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Who knows what the future holds. (Darth Phantom)

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  • Who knows what the future holds. (Darth Phantom)

    Posted by Dark B Shadow on 09-11-2002 08:18 PM:
    Who knows what the future holds. (Darth Phantom)

    :: Dark walked onto the training ground to look around for awhile. Dark was doing this just to look for he has been here for awhile but he does not know what the future holds, but with recent event's he believes that his life is in danger. So he doesn't know how long he will have before they get here. So he might not be here tomorrow for all he knows. But there's only one way he can find out and that is Time.

    So when he came to the center of the training ground he figured this would be a good a time as any to pick up his training. So he sat down and tried a technique that many sith use. He meditated for a long time before he found where his master was, and when he found him he sent a message that was to the area he was in that Phantom would be sure to pick up. For Dark dos not know how to get into other people's mind yet. The message was 'Phantom. I wish to continue my training if it is a good time for you.'

    With that Dark stayed meditating until his Master answer's his message.::

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    Posted by Darth Phantom on 09-12-2002 09:38 PM:

    :: A small grin over came Phantom's face as he heard his Apprentice wishing to continue his training. Dark felt a slight pressure in his head as his Master entered his mind and spoke ::

    " You have done well Dark, you have passed your first test. You wish to continue your training even after I pushed you aside, you didn't give up ... excellent. "

    :: Moments later Phantom's Dark and Evil presence over takes the training grounds as the cloaked warrior emerges. He moves swifty until he stood in front of his Apprentice ::

    " You have done well with the phisical aspect of Combat, but now it is time to work on the force. "

    :: Phantom motioned to a small rock about the size of a grapefruit, that stood ten feet away ::

    " Let your hatred flow through your body, let it consume your thoughts and move that rock. Though at first you might not be able to I want you to try. "

    Posted by Dark Shadow on 09-13-2002 06:23 PM:

    :: Dark stood up from where he was sitting. Automatically focusing on his master who finally gave him a task.

    He looked at the rock that his master pointed out to him. He had lifted things with the force before but nothing that big or heavy. But he would try No, not try but DO. He focused on the rock using his hate to fuel his force power. But at first it only shook a little. He tried a couple of more times before he decided to do something else. He made himself hate the rock and through this hate he found the power he needed to lift the rock. So he made the rock fly in mid air for awhile. Then he got used to holding the rock with his mind. So he made it fly around the two of them. But a minute later he couldn’t hold it up any more and it fell to the ground. It went about two feet into the ground. ::

    Posted by Darth Phantom on 09-20-2002 07:10 PM:

    " Very good my Apprentice. You have learned much since my leaving. I see you have learned how to channel your hatred. As I'm sure you've found out the trigger is different for everyone ... "

    :: The Sith Lord paused for a moment as he began to walk, he stopped and motioned for his Apprentice to follow ::

    " ... I also have seen you have taken the initiative and began to spar a member of the Empire ... I see you crave knowledge as well as power ... which I will show you ... "

    :: Phantom stopped suddenly and looked behind where his Apprentice stood. Dark turned and with amazment saw a large stone castle which was surrounded by a ten foot deep moat as well as a fifteen foot tall stone wall. The place which stood before them looked as thought it had been there for decades. At the two Sith's feet layed the draw bridge, at the end was a large iron gate, on eaither side were two stone towers with large windows at the top.

    The two Sith walked to the gate and as they approched the gate rose without noise. Directly in front of them were stairs which lead up to the main door of the Dark Castle, at the base were to huge stone statues of ancient warriors. Dark turned to his Master to find him gone and at that moment he heard his Master's voice in his head ::

    " I have tested your phisical skill, I have tested your force skill. Now I will test all. I will test your mind and your body. You will have to use most that just your strength and saber .. you will have to think. "

    :: And as Phantom spoke the last word the front gate slammed shut and the doors to the castle opened, to reveal around twelve armed men which stood about seven foot. As he watched the men run out from the castle a single laser bolt ripped through his left leg, Dark fell to one knee and turned to see the two guard towers full of men all with rifles ::

    " Kill Him!!! "

    :: The twelve men open fired at Dark as he was on one knee ::

    Posted by Dark B Shadow on 09-22-2002 08:23 PM:

    :: When Dark fell he put one of his hand's on Night and Day. for this angered him a lot. Then right before the twelve man started shoting again he took it out and ignited it. He blocked one blast after anouther. but it seemed that he couldn't move toward them because of his damaged leg. So he kept blocking untill he figured out what to do.

    He decided to try to aim each of there blasts straight back at the person who shot them. He hit two people and they died automatacly from the imact. But there were still ten left. and from the time it took to kill the first two the third person hit him in the leg that was allready hit. But right after he got back in the normal grove of just blocking the shots. He then realized he was goin at this all wrong.

    He first found a big rock that he rolled to so he couldn't get hit. And used the rock for protection. He then used the anger to orce pull the closest person that was near him and when he got near he sliced his trought and took his weapon. He then in return fired nine shots with out looking where the people were but hitting each and every one of them because he could feel where they were.

    When the twelve men were defeated he knew that the only way to defeat the rest of the guards that weren't fireing at him was to make it inside. But he couldn't even stand up because of the pain. So he used a techneich tha the used for awhile now. He focused the pain to fuel his own anger.

    he then with the pain releaved stood up and ran towards the door shotting the people that were about to fire upon him. he wen't through the dorr and didn't see anyone but he knew that someone was there so he was staying alert waiting for his next task to come to be.::

    Posted by Darth Phantom on 10-18-2002 07:04 PM:

    :: The unmistakable presence of the Lord of Darkness overwhelms the sences of his Apprentice Dark B Shadow, Though he remains unseen Dark feels him everywhere.

    The screams and voices of the men outside and the surrounding buildings ceace and all falls silent, slowly a thick dence mist covers everything in sight and the tourches that lit the castle flicker and die out making visibility near nothing.

    After a few moments of utter silents and darkness a dim pale light is seen in the sky and soon it grows into a full moon high in the sky, as Dark looks around he finds himself right in the middle of an ancient graveyard.

    A graveyard covered in the same dence mist that brough him here though it hugged the ground. Many stone statues lay about in all states.

    Suddenly the ground below where Dark stands begins to shake, and the sounds moaning fills the air. The dirt starts to move and a bony hand appears, moments later an entire graveyard is alive and begins to attack Dark ::

    Posted by Dark B Shadow on 10-18-2002 07:17 PM:

    :: There were many of them and dark knew that they would keep coming, but he didn't care. He would finally be able to see what he really is mad of. He has been in this senario before as well but last time it was zombies.

    Dark first Quickly took out his Newest Sword, Monarn, and took out night and day. He first took out a few of them to create sort of like a circle for the skeletons to come in. The first Skeleton steped into the circle and Dark Just cut it from it's head to it's toes so it split in half.::

    Posted by Darth Phantom on 10-19-2002 10:09 PM:

    :: A small voice echos in Dark's mind as he continues to fight the Undead creatues, it was the voice of his Master Sith Lord Darth Phantom ::

    ~ You will have to use more then just your brute strength, remember my words when you first began. You will have to use your mind above all, as well as the Dark Side and the Force ~

    :: Just as his Master's voice left his mind a winged creature swooped out of the sky above and slashed deep into the arm of Dark, his blood formed a small pool below.

    The winged creature circled once more before landing before him. The creature was at least fifteen feet hight, it's head alone three. The creature had three hude talons on each of it's four arms and feet, it's teeth alone were a foot in length. The creature moved closer for the kill, the undead formed a circle around the two ::

    Posted by Dark B Shadow on 10-20-2002 05:33 PM:

    :: What was this thing and does it have any weakness. Maybe it's weakness was that it was dumb, because what he sees of this monster is that it was hungry and wasn't really thinking.

    But what to do. Then he got it. If it was truly hungry then it would think that anything would be eatable. So Dark force pulled one of the undead right infront of the bird beast. And it was as Dark expected in started to peck at the undead thing. While this bird was busy, Dark jumped on it's back and drove Monarn straight into where the birds spinal Cord was supossed to be.::

    Posted by Darth Phantom on 10-23-2002 04:47 PM:

    :: The beast roars in anger and pain as a lightsaber is plunged into it's back severing it's spinal cord by the Sith Disiple, though the might roar only lasts but a second before the creature's eye's glaze over and falls to the ground with a loud thud where it lays ever silent.

    The undead minons do not move, but instead begin to scream and shout as if rooting on an unknown force. Confused the Sith Apprentice looks over his shoulder to where the Undead are looking and pointing ... The Winged Beast.

    But that's imposible Dark thought to himself as he watches in horror as the creature begins to steir, but somethings different, somethings off about the creature, it still seems lifeless as it moves about and that's when it happens from the gut of the creature a lite ~ snap - hiss ~ is heard.

    The beast's skin sizzles as it's stomach is cut open, from with in the creature appears a tall darkly clad man with a skull for a face and head, it both it's hands are lightsabers. The man rasies it's hand toward's the Disiple and Dark is thrown off his feet as he soars backwards to the ground below. The man leaps into the air, flips in mid air and lands before the Sith Apprentice.

    Once again the voice of Dark's Master is heard with in his mind ::

    " Use Your Mind ... Only then can you hope to defeat them ... "

    :: The voice of his Master pauses for a second ::

    " Think ... Remember all you know ... Remember all that you have seen this night. "

    :: And with that the voice was gone ::

    OOC: A small RP tip so others don't think your godnoding, try to refrain from controling other's actions, I planned on using the winged beast for a few more posts, but now I can not. Remember you still are not that powerful and you need to show that in your posts.

    Posted by Dark B Shadow on 10-23-2002 07:04 PM:

    :: What was this thing and what was Dark going to do. All he needs to do is lisean to what his master had said. 'Use Your Mind ... Only then can you hope to defeat them...' could He really defeat this enemy. Yes all he needed to do was study this foe. Before he makes his big move to take him down.

    So he first put away his sword Monarn and took out Night and Day. He ignited both sides of the lightsaber and prepared for his attack. His first attack was just to see the creature's reation time. he only just forced pushed it and went in for a quick slash.::

    OOC: I didn't say that I hit the spinal cord All I said was I put my sword where it's spinal cord was supposed to be. I actually thought you were going to extend it to. I will next time explan more of what I meant. Okay.

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    {Dark's Realm in the Shadow}

    Posted by Darth Phantom on 10-24-2002 01:21 PM:

    :: The creature was pushed back, but remained on his feet and without lose of balance. The creatue let out a small mocking laugh as he blocked the saber strike with ease and countered with a downward blow with his other saber aimed for the Head ::

    OOC: I Appoligize you were right, you never said you hit the spinal cord only that you had hoped too. Another tip, an RP fight or spar is much like playing poker, you never want to give away your hand to soon in the game and what I mean by that is don't go for the kill right away, milk the fight somewhat, but make the strikes and blows you do give count.

    Posted by Dark B Shadow on 10-24-2002 03:12 PM:

    :: Dark Saw the saber coming down on him. But luckly he also allready had the other side of his light saber ignited. So he just Blocked it with ease. There Sabers stayed locked for awhile. untill Dark Pushed up to break the lock and quickly droped to one knee having the other one out and Spun around to try to Knock the creatures legs out from underneath it.

    Posted by Darth Phantom on 11-11-2002 09:06 PM:

    :: The Sith Lord and Master to Dark B Shadow watched in silence from within the holds of Darkness. A small grin of pride crossed the lips of the Sith as he watches his Apprentice do battle with his creature from the Shadows ...

    The creature was knocked off his feet, but he was no bodies fool ... The creature released his left hand from the saber on his way to the ground, as soon as he landed the creature shoved Dark back with his free hand and flipped to his feet.

    The creature nodded to his foe in congratulations for his knock down, as he did so a whicked grin brushed pass his face as a Sinister plan came to mind.

    As the grin slowly faded hands with no flesh upon them reached up from their grave and took ahold of the young Sith, four sets of hands took ahold of each leg and several skeleton/zombie mixture rose again and grabbed the Sith from the back and holding his hands. The Creature laughed for a moment as he watches the events of his controlling unfold. The creature charges at full speed driving his right foot into Dark's stomach, then with a quick combonation of elbows, headbutts and uppercuts to the face the creature leaps back and begins to bring his saber towards Dark's head, aiming to cut him down the middle ::

    Posted by Dark B Shadow on 11-12-2002 06:06 PM:

    :: What was Dark to do for the grip on him was to tight he could not move. This could get deadly fast if he could not figure out how to get out of these cold grips.

    When Dark was hit in the stomic all his musles wanted to do was contract and but there grips wouldn't allow this to happen. Dark was thinking that this was a horrible way of trying to win a fight. For he realized that this creature could only win with he help of others. This showed a weakness and Dark realized that this creature shouldn't be alive for it's cowardness.

    From this point on He swore that he would not give up he will push to his limits just to rid the world of such a weak and cowardly creature. For it just shouldn't be aloud. From this moment he summond all the pain and all the suffering that he has endured over his lifetime to fuel him to take out this fiendish creature. So he first with his lightsaber in hand cut of the arms of the undeadon the arm that his light saber was held. And quickly deflected the lightsaber of his foes attemt to cut him down in two.

    He then finished cutting off the rest of these undead fiends arms and set him free. Theit cold dead arms fell off of Dark and layed still on the ground. Then paid no head to the undead soilders that held him.

    For his only consentration was now on this terrible creature. It will find it's end soon and be no more. So Dark took out his Sword monarn then went to cut of his right hand with monarn and he kept night and day in the other hand waiting for .::

    Posted by Darth Phantom on 11-22-2002 04:04 PM:

    " Hahahahaha. "

    :: The evil creature let out a hollow menacing laugh as he watched the change in Dark's face and body. The hollow eye's of the skeleton creature began to glow an eerie dark green as it's anger was reaching a maximum ::

    " Be gone ... weakling ... "

    :: As the creature spoke Dark was thrown back several yards into the wall behind, the creature leapt high into the air, much higher then any normal man or beast and landed just before Dark ::

    " You are truly a pathetic sight, your Master must be very displeased ... Though he shall be even more so when he returns to find his Apprentice decapitated. "

    :: The creature grinned as best he could. Slowly the creature raised his saber of Death above his head and begun to bring it with unnatural speeds down to Dark's awaiting head ::

    Posted by Dark B Shadow on 01-14-2003 04:09 PM:

    OOC: sorry for my absince. But just needed some time from roleplaying, but I'm back now.


    :: Dark was enraged. This foul creature doesn't know when he should keep his mouth shut and just fight. For words in battle mean nothing to Dark. He can only think of the goal at hand and at this moment it was to defeat this foe. And what does this Creature know of the future holds

    Since Dark was keeling on the ground from the blast of getting trown back. He was ready when The creature finally came up to him. So when Dark senced that he was goin straight down at his head, he rolled to the side with having monarn right where his hand was going to pass through so it would cut it of, or so he hoped. hHe quickly stood up and turned to the beast.::

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