 PM:

    Athena watched as her apprentice created the staff that Lord Rain had always had. When it moved Athena smiled. Her apprentice had already learned so much.

    " Now more movement. "

    Posted by Darth Zeta on 01-28-2003 11:35 PM:

    Having not had much of an influence on Sith Sorcery since Athena took Zeta under his wing, his body was not used to such dark magics. Already he had become tired, needing more effort for what could be considered a simple task.

    He did not let on he was tired, that would mean to question Athena, to deny her instruction, that was something he dared not to do.

    So with a small nod of his head, he pressed on.

    Somehow, he knew that in all likelyhood, Athena would want more than simple movement.

    ....And so it was that the image of Raine moved, not just his arms, but his feet as well, walking toward the Disciple. His staff was out stretched, still toward Zeta's direction.

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