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Confession of thy sins.

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  • Confession of thy sins.

    Posted by Klis on 11-05-2002 04:52 PM:
    Confession of thy sins.

    The sith limped to the med bay. Each step leaving behind some sort of sign of his presence, from a drop of blood to a piece of clothing.
    The sith had never been in that heated of a battle, poorly he thought he did.
    Klis got half way to the bay when he stopped. He slumped against a wall, peering both ways down the hall. He coughed into his gloved hand, looking into his palm, a small puddle of blood formed. The sith wiped it against the side of his coat, then he turned back and headed to the grounds.

    The disciple arrived to the field on the grounds where his fight with Gideon had taken place, memories of the battle flooded his mind, about every instance where he took damage reoccured. The fight was scarred into his mentality.

    The sith took a knee, tracing the glyph of his heritage into the ground. Klis then fell back to his bottom, folding his knees. He called out for Tempist Opps, his master. To confess his loss.

    OOC: Temp, I know you're in no condition to do much posting, So please, DO NOT rush yourself on responding. Take your time man.
    Also, i'd like to get a hold of you OOC to go over basics for fighting. Cos I feel that I moded alot for this fight. So I need to stop that and understand what can and can't be done. Thanks temp. Talk to ya l8r.

    "So, too, our grandsires will rise from the ground
    They break their fast on the first part of us
    They will consume us whole."

    Posted by Tempist Opps on 11-08-2002 02:19 PM:

    Within the heart of the Sith Headquaters Complex was a spawning pool for blades and other tools of death. The man who created these icy cold killers was also present, one of the more twisted minds in the building at the time. He sat with his back against the wall, looking over the visuals on the datapad of his apprentice's last battle. Although some of the tactics he'd used were suprizing, and even impressive to a degree, the final outcome was very disapointing. He sensed his apprentice's summons for him, and slowly rose, making his way to the feild.

    After a few minites passed, Sith Knight Tempist Opps appeared in the training area as well. He made his presence known, but said nothing.


    Posted by Klis on 11-10-2002 10:02 AM:

    Klis looked up at his Master with shameful eyes. He was indeed not pleased with the outcome, and that's all he cared about. He just wanted his Master to be pleased. He wanted acceptance, he wanted approval.
    Klis knew he wouldn't have this until he won, reigned victorious, and as apparent, he didn't do either.
    "Master.. Punish me as you see fit."
    He looked back at the ground.
    "I did the one thing you.. you become most displeased with. I failed to achieve victory."
    The orange glow of his eyes faded.
    "I tried.. but I didn't try hard enough.. I shouldn't have lost that. I was so close.."
    He went silent, awaiting any sign from his Master.

    Posted by Tempist Opps on 11-10-2002 09:33 PM:

    There was a period of silence that seemed to streach twards eternity while Tempist thought about what to do. As disapointed as he was, simple punishment would do little to improve his apprentice's skills. Then, the silence was finally shattered.

    "....stand up. Now we train. Hold nothing back, I'm not. Take as much time as you need to prepare."

    Between the threashing he had planned for Klis in this match and the experiance the young one would gain, this seemed to suit both the destructive nature of the dark side and the pseudo constructive nature of the Knight. He had left his axe in his forge, all he had were his two sabers and a dagger. That was all he needed, if it even came down to weapons.

    Posted by Klis on 11-10-2002 10:42 PM:

    Klis looked at his Master. Rising to his feet, he didn't really want to fight in this condition. His body was tattered and torn, rips broken and muscles aching. He just wanted to be punished and go home. But whatever his Master desire was engraved in stone.

    The sith looked at the area, observing things through his periphial vision, and everything else by sensing through the force. But he kept his clear vision upon his current opponet.

    The sith's senses found a sizeable rock, one he could pick up without exhausting too much energy. Then he continued to scan the area, he needed something sharp.. something he could physically throw with ease. Klis also needed to find his lightsabers... wherever they may be..

    At last the plan was drawn out. The sith knew Temp had sabers of his own. So the plan would go into effect.

    With the wave of a hand, the rock lifted and floated at a high speed t'ward Klis. The sith flipped onto his hands, using his feet to kick the rock at Tempist, preferably aimed at the torso. Then the sith disciple landed on his feet, crouching low, reaching to temp and force pulling his Masters saver to his hands. Engaging it and hurling, it spinning at the sith knight's knees.

    Klis took this moment to dart after his two lightsabers, gathering them together and attaching them to his belt.

    Every movement he makes creates an overlapping amount of pain. Each step makes his eyes glow a deeper red, filling his mind with this sensation of torture.

    Posted by Tempist Opps on 11-11-2002 08:45 AM:

    Smiling at his apprentice's opening attack, Tempist instinctivly drew Infinity, his longsaber, and hacked the rock away. Small fragments of it flew by him on both sides, as his other saber, Horror, now came twards him. Had it been anyone else's saber, he would have slashed for the hilt. However, since he didn't espically want to make a new one, he sent a carefully aimed hack twards the far end of the blade, sending it hilt first into his left hand.

    He noticed his apprentice seemed to walk with a slight limp, and shudder with every step. He would have to remind him later on to use the pain to fuel his anger, and not allow it to bring him down... but now it was Tempist's turn...

    The Knight closed his eyes for a moment, and let his anger and anoyance brew within him. When they opened again, his speed was now almost doubled through force augmentation. He ran at his apprentice, and started slashing mercilessley, at an incredable speed (think Omnislash from FFVII). He had planned the move well, so no cuts would go deeper than an inch or so. He didn't want to kill Klis, just punish him.

    Posted by Klis on 11-11-2002 10:54 AM:

    [Omnislash is indeed the f'in sweetest limit break in all of FF history.]
    Klis checked his opponet for a damage estimate, Klis has merely gotten the saber into his hands when he turned to see Temp. Standing right there next to him.
    The only thing that ran through Klis' head was. "Oh sh|*..."
    Klis quickly brought his blade up and ignited it, but not before taking 4-5 slashes that drew an imense amount of blood.
    In order to get the pain to stop. The sith hurled himself at Temp, attempting to knock him over. But the sith still took a multitude of slashes.
    [Now I'm not sure if I should stop here and let you determine wether Klis successfuly pinned you, or if I should just assume. Do guide me o' Master. =P]

    Posted by Tempist Opps on 11-20-2002 07:57 PM:

    ooc: In this case, it would be better to let your opponent determine what is done. Also remember, that you have to think within the relm of your character. The only possible way Tempist pulled that move off is because of his long history as a swordsman. If it weren't for that, it would be moding. All you have to do is take everything you have built around your character into consideration.


    Tempist hadn't quite been expecting such a brunt attack, and it knocked him back a few feet, leaving a small welt on his right arm. That would hurt after some time. He sent a moderately strong force push twards Klis' chest, which would atleast make him stumble some.