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Ladies of Darkness(Kat and Danya)

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  • Ladies of Darkness(Kat and Danya)

    Posted by Drako on 10-23-2002 04:32 PM:
    Ladies of Darkness(Kat and Danya)

    DarkStar entered the training grounds having summonded two o f his female apprentices, Kat and Danya, both had had basic training but now it was time to take that training further and bring them closer to their promotion to warriors.

    He began to go through his warm up exercises, preparing himself for the fight that would shortly follow, he had a couple of simple tasks for them before the sabre practise, DarkStar's speciality.

    Posted by Danya_Argent on 10-23-2002 07:12 PM:

    Danya quietly made her way into the Training Grounds, making sure not to disturb others on her way. She came through the shadows and set her eyes upon Lord DarkStar, her Master. Smiling to herself, she approached him and bowed in deep respect, then rose to face him once again.

    "Greetings Master, you have summoned my presence and I have come. I am ready to do whatever you ask of me...."

    She said softly with a hidden obedience in her heart. Danya was a shy girl most of the time, but she stood up for herself when the time was right. Her Master was caring but she wished they were closer than they were at times. He was hard and demanding, but she learned so much for him. The young woman gently touched the coin upon a chain around her neck, remembering the day he had given it to her. She was bound to him and he was her protector, her fortress and one she could confide in.....despite what she thought sometimes.

    Moving to stand beside him, she began simple stretches as her mind wondered about the lessons he would teach today. For some reason, a nagging feeling was at the back of her mind, letting her know that she would not be there alone....and that there was another. Darius,, she knew it not to be her nephew. It was someone she had never met before....and she was curious now. Continuing to stretch in silence, Danya kept her cyan eyes upon the doors of the Training Grounds......waiting to see if another was to come.....

    Posted by Kat Kariena on 10-23-2002 09:54 PM:

    Kat had learned long ago to always be ready, and in her new apprenticeship to Darkstar she strenghtened that resolve. As she walked down the hallway to the room she had been summoned to she could sence him in there, and some one else. A wry smile crossed her face before she came to the door. This shall be interesting, she thought wryly.

    The momment she came to the door, her expression was serious again, and so it would remain throughout her training. The fallen Jedi walked into the room, not so much with confidence, but with a mindset ready and willing to learn. She knew her skills, and knew they would be put to the test now. The things she had learned in the past would most likly be of little use here.

    Her eyes scanned the room, with the aid of the Force she saw both of them, both warming up. She sliped into the shadows, almost hidden from view as she looked at the woman. She seemed to have more training in the ways of the Sith than Kat did herself, which didn't surprise her. Kat had much growing still to do.

    Darkstar she had deuled before, when she was a Jedi, or atleast she thought she had. To her, the coin given her was a reminder to the debt she owed him. Perhaps through her training she would be able to pay off that debt, she didn't know. For now she was just here to learn. Keeping quiet she stayed in the shadows, waiting paciently, waiting quietly.

    Posted by Drako on 10-24-2002 11:16 AM:

    Without any warning what so ever DarkStar turned and beckoned Kat over, he hadn't even been looking in her direction but he had known she was there all the same. When she approached he began the introductions.

    "Danya, this is an old...'friend'...of mine, Kat Kariena, now my apprentice. Kat, this is Danya Argent a constant thorn in my side,"

    He grinned as he spoke, leaving them to wonder what he was serious about and what he wasn't. He had finished his warms ups and now rested his thumbs in his belt.

    "You can get to know each other better later, for now I have a few tasks for you. You both have limited skills, some more limited than others,"

    Niether was sure who the comment was aimed at but the Sith Lord carried on anyway.

    "On the other side of the training ground is a small cage on top of a pillar. Inside is a switch which opens the cage and a fish. You are both to try and recover the fish first, the first to bring it back wins, you will need to use the Force powers, speed, jump and telekinisis to ackomplish this...oh and one more thing, there are two destroyer droids guarding the cage, now go,"

    DarkStar folded his arms and waited.

    Posted by Danya_Argent on 10-24-2002 02:08 PM:

    Danya bowed to Kat as she was introduced and looked at her Master when he spoke of each.....worse of Danya, so she thought. Sighing with the feeling that she never pleased DarkStar, she listened to his instruction. Without hesitating, she took off and concentrated upon the Force....then began to run faster and faster. Her Lupine senses wanted to take over and change her, but she would not allow that to happen right now. She kept running, unaware as to where Kat mattered not, she was determined to reach the Fish first......she had to.

    Posted by Kat Kariena on 10-24-2002 07:38 PM:

    Kat bowed formaly to Danya as well and listened to Darkstar, no hint of emotion on her face as he spoke. The momment he said go Kat ran, drawing on the Force to push herself faster. Old skills she hadn't used in a long time came back quickly as she also kept tabs on Danya, even though she was a new apprentice in the Sith ways she still had training in the Force from her days as a Jedi, she hoped that was to her advantage. I won't fall back, I won't give in, I will embrace the path I have chosen, she thought as she quickly cought up with Danya, keeping pace with the other woman.

    Posted by Danya_Argent on 10-25-2002 10:13 AM:

    Danya looked over and saw Kat catching up to her. The Lupine growled, exposing her elongated canines. She looked ahead at the tower and called upon the Force to empower her legs more so than before. A sudden burst of speed ran through her and she took off like a bullet, leaving Kat in the dust. Smiling with satisfaction, the Sith Apprentice gaped the distance between she and the goal.

    Once at the piller, she focused on the Force and just as she had used it to gain speed, she focused it into her legs and hurled herself up to nearly the top of the pillar. Once there, she climbed up the rest of the way and eyed the switch inside. She heard Kat behind her and looked to see where the other Apprentice was as she held on for dear life....

    Posted by Kat Kariena on 10-25-2002 02:16 PM:

    Kat surpressed a slight smirk at Dayna's predictable reaction as she pulled on the Force and ran faster, wraping the Force around herself and hiding within it, making herself hard to sense. A trick she had learned long ago. Calling on the Force she took a running leap at the tower, then used it to slow her fall enough for her to grab onto the tower and climb up. Drawing on the Force to give her strength and speed climbing the tower and catching up to the other woman was relitively easy. Watch where you're going and not the other woman behind you, Kat thought to herself with a slight smirk. You get distracted that way. With the last thought she projected the illusion of herself just above the other woman, waving to her.

    Posted by Danya_Argent on 10-25-2002 10:46 PM:

    Danya felt something in her mind.....An illusion... she thought. She had read up on these in old books about Sith magic and the such. She closed her eyes tighter and focused on what was truly there. Quicker she climbed up the tower and surpassed Kat....but just as she was gaining distance, Danya swung her leg out in an attempt to kick the other in the face and slow her time. She climbed and climbed until she reached the box once again and noted the switch inside. Using the Force, she focused deeply and slowly....the switch moved over....and the door opened! Danya reached inside and grabbed for the fish and once it was in her hand, she began making her way down the tower....but the fish was slippery and she lost hold of it...and it went falling.


    She yelled out in frustration and then let go, falling after her prize. I will bring honor to my Master today.... She thought to herself as she went falling faster and faster....unsure of her fate.....

    Posted by Kat Kariena on 10-26-2002 12:12 AM:

    OOC: I think you forgot the battle droids Danya.


    Kat blocked the woman's kick and sensed her continue. She admired her determination and watched her as she herself continued to climb. She watched her when she left out of sight. A person in a hurry loses the prize, she thought when she saw the fish fall. Reaching out with the Force she used telekinisis to bring the object towards her. Uh oh, she let go of where she was climbing as a shot hit where she had just been. I don't think their happy.

    She moved the Fish away from the pillar holding it in the air with the Force and using the Force to slow her fall she landed on the ground and dropped to one knee, looking up at the battle droids. Would they come down? She didn't bother to think of an answer as she ignited her purple-blue lightsaber and deflected the next bolt back at the droid that fired.

    Posted by Danya_Argent on 10-26-2002 01:01 PM:

    OOC: Oops! Sorry 'bout that!


    Danya growled in defeat as she fell to one knee and rose up quickly...just in time to move out of the way of a laser blast. She summoned her dragon-saber to her hand and ignited it; a red blade shot forth from the dragon's mouth and hummed gently in her hand. Suddenly three shots came flying at her and she made a low arching motion, sweeping them out of the way. Then she focused on the fish in the air. Grinning to herself, the Lupine reached out her hand and grabbed the fish, making sure to hold onto it tightly. With the fish in one hand and saber in the other, she ran past the battle droids as shots whizzed all around her. Suddenly one nipped her shoulder and she yelped in pain, but kept running toward DarkStar.


    She yelled out as another shot nailed her in the back. This time she stopped and winced as the terrible pain ran through her body. Growling once again, she struggled to regain some speed to get away from the situation. With saber flying and shots ricocheting off the walls, she gaped the distance between she and her Master. In just a few more steps she would be there.....but hurting badly.....

    Posted by Kat Kariena on 10-26-2002 09:58 PM:

    OOC: It's ok ^_^;;;

    Oh no you don't Kat thought running after Danya, the Force aiding her. She deactivated her saber and concentrated on Danya with her mind. You're not going to win that easily. She used the Force and pulled Danya back towards her quickly, sent a Force blast at her, giving her time to catch up to the other woman. Her eyes flamed as she once again attempted to use the Force to get the fish away from the other woman.

    Posted by Danya_Argent on 10-26-2002 10:51 PM:

    Danya growled deeply and used the Force to run faster. Quickly she deactivated her saber and clipped it to her belt, then she turned around and with her free hand, she held it up to Kat and did something unexpected....she shot a powerful Force blast at the woman, sending her back several feet. This slightly drained the young Apprentice, but she continued running toward her Master, though she nearly faltered while doing so. This whole exercise alone had taken a lot out of the Lupine, though her natural healing abilities were working quietly by themselves.


    She thought to herself. Just as she felt completely out of breath, she fell to her knees at the feet of her Master with the fish in hand. It had been a most difficult task against quite skilled already....but she did it. Hopefully her Master would be pleased for she gave it her all and ended up with injury, nonetheless.

    " Master......."

    She panted out, not tearing her eyes from the ground which they rested upon at the moment. More was yet to come though, she knew it....

    Posted by Kat Kariena on 10-26-2002 11:19 PM:

    Kat attempted to absorb part of the blast as she turned being thrown back into a gracefull backwards summersalt, landing on her feet, then going down to one knee. She watched Danya reach their Master first and the fire in her eyes burned. The woman had proven a challenge and had won... this time.

    She ran at an almost easy pace back to Darkstar, not in much of a hurry since the race was over. When she approched she still remained a few feet behind Danya, watching and waiting.

    Posted by Drako on 10-27-2002 01:50 AM:

    There was a knife in his hands even as DarkStar took the fish from Danya, without a word he began to skin and bone it before placing in on a rock, underwhich a small fire burnt, heating the rock.

    He sat down on the far side of the rock then guided the two women to where he wanted them to sit on the floor using the Force. There was a pile of sticks to either side of them, just out of reach.

    "From the moment you entered the training ground you entered one of my illusions. Somewhere around you is a deep crack in the ground, more than deep and wide enough for you to fall into. I have integrated a small flaw in my illusion to show the wise where the crack is,"

    DarkStar threw a twig onto the fire from a pile next to him, letting it burn for a moment as he checked the that the crack was still covered by the lighter coloured ground before he spoke again.

    "This is a test of your minds while your bodies rest, I want both of you to place a single twig from each pile into the fire. There is a stipulation though, you may only use the Force once, and there are four piles, choose wisely and don't fall..."

    DarkStar turned the fish over to let it cook on the other side, one eye still watching his apprentice's though.

    Posted by Kat Kariena on 10-28-2002 02:23 PM:

    Kat kept herself from making a slight face at the fish as she listened. When he finnished she forced herself to relax and carefully observed the ground surounding herself, Danya, and her Master. Her eyes moved slowly across the ground. Only allowed to use the Force once... she thought as she looked carefully for any diffrences. Once to jump across if needed...

    Posted by Danya_Argent on 10-29-2002 02:16 PM:

    Danya's eyes searched the area, looking for obvious signs of the crack. Not seeing anything in the immediate, she glanced over to Kat, wondering what was going through her mind at the moment. The young Apprentice then got up and slowly made her way to one of the piles, then retrieved a stick and tossed it into the fire, then slowly she returned back to her seat....not having felt anything out of the norm. Now it was Kat's turn....would she find the crack? Danya knew not.....but it would be interesting to see....

    Posted by Kat Kariena on 10-29-2002 07:10 PM:

    Kat looked carefully for any diffrences in the landscape, shadowing in the wrong places, anything that seemed out of sync. Standing slowly, she walked over to the nearest pile, confidant that there was nothing but solid ground between her and the pile, then tossed it accurately onto the fire. From there she crossed her arms and waiting, going back to observing. It was Danya's turn.

    Posted by Danya_Argent on 10-29-2002 07:45 PM:

    Danya grinned with confidence as she eyed the last remaining piles. She had a choice between the two and it could make or break her. How she wished to 'win' this 'competition' against her fellow Apprentice...just to make her Master proud. Using her eyes to scan the surrounding area, she saw a glint of something that looked wrong....but thought it was just her eyes playing tricks on her. The young woman walked forward toward the end pile and suddenly she plunged down right where she saw the disruption in the landscape. Luckily her hands grasped onto the edge, though she was panicstriken and could not breath or think.


    She screamed out, forgetting that she could use the Force to help her. She had failed....and how she wished to just fall and die rather than face her disappointed Master. Her head hung low as she hung from the side and tears stung at her eyes....

    Posted by Kat Kariena on 10-30-2002 02:10 PM:

    Kat let a small smile creep over her face as she took a running leap with the Force over the gap, landing about a foot from Danya's hand. Even patience can be an asset(sp?) here, she thought and went to throw a stick from one of the piles on this side of the gap on the fire.

    Posted by Drako on 10-30-2002 03:37 PM:

    DarkStar had been keeping one eye on his apprentices while preparing a small salad to go with the fish. Now he raised his head and spoke to Danya,

    "No, I said you could use the Force once, do so to escape,"

    His eyes appeared to drop to his salad again, one eye still on the two apprentices though, watching and waiting, his muscles tensed incase he had to go to Danya's aid.

    Posted by Danya_Argent on 10-30-2002 06:52 PM:

    Danya growled in defeat as Kat took her stick and threw it into the pile, escaping the crack in the ground. Shaking her head, she thought of letting go and ending everything then and there, but then she mentally slapped herself and chose to fight. Her eyes shut tightly as she focused on all around her with her subconscious mind. The young Apprentice breathed in deeply and then with aid from the Force, she shot up out of the hole into a perfect backflip, then landed safely on the ground, breathing heavily. She fell to her knees and felt tears well up in her eyes for fear had been placed in her so was unlike any other time. She could not say anything as she slowly rose up and walked over to her Master and sat down, though sadness washed over her face. She had lost....and Kat was thouroughly enjoying it. The young woman sighed to herself as an angry determination built up in her spirit. She would win this....she had to....

    Posted by Kat Kariena on 10-31-2002 06:18 AM:

    Kat enjoyed none of it as she watched Danya. Her determination was respectable, there was a chance, if this compitition didn't kill either of them first, they would get along rather well. She didn't understand why the other woman didn't think to use the Force to get out of the gap in the first place, but shruged it off. To her it was second nature now. She stayed where she was, waiting for their next instructions.

    OOC: I think... x.X

    Posted by Drako on 10-31-2002 03:31 PM:

    DarkStar nodded to both of them as he sliced up the fish and placed it on three plates with the salad, handing one to each of them and keeping one for himself.

    "Well done both of you, you have both suceeded, do not think that you failed in either test, you did not. In a few minutes we will move onto sabre practise but first, eat up, you will need your energy for what is to come,"

    He smiled and began to cut and eat his fish and salad, watching them with one eye without appearing too.

    Posted by Danya_Argent on 11-01-2002 06:02 PM:

    Danya sat down beside her Master and took a plate from him. It was a good thing he had served meat of some kind, for the Lupine was ready to devour whatever she could. Still quite disappointed despite DarkStar's reassuring words, she began to eat and let her eyes wander upward to Kat. Indeed....if they both lived past this 'exercise' they would prove to get along well and perhaps even become good friends someday. The young Apprentice did not smile....she was too busy worrying about what the other thought of her and how her preformance was.

    "So how long have you been training in the Force?"

    Danya finally spoke up, directing the question toward Kat. Evidentally it had been for quite some time and she thought it unfair of her Master to pair her up with someone of greater experience, though Danya was not unskilled by any means. She sighed to herself and continued eating, keeping her eyes between the plate of food and the other woman....

    Posted by Kat Kariena on 11-02-2002 08:13 AM:

    "Many years..." Kat replied, poking the fish before she cut it up and ate it slowly, trying to hide her dislike for this type of meat. "I spent several years a trained Jedi Knight and on the council."

    Kat left it at that and finnished her fish before munching on the salad. Not many Jedi have Sith friends like I did.... it's amazing I lasted as long as I did.

    Posted by Danya_Argent on 11-02-2002 12:56 PM:

    "That's what I thought....."

    She mummbled to herself begrudgingly. Several years...that figured. The most Danya had before Sith training was her Martial Arts. She sighed and side glanced her Master with a bit of a glare, though she resumed her neutral state after a moment.

    "I had a run in with a Jedi Knight who was on the Council.....don't like her much...."

    It was a sad attempt at conversation as they continued eat, but at least she was trying to be friendly...though she couldn't believe that DarkStar would make her go against one with years of training. She sighed at the lack of enthusiasm from the others and continued eating her fish....

    Posted by Kat Kariena on 11-02-2002 07:44 PM:

    Kat allowed a slight smile to cross her face, sensing the reaction she thought and shook her head, "I fought few Sith... I was quite strange for a Jedi, I had several Sith friends, and one I owed a favor to."

    She glanced at Darkstar and then at her salad. "One I hope to pay back when the time comes, but for now I am patient."

    Posted by Danya_Argent on 11-02-2002 09:34 PM:

    Danya's eyes widened a bit as Kat spoke. She chuckled slightly to herself and finished the rest of her fish, then started in on the salad as a thought crept into her mind. If she betrayed the Jedi...she could betray the Sith as wel.... this ran through her mental as she ate and eyed her fellow Apprentice.

    "So it must be strange to have been a Knight....and now an Apprentice once again, yes?"

    Still for lack of anything better to say, she spoke once again, creating conversation as they awaited DarkStar's instruction. Her salad was nearly gone now, and she had thought everything quite delicious....

    Posted by Kat Kariena on 11-02-2002 11:03 PM:

    "Not really," Kat replied, finnishing off her salad. "In some ways you are always an apprentice. My loyalties are not easily broken and are something that must be earned... It's amazing I lasted as long with the Jedi as I did when my loyalties were to my Sith friends and teachers..."

    A slight pang of guilt rose from deep within her as she spoke, though she quickly crushed it. It was to late to go back now, she had made her choice and now she had to follow through. Lord Darkstar is now my teacher, in some ways he was back then also. My loyalty to him and the Sith is all that concerns me now.

    Posted by Drako on 11-03-2002 03:15 PM:

    A slight expression of amusement held on DarkStar's face until Kat spoke of her Sith friends, a he sighed saddly and spoke quietly to himself.

    "Poor Xanatos, my fallen friend,"

    He sighed again and set his plate aside. He looked up at the two women, his face set in a stoic expression again. His eyes flicked to Danya.

    "Who ever said I wanted the pair of you to fight each other?"

    He stood slowly, his muscles unfolding and streaching themselves as he did, the ancient weapon of death, Widowmaker, his oldest sabre came alive in his hand, a crimson beam, cutting into the darkness.

    "The pair of you shall attack me, work together or you may find yourselves in pain, lots of it,"

    Posted by Danya_Argent on 11-04-2002 08:57 AM:

    Danya's cheeks flushed as her Master addressed her....again, telling her exactly what she had been thinking. She looked at him curiously and smiled, though he had just put before them a great challenge. They would attack him and would do so by working together, or they would both be in tremendous pain. Her eyes moved to Kat and she smiled once again.

    Guess we are working together we have a plan?

    Her attempts at keeping the message hidden from her Master would probably fail...but perhaps Kat was better at locking up words through the Force. Danya rose from her seat and placed her plate upon the ground.....then drew her Dragon Saber....the one that her Master had built for her. She smiled as she flicked a switch and one blood red blade shot forth from the Dragon's mouth. It was not double bladed, as she would have fought better with one having worked so many years with the Staff. Perhaps one day she would have a saber like that, but for now, this was a magnificent weapon. Dragon Spirit hummed gently in her hand as she took up a ready stance and eyed Kat, waiting for any signal or message of a possible attack on their Master.

    Posted by Kat Kariena on 11-04-2002 03:05 PM:

    Kat placed her plate on the ground beside her and stood up thinking, hearing Danya's words in her head. Her mind flashed back to the time she had first met Darkstar and the fight they had then. Would any of those moves work again?

    You take left, I take right? Kat replied through the Force, shielding her mind and thoughts. She was half kidding, but had no other ideas. I'm open to suggestions.

    She unclipped her saber and held it beside her, she had yet to activate it.

    Posted by Danya_Argent on 11-05-2002 10:02 AM:

    Or perhaps......

    She said in Kat's mind without finishing her thoughts. With a sly smile upon her face, the young Apprentice placed one foot forward and jumped up, doing a backflip over his head. Her Martial Arts training would prove useful for the physical end of the fight, though she would need a lot more than that. Landing softly behind DarkStar, Danya fell to the ground and attempted to sweep the feet out from under her Master.

    GO! Do something! Anything!

    Danya yelled in Kat's mind, trying to distract DarkStar enough that she could make a successful attack. This would be most difficult....but she hoped that they would work through it together....and work through it well.

    Posted by Kat Kariena on 11-05-2002 02:12 PM:

    Kat went on Danya's cute spinning into the air and a round kick to Darkstar's ribs. She too prefered the martial arts aspect of things, and wouldn't go to sabers unless forced, though she doubted she'd have little choice in this matter.

    Your move, Danya, she replied to Danya's mind.

    Posted by Danya_Argent on 11-05-2002 03:39 PM:

    Just as Kat told her to move, she did so. Flipping up onto her feet, she spun around and with Force enhanced speed, she harnessed the power in her muscles and let her leg act as a weapon as she attempted to slam it into DarkStar's back.

    You have the chance to catch him offguard!

    She spoke in Kat's mind once again, still trying to keep her messages hidden through the Force...

    ooc: Just didn't know when DS was going to I did anywayz.....hope that this order of things is okay!

    Posted by Drako on 11-08-2002 04:11 PM:

    OOC/ DS is just taking his time, leave him alone \IC

    As he felt Danya go over his head he went back as well, landing just behind her as she attacked him. This not only gave him the advantage of being behind her, but put her as a human shield between himself and Kat.

    A fraction of a second after he landed he slammed his knee into her back, taking her to her knees, providing a further obsticle for Kat. He stepped back, sabre coming up in defence as he watched them.

    "Perhaps you need a different tactic,"

    He said calmly, not a single bead of sweat yet on his forehead.

    Posted by Danya_Argent on 11-08-2002 06:13 PM:

    Danya winced as her Master's knee came into her back. She growled, baring her elongated canines as Kat's attack was made upon her.

    "A different tactic?!"

    She said in an angered voice. Rising to her feet as quickly as they would allow, she spun around with a backhand to his face, her saber still held tightly in her other hand.

    How about we both attack him head on? We have to keep him busy, he's so fast!

    The voice spoke softly in Kat's mind once again as she looked to her fellow Apprentice for some help.....

    ooc: Okay....okay.....

    Posted by Kat Kariena on 11-10-2002 05:11 PM:

    OOC: :P


    Kat stepped back, watching, waiting, half wondering what would work.

    No, Kat replied, masking her taughts with the Force, only Danya could hear. That won't work any more than what we just tried.

    Cause him to attack us? she thought privately to herself. Her strong point had never been first attack, though she viewed that as about to change.

    Posted by Drako on 11-11-2002 03:24 PM:

    DarkStar stood, calm, waiting, silent. He had no intention of attacking the women and opening himself up, he would wait for them to come on the offencive where he would hold the advantage.

    Posted by Kat Kariena on 11-11-2002 03:39 PM:

    Kat stood there, calmly, watching, waiting. She drew the Force around herself and collected it, as if she was building up for something, yet still she waited.

    Danya attack, she thought. It's your move...

    Posted by Danya_Argent on 11-22-2002 06:01 PM:

    Danya looked up at DarkStar and smiled to herself. She threw her saber behind him suddenly and with her slight Force powers, began lifting it and moving it toward him. Just as she was doing this, she moved in quick with a punch...a fake punch, and then fell to the ground to sweep his feet out from under him. Her saber wobbled a bit in the air, but it was suddenly right at the back of his head, humming away as menacingly as before.


    She called out in Kat's mind and motioned for her to hurry.

    Posted by Kat Kariena on 11-24-2002 10:14 PM:

    Kat sent a powerful Force Blast at Darkstar, though she had the feeling that he was going to play with her and Danya for a while, she might as well try to knock him over.

    Your turn.

    Posted by Drako on 12-18-2002 04:08 PM:

    Drako let himself fall back, propelled by the push and the leg sweep, dropping onto Danya as he did. With a sudden roll he brought himself up right again.

    Drako dropped again, wrapping his legs around Danya's neck, twisting and squeezing. This weakened her control of her sabre sufficiently for the Sith Master to take control of it and hurl it at Kat.