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Fueling Hate's fire. (Open Spar)

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  • Fueling Hate's fire. (Open Spar)

    Posted by Macros on 12-03-2002 03:49 PM:
    Fueling Hate's fire. (Open Spar)

    Macros stormed into the Training grounds, alone but armed to the teeth. His eyes radiated a darkness that penetrated every living thing; his walk was confident, but he had lost much of the arrogance that he'd entered the dark Halls of the Empire with.

    His sdeep blue sabre was out of his hand and casting dancing shadows around the grounds as he skillfully weaved an intricate but potentially deadly pattern around him, DarkDestiny seemed part of him.

    As soon as it had left it's holder it was back in again, and Macros stood, head high and eyes closed tapping into the Darkside to increase his power. If his Master had no time to train him then he would improve by fighting another Sith.

    He waited impatiently, frequently he would use the Force to throw rocks as far as he could, or threw knives at far off trees, splitting insects in two without even looking.

    His breathing was heavy, he'd been inactive for what seemed to him like years; used to spending every part of the day to his advantage, this endless waiting was something he hated. One of many things he hated.

    Silently he watched the entrance unblinkingly, his eyes turning bloodshot, looking like they would explode. Battle. What he lived for...

    Posted by Macros on 12-06-2002 05:30 PM:

    Macros paced back and forth, impatient for a battle..

    Posted by Xenodoros Stormrider on 12-06-2002 10:10 PM:

    It was a grand day for Xenodoros. Nothing had gone wrong yet, and it was perfect for him to take a stroll around the training grounds to look around at what was going on. Entering the training grounds, Xeno saw a familiar face. It was Macros, the one he'd met when Darius had gathered them.

    Xeno observed Macros. He seemed tense. Xeno smiled, he knew that a battle was what he wanted. One could see it in Macros eyes and movements. This would be the first fight for Xeno as a Sith Warrior. Taking the hilt of his lightsaber from his belt, he flicked it on. The indigo blue saber appeared in front of Xenodoros and Xeno said:

    "A little spar?"

    The Stormriders

    Posted by Macros on 12-07-2002 04:39 PM:

    Macros calmed, in the way a sick man does when given his medication. DarkDestiny was still ignited in his hand and he tilted his head forward before approaching Xeno in an attacking stance...

    "Sounds good to me. What rank are you now, comrade. Many suns have rose since we met that eventful night in Rama's."

    He smiled slightly, but his eyes never lost the fury and battlelust as he brought the saber down on Xeno in a swinging arc. There sabers buzzed and hissed together for a moment...

    Posted by Xenodoros Stormrider on 12-07-2002 11:14 PM:

    Rising his lightsaber, Xeno gritted his teeth as the two lightsabers clashed. The lightsabers created a spark as they clashed and Xeno quickly extended his right leg, kicking Macros on the stomach. Watching him fall on the floor, Xeno said:

    "Warrior. I didn't know a conversation was included in this spar."

    Xenodoros smiled as he stood in his defensive position.

    Posted by Macros on 12-08-2002 11:52 AM:

    Macros rolled to his feet, his teeth clenched and saber drawn. He went to rub his back as he replied.

    "Impressive, though it would be nice to fight a spar I have a chance of winning occasionally."

    Suddenly Macros twisted and a throwing knife left his outstretched hand and he charged forward using Force speed, then sweeped Xeno's feet from under him as he caught the decoy knife. The young Sith smirked as he kicked dirt into the warrior's eyes.

    Posted by Xenodoros Stormrider on 12-17-2002 08:47 PM:

    Xenodoros' lightsaber rolled out of his hand. The dirt in his eyes distracted him. With his eyes closed, Xeno Force pulled the lightsaber back into his hand, feeling where it was with aid of the Force.

    "Just because I'm at a higher rank doesn't mean I'm better than you. I have more knowledge, yes, but you never know who will win."

    Xenodoros thrusted forward, tackling Macros to the floor. Once on the floor, Xeno lit his lightsaber and set it in front of Macros' nose.

    "Got that, bud?"

    Posted by Macros on 12-18-2002 03:44 PM:

    Macros froze as Xeno's saber held just above his nose.


    Then Macros flicked his wrist and a rock flew at Xeno's saber hand, knocking it to the side for a very brief moment. It was just enough, as Macros rolled away he felt the heat of the lightsaber as it came down next to his ear.

    Rolling to his feet he stepped back, circling the higher ranking Sith, looking for an opening, a weak link in his patterned stride to exploit...

    Seeing none he dropped back into a defensive stance, awaiting the moment his opponent would make a mistake...

    Posted by Xenodoros Stormrider on 12-18-2002 04:40 PM:

    Hair in his face, Xeno pushed himself up and grabbed hold of his lightsaber once more. He saw Macros in a defensive stance. Xeno grinned. Xeno made his way toward Macros in a quick move. Getting a few feet away, Xeno slowed down, pivoted his left foot, raised his right foot to perform a round house kick that missed Macros head.

    As soon as his foot landed, he made a complete turn with his lightsaber on his right hand and attemted to slash Macros in his abdominals.

    Posted by Macros on 12-19-2002 12:59 PM:

    Macros twisted his wrist downwards and blocked the potentially painful attack with DarkDestiny. Seeing a half-opening in the warrior's defense he brought his back leg round in a feigned sweep, his saber trailing above his head, but then tucked in sand rolled to the side. Kicking at the side of Xeno's leg he held his saber in defense.

    Posted by Xenodoros Stormrider on 12-19-2002 06:51 PM:

    Xenodoros stumbled back. Jumping away from Macros' legs, Xeno struck at the floor, trying to get him but only striking the floor. Xenodoros pulled the lightsaber out and waved it around.

    Switching his lightsaber off, he set his lightsaber away. Extending both of his hands, he pulled out rocks from the ground using the Force and threw them towards Macros.