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Cross The Blink of Death (Sl Enoth)

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  • Cross The Blink of Death (Sl Enoth)

    Posted by Lynch on 09-09-2002 02:10 PM:
    Cross The Blink of Death (Sl Enoth)

    Cross The Blink of Death (Sl Enoth)

    Creaking doors with muffled foot steps stirred the normally silent darkness of the room, every now and then bits of light would flash into the room to reveal objects and cause shadows to dance about in an vanishing glance. From somewhere the sound of an animal crying out in pain echoed forth. The room shook as a loud transportation hover train roared past the building, pieces of dirt and ceiling fell down to the floor as the light shined in the room once more to partly reveal a cloaked figure who was lost to the darkness as the drifting light faded away.

    A board was smashed way from a window followed by two more pieces of wood sending them crashing to the rotten ground. Dust sputtered upwards causing the stale air to be even less pleasant. In the middle of the room lay a large pool long empty and filled by cob webs and rats. A flicker of light suddenly blazed forward from a hand, the denizens of the night scattered as a blast of pure light rocketed forth to the middle of the pool causing a wrenching sound of metal twisting and breaking.

    Jumping forward in one large leap the cloaked man slammed his full weight down on the pool ground that lay cracked and blacken as the aroma of burnt and melted metal filled his nostrils. Slamming down on the battered ground the metal roared out before shattering sending the man falling down into the abyss.

    Many miles below in an cavern, the figure glared about as he rose up straight. Through the tunnel he walked coming to a metal grate blocking his way. A loud crashing of steel announced the grates delivery into the opposite wall with an audio able ring. With a snap hiss a light of red screamed to life as the figure entered into the room where in each corner huddled men in dirt covered blankets sat, as they saw their target they cast aside their stain covered disguises to reveal body armor and sharp wicked blades that danced about in their hands.

    One man instantly attacked with wild glee, the Sith caught his wrist as the man swung his blade down and brought forth the lightsaber to slice through the mans neck. The second of the two guards rushed in hoping to run the intruder through the gut even as the first guards disembodied’s head fell to the floor and rolled to one side. Leaping over the guard as a blade was thrust forward meant to piece the spine the guard never once felt the biting cut of the lightsaber splitting downwards through his body leaving the two halves to fall opposite of each other.

    The remaining two guards began to move in as the Siths lightsaber faded from life, looking over his shoulder at the two men the Sith tossed them a smirk in the darkness

    Posted by Sl Enoth on 10-30-2002 03:16 AM:

    *Weeks now, it had been since the attacks had begun.. People killed in the middle of the night, entire households reduced to skeletons without a single sound of warning.. Most people were too terrified of this creature they had nicknamed the Screamer-Killer, to even leaves their homes, but those who didn't wish to sentance themselves to certain death, had decided to strike back.. It had been ascertained that the creature had been using a specific set of sewer pipes to enter and leave the town, and all attempts to simply close off the pipes had been demolished.. Now, a group of 5 men had gone down with bladed weaponry, as to record, blasters had no effect on it, and were waiting to kill it as it emerged to, as they believed, feed.*

    *However, something had gone horribly arry.*

    *Only 2 men were left from the instant of devastation that the winged Sith had caused, and both of them seemed far from interested in simply rushing him head on. They were, however, distracted from their original purpose, and as the creature sliced through the lock of the door and slipped into the room behind them, they had no idea that their fate was sealed.*

    *A quick hop-step forwards, and both of it's blades dipped deeply into, and through, the men's chests. It gave them a moment to realize what they had let happen, before it began to feed.. The porous surface of it's arms opened up, and thousands on thousands of miniscule brownish-yellow tendrills began rushing out, hooked ends rending flesh apart and retrieving it back into it's body, while small suckers lapped up the blood as it poured freely from the quickly growing holes..*

    *Not a minute later, and the two men were no more than skeletons, white bone glistening from the fire they had set up to keep them warm.. It stood there a moment, looking down at the two sets of bone, before tilting it's gaze up towards the man who had already finished off 3 before it had arrived.. And suddenly Lynch's head was filled with the eerie, deep hissing psychic voice of the one known as Sl Enoth*

    "You are also from the Empire?"


    "The Danse Macabre"

    Posted by Lynch on 11-07-2002 05:24 PM:

    Lo and behold here was what the news sats had been raving about for the past days, the so called beast they had began to call "Screamer-Killer", a name that did very much appear to fit its host. Having watched the broadcast and listened to the descriptions of the so called monster Lynch had taken an interest in its activities, from the vague bits of info that were gathered he had first thought it to be an alien species from another planet that had landed and removed itself from the light of the world to the dark where it could go about its business as it saw fit.

    As more details came in and fact was sorted from mere rumors and speculation the greater piecture began to form and the puzzle began to fit piece by piece, using what was known in the databases held deep in the Sith homeworld of The Sith Empire, the Sith Master had believe he learned the identity of the "Screamer-Killer". Not that it would help those who lived in terror any but it did hold an interest to Lynch to met the "person" face to face as it were and so he had left and made his way here to stand before the "beast" itself.

    The Sith almost had to stop himself from laughing, the images and rumors concerning what it was could not began to compare to the reality. What stood before him was a purely leathal beast able to devestate most any living creature that dared to face it. The foolish dwellers above had made it out to be a simple monster, such limited thinking, such flawed vision they lacked, truely they could not see the pure potential that was really there.

    The psychic voice that spoke to him reminded Lynch there was business to take care of. Even if both belonged to the same Sith group the two had never really met before even if they had heard and saw the other at times, such was not uncommon in a sometimes large Sith organization whoose members often were performing their duties. Due to such the Sith Master had to catch himself from seeking to silence the pyschic voice that rung out in his mind, it had been far too long he realized since he had to converse with another creature in such a manner.
    "Yes you are correct, I'am he is who known as Lynch. I have been following your exploits from home world through the media as you have...been going about your business"

    Posted by Sl Enoth on 11-07-2002 06:18 PM:

    *Lynch was indeed a familiar name, though it had long since heard it, and even then, it was just while overhearing conversation. Apparantly the man was one of the most powerful Sith. This was good, as it didn't seem that he was here to kill it. Perhaps it could go back to the Empire and undergo more training.*

    *As Lynch stood there watching the creature, it did not move, instead just stared at him in a manner that Even He found a little eerie.. A long moment passed before the voice creeped into his mind and spoke again..*

    "The blades are yours"

    *One of it's bladearms pointed down at the scattered weaponry on the floor, and Jedah could not help but feel surprised. That wasn't the response he'd been expecting at all. However, before he could speak again, It continued..*

    "Are you here to take me back to the Empire? I wish to return if you will."

    Posted by Lynch on 11-11-2002 04:59 PM:

    Staring at the figure that was Sl Enoth first than focusing his eyes on the weapons of the slain men the Sith Master locked his eyes back onto that of the most unusal specimen before him. It undoubtedly knew how to kill and kill well, that talent was always one that held worth to a culture that valued the death of those that would attempt to stop the glrious spread of the Sith rule to those who were not yet enlightened by the Siths insight and wisedom. Theirs was a right to rule and lead others as they saw fit.

    Sl Enoths unique manners in achieving his task could go far and inspire more then a tingle of dread in the spine of most that had the most unfortunate luck to see it. Better if they didnt and the one known as Sl Enoth gave them death before they knew what was happening, unless he was feeling playful. Things did appear to be going well however for Sl Enoth did wish to return to the Empire which served the Siths plans well enough.

    "The blades are not mine but you shall indeed return and achieve all that is rightfully yours. But first we have a task to perform....."

    Posted by Sl Enoth on 11-12-2002 02:51 AM:

    *This was good. As it was, it had no means of transportation to the Empire.. It had managed to leave to find Jedi by stowing away on a transport vessal, but throughout the many different planets it had visited since in the same manner, it'd not found one that would take it back to the Empire yet.. It had become rather frustrating, and it's assimilated anger had had plenty of oppurtunity to grow and develop into something it could effectively use.*

    *However, Jedah Lynch was speaking of a task that needed to be completed first? It had no idea what the winged Sith Master was speaking of, but it seemed likely that if it were to leave this planet with him, it would be smartest to follow his instructions.*

    "What task?"

    Posted by Lynch on 11-26-2002 07:28 AM:

    Smiling although the gesture was not one of sincerity nor of good will either in thought or in design the ever-planning Sith Master knew that due to his time away Sl Enoth needed to be tested by fire despite already slaughtering the men who’s bodies lay in ruin at their feet.

    “There is a special delegate arriving at the upper Abba Embassy. The delegates are to make a proposal that would be ill suited to that of special interest that we hold. We need them dealt with…”

    A delegation was nothing to sneeze at when their bodyguards were in tow and ready to bring down anything that attempted to assassinate their employers. Such guards had been selected and hired on the basis of being able to carry out a job and seeing it through with their escort safe. To get past them would not be so easy for the common man.

    Sl Enoth was neither.

    Posted by Sl Enoth on 11-26-2002 01:14 PM:

    "Where is the Embassy, and how long before they get there?"

    *The task would be simple enough to complete, provided it could get to the embassy before the Delegates arrived. It had never killed by going after a specific target before, but even with bodyguards, it had a few skills that would leave them as defenseless as a watermelon under a falling axe.*

    Posted by Lynch on 11-27-2002 01:47 PM:

    “They are to arrive within the next two hours so that shall give you plenty of time to travel unseen in the shadows of the sewers to make it to your objective.”

    Retrieving a small device from a pocket hidden within his cloak he held out the device and pressed a button on the side. A blight light shined forth revealing a detailed map of the city and than changed to that of the sewers that showed their current location with a pulsating dot and a red dot marking where the embassy was located. A line connected the two dots to mark the fastest possible route to make it to the building.

    “It is up to you in how you take care of them. Attack them as they arrive or when they get in the building, entry point is up to you although again the sewers are the best and safest bet to gain entrance although such places will no doubt be patrolled.”

    Clicking the button once more deactivating the device Lynch tossed it to Sl Enoth. “There is a building layout in the memory as well should you need it.”

    Posted by Sl Enoth on 11-27-2002 07:10 PM:

    *Ducking it's upper torso forwards slightly, the tentacle on the left side of it's head lashed forwards, catching the device by wrapping around it.. Quickly the electronic map was slid underneath it's left shoulder plate, the only place on it's body that it possibly Could have been stored, and it nodded to Lynch..*

    "I'll be done soon."

    *With that it turned around, and dashed with frightening speed towards and through the door it had come from, which, oddly, went off in the opposite direction from the embassy.. What was it doing?*


    *It had watched and memorized the layout of the sewer tunnels it had not yet been through, and then calculated where the delegates' likely armored hoverlimo would be, and the path it would be taking to get to the embassy.. The way it saw it, it could wait at the target building, which would leave the delegates a very open area to hide in and escape from, or it could take them out in the limo, where they were trapped..*

    *Half an hour of running silently along the walks that lined the sewer tunnels, it produced and checked the map again... Good, they hadn't deviated from the course it felt they would take, and according to the map, they'd be traveling down the street it was underneath in approximately 2 minutes.. It was a good thing it was night, less people out, less chance of it getting hit by a hovercar while climbing out of the manhole.. Quickly looking back and forth, it found the ladder leading up and out, and began to leave the sewers..*

    *As it lifted up the lid with the flat part of one blade, it looked out.. Good, the street was clear.. Pushing it aside effortlessly, it slid out of the tunnel and stepped away, putting the durasteel plate back in place.. Checking once more the map, it walked over to the right side of the street, and knelt down, looking in the shadows like a pile of garbage more than anything.. A minute later, it heard the car turn the corner and begin heading down the street. It was time to play.*

    Posted by Sl Enoth on 11-27-2002 07:55 PM:

    *Standing up from it's crouched position, it watched the limo begin to slow down as the driver noticed it. Unsure of what this thing was, the man was considering whether he should stop, or simply drive around it.. A decision he didn't get to make. Opening up the dual esophogi on either side of it's neck, it released an ear peircing multi-toned screech that sounded more like the collective wails of all the tortured souls in hell, than like anything a living creature could produce. In homes and buildings nearby, those who heard the scream hid underneath the covers, for they knew it meant someone was going to die..*

    *Continuing to scream, it began running forwards towards the vehicle, and before the people inside could even comprehend what was going on- they were too busy trying to stop their ears from exploding- it was on them. A single leap carried it on top of the hood of the hovercar, both blades sliding through the glass and driver like they weren't there. As it pulled them out, both weapons began glowing a deep red color, tendrills of bio-electricity dancing across them.. They were now just as effective as lightsabers would be. Dipping them both through the hood of the car, it disabled the engine rather effectively, and immediately, the car began to crunch and groan, dropping with a thud to the pavement below..*

    *Suddenly the screech stopped, and the men inside reached for their guns. However, as the first reached for the side door, he found his hand falling to the floor as a glowing blade punctured the armored side of the car, and through the door handle. Within seconds of the blade being pulled back out, the door was fused to the frame, and another blade was going through the other door, and their only escape..*

    *As the blade dissapeared, the men could only sit there, scared out of their minds, wondering what to do. The windows were all blaster proof, and none of them were strong enough to kick it out. They were stuck..*

    *If it could have grinned, it would have.. crouching down in front of the car, it began slicing off small chunks of the front bumper.. Once it had enough, it began picking the peices of metal up with it's clawed feet, and launching them towards the street lights along this stretch.. As the men in the car sat and argued with each other, they were dipped in shadow, the inside going darker and darker, until a minute later, they could see no light anywhere.. Attempting to turn on the inside lights, they found they could not, due to the engine -and power source- being destroyed.. This was getting worse and worse all the time..*

    *It crawled around to the left door of the car, and began producing and releasing one of the numerous pheromone-like bio-chemicals that it could, towards the slit it had created.. The chemical, completely odorless, was a fear-promoter.. As the men unknowingly ingested it, the shadows began to seem darker, and more unforgiving, noises became shockingly louder, and quiet was equally more frightening, all around them were creatures closing in on their car, terrible terrible monsters intent on killing them, creatures made of the darkness itself, that would not stop on destroying their bodies, no, they would consume their souls as well!*

    *As the men started screaming, defacating, and crying in utter terror, the creature known as Sl Enoth knew it was time to strike. Silently it leapt, and with a loud thud, it landed on top of the roof. Sliding it's glowing blade-arms in and out of the car in rapid succession, it heard scream after scream turn into wet gargles as the people producing them died a most horrible death..*

    *Not a minute later, it was standing beside the car, now entirely devoid of life, and was looking around down both ends of the street... There was only one thing to do now, and it wanted to ensure that no-one was coming before starting.. Satisfied, it ignit it's arms again, and began slashing along the side of the car, making deep cuts from top to bottom. Over and Over and Over again it cut through the hover-limo, walking around and doing the same thing to all sides.. Soon enough, the car and it's inhabitants were in peices, but it continued to attack the metal, turning out smaller and smaller chunks all the time.. Finally, it let the energy dissapate from it's arms, and it walked over to the manhole, removing it again..*

    *The two tendrills on either side of it's head pointed towards the pile of scrap metal, and with force pulls, it began bringing all the peices over and dumping them into the sewer.. It took some time, but finally, when every last peice was gone from the street, and the liquids had mostly run into the gutter, it was done.*

    *Nodding to itself, it climbed back down into the pipes, closing the lid behind it.. By now, the embassy should have noticed that the delegates hadn't arrived, and would be sending out a search for them to see what the holdup would be.. How confused they would be to find out that the men were simply nowhere to be found.. But it was none of it's concern.. It was time to head back to Jedah Lynch..*

    Posted by Lynch on 11-30-2002 06:45 AM:

    Standing in the middle of the sewer silent amidst the running sound of water and steam from numerous pipes Lynch was impassive as he listened to a small receiver he had planted within his ear lobe. The report of the agents within the embassy filtered through one by one as their chatter turned from one of puzzlement, disbelief and confusion. It did appear the very much able Sl Enoth had completed his assigned mission with nary a problem nor any eye witnesses.

    Excellent indeed, to work in stealth and be quick to finish ones assigned task was to be one part of what a Sith is about. To operate in the blink of an eye and leave no evidence, no great clues to be found by…it was all in all an rather interesting display that had taken place this night.

    Rolling up one sleeve and tapping the buttons upon an gauntlet he wore the Sith Master prepared his vessel at one of the landing pads to depart when he was ready, all that was needed was the other occupant and then the next stage could begin. With an smirk the Sith Master could hardly wait.

    Posted by Sl Enoth on 12-01-2002 10:48 AM:

    *Just a few minutes later, the creature entered the pipe Lynch stood in, and walked up to him, it's hissing psychic voice delivering the the Sith Master it's message..*

    "I am finished. The delegates, their bodyguard, and their vehicle are destroyed, and have been dumped into the sewer. Likely they will remain unfound for a while, as not many would think of looking for a hovercar down a 3 1/2 by 3 1/2 foot sewer pipe."

    *Coming to a stop, it held it's arms crossed over it's chest, as a sign of non-aggression, the closest its "species" had to a sign of respect.*

    "What is next?"

    Posted by Lynch on 12-04-2002 10:30 AM:

    Chuckling knowing the creature was quite right in that the vast police force and agents would be given quite a hard time solving this mystery. They would no doubt search for the car, bodies and any trace possible but they would do so under the more conventional means, one look at the Sl Enoth would tell you his means were hardly what one could issue to be conventional. Those investigating the matter had no way to know that.

    “Now, now we take our leave from this place.”

    Turning about the Sith Master began the trek back to a underground complex where they would catch an rail transportation car normally reserved for more refined host and men of the world. From there they would arrive at the port and return to more glorious surroundings where the dark side ruled and consumed all.

    Letting his muscles work in perfect harmony he took off in a blink of the eye knowing behind him would be the fearsome and mighty destroyer, a perfect living weapon to further tutor in the ways of the dark side so that others might fear its very presence should their nerves not be undone by his physical appearance alone.

    The universe itself he felt trembled.

    Posted by Sl Enoth on 12-08-2002 02:13 PM:

    *As Jedah Lynch turned and took off, it quickly followed suit, its clawed feet leaving neither sound nor mark to demonstrate it's existance to anyone who would come upon them.. This was quite good.. Lynch's task had been easy, and not unenjoyable. It seemed it had made a good impression with the Sith Master.. With luck, it would finally get the training it had always wanted, and when it died it would be able to send a genetic transmission like none other had ever done..*