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Training Needed (Kitano)

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  • Training Needed (Kitano)

    Posted by Dark-Jedi-Kitano on 12-01-2002 03:37 PM:
    Training Needed

    Disciple Kitano enters the training grounds in his samurai armour as he glances around as the winds howl all over the training grounds he recalls his memories when he first starting training here under Daras guidance but he looks up as he sees the clouds gathering around as if a storm is about to brew as he waits for the right time and moment to strike back as he looks at his crimson light saber katana next to him he removes his helmet and places it next to his katana as he closes his eyes and meditates quietly.

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    :: An undetected presence enters the training grounds as the wind swirls all around her. Lightning flashes in the sky and thunder booms in the distance as Kitano's katana and helmet suddenly fly through the air and land in the open hands of his master. Examining the weaponry, Dara waits for Kitano to take notice of her as she stands in silence ::


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      As Kitanos eyes opened up quickly he sees his saber and helmet within Daras grasp in her possession he quickly gets into his fight stance as his hands are ready for hand to hand combat as the wind howl and thunder flashed as the rain starts pouring within the training grounds " Master I knew u would come" as his eyes are locked with hers


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        "Indeed, my apprentice. The Dark Side works in mysterious ways. Tell me about these weapons of yours.. their history and meaning to you."

        :: She began to approach her apprentice slowly ::