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The Sovereigns Domain( Brigid Mcknight )

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  • The Sovereigns Domain( Brigid Mcknight )

    Posted by Lynch on 11-11-2002 05:13 PM:
    The Soverigns Domain( Brigid Mcknight )

    The Sovereigns Domain( Brigid Mcknight )

    The myst flowed forward covering the outer region of the fields in its blanket as it rolled forward past the wrinkled old trees that held no leaves nore had beared fruit in many moons, people said it was due to the arrival of those who wielded dark arts and practiced that which was most unholy. The moons soft glow shined down seeking to enter into the fog giving only the smallest of rays where it managed to get past. The rays of lights that shined on the field faded as the myst continued to move seeking total domination of the area and shifting the light enabling shadows to dance about.

    A roll of post made of oak lead from an outer field to an simple farmers house, inside slept soundly those that believed no harm could come to them this night, they never knew the presence of the dark entity that lurked above on their roof glaring out over the country side. Standing against the glow of the moon the Siths eyes glowed green and with a crack of its cape it leapt forward onto the first post. With balance and skill the figure hopped several post to land on many more further down and leap again in the pattern making its way towards an oak tree where the Sith apprentice known as Brigid Mcknight had been summoned by her master to appear.

    Posted by Brigid McKnight on 11-12-2002 07:39 AM:

    Brigid Mcknight sat, by the oak tree in which she was suppose to meet her master, with her legs crossed and her intense sapphire gaze focused on the transparent moon above her... the illuminating glow of the pale mass seemed to lie beyond all other things, such as the misty stars, that were visable in the clouded night sky.

    One gloved hand was resting on her leg, and the other holding a small and almost unnoticable book her in gloved hand. The parched pages of the novel wrinkled and folded. The leather cover binding the book together had rather odd inscriptions on the front, along with an engraved ruin-stone. Though her gaze was not focused upon the old book, her mind seemed to be honed in on what she had just read..

    Brigid had made sure to get here early, as to read her book more and to not keep the Master waiting... which was not the best of ideas. Perhaps she was making up for her past mistakes with her last master, whom was no longer with The Sith Empire.

    Sighing softly, Brigid rested the palm of her free hand on the hard rocky ground and pushed herself effortlessly to her feet. When reaching a straight stance, her long auburn hair draped over her shoulders and her silver-plated armor tightened around her body.

    Any.. minute now.

    Posted by Lynch on 11-19-2002 10:32 AM:

    The air around her flowed gently with the sounds of the wind blowing through the leaves in the tree and the grass on the ground. Only did the bugs and random animal far into the distance add to the symphony of the night with their own taletell voices. But they were of little consequence. Of no true danger or reason to fear.

    The ability to listen to hear on the wind was a skill that greatly helped many. Those who carefully listened often could notice that which many others could not until it was too late. To be in the shadows and hear the foot steps of a guard on patrol coming and then strike when he had passed was a talent one had to admire.

    The ability to listen so well helped those who dared to always keep an open ear...

    In the wind a sudden whistling sound hummed to life. First low its sound intensified, in the distance a wooden pole was splintered straight through as a spinning blade of death exploded forth from its core without slowing down . Ripping through the blades of grass it arose and headed straight for Brigid.

    Posted by Brigid McKnight on 12-05-2002 11:25 AM:

    The violent snap of wood in the distance seemed to echo endlessly through her mind... something was coming. Though.. the thought hardly crossed her mind before she stretched forward in a leap and rolled quickly out of the way of an on coming object that seemed bent on shattering the tree which she had just been standing under... or was it her?

    Her book was more tattered than before, but it seemed to be the last thing on her dizzy mind. Tossing it to the ground, Brigid kept quiet, watching and waiting for the blade to once again shift her way. No one... would be so bold.. except a superior. Her Master..

    'So much for getting here early.'

    Posted by Lynch on 12-11-2002 03:59 PM:

    Soaring up into the nights sky the three bladed instrument turned around driven by an unseen force that controlled its every movement. Its one destination clear, its path chosen by a power that flowed with the vibration of evil, tainted and warped beyond anything seen for thousands of years before.

    Somewhere unseen a man watched, his eyes green with power and will of unyielding steel. With a downward thrust of his arm he sent the blade back towards Brigid should she be unable to dodge or somehow stop it she would be dead.