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  • Hate Breed ... Sten

    Posted by Darth Phantom on 11-22-2002 06:13 PM:
    Hate Breed ... Sten

    :: The Dark Lord emerged from the shadows of the moonless night, the wind raced passed him causing his cloak to flap about before him. The Sith moved gracfully through the night, his blood red eye's peirced the darkness with the greatest of ease.

    The Shadow Lord stood on the training grounds with his arms crossed over his chest, closing his eye's for a moment he sent a message to his newest Apprentices ... Sten the Chimp ::

    " Come ... It is your time ... "

    :: With that the message ended and the Sith awaited Stens arrival. A whicked and sinister grin formed on his face as he alone knew what was instore for the young Knight ::

    Posted by Sten the Chimp on 11-24-2002 08:47 PM:

    Sten heard the call of his master.... Running and leaping through the night, instead of stopping short, he lands right in front of his master, about seven feet from him. Now mostly used to his new human form, he bowed slightly.

    "You rang?"

    Posted by Darth Phantom on 12-02-2002 02:07 PM:

    " Mmmmmm ... Indeed ... "

    :: The Dark Lord's blood red eye's pierced the vale of darkness that encircled the Sith Lord. His all knowing eye's watched the ever move of his newest Apprentice, slowly Phantom began to circle around him looking him over ::

    " Tell me of yourself ... Why did you choose the Darkside? "

    :: The Sith Lord spoke in a low Dark tone as he continued to circle his Apprentice ::

    Posted by Sten the Chimp on 12-04-2002 08:09 AM:

    "I came here to gain power....and I think I've done a good job at attaining it thus far....but I've much further to go, and I'm not gonna stop anytime soon...."

    Posted by Darth Phantom on 12-04-2002 02:48 PM:

    " So the soul reson you are here is for Power? Interesting. You speak with such openess, in a place where most would not. Excellent ... "

    :: The Dark Lord paused breifly as he continued to circle the young Sith Knight ::

    " You have yet to answer my first question ... Tell me of yourself, not why you joined the Empire, but of yourself personally. "

    :: The Sith Lord spoke in a low tone ::

    " I wish to know all there is to know about you ... "

    Posted by Sten the Chimp on 12-05-2002 08:00 AM:

    "Well, there really isn't much to say. My parents were killed when humans settled on my planet, Demeter. I was then raised by and Ape Warclan, not by others like myself. I was rather respected, and then was a Jedi for a bit. I found that when I was there I couldn't deal with.....their ways. So I came here, to look for power in its greatest form....."

    Sten looked past Phantom, to remember it all.

    "When I was in the Jedi, I trained in the branch of Elementalism, a branch not studied much. Much like here, not many are fully trained in it.... I wish to become an Elementalism master, and I think I'll succeed in it. Really, that sums it all up."

    Posted by Darth Phantom on 12-05-2002 11:22 PM:

    :: The Shadow Lord came full circle and stopped, nodding his head as he listened to his Apprentice speak of his past ::

    " What fuels your hatred? What did Snack teach you? "

    Posted by Sten the Chimp on 12-08-2002 05:19 PM:

    "He taught me the basics of the Sith arts, such as how to ignore pain, how to focus my rage, and the other numerous basics. I already knew how to manipulate the wind from my time as a Jedi and I was trained to use the Force to manipulate the wind by an Elder in my tribe when I was young. And as for the rage that fuels me, I saw my parents die. And then my tribe was murdered, both by the Republic. I tried the peaceful way, to join the Jedi, but it simply wasn't for me...... The hatred I felt for the Republic was too strong.....and it pulled me in. That's how I got here, at the TSE."

    Posted by Darth Phantom on 12-13-2002 02:02 PM:

    " Mmmmmmm. Very well then. "

    :: A whicked grin formed on the Dark Lords lips as his Apprentices training was about to begin. The Shadow Lord slowly began to rise from the ground, his normally blood red eyes began to glow a dark crimson color as he soared into the heavens above.

    The Sith Lord chuckled lightly to himself as a dozen or more creatures emerged from the shadows beyond, all of which stood above six feet tall. The creatues slowly began to form a tight circle around the Sith Knight. As they formed thier circle they began to yell, howl, and roar.

    Two of the creatures lunged forward wielding daggers and knives, while two more leapt into the air wielding swords unknown to many ::

    " Your time for training has begun ... though in time you might see it as punishment ... I mean to brake you, find out what your made of. "

    :: The voice that had suddenly entered his mind was gone ::

    Posted by Sten the Chimp on 12-13-2002 08:18 PM:

    Sten grinned. This was gonna be fun.

    First to deal with the immediate threat of the two enclosing on the ground. As the came forward, Sten used a mixture of the Force and the wind to grip them. As they couldn't come any further, Sten flung them upward, into the two creatures coming from the air. As they crashed together, Sten then takes their swords and daggers into his "possession," using them to cut apart the creatures. Blood flowed everywhere, and their evicerated, shredded bodies fell to the ground in a heap. Sten then dashed forward, towards the opening left. Now that he was out of the circle, he waited for the others to come, beckoning them on with an eager grin...

    Posted by Darth Phantom on 01-10-2003 07:52 PM:

    " Mmmmmmm. "

    :: The Dark Lord crossed his arms over his chest as he watched his newest Apprentice from above, it was true the Sith Lord was truly looking forward to braking the Knight. The group of creatures turned as they saw the Sith dash out of the circle they had created.

    From the back of the pack came laser fire all of which would hit their mark if the Sith did not move, three metallic spears soared through the air one to eaither side of the laser fire and one above them. Four more creatures stepped forward from the pack, two armed with the same metallic spears as the ones thrown and the other two with swards ::

    Posted by Sten the Chimp on 01-13-2003 01:49 PM:

    Sten focused on each and every projectile, and knew what to do. Putting his hands down to his sides, he utilized the Force to grab mutliple rocks from the ground, large enough to stop the beams in their paths. He flung them, every stone hitting their mark, and the beams became non-existent. Done with the beams, Sten focused on the spears at each side, gripping them with the Force. He moved them slightly, enough for them to miss him. With the spears in his grip, he made them orbit around him so that they didn't lose any momentum. Meanwhile, he moved the final spear, aimed for his forehead, upward so that it buzzed past his head. Taking it in his Force grip, he made it curve and come back for him. He jumped, and it skimmed slightly underneath his crotch. As all the missle's razor tips were pointing at the assailing group, Sten let them go, and they sailed through the air. Their flight stopped when they found their targets, their original owners. They lanced through the creatures foreheads, killing them.

    As the newly-made corpses of the attackers began their descent back to whence they came, Sten's boots thudded loudly on the ground, and he was moving towards the closest sword and spear wielders. He made to grab his saber with his right, but instead, brought his left hand up, palms open to the attackers. He utilized the Force to summon up four stakes of ice. The air around them became crisp, and cold, and he flung them with the Force, and they drove into the creatures hearts. As they stopped and staggered as one, Sten closed his hand quickly and violently, and the embedded spikes of ice exploded, ripping the wound open, creating much more than a superficial wound. They all fell dead before him, and he brought his saber up, and spinning it with the Force around his open palm, it suddenly ignited to life, its yellow glow illuminating the area.

    Posted by Darth Phantom on 01-23-2003 11:57 AM:

    :: The Sith Lord chuckled lightly to himself as he watched the Sith Knight from above, a grin of whicked proportion grew upon the Siths lips as he watched the Knight charge head first into his minons of Darkness. As Sten ignited his saber he was ripped backwards off his feet by a force other then his Master ::

    " And so your testing begins my young Apprentice ... "

    :: Spoke the Sith Lord softly with the grin still on his face. Behind the cocky young Sith stood the creature in which tore the Sith from his feet. The undead creature laughed with a harsh tone as he eyed his pray with crimson saber in hand. Sten could feel though he was dead he was much faster, stronger and smarter then he looked ::

    Posted by Sten the Chimp on 01-23-2003 04:42 PM:

    Sten whirlled, backflipping and landing on his hands and feet. His legs, amazingly, didn't hurt, for the creature hit him rather hard. The body must've been much more powerful than he had realized. Sten eyed the big creature, and waved it on, letting fly several profane words and insults in the language of the Force, which was galaxial. It was enough to madden the already battle-raging creature. Sten charged and tried out his new power, leaping in the air. Though his body was heavy, he flew, landing sitting on the creature's shoulders, and his legs sprung taught, and he used his strength to flip him over. The creature landed with a thud. Sten then got up from the ground incredibly fast, finally igniting his saber and bringing it in a downward stab, in an attempt to impale the heart of the creature through the back.
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