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    Posted by Jedah Lynch on 07-01-2002 11:25 PM:
    Claw of Stone (tempistopps)

    Claw of Stone (Temptist)

    The man sat before him with legs crossed, arms held outward bent at the elbow directly beside his side, in front of the man lay a smoldering pot with smoke rising up taking shapes, images that appeared to have life and leapt about with nary a limitation despite their lack of pure solid state or non living existence.

    Robed in purple opened an eye and grinned at his challenger, power flowed in his body with an mind of concentration to back up his will during this contest of might. In the back corner of the room the young girl stood arms down in front of her looking out through slits in the mask she wore on her face. It was rumored that the mask had been attached to her face after the woman had accidently spilled a liquid beaker over an parchment the old mage had been studying.

    In his anger he had sealed the mask on her face, now the fourth year in which she wore the trapping over her features. Forever making sure she would listen to his commands, placed under his control less she would loose hope of removing the blasted casing.

    Opposite the purple robed man the dark and red robed man matched the older mans smile with his own backed up by self assurance and cunning. Each of them creating an image in the smoke to defeat the others magically imagnary creation. The winner would be the one able to last through wit and intelliegence, the loser unable to create an smoke illussion to trump the other would loose most dearly.

    Laor had been old, far older than he should be when his form should have all been dust in the ground by now. In his time he gained foresight and information beyond that of most mortals and so believed he held more experience and power than his opponent.

    A understimation that ended with Laor choking suddenly, spitting up blood he shook for a moment as dark smoke rose up from his mouth and eyes. An face of pure confusion, outrage, denial and terror lay on his features before his face burst into flames. An pure white skull dropped from his body as his body slumped forward atop the smoldering pot.

    Grinning the Sith stood and shot the woman a slight victorious grin of triumph. He left her alone to mourn her fallen master and way how this affected her.

    That night the Sith known to most as Lynch walked forward out in the wild, his thoughts already pass the days events as he prepared for a second test. Sending out a call to a Sith known as Tempistopps he beckoned for the man to come met him. If successful this would prove benefecial, if not the sith was not of his apprentices. Such was his thoughts as that earlier grin returned to his face.

    Posted by tempistopps on 07-02-2002 08:43 AM:

    Deep in the heart of the Empire's Headquaters, lied a forge. Inside a man was hammering away at a peice of heated steel, removing the excess from it. It would be a fine weapon in time, with a razor edge and a full tang blade to remove any hopes of destruction of it. It would be a work of art.

    Without warning, it's crafter tossed it back into the pot to be metled down. In his eyes, it was imperfect, and had no hope of ever being half the weapon he was looking to make. The man's eyes darted to the other end of the forge, where another blade, one that he had worked on earlier, stood. It needed only sharpening. He had a special hilt in mind for this one, one of bone.

    He began to put an edge on the blade, and thought about where he would find the item in question. Maybe when I go to the town again I can find someone stupid enough to bother me... he thought to himself.

    A sudden feeling came over him, he was being summoned. He wasn't sure why he was needed, or who by, but he heeded it none the less. He put down the half of the sword, and made haste twards the location of his searcher.

    When he finally arrived, he surveyed his surroundings, taking in everything. The smoldering pot, the being in the back with the iron mask welded to her face, the corpse of the elderly man at his feet.... and the amazingly dark aura of the man accross from him. It was a man he had seen only once or twice ever, one of great power within the darkside....

    "...Master Lynch, you summoned me?", Tempist asked. It was more of a statment or rethorical question, since he knew the answer, but not the reasoning behind it.

    Posted by Jedah Lynch on 07-05-2002 05:02 PM:

    "Why yes, yes I did at that."

    Retrieving an book off a shelf he began to flip through various pages, his eyes glancing over the quickly turned sheets of paper before he could even bother to read but a few of the words if any at all. The girl in the mask stood quietly watching, she had barely moved an inche since the earlier contest between her now dead master and this usurper who had come.

    Later he had returned again not giving her a second thought nor any words of attention. Instead the deadly caster had begun to shift through the artifcats and personal belongings of her master searching for what might take his interest she knew. What if anything he would find she couldnt say, her master had gained mainly exotic items over the countless years, much of which she herself had no understanding of.

    Her fate she knew meant very little now unless taken into servitude or killed. A third option came into question. What if they left her there? All alone. Forever.

    "Tell me Sithling, what do you know of the darker conjouring ways of the Sith outside the properties of your own forge?"

    Posted by tempistopps on 07-09-2002 03:02 PM:

    He paused for a moment, and thought deeply. Although he had grown in rank, skill, and power since he had joined the Empire, he had only really learned of the Dark Side itself and how to use it, and become it's tool yourself. Long ago he had learned a weapons enchantment, but he hadn't thought much of it.

    "....very little. My training has mostly been in destruction instead of construction, with the exception of my force-cold venturing."

    Posted by Jedah Lynch on 07-15-2002 08:44 PM:

    Slamming the book shut with one hand he took within his grasp a small sphere with an golden base in the design of a dragon, its magnificent wings were spread out up to each side of the globe, its mouth open showing its teeth, the eyes telling of a beast ready and waiting. Such was the splendid crafting of the item, the Sith peered one into the globe, losing himself in the deep he thought he saw something, it looked...

    “It is time you learn a new skill.”

    Beckoning the Sith to follow him even as he placed back both items he held he made his way out of the abode and stood transfixed on the ground outside. His eyes roaming over the area, with an hand outward he caused Tempistopps to follow the sights that stood before them, it was not so different terran than any dozens of hundreds of worlds that dotted the known solar systems.

    Stepping onto the ground he knelt with his hand dropping low to the ground, scooping up some of the dirt he closed his hand and gently rubbed the earth in his hold feeling the dirt between his fingers before dropping the pieces back to which it had come from.

    It was good enough he knew, this world was anchored on the same basic principles of the force and the force provided everything where one could come to understand the fundamental principals that connected all things.

    Lynch's mouth began to move in a low tone, near silent wishing for this to be an a look at which one could to learn, to wield if one was only devoted enough. Thrusting one hand down to the ground he felt the vibration slam outward radiating from where he stood, felt it gathering beneath in the stone below the ground.

    Staring ten feet away at an tree he uttered the last few words to the casting. The ground rumbled and began to split in a straight line before exploding as mounds of jagged spiked rocks shot up roaring in protest. The ground to the tree in a path was raked with these new formations of solid rock until the tree itself shook, its foundation rising slightly until the cracking of wood was heard.

    The top of the tree exploded in an sharp spike of ground as other spikes protruded from the trees frame sending pieces of bark and branches to fall.

    “Magga cammara” he said.

    Turning an eye to him a dark light shined in the Sith Masters eye.

    “By the stones.”

    Posted by tempistopps on 07-15-2002 11:07 PM:

    Tempist followed, as was requested of him, and looked on as the Sith Master unleashed a powerful spell, seemingly turning the world inside out. The power of solid stone, cast and spewed for the from the earth, must have been fantastic to weild. Tempist's eyes were wide, observing the force that Jedah had exhibited. Amazing.

    "Master Lynch, that may be one of the most devastating abilities I have ever wittnessed. How, if I may inquire, would one aquire such power?"

    The question had been polished up nicely, and sounded very elegant. Unfortunatley, Tempist knew that Jedah would see through the shine to the basic question; 'Can you teach me that?'

    Posted by Jedah Lynch on 07-28-2002 04:22 PM:

    “Such an ability is not learned in a day or merely easily in a few weeks, such takes dedication and perfection of ones own power and will.”

    Looking over the jagged rock that stuck out from the tree leaving it twisted and torn, yes such was an handy move that much he did fully agree with. Not in all battles would it be useful however, against flying enemies such a thing was limited at best and against ground forces would need to be timed and executed properly. Still it was a spell that left anything that did fall to it wrecked and shattered, a grin formed at the Siths lips.

    “It might be possible to teach you.”

    Entering back into the old fallen spell casters abode the two Sith walked up a spiral staircase finely crafted out of oak to a single door. Stopping before it Lynch studied the door and reached outward with the force behind the smooth flat surface that prevented them entry. Clicks and the turning of mechanisms behind the door echoed until a final click sounded. Pushing the door open the two walked into the room triumphantly.

    The room was near bare save for a chair, a table and picture of the former owner. Slipping a parchment out from under his cloak he unfolded the sheet on the table and walked back to the door. “Read that, study it, do so until I return” Exiting the Sith shut the door causing the locks to fall into place once more leaving tempistopps alone with the portrait of the man staring down at him.

    Posted by tempistopps on 07-28-2002 08:06 PM:

    Tempist noded to Jedah, and stood in the room for a second while he took in his surroundings. It was a pretty bleak chamber, save for the picture of the former master. What a poor vain ******* to keep a photo of himself in his own office. Good riddence to him.

    Tempist sat down, and began to look over the scroll, taking in what he saw there as well, since he logicly had no alteritive.

    Posted by Jedah Lynch on 07-31-2002 06:03 PM:

    Handling a jar he tossed the thing into the air catching it easily within the palm of his hand, inside the jar the green liquid bubbled slightly, giving a satisfied grin he replaced the item back on the shelf. So much of this particular room had shelves filled with one item or another. Most of which were ingredients that could be bit troublesome to gather.

    For a second his memory wandered to how will tempistopps was handling the task he had gave him. It was only a piece of parchment but if the Sith read it incorrectly the paper would combust and cause a minor explosion to appear before him.

    There were other test, the room although near empty had surprises of its own. Nothing was what it seemed and surprises were always possible. The Sith retrieved a second jar and grinned.

    Posted by Tempist Opps on 08-03-2002 12:24 PM:

    After reading the scroll to himself for a good ten minites or so, Tempist came to the end, and glanced around for somthing else to do now. Shifting in his chair, he silently wondered what else Master Jedah had in store for him. If it were as easy as reading a scroll for each test, then he would have no problem. Somehow he doubted it would be that easy though. Nothing Jedah did was ever that simple.

    Posted by Lynch on 08-04-2002 07:15 PM:

    Through a crack or two in the wall the sound of wind began to echo in the room, the small piece of parchment quivered slightly. The room itself while hardly room temperature had not been cold by any measure of the imagination, now the room temperature plummeted enough for every breath he took an trace of his breath would appear before him.

    The portrait itself stood there in judgement, its haunting eyes burning with dept that made it look alive. A chime went off in the empty room and to one side came a ghost like image, an cowled robed person whose old arms with spots on his hands reached out towards the sith as it hovered there suspended a foot off the ground.

    Posted by Tempist Opps on 08-10-2002 07:34 AM:

    Ahh... cold... wonderful. Tempist thought to himself. Somthing had changed about the picture of the dead man. Somehow it had grown life like.... Tempist simply turned the frame around, so the eyes of the photographical memory were facing the wall. Keeping a cool head (no pun intended), Tempist turned to the shade that had materalized in the room. Part of him wanted to reach out and grab it by the throat, to start freezing it, but he figgured it was most likley anohter test.

    He simply sat and waited, prepairing himself for anything, never breaking stare from the specter.

    Posted by Lynch on 08-19-2002 06:03 PM:

    Drifting to the ground the specters eyes shined, washing over its face a grin tucked at its lips as the image of the man warped, changed and began to take shape a new. The ghost like image let out a silent scream as its entirely body ripped apart during the metamorphosis taking form, its very clothing altering to make that of its new look.

    Dropping to the ground, its body shook and with a sudden upwards look it stared Tempist in the eye as he looked back at the spitting image of himself. There before him stood up a second Tempist with a smirk, grabbing the Sith around the throat its hands began to fade into the Siths skin. This was a chance the ghost would not pass up.

    A new body to have and experience life was too much of an opportunity to miss.

    Posted by Tempist Opps on 08-20-2002 06:34 AM:

    Thinking quickly, Tempist reached for the scroll that he had just read. He held it up infront of the ghost that was trying to take his body, letters out for him to see. He also prepaired himself to create a force blast, should the earlier test fail.

    No one was going to take Tempist's mind and body, espically not the dead.

    Posted by Lynch on 09-09-2002 11:57 AM:

    Hissing as it launched its body backwards from the Sith, its eyes burning with fury as it studied the arcane symbols printed onto the paper. With several slashes its hands arched outward towards the Sith while retaining a safe distance. Its mouth opened wide revealing sharp jagged teeth and a tongue full of saliva and slime.

    Losing its copied image of Tempist for a moment it regained its shape and roared forth in a primal scream, a mixture of dark side energy flowed forth centered on the paper bursting it into flames to fall to the ground in burnt pieces. Launching itself towards the Sith again its eyes glowed red.

    Posted by Tempist Opps on 09-11-2002 07:11 PM:

    With a sudden flash of curiosity, Tempist erected a quick force wall, enough to keep any living being at bey for a half a minite. He looked to the photo of the old man again, and bashed the frame in with a balled up fist, watching the glass exterior shatter and fall to the desk. He looked back to the shade, once again prepairing to blast the ghost with force, should this not work.

    Posted by Lynch on 09-20-2002 04:34 PM:

    With a violent blast of an up raised hand the Sith known as Tempist was hurled back at a tremendous velocity to the wall. Crashing against its surface the specter was filled with rage now, did this fleshy thing think it could banish him. The thing had almost trapped it earlier but had failed so far to capitalize on that which could save the vessel from his possession, when it had this mans body in its care it would seek revenge. Oh yes. There would be a reckoning, the dead mans ghost would have its will done.

    Posted by Tempist Opps on 09-21-2002 05:18 AM:

    Seeing how this hadn't worked, Tempist quickly thought about what he'd done so far. The paper had seemed to be the only thing having an effect... perhaps the words that had been housed in it? Tempist closed his eyes, and started reciting an incantation he'd read on the page, hoping it would work.


    Posted by Lynch on 09-21-2002 04:01 PM:

    Stepping back throwing up its arm across its face as the specter rippled its form being sent back to the here after it roared. A raging blue fire burned up around its spectral body that engulfed its clothing, turning dark black the clothing it wore flowed out around its body as its arms shriveled, its finger nails becoming sharp and jagged, the eyes on the man sinking into sockets on a face that began to resemble a skeleton face as the skin shrunk tight.


    Posted by Tempist Opps on 09-21-2002 05:27 PM:

    Seeing the beast's reaction to this meathod, he continued with the words, watching the spectere as he said them


    It was done.

    Posted by Lynch on 10-07-2002 02:19 PM:

    Down below in a chair the Sith sat and awaited for a sign to the outcome of the event. His answer came in the form of the specter appearing before him in a smokey haze hollering like a banshee, the spell that Tempist had read had sent the ghost to him but vastly diminished. Rising a finger towards the former owner the Sith Master spoke the last part of the spell, in a blinding light the specter shrieked once more and faded away into nothingness.

    Smirking Lynch waited for the arrival of Tempist.

    Posted by Tempist Opps on 10-10-2002 12:32 PM:

    The door slowly opened, and the Sith Knight slowly steped out from the archway. His face was impassive, covering all feeling well, better than most.

    "Your choice in reading material was very informative."

    Posted by Lynch on 10-16-2002 12:08 PM:

    “Indeed so.”

    At times where the rules of society called for it the written decree of men in high social ranks could impose new rules and laws upon a population for the good of all. In times of war how many had used written propaganda to help win the favor and trust of the people who would be needed to support such wars. A saying existed that said the pen was mightier than the sword, history itself had shown the statement to be true. Words had enabled the ghost to be banished at last.

    “What did you learn”

    Posted by Tempist Opps on 10-27-2002 07:16 PM:

    "Ancient words, spoken into a banishing spell."

    It seemed to be the logical answer to what had seemed to be a simple question. He knew there was always more, somthing that lurked beneath the surface that would soon rise and fill in the blanks in his mind, but he worked with what he had so far.

    Posted by Lynch on 11-07-2002 03:24 PM:


    Indeed that was what he had learned, a simple spell that enabled the caster to banish the spectal form of any recently deceased soul who was strongly tied to the mortal coil yet sufficently weak from its corporeal death that it would take but a few well choosen and spoken words to send it from this world into the next in the blink of an eye. Such was indeed what Tempist had learned, the spell itself.

    "But is that all?"

    Posted by Tempist Opps on 11-07-2002 05:36 PM:


    There was a slight pause, as Tempist thought out his wording for his next statment.

    "You have also taught me that in the realm of sorcery, brute force and conventional meathods mean very little."

    Posted by Lynch on 11-19-2002 02:22 PM:

    "And you think you have the dedication to practice and use these arts to better crush your enemies, to destroy them utterly. Or do you wish to use them for other purposes. To better yourself or seek knowledge."

    The ways of the Sith in their use of sorcery had many meanings,different Sith had learned over the ages for many reasons to carry out the force users will, they were all done for various purposes depending on the dark side users desire.

    Posted by Tempist Opps on 11-23-2002 05:40 AM:

    Tempist thirsted for more, he wanted to tap into this new power, and eraticate the light with it. Against the ancient sith magicks, the cowards would stand no chance what-so-ever. With one word, he replied to Master Lynch's statement.


    Posted by Lynch on 11-26-2002 05:41 AM:


    It did please the Master to see Tempist to be ready for all that might befall him during his ordeals, although it would take much to train him, Sith at his level had to ascend greatly before taking a firm hold in the roots of all that made up the splendor and horror of Sith sorcery.

    “So by your words I take it you are ready follow me…”

    Walking to one side of the wall Lynch ran his finger tips over the bricks that made up the sturdy structure, finding the proper spot he pressed inward with his finger tips pushing one brick back in causing a section of the wall to slowly rumble open. How he did love such places with their many trap and secret doors that defied all proper rules of science when an entrance lead to somewhere else other than it should.

    Such was but one of the many great wonders knowledge brought to one who gained in might and power. Down a blacken and cob webbed filled stair case the two walked into the darkness with but a torch light to guide them through the descending path. Ever further from the light above they walked down towards an all-encompassing abyss.

    Stopping at a red door that showed only the smallest symptoms of rust the Sith placed his hand on the mouth of an gargoyle crafted on its surface. The eyes of the gargoyle glowed as a green symbol appeared where the Sith had placed his hand.

    “Last chance to leave while you still breath…”

    High above them the girl in the mask closed her eyes and folded her arms across herself at the cold that felt to crawl upon the room. The two had gone down where a terror was kept, it might kill them if they accessed it. If it did so than so be it. If not….her fate was one still to be revealed. For now she pressed against the back of the wall and tried to keep her mind from thinking of what they were about to go through.

    Posted by Tempist Opps on 12-06-2002 04:15 PM:

    "No thanks, I think I'll stay and learn."

    Tempist watched Lynch activate the gargoyle, and wondered what type of enchantment had been placed on it. He heard the distant breathing of the girl, now growing heavy as she watched the Sith Knight and Master. She has no idea how loud she is.... Tempist thought to himself.

    Posted by Tempist Opps on 01-19-2003 06:02 AM:

    ooc: Bump.

    Posted by Lynch on 01-31-2003 01:18 PM:

    With a laugh the Sith Master turned back to the door, pressing his hand flat upon the green symbol he spoke but one word saffuir and stepped back. The gargoyle face on the door though inanimate seemed to let out a roar that blasted over them causing a great wind to push against them as if to knock them back but they would not be stopped by such insignificant shows of power or fall to the fear that was suppose to be cast.

    A great rumbling occurred as the door slowly opened, bits of dirt falling from the frame as the door opened to life giving them the chance at last to enter into the room. First nothing stirred nor appeared amiss until a powerful vacuum from within the room came at them pulling their bodies into the room with violence and malice as if a hurricane had caught them in its hold.

    Cast into the room to fall against wall or floor if not both they were tossed against the cold stone as the door began to rumble alive again as it closed. Getting to one knee Lynch quickly tried to recover to cast his vision over the room, what had just occurred was not what he had expected. A fail-safe perhaps, one last sneer from the old fool who had lived here?

    Whatever the case it did not matter for they were here now and the task before Tempist lay ready. A flame of light erupted from the other side of the room as a large beast arose in flame, its wings shine forth with fire and its breath was of poison.

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