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  • Beneath The World(Darth Phantom)

    Posted by Lynch on 08-10-2002 07:13 PM:
    Beneath The World(Darth Phantom)

    Beneath The World(Darth Phantom)

    Wandering the tunnels beneath the city the dark figure strode forward silently, his foot steps causing only but the most minor of sounds as he made his trek through the underground sewer systems searching for those he knew to be down here.

    Pushing a large metal locked hatch he entered into a series of tunnels of twist and turns, the world all around him was dark. Darkness to Lynch was not an problem, his eyes easily pierced to the non committing shroud that so encased this underground world.

    The sound of falling water began to fill his ears as he made his way down the large pipe tunnel where a measure of light began to shine forth. Looking out from the pipe he saw the water that he was treading through dropped down into an large abyss that he could see no end to, high above were numerous pipes that made up the citys vast sewer system network. To the opposite him past he large gap that made up the drop was an entrance to a second tunnel.

    Bracing back one foot, the Sith leapt forth, his cape flowed behind him as he soared through the air, his hand gripping one pipe that hung low enough for him to grip and hurl himself even further into a flip through the air. Landing immediately in a crouching position, his hand to the ground to help catch his fall he stood up and knew he was not alone.

    From the entrance came a group of men and women, the lurkers of the underdark they were called. The discarded and poor whom society made no room for. Souls who lived with only one single thought. It could not possibly get any worse.

    Holding up a single red jewel the Sith waited for the nod of the lead man who calmly walked towards the Sith to take the jewel. Giving the precious stone a hard glance over the man nodded than left the Sith alone as the lurkers vanished back to the darkness that encased their underworld.

    The drops of water hitting stone were soon all that was left.

    Back under the ever watchful glaze of the skyline were the thousand darts of stars. Inside a room above a high rise apartment room the Sith stood smirking at the night air. His apprentice had been summoned. All it took was patience. The Sith had learned patience over the millennium..

    Posted by Darth Phantom on 08-29-2002 10:15 PM:

    :: The Dark Lord, Darth Phantom sat in the back of Rama's the local bar in a darkened corner. The darkness and shadows was nothing to him he lived and breathed in the Darkness, his blood red eyes peered out from under his pitch black hood. When in the Shadows he was nearly impossible to see.

    Phantom took a drink just as the door swung open, a frightened old man entered holding a small piece of paper. The old man slowly looked around, he was pale white and soaking wet from his own sweat, he cleared his throat and spoke softly ::

    " "

    :: Few people even turned to see who spoke. The old man walked to the bar and asked the bartender the same question, the bartender shook his head and motioned to the Shadows in which Phantom occupied.

    The old man tunred to face the shadows and swollowed, he slowly walked into the darkness bumbing into the table which Phantom sat at ::

    " I...I.....Have....a....message for you. The man told me to give you this and you'd know what to do. "

    :: Phantom took the piece of paper and looked at at, a symbol inked in blood lay upon in, it was the symbol of his Master the Vampire Jedah Lynch. Phantom's eye's glowed as he was being called upon, He rose from his chair and emerged from the Shadows and out the door, moments later blood ran from the shadows and formed a pool in the open ::

    To Be Continued...

    Posted by Darth Phantom on 09-20-2002 10:46 PM:

    " Excellent ... My training continues. "

    :: The Sith Lord hissed to himself. A scream filled his ears as a woman found the drained corpse of the old man, he truly loved the taste of fresh blood though the old man did little for him.

    Phantom moved quickly through the darkness of night, stopping only once to feed on a young woman who did so please him. As he neared the building he stopped and looked it up and down, it was much better than a metal box that was for sure.

    Phantom thought to himself of what he was to endure next, he had faced most of his fears ... Razielle ... Athena ... His Past. Phantom's eye's went ablaze as he thought back to that day in the box, though he quickly calmed himself.

    Phantom walked to the base of the building and slowly rose. He rose to just outside the window he nodded to his Master and spoke in a deep voice ::

    " Master ... "

    Posted by Lynch on 09-21-2002 06:10 PM:

    “I have a task for you.”

    The nights air gently blew through the wind, a mixture of coldness nipping as the current passed, the smell of the city’s pollution filled his nostrils. Despite the many purification devices and clean energy sources used in vehicles one could not but detect the fumes from the fuels some races still used to propel their machines in the air. The expanding city was due to interstellar industrial sector on the planet increasing with the discovery of a rare mineral deep within the worlds outer core.

    In the last nine months after the discovery dozens of mining operations had begun, more than one had proven fatal to the miners. The mineral itself was worthless until processed upon which its state could outdo any jewel, its surface after being refined would endure all but the worse punishment and then some. The government decided to strictly control the mining after its wide spread publicity, more so when one of the operations had caused an explosion that had reverberated to the surface and knocked out power in several areas and rattled more than a few windows.

    The governments control did not deter many illegal mining and underground operations from starting in smaller numbers to avoid detection and massive accidents. It was given to be a matter of time until one such accident occurred with the less than professional excavations.

    “There is something in the underground I wish you to retrieve for me. Far beneath the worlds surface you will need to deal with a drilling operation, retrieve an item for me and get out while you can. Should be simple enough for one of your talents.”

    Posted by Darth Phantom on 09-22-2002 01:31 AM:

    :: The Sith Lord simply nodded at his Master's request. Phantom's cloak blew infront of him as the wind picked up momentarily, Phantom's blood red eye's peered out from his shadowed face ::

    " As you wish my Master. What is the item you require Lord? "

    :: The Sith contined to hover outside the window as his Master spoke. Phantom smiled from under his hood somewhat as he knew this was not going to be a walk in the park ::

    Posted by Lynch on 09-24-2002 09:14 PM:

    Turning his eyes upwards to the sky his green eyes scanned the heavens high above. Past the clouds soared transports and cloud cars that traversed to their destinations. Many innocents were held aboard those craft as they traveled. So many people. So many lives. So much to loose in one tragic accident.

    “You shall need to enter into the sewers and make your way to a meeting point with the denizens of the underdark. Keep a low profile. Once you meet them you need to tell them I sent you, a guide shall instruct where you go. In this holocom you shall find the path to take you to the guide. After the guide there will be guards in tunnels who act as watchmen of illegal businesses for the authorities, you can dispatch these if you wish but if someone should try to make contact with them and they do not answer you can be assured the rest of the guards will be alerted to a possible intruder. Once you get to the underground mining operation within one of the buildings will be safe. Inside is what I seek, get it, set up a chain reaction so the operation will be totally ruined and get out. Simple.”

    Posted by Darth Phantom on 09-29-2002 01:58 AM:

    " Mmmmmm. Simple Indeed. "

    :: The Sith Lord grinned momentarily, he knew his Master would never send him on something that was ... simple. He slowly nodded telling his Master he understood ::

    " Consider it done, my Master. I will not fail you. "

    :: Phantom bowed his head and slowly lowered himself to the ground. As he touched down he looked back to the window and smirked, he would not fail ... it wasn't in him to fail. Phantom turned from the building and sank into the Shadows where he once came.

    A few blocks away Phantom stood in the center of the street, bending down he gripped the large iron plate that covered the opening to the sewer system, with ease he lifted it and threw it to the side, with a smile on his face he leapt into the opening.

    Slowing the decent of his fall he landed several yards below the surface without a sound. Looking around his eye's pirced the Darkness and he could see aswell as he copuld during the day. Using the Force to guide him he began to walk deeper into the sewer ::

    Posted by Lynch on 10-16-2002 01:55 PM:

    The stink of the sewer was filled with the refuse and discarded trinkets of the city goers high above, maintained to keep the citys sewer system running at proper levels it still reeked of more foul things that trudged through its many turns and bends that lead into the darkness. In this world of the under dark existed those who had strayed from the light of above for an existence, the abandoned souls of humanity from this world and others.

    Many were those unable to live a life to the standards above, more than a few had been cast aside when money woes were presented before their landlords, there existed some who had been criminals who often retreated to the sewers to hide until the heat died down on them. The sewers below were all that some ever knew having been born into the hidden underworld from prying eyes. These people had made every crevice, every tunnel and hiding spot their own and knew how to escape from those that might do them harm. Here where a different society ruled by rules of survival it was he who was more stealthy that lived.

    The sewers beneath the city were vast and spread out and below them were many more layers of former construction and sewer systems long abandoned for newer more better crafted designs. A virtual maze whose darkness could claim all that entered into its depth. A place where the sounds of rats scurrying about and thrashing in the water as they nibbled away on the food was often one of the few indications of life save for that of the rumbling of underground transport craft far beyond thick metal walls.

    Down here rules were different.

    A tapping amongst the pipes flowed through walls and past many tunnels to places few traveled. The tapping was an message. A message had entered into their domain, for now they watched and waited.

    Posted by Darth Phantom on 10-20-2002 02:23 AM:

    :: Deep in the belly of the underground The Lord of Darkness strood forth in the utter darkness and unbelivable vastness of the sewer system, seeming to never end. The mixture of new and old pipes and tunnels formed a sort of maze, to the untrained it would certinly mean death and for many it did. The smell of Death was in the air and Phantom could feel it all about it, to most death was a foul oder, but not to him he loved it.

    The Sith Lord continued deep into the vast sewer system which was something he knew little about, he had heard stories growing up of creatures and beings that dwelled down here, he shook his head at the thought of people living down here in such awful conditions::

    ~ How could someone give up entirly without fighting and sink so low ... Fools. ~

    :: He thought to himself as he walked on using the Force to guide him. The Shadow Lord leapt high into the air as the piping he was walking atop of took a sudden ninty degree downward into an endless abyss, Phantom landed silent and gracfully on the piping of the opposite side.

    The Dark Lord continued atop of the piping, he thought it best not to use the tunnels for fear of being spotted and having his mission compromised. Soon the sound of dripping water filled his ears, stopping for a moment to listen, he smiled breifly as he could feel he was getting closer.

    Phantom picked up the pace and began to run silently through the utter darkness towards the sound as he neared a faint light could be seen as well as a small passage that lead to a small doorway. Phantom kicked himself into the air and landed on the pathway below, with his hand on his saber hilt he moves towards the doorway and begins to peek in, but stops suddenly as he picks up a light tapping sound coming through the pipes. Hearing the pattern he knows without a doubt it's a message and there are people lurking about ::

    Posted by Darth Phantom on 10-24-2002 05:39 PM:

    " Mmmmmmmm. "

    :: The Sith Lord immediately sank into the Shadows where he sat in silence as he listened to the code of the Underworld pass through the pipes above, it was all to clear to the Sith, he had entirly underestimated the sewer and it's people, a mistake he surely would not make again for it could mean the difference between life and death.

    Cautiously the Sith emerged from the Shadows as the message ceased. With a hand on the hilt of ' Death ' he continued to the single door where the dim light shone, sneeking to the wall aside the door he quietly peeked around the corner and into the room ::

    " Damn It. "

    :: He whispered under his breath ... the room was empty, much to the Sith's disappointment. The room in which The Sith Lord looked into was huge, only with sight enhancment could he see the other side. A large crack ran along the entire length of the ceiling and somewhere near the center a few of the larger pieces had fallin which allowed for a small amount of light from the surface to enter.

    Looking around the Sith could see he stood atop a large cement landing, looking to the side he could see where the reminance of a metal stair case wrapped around to the floor which lay a good ten feet below, though it was difficult to judge due to the floor lay under a thick, murky watery depth, though as best he could tell it was at least two to three feet deep.

    On both walls sat several rusty pipes that ran the entire length of the room, taking a step back the Sith leapt through the air to land atop of these pipes. From the unexpected weight increase the pipes bent slightly as the Sith landed. The Sith walked silently and as lightly as he could across the pipes not wanting for them to brake and awake whatever slept in the depth of that murky water below.

    As the Shadow Lord continued to walk he couldn't shake this feeling as though he was being watched, by man or beast he could not tell. Looking to the water below he was suprised to find ripples all about, something was definitely stiring about down there. Suddenly and with little to no warning three large tentacles shot forth from the water with speeds unmatched.

    With accuracy unlike any other the tentacles wrapped themselves around both the man and the pipes he stood on and with a slight tug they both came crashing down. The eye's of the Sith Lord lit up as he was plunged and held underwater.

    Not needing to breath do to his Vampiric nature the Sith remained calm under this suprise attack of a creature unknown. Instinctively from years of training the Sith Lord's hand shot to his side where his saber ' Death ' hung freely from his belt. Quickly the Sith unclipped the saber and ingnited it, the hue of the black and gray blade gave off little light, but it was just enough to see the tentacle that held Phantom prisoner, with a simple flick of the wrist the tentacle had been severed, the creature let out a high pitched scream that made the Sith cringe.

    Slowly the Sith Lord rose from the murky depth as he lifted himself up ... levitating. Phantom's eye's grew cold as utter hatred consumed his soul or what was left of it. Several more tentacles shot forth racing towards Phantom wanting desperately to pull him under, though with the greatest of ease Phantom severed each and every one.

    Soon growing tired of the what seemed like an endless number of tentacles, Phantom rose to till he was out of reach. The Sith Lord closed his eye's and concentrated on the creature's where abouts. A whicked grin tugged on the Sith Lord's lips as he located the beast, several large chunks of piping where ripped from their base as Phantom motioned to them, clintching his fists they flew with deadly accuracy and speed towards the unseen creature, each hit it's target impaling the creature.

    Blood covered the surface as it emerged from the creature's wounds. The smell of fresh blood filled The Sith Lord's nostrils and awake his sences ::

    " I play to win ... "

    Posted by Lynch on 11-07-2002 05:24 PM:

    'So this is he, are you sure of that Komar?"

    The man looked slighly nervious to the other at the spoken words and the small group of under dwellers looked to the other for confirmation, the movement and actions of the intruder into their home had been followed closely, they had made their survival on knowing when someone stepped foot on ground they considered to be their home. Such enabled them to be safe, safe from the officials that sent down social workers and men with weapons who promised a better life on the surface where they could be productive members of society. Empty words from an equally soulless society they knew.

    There was nothing but the promise of servitude to an way of life that had become material and greedy, one that exploited anyone and everyone. They had all come to know this, all had been cast aside from this society for the greater gain of a corporation or the wealthy elite. Never again. Never again they swore, better the filth than the allure of causing others harm who did not deserve it.

    With slicked black hair and a face that was unshaven in weeks the one known as Komar nodded his head. "The others have been in constant contact with us, the intrude might know we are here somewhere but has yet to see any of us." The old man to which he spoke nodded and smiled despite himself, their way of life down here had taught them good. Very good. Even trained soliders would have a task of catching and finding them if they fled to the depths where few had treaded since the completion of these tunnels.

    "We must send our messanger as we have bargained so we are rid of him, the quicker the better. Tomark"

    Stepping forward from behind some of the under dwellers a hooded and cloaked man took his place before the elder and bowed. The old man nodded to him and handed Tomark a sheet of paper, studing it the younger male folded it and placecd it into one of the many folds beneath his cloak he had used to stash stolen loot from the light dwellers above during his many trips into the city. "Do no fear it shall be done."

    Taking his leave of his fellow people the under dweller set out for once to met with this man of the light or so he believed this new intruder to be. Through the dark he traveled thinking the man whom he would speak to soon could not dare to imagine such a life in darkness as he had. Cast aside like his fellow adopted family had been from the accursed city above and forced to live in conditions that killed all but the strong. How could anyone ever know of such a life save those who lived it.

    Posted by Lynch on 11-19-2002 04:22 PM:

    Trudging through the slime Tomark never slowed in his pace, he had been given a mision to complete and so he was determined to get it done with. The sooner the better was his thoughts on the matter. Going this far from the place he called home did not sit will with him, most would go out in groups of twos to be safer but this had called for one and it gave him the chance to do something to contribute to his community.

    Every five minutes he would stop and listen to the pipes that reached out endlessly into the shadows that covered the undeark. Through these pipes steam, water and waste ran to and fro every corner of the upper city to their final destinations. But to those far below they were far more useful in the art of communication.

    Listening carefully to the tapping on the pipes he signed. The man was suppose to be around here, that was what the souts had reported. Perhaps the man had wandered further off or had already met his fate. What a waste of time this would be if so. But no he did not think that had happened, they would not have sent an ill prepared man down here to just die in the dark.

    Posted by Darth Phantom on 11-23-2002 06:23 PM:

    :: A high on top of a large pipe the Dark Lord sat in silence watching the strangers every move from the Shadows as his blood red eye's pierced the vale of Darkness.

    A grin graced the Lord's lips as the stranger slowed and then stopped just below him. Silently the Shadow Lord leapt off his perch, landing on the ground below in a crouching position with his left hand used to balance himself.

    Slwoly the Sith rose, sneaking up behind the stranger as he looked about the darkness. Reaching into the folds of his cloak he removed 'Death' his saber which indeed had caused so many. With speeds unmatched the Sith grabbed the man's hair and yanked his head to the side, while at the same time igniting 'Death' and bringing it up to the level of the man's exposed throat.

    The stranger's eye's widened greatly as the saber neared his throat, the man struggled little as the Sith's speed cought him by suprise ::

    " This is one of those times when you want to be very clear ... Who are you and why are you here? "

    Posted by Lynch on 11-26-2002 07:53 AM:

    Turning his eyes to try and look into that of the man who had taken him by surprise Tomark could only curse himself for his folly. How in the world had the man taken him by surprise so, such was impossible or so he had once believed, where he had once felt safe able to walk the wonders of the under dark himself with little fear now he felt so very vulnerable with the blade near this throat. The thought of fighting back, to attempt a move to knock this stranger down came to him but he discarded that. If this man had caught him so stealthy without any trouble such a bold attempt at disabling the man more than likely would result in death.

    Not too pleasant a thought. The dread and fear this man was going to kill him gave way to a second thought, that this might be his contact. Might be. Those were the words. If this man who spoke to him and held him at the edge of death was not the one he sought than he was doomed, this much he did believe. What to do, Tomark did not expect to be caught so….

    “I’m but a scavenger down here searching for all that I can find to feed my family and book passage off this god forsaken world…that is all!!”

    A lie. But in his deception he hoped to uncover the mans identity if not his purpose here, if the man was his contact he needed to know and if the man was not Tomark had little doubt he would quickly be dead either way.

    Posted by Darth Phantom on 11-26-2002 06:04 PM:

    :: The mighty Sith Lord laughed slightly ::

    " You lie. For one no one would be this deep down looking for food, food would be more near the surface ... Secondly no one would travil alone in this hellish place. The way you move does not look like someone scavaging, you were sent here ... Do you take me for a fool? I hear your heart pounding within your chest and I hear your thoughts within your mind.

    Now I will not hesitate to kill you, I have killed many. I crave carnage and I would not be down here in this forsaken place if not for my Master's request. Now for the last time ... WHO ARE YOU? "

    :: The Sith raised his voice slightly as he asked for a second time who the stange man was ::

    Posted by Lynch on 11-27-2002 01:41 PM:

    “Y-your master?”

    Biting his tongue before he said anymore the man quickly rethought to what he had been told considering the mission. His master must have been the one who had met the others far earlier in the day and sent him down here to take care of business. Or so Tomark dared to hope, wetting his lips he swallowed as he thought if he was wrong than he was surely doomed.

    “Yes your master, he met with some of my friends…I’m to give you something, if you could be so kind to let me go…”

    Posted by Darth Phantom on 11-27-2002 02:12 PM:

    " Mmmmm. Yes indeed ... "

    :: The Dark Lord paused for a moment as he thought ::

    " I worn you now, do not do anything that would make me have to kill you ... "

    :: The Sith Lord slowly removed 'Death' from the man's throat ::

    " Turn around slowly ... "

    :: The Sith kept 'Death' in his made, as he said before he would not be caught off guard again ::

    " What do you have for me? "

    Posted by Lynch on 11-30-2002 06:52 AM:

    Moving quickly to be free from the man’s grip but not in any manner to solicit an attack upon his person he rubbed his throat and coughed. That was not an experience he wished to have happen again and some anger raised up from him over such an action being taken against him but he wisely held such emotions in check.

    Pulling out the sheet he had neatly folded and placed into one of his many hiding spots within his cloak Tomark held it out to the man.

    “This is to show you where to go, down into the sewers to where your targets are. Whatever you are to do I would advise you use caution, you may be fast and quick but they got some heavy duty weaponry down there and you don’t look like you could take many a blast to the chest should they corner you.”