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  • The New Breed ... Lady Amarth

    Posted by Darth Phantom on 10-05-2002 06:06 PM:
    The New Breed ... Lady Amarth

    :: It was a Dark moonless night and the wind howled from the north, a flash of lightning lit up the night illumitating a lone cloaked warrior standing in the center of a clearing, As the light died down his blood red eye's could still be seen. Using the power of the Dark Side, the Sith Lord sent his newest apprentice Lady Amarth a message ::

    " Come to me ... "

    :: Was all he said as he now awaits ::

    Posted by Lady Amarth on 10-06-2002 09:30 AM:

    Amarth was walking, no where in particulary, when she heard her masters voice in her head.

    come to me

    Amarth surprised by this, listened for more, but nothing came. She thought of her last encountre with her master, ... ofcource the training grounds. When she arrived there, she could only see the red eyes of her master.
    When standing before him, she bowed.

    " I'm here, my master."

    Posted by Darth Phantom on 10-07-2002 10:56 AM:

    :: A breif smile graced The Sith Lord's lips as his Apprentice bowed before him, it had been awhile since he had had an Apprentice, the duties of a Sith are many and leave little time for anything else ::

    " Rise my Apprentice ... "

    :: The Sith Lord spoke in his usual low yet powerful voice ::

    " Before we begin your training in the Dark Arts there are a few things I wish to know as well as a few things I wish to tell you.

    You will soon find out I speak very little and when I do only a few words, though I never hesitate to tell people what I truly think which often puts me at odds with everyone. I am very loyal to The Empire and would die to protect it and anyone of it's members.

    I am very hasty and I like to do things my way, which again puts me at odds with The Empire. I am a rouge by nature and I like to do things on my own, you might ask yourself then why does he stay here ... The Empire and it's members have grown to be my family which is important to me for I have none.

    Life as my Apprentice will be extreamly hard and often very painful, maybe even more so then any other members apprentice. I am mean, hateful, vengful and I DO NOT talerate faliure.

    Though when it is all finished you will be one of the most Powerful and feared Disiple's ever. Do you still wish to be my Apprentice and train under me? "

    Posted by Lady Amarth on 10-08-2002 08:09 AM:

    Amarth rose infront of her master, and she listened to her master talk. She knew this training would be hard, but it was worth it. She didn't tolarate faillure herself , especially her own.

    " I do wish so."

    Posted by Darth Phantom on 10-09-2002 12:09 PM:

    " Excellent ... "

    :: The Sith Lord crossed his arms over his chest as he conntinued to speak ::

    " Tell me of yourself Amarth ... Where do you come from? What do you hope to get from your training as well as being a Sith? Why do you wish to be a Sith? Tell me of your past and your life as a whole ... I wish to know everything about you. "

    Posted by Lady Amarth on 10-10-2002 10:27 AM:

    amarth stared in the eyes of her dark master.

    " I lived on tatoine, i had a twin-sister. She was murdred by tusken raiders...... the next year, i put everything in order, to leave the planet, and searched within myself what my destiney is. I wish to be a sith because i want to be part of something, the family that the empire depends on. And i seek the darkness, I hold the ideas of the sith in honour. . What i want from the training is to come out a powerfull sith, a sith who can serve the empir to the fullest."

    Posted by Darth Phantom on 10-16-2002 08:52 PM:

    :: The Sith listened carfully as his Apprentice spoke, there was often more to someone's desires then spoken of. As she finished Phantom nodded his head in understanding ::

    " So which do you seek ... Vengence for the lose of your sister or Power and a home? "

    :: The Dark Lord began to circle the Apprentice as he spoke ::

    " What do you know of the Force? "

    Posted by Lady Amarth on 10-17-2002 06:45 AM:

    Amarth looked in the hawk eyes of Phantom. And with a timid smile, she answered:

    " I seek both. What I know of the force is, that it penetrates us, and is al around us. And there are those who use the force, and there are diffrent ways to do so."

    Posted by Darth Phantom on 10-17-2002 12:51 PM:

    " Gooood. "

    :: Phantom completed his circle and stood before his Apprentice, he smiled breifly as she answers his questions ::

    " You'll need that Vengence, you'll use that hatred you feel to fuel the Dark Side and your own power. "

    :: The Lord of Darkness slowly raised his hands above his head and from his fingertips shot forth Force Lightning of all different colors, The Sith Lord had the look of itter hatred in his eyes ::

    " And with the Dark Side at your fingertips you can do anything. "

    :: The Lightning ceased and his arms fell to his side ::

    " Through out your training you will learn hand to hand combat, you will learn how to wield a saber as well as the Force, you will also learn how to use your mind to its full potential. The first thing I want to do is see how Force Sencitive you are. "

    :: Phantom motioned to a small stone set in the ground a few yards away ::

    " Try and move the stone. Use your anger your hate to fuel the Dark Side, let them run through your vains and empower you.

    Listen carfully, you must control the Dark Side do not let it control you, if you do you will go mad and be useless to yourself, the galaxy and the Empire. "

    Posted by Lady Amarth on 10-19-2002 02:55 AM:

    Amarth listened carefully to her master words. She nodded when he finished. She didn't say a word but turned towards the stone.

    you must control the Dark Side do not let it control you, if you do you will go mad and be useless

    She must not forget those words. She took a deep breath and concentrated on the stone, while she tried to get control over the Dark Side. Then she tried to move the stone, the stone shaked and slid over the floor until it was infront of her feet.
    Amarth picked up the stone and turned towards her master.

    Posted by Darth Phantom on 10-19-2002 10:45 PM:

    :: A small smile of pride graced the Sith Lord's lips as he watched the stone slide towards his Apprentice ::

    " You have done very well for your first try, many can not even do that. You are more intuned to the Force then I had thought ... Excellent "

    :: Phantom looked to the stone and it shot forth from her hand and back to where it once lay ::

    " Pick it up with the force. If it helps hate the stone, use hate and anger as your fuel for the Dark Side, only then will you be able to harnece it. "

    OOC: I have a few ooc questions to ask. First off is this your first time RPing? Do you have any other characters besides this one?

    Also put more detail in your posts, tell me how you lifted the stone as well as doing other stuff. Tell me of what your thinking as your doing these things. Also you'll have to struggle more when lifting the stone, you are not yet powerful enough to do it seeing as how you've never truly used the force before.

    Posted by Lady Amarth on 10-20-2002 12:33 PM:

    Amarth listend to her master carefully. It had been hard for her to shoffle the stone over the floor and now she must pick it up. Though Amarth remained calm, she would learn to do everything in time. she first tried with out hating the stone, she concentrated on the very essence of the stone and called on the dark side to pick it up. The stone didn't move at all.

    Amarth felt her anger flowing through her, she hated that stone. that stone was the reason of everything bad in her life. The stone started to shake, but instead of being picked up, the stone flew to the other side and hid the wall. Amarth haden't controled the dark side like she should. Angry with herself of this faillure, she walked towards the stone to pick it up.

    ooc: I have an other character in sotl: eva neobis. I've been only RPing for a few months. I know i had to struggle more with the stone the first time. I hope this post is better.

    Posted by Darth Phantom on 10-23-2002 05:48 PM:

    :: The Shadow Lord continued to smile even as his Appretice failed to lift the stone for he knew it would be nearly imposible for her to lift, she was not yet strong enough in the ways of the force or the Dark Side for that matter, yet he loved to test people and find their braking points ::

    " Do not go to the Stone ... make it come to you. "

    OOC: Yes the last post was much, much better.

    Posted by Lady Amarth on 10-24-2002 01:13 PM:

    Amarth stopped walking, when she heared her masters voice. A stubborn expression on her face appeard, if her master wills it so, she would try to do this, and she would succeed or she would die.
    With her anger and the dark side she concentrated on the force so hard; she felt the dark threads of the force reaching out to the stone, she saw the gray colors of it, and the web of the dark side around it. Then she tried to move it. ....... The stone didn't even trembled.
    Her anger flowed through her body now, she hated that stone so much. Her anger was so strong, she could kill the strongest man with her bare hands.
    She tried again and started concentrating ....

    Posted by Darth Phantom on 10-24-2002 02:12 PM:

    " Yes! ... Yes! ... "

    :: Phantom's Crimson eye's widen as he watches the power surge through his Apprentice ::

    " Feel the power ... now use it. "

    Posted by Darth Phantom on 11-09-2002 06:46 PM:


    Posted by Lady Amarth on 11-12-2002 08:28 AM:

    ooc: could you answer my PM, please?

    Posted by Lady Amarth on 11-13-2002 06:13 AM:

    Amarth anger rose until she was a vulcana waiting to collapse, she let al her hate flow through her and through the stone. The stone trembled a bit, but the untrained human eye wouldn't see this. Amarth wanting the stone to fly, spoke,as for helping her achieve her goal, with a raw unhuman voice, " Rise".
    And thought the stone trembled, it did not more.

    Amarth stil felt anger, especially for her faillure. She walked towards her master. but stopped a few feet away for him, where she turned back to the stone, to try again.

    Posted by Darth Phantom on 11-22-2002 04:29 PM:

    " Excellent ... You have done well ... "

    :: The Dark Lord paused for a moment as he moved to her side, nodding his head he motioned for her to follow ::

    " You had no hope of raising that stone, you impressed me greatly by just moving the stone, not many could do that at your level. Do not worry soon enough you will be able to crush the stone with just a simple thought. "

    :: A whicked grin sat upon the Sith's lips as the two moved swiftly towards the 'Dark Forest' a place Phantom visited and trained quite often. As Master and Apprentice moved through the Dark, Dence, Thick forest they came to a large clearing. A small stream flowed off to the right ::

    " Your second test shall begin ... "

    :: Phantom let his voice trail off as he leapt high into the air landing a top a huge rock that sat on the left side, as soon as he turned to face his Apprentice four armed unknown creatures emerged from the Shadows of the forest. The smallest of the four lunged at her with daggers in hand, the other three waiting their tunr to attack ::

    Posted by Lady Amarth on 11-23-2002 05:53 AM:

    Amarth found it very strange that her master said approving words, cause she thought that she failled miserably. But her master, she will believe. With a nod of his head, she followed him to a forrest, thick drops of dew filled the air. Suddenly they came to a clearing and while her master spoke the words:

    " Your second test shall begin ... "

    four creatures came near, one of them attacked her with daggers in its hand. Amarth dodged the knifes, ducked while turning her leg over the floor making the creature fall. She grabbed a dagger and stabbed the thing. Thick blood that looked black dripped out of its chest, but the creature rose again and ripped out the dagger. With both daggers the creature attacked again. Amarth had no weapons at all and she was surrounded by the creatures. The being stabbed her, and she felt a sharp hard pain. In spite of the pain, Amarth had to keep her head with the fight. She saw a branch of a tree above her. she jumped, grabbing it with her hands, making a turn and landed on the branch. she disappeard between the leaves of the tree. She jumbed on the creature, hitting it with her fists, the beast finally let go.

    One was down, three to go.

    Posted by Darth Phantom on 11-23-2002 03:55 PM:

    :: The creatures before her cease to move as the voice of Phantom enteres her mind ::

    " Let the Dark Side flow through your vains ... Let go ... Unlesh your fury ... Let your own hatred fuel you ... Remember there is no Pain were Strength lies ... Expect the unexpected ... "

    :: As the voice trails off the second creature moves to attack. It slowly begins to twirls it's metalic staff between it's four hands, a slight smirk crossed it's lips as it swung the staff towards Amarth's head ... The creature was much quicker then the last ::

    Posted by Lady Amarth on 11-27-2002 04:05 AM:

    Amarth listened to her master, and his words echood through her head.
    The second creature attacked her, and swung his staff towards her head, without thinking Amarth dodged the weapon but she was to slow and got hit, but it was a less serieus wound.
    The creature was attacking again, but Amarth anger rose and with that her hate. The anger was so blinding that it made her forget her wounds and her pain. It was ironic, the anger and hate used to pull her down, but now was the fuel she used.
    She attacked the beast with a dagger of the first one, the second dagger was in her boot. She throwed her self on to it, trying to stab. But this beast was fast and it dodged the stab, so it made a red bloody cut on his chest.
    Amarth reached around her, feeling the dark side. Suddenly time went slower, she could see the beasts, moving in slow motion, she looked at her master, but he was standing so still, she couldn't see if it was affecting him. Maybe he made the time slower......; Amarth could move normal, she took the knife and planted in the chest of the beast, the dagger pierced its lungs.
    And suddenly time was normal and the beast was trying to get air. Amarth cut his troat and blood poured out.
    calm, she looked towards the third creature, wich was much bigger. She could see her masters eyes to, glowing in the dark.

    Posted by Darth Phantom on 12-03-2002 01:16 PM:

    :: The third and final creature began to circle the young Apprentice with a blood thirsty grin on his face, the creature's eye's glowed an eerie green color as he reached into the many folds of his cloak and removed the hilt of a saber ::


    :: The sound of the saber igniting echoed throughout the dark forest, the blade gave of the same eerie green hue as the creature's eye's. The creature through it's head back and roared like an animal to the heavens above, slowly it's head came to face it's foe ... The Apprentice Amarth. The creature lunged towards the disiple with saber in hand. Once again time seemed to slow as the voice of her Master entered her mind ::

    " Look to your belt to find a weapon of equal power ... "

    :: And with that his voice trailed off. Hooked onto her belt hung a red double bladded saber, known as ... 'Carnage' ::

    Posted by Lady Amarth on 12-09-2002 07:30 AM:

    Time slowed again, with her masters voice still in her head, she grabbed the saber ignated and protected her self from the hit of the creatures sabre. a million thoughts ran through her brain: was the lightsabre on her belt before? how did it get there? While these questions popped up her head, she watched the creatures every move. She defended herself from every blow, letting the creature get tired.
    Amarth decided it was time to attack, she took a swing at the creature, but it dodged the sabre. Amarth tried again and hit the animal, but it was a double bladded lightsabre and she hit herself with the other side. A red burning pain hit her leg.
    And once again Amarth followed her master's advice, she let her anger and the force guide her. She didn't feel the pain of this new wound or the wounds she had from the other creatures. The lightsabres hissed everytime the one would try to hit the other one. Amarth let one end of the lightsabre towards the feet and while the animal handeled that end, she cut of one of it's arm with the other. The creature was furious, it walked towards Amarth and jumped on her. Amarth saw this coming but was not fast enough. The creature trowed Carnage away, it was standing on amarth's hands, while the creature was shoking her.

    Posted by Darth Phantom on 12-13-2002 02:08 PM:

    :: Anger rose in the Dark Lords eyes aswel as mind at this sudden turn of events, clinching his fist and bitting his lip the Sith continued to watch. 'Carnage' slowly moved towards his Apprentice, though it was still going to be a fight to get it ::

    " Hatred is your weapon now ... use it ... this creature is the cause of all your woes ... kill him "

    :: The voice of her Master rung clearly in her mind ::

    Posted by Lady Amarth on 12-19-2002 11:44 AM:

    Amarth anger rose and rose, she put her legs underneath the creature and kicked him of her so hard, that he flew away. She took a deep breath and while she still was breathing heavy, she rose. Her eyes seemed to be on fire she grabbed Carnage. She walked towards the creature. And in the blur of her mind, the anger controlled her actions. it was a feers battle, until suddenly the creature lied on the floor. Her eyes gave sparks.

    "And now you die...."
    She pierced Carnage through the animal and a crie of death was heard. She walked towards her master, only a little aware of her wounds. Coverd with blood hers and theirs she stood in front of her master, awaithing his judgement.

    Posted by Darth Phantom on 01-10-2003 02:37 PM:

    " You have done well ... "

    :: The Sith Lord paused for a moment as his anger lessened ::

    " ... For your first fight. "

    :: Said the Dark Lord with a smirk ::

    " What have you learned? "

    Posted by Lady Amarth on 01-17-2003 09:45 AM:

    Amarth sensed his anger, but was relieved when she saw his smirk. Why was he angry?

    "I learned to let the force and my anger guide me more, to use the weapens that I have, and that a lightsaber is a handy thing to have."

    Posted by Darth Phantom on 01-23-2003 12:30 PM:

    " Excellent ... Again ... "

    :: As the last word lift the Sith Lords lips the creatures sprang to life with a new found hatred and strength. The Sith Disiple is sweapt off her feet as she looked on with horror, as she lands a creature stradles her and swings at her face ::

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