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  • The Force within (Xeno)

    Posted by Drako on 09-08-2002 03:49 PM:
    The Force within (Xeno)

    DarkStar entered the training grounds to further the training of his disciple Xenodoros, who had requested further studies in the Force, the weakest of DarkStar's Sith skills. He knew this would be a challenge for him as well as Xeno. Slowly he began to piece together the training routine in his mind as he waited for his apprentice to arrive.

    Posted by Xenodoros Stormrider on 09-08-2002 04:05 PM:

    Far away, in the horizon, a tall, broad figure appeared. It's figure was seen from far. The figure began to come closer and clearer. It was Xenodoros who had to continue his training. Xenodoros had requested that he learned more about Force.

    Xeno was a quick learner, and also knew that this would aid him in the future. Once a few feet from DarkStar, Xeno approached DarkStar, and said:

    "On time as usual, Master."

    The Stormriders

    Posted by Drako on 09-08-2002 04:19 PM:

    "I expected no less from you my young friend,"

    DarkStar moved over to a large boulder in the ground and sat on it, he looked Xeno straight in the eye and smiled.

    We will continue all discussions using the Force, that is your first test, open up your mind, find my thought patterns then think what you wish to say at me, I will hear

    DarkStar waited patiently for his apprentice to complete the first task.

    Posted by Xenodoros Stormrider on 09-08-2002 04:34 PM:

    Xenodoros nodded once. Xeno was quite punctual when it came to learning about things he would use in the future. Xeno looked at DarkStar as he smiled. Xenodoros quirked a brow, not knowing what he was doing.

    Suddenly, he heard DarkStar speak in his mind. Xeno then smiled back, knowing that this was all part of the lesson. Xeno closed his eyes for a moment to concentrate on what DarkStar had told him to do. Mind at ease, he let his thoughts travel across into DarkStar's mind.

    Ah... This seems useful. I am looking forward in discussing more about the Force with you, Master.

    Posted by Drako on 09-09-2002 04:07 AM:

    DarkStar's voice came back almost instantly, this was something the Sith Lord was obviously practised at.

    I'm afriad my young apprentice, that the Force is my weakness, I have never developed a great many Force powers, what I do know however, is how to use the powers I do know to their best effect, tell me, what you wish to learn.

    Posted by Xenodoros Stormrider on 09-10-2002 10:47 PM:

    Xeno paused for a while, still getting used to the fact that he had to concentrate to speak that way.

    YOU have a weakness? I surely doubt it. But I am willing to learn ways of using the Force in battles so it can come to my advantage. Also, ways of defending myself using the Force.

    Xenodoros paused once more, closing his eyes this time, and opening them a few seconds later.

    Anything that would really aid me in an emergency

    Posted by Drako on 09-12-2002 04:20 PM:

    Oh trust me, I have a weakness, but lets not go into that,

    DarkStar paused but not because the talking was difficult for him but rather becuase he was thinking of what to teach his apprentice.

    The basics of telekinisis you already know, and you have learnt cominucation as well, so let us continue on the path of the mind,

    He paused again, this time to summon someone to bring a prisoner in. Moments later a prisoner was brought before the ancient Sith. He grabbed the man by the chin and slapped him to wake him from his unconcious slumber.

    A pair of stormtroopers held him up, with them he would crumple to the floor DarkStar was sure, he beckoned Xeno over.

    First things first, we will mess with this poor unfortunates mind, make him believe things which arn't true. To do so, make eye contact, for when you look into someone's eyes you have their total attention. Next, picture the lie you wish to implant in his head, push the image into his mind, say the words and pass your hand before his eyes

    DarkStar demonstrated by looking the man in the eye, he moved his hand between them breaking eye contact, as he did he spoke.

    "Your cloths are on fire,"

    Instantly the man began squirming in the stormtroopers grasp as though trying to extinguish fires that weren't there.


    Said the Sith Lord and the man stopped squirming, he looked again to Xeno.

    Your turn, try something simple, the more complex the lie the more difficult it is to project

    Posted by Xenodoros Stormrider on 09-12-2002 08:20 PM:

    Xenodoros grinned at the poor man's inability to escape from the troopers. Xeno thought through the Force saying:


    Xeno was still getting accustomed to speaking through the Force. Moments later, he nodded to Lord DarkStar.

    Xeno looked at the poor prisoner. The young Sith thought about what lie he was going to tell before he executed it. After a few seconds, Xeno maliciously grinned and looked at the poor prisoner straight in the eyes. Xeno formed an image in his mind and waited patiently.

    "Where are your hands? They're gone."

    Xeno observed the poor man look at his hands. At first, the prisoner looked at his hands and did nothing. But after a few seconds, he started to panic, waving his arms around.

    Posted by Drako on 09-15-2002 03:43 PM:

    DarkStar chuckled at the sight then turned his attention back to Xenodoros.

    Now, a more difficult task, instead of changing something small, I want you to change his very perception of the world. This time you do not say anything, reach inside his mind and find the way he percives things, then change it, make everything very different and frightning,

    Posted by Xenodoros Stormrider on 09-15-2002 04:59 PM:

    Xeno's concentration did not break. He heard and understood every single word that Lord DarkStar told him. Xeno's cold, blue eyes fixated on the prisoner. The prisoner was now calm, and bored.

    It shall be done

    Xeno's thoughts began to play in his own mind. Xenodoros imagined a field full of dead, slaughtered bodies. Each and every body had died differently. Some were decapitated, others were badly stabbed. The heads on the floor, disgusted him. The smell of the area was something that nobody would be able to withstand. It truly was hell. The dark gray clouds began to release little drops of water. Rats were seen roaming around this field, chewing on innocent children's decapitated heads.

    Xeno had gone into this world. He was so concentrated that he began to believe everything that was there was real.

    "Ahhhh!", Xeno screamed holding his head.

    The prisoner looked at him a bit puzzled.

    Posted by Drako on 09-15-2002 05:32 PM:

    DarkStar's brow furrowed as he reached into Xeno's mind, what he saw there did not phase him at all, he had walked through this in reality, an illusion could not show him the horror it would take to unsettle the ancient Sith.

    With a vicious snap he shattered the illusion, the possible repercussions could have destroyed Xeno's mind, it would have destroyed a normal man's but DarkStar knew his apprentice was stronger than that. Desipite that, DarkStar didn't relent and still forced Xeno to cominucate with his mind.

    What went wrong? Why did the image end up in your mind and not his? I suspect you formed the image before you entered his mind, you must enter his mind and build the image there, not in your own mind and transfer it.

    Posted by Xenodoros Stormrider on 09-15-2002 05:53 PM:

    Xeno closed his eyes, and opened them again. Once he opened his eyes, Xeno noticed that he was back at the Training Grounds. He looked at his Master and replied:

    Yes, I think I made a mistake... But I do not understand why I reacted the way I did... I apologize, I will try harder.

    Xenodoros looked at the prisoner. The prisoner seemed to be making fun of Xenodoros. Xenodoros glared at the prisoner, and concentrated once more. Xeno entered the prisoner's mind. The prisoner's thoughts had now been intruted by Xeno. Now forming the horrible image, Xeno grinned maliciously at the prisoner. The horrible images that Xeno had seen were felt by the prisoner.

    It seemed like a land that you wouldn't be able to escape. A place that would torment your mind day in and out. Seeing the people that you love, get massacred easily.

    The prisoner began to scream, and Xeno smiled. It was the prisoner's turn to go crazy this time.

    "Who's laughing now?", Xeno's low voice shouted.

    Posted by Drako on 09-15-2002 06:01 PM:

    DarkStar regarded the prisoners torment with a cold detachement, he arched an eyebrow at Xeno's outburst.

    Keep your calm my apprentice, the angier you get, the more difficult this will become for you. Now, this is the final part of this exercise. You are going to destroy this mans mind, in stages though.

    DarkStar joined Xeno inside the man's mind, more guiding him than anything this time.

    The first target should be memory, i'm sure you can see where it is, wipe it clean, you will leave him with only his basic human instincts and the ability to talk, oh, but first, break your illusion gently, we don't want to drive him insane just yet.

    Posted by Xenodoros Stormrider on 09-15-2002 06:12 PM:

    Still in the prisoner's mind, Xenodoros slowly began to take away the clouds in the illusion. The people began to disappear, every little detail was taken away, and the prisoner's vision was beginning to see that Training Grounds once more.

    The poor old man was scared. However, Xeno calmed down because he had gotten even. Xeno's eyes were fixated on the prisoner. Xeno was still in the man's mind. He got hold of the prisoner's memories, listening to every instruction Lord DarkStar gave him.

    Just like he did with the illusion, Xeno began to take away the images, the sounds, the smell, the touch, and the taste from the memories. But the five senses still remained at the current moment. Slowly the memories drifted away, and the prisoner stood still, not knowing where he was and what he was doing there.

    Done, Master

    Xenodoros then waited for further instruction.

    Posted by Drako on 09-19-2002 04:13 PM:

    DarkStar watched the confused expression dawn on the mans face. He smiled, this was going well, Xeno was learning quickly.

    Good, now, the fun part, take hold of the part of his mind that controls memory creation, speak and motor functions. Destroy it. Then we will deal with the most complex part

    Posted by Xenodoros Stormrider on 09-22-2002 10:03 PM:

    Xenodoros was still trying to keep concentration fixed. The inside of a person's mind seemed quite odd to him, but he tried to ignore those facts and did what he was suppose to do.

    Yes, Master

    Searching carefully for the items that DarkStar had mentioned, Xeno quickly found them in the center of his mind. Xeno felt as if he grabbed those items with his hands and ripped them apart. It was a bit harder to remove since it had been there for a very long time. But after a few minutes, Xeno had succeeded.

    The prisoner was squirming and stopped. He was unconscious, but Xeno awaited further instruction.


    Posted by Drako on 09-23-2002 03:40 PM:


    The word was simple and to the point, conveying DarkStar's pleasure.

    Just don't do it too often, we don't want too many dribbling vegatables around. Now, the arena of the mind can be as dangerous a battle field as that of the body. We will fight here, in the mind, watch then adapt,

    DarkStar sent a sharp jolt of pain across the connection, searing at Xeno's mind with a burning sense.

    Posted by Xenodoros Stormrider on 09-25-2002 08:58 PM:

    Xeno felt the jolt travel quickly, but sharply through his mind. It was a horrible sensation.


    Xeno couldn't find words at the time to express what he felt. The pain was a bit to shake his concentration away, but Xeno had gotten so focused, that he was still in the prisoner's mind.

    Nice demonstration, Xeno added in sarcasm

    Xenodoros entered the battlefield of the mind. It was large, empty, and dark. It was somewhere nobody would like to be. He let out a few sparks, preparing himself to get a perfect jolt out. The sparks seemed to make the prisoner shiver. As the painful, large luminous jolt bursted through the connection of Xeno and the prisoner, Xeno closed his eyes, and felt it himself.

    The surge let the man fall unconscious and let out a scream before falling.

    That's some hard stuff...

    Posted by Drako on 10-12-2002 03:46 PM:


    The word was simple and clear, DarkStar's actions equally so, the Dragonsabre Widowmaker burst to life, a beam of crimson, he moved it into a defencive stance, his eyes locked on Xeno, it was sabre time.

    Posted by Xenodoros Stormrider on 10-12-2002 04:01 PM:

    Xenodoros slowly tilted his head to look at DarkStar. Observing the lightsaber in front of DarkStar, Xenodoros' eyes widened. Xeno was surprised that after his lesson he would have to fight. But then again, Xeno loved to fight; it was in his blood to fight.

    He took the hilt of his lightsaber and grabbed on to it firmly.


    Xeno was ready to fight. He narrowed his eyes, observing DarkStar. Xeno ran towards him, and holding the lightsaber with one hand, he let his strenght head towards the arm that was holding the saber.

    In a twirling motion, Xeno attempted to slash DarkStar.

    Posted by Drako on 10-18-2002 01:49 PM:

    DarkStar parried to the side, bringing his shoulder round so he could press against Xeno and drive him back, his sabre down low in the parry to alow him to pivot round to block further strikes as he moved away.

    Posted by Xenodoros Stormrider on 10-26-2002 05:10 PM:

    With agility and strenght, Xeno attempted to strike DarkStar at one of his ribs, and nanoseconds later, Xeno slid, attempting to trip DarkStar and bring him off balance.

    Posted by Drako on 10-27-2002 01:53 AM:

    DarkStar sacrifficed his ability to dodge the leg attack to block the strike at his ribs. He fell backwards, streaching out his free hand to flip himself back onto his feet.

    Without a break for the breath the Sith Lord imidiately powered his shoulder towards Xeno's midrift.

    Posted by Xenodoros Stormrider on 10-30-2002 06:07 PM:

    Xenodoros could not control himself, and as soon as he tried to move, he felt something impact on him. DarkStar had come towards him with his shoulder, and Xeno fell to the floor.

    Waiting for the friction to stop him from sliding, Xenodoros hopped to a standing position. Still holding the light saber at his hand, he spat to the floor and continued to attack. He got near DarkStar and attempted to slash towards his head, but the clash of DarkStar's light saber stopped Xeno's light saber from making it.

    Xenodoros struggled with the light saber. Xeno looked at his Master straight in the eyes and immediately kicked him in the stomach as he concentrated on blocking the light saber.

    Posted by Drako on 10-31-2002 04:18 PM:

    DarkStar went double under the kick but moved forwards as he did, getting his shoulders under Xeno, DarkStar straightened, putting the power in his bull like shoulders into Xeno, driving him over the Sith Lord to land crunchingly on his back.

    DarkStar spun round, Xeno's sabre had come dangerously close as he had flipped him, almost setting his cloak alite, he had had to sacrifice his pivot on the lightsabre cross to throw his apprentice, he reminded himself to be more careful.

    Posted by Xenodoros Stormrider on 11-03-2002 08:21 PM:

    Xeno fell to his back as a shooting pain spread across his spine. Immediately, Xeno rose and headed towards DarkStar. Xeno's eyes reflected the light as he locked on to him.

    Once there, Xeno threw a left punch, holding the light saber with his right. Soon after, he attempted once more to slash him.

    Posted by Drako on 11-14-2002 06:08 PM:

    Drako spun away, to his right, round the swinging fist and taking him out of range of the slash as it came. Coming all the way round he drove his knee into Xeno's back before moving off to resume his defencive stance. He wanted to end it soon and he would do so, next time Xeno attacked.

    Posted by Xenodoros Stormrider on 11-18-2002 11:16 PM:

    Xeno fell to his knees, feeling his back irritate him. He looked up at Drako, and closed his eyes. Taking a deep breath, Xenodoros sprinted towards Drako and dove towards his feet, driving Drako off balance.

    Posted by Drako on 11-19-2002 04:00 PM:

    Drako jumped, up over Xeno, landing on his back he drove him to the dust, dropping his knee into Xeno's back he pulled his apprentice's head back and moved his sabre over his throat.


    It was not a question, it was a command.

    Posted by Xenodoros Stormrider on 11-21-2002 07:07 PM:

    Xenodoros had no way of attacking his Master. Xeno obeyed the words of his Master and let his saber go.

    There was no where he could go, and surely, the training was almost over.

    Posted by Drako on 11-22-2002 03:32 AM:

    Drako let his apprentice go and stood, he bowed to Xeno.

    "Well done my young apprentice, you are the first of my apprentices not to end up in the med bay after training..."

    Drako seemed to concider something for a long time in silence, then at last he spoke.

    "Come to the council room in one hour,"

    With that he turned and left, leaving Xeno alone in the training ground.