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Enough time in the world (open spar to anyone)

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  • Enough time in the world (open spar to anyone)

    Posted by Dark B Shadow on 08-23-2002 05:40 PM:
    Enough time in the world (open spar to anyone)

    :: Dark walked out onto the training ground once more for this time he need to train his body with a spar with his fellow sith. Dark must train he must fight. He needs to get enough power to crush his foes. He knows this will take awhile but he must do this. So he walked out to the middle of the to challange anyone to a spar ::

    " I am calling out to have a fight with anyone of you."

    {The Shadow Realm}{Bio}
    {Dark's Realm in the Shadow}

    Posted by Alisa Sha on 08-24-2002 11:22 PM:

    ~Sith Warrior Alisa Sha stepped onto the training grounds as the corners of her lips curled up in an evil grin.~

    "Hello there, the name's Alisa Sha, and if it is a fight you want..then a fight you shall have."

    ~She retrieved her saber hilt from her belt and ignited the amethyst blade with a quick *snap hiss*. Gliding the blade in the air in front of her, she then sprinted with force enhanced speed to close the distance between them. Upon stopping abruptly in front of him, she gave a quick slice toward his left arm.~

    Posted by Dark B Shadow on 08-25-2002 08:05 PM:

    :: Dark was ready for a fight so he was ready for any first move. When she slashed at his left arm he quickly moved it out of the way quickly and gave a good force push. This gave him enough time to get out his dual curved lightsaber and ignited the black side of the lightsaber before she was able to steady herself. Then he charged at her, and when she was just in range of his lightsaber he swong at her left shoulder. ::

    Posted by Alisa Sha on 08-26-2002 03:55 AM:

    ~Alisa felt almost weightless as the force push shoved her aside and caused her to stumble awkwardly. Quickly assessing her location as she regained her footing, the Sith Warrior smiled and then rushed forward, quickly closing the distance one more between them. She gracefully moved her purple lightsaber in a fluid motion to parry Dark's ebony blade and the multicolored sparks showered all along the ground around them. As their sabers were held in place, she moved her leg out and tried to hook her ankle around his to sweep his feet out from under him.~

    Posted by Dark B Shadow on 08-26-2002 06:54 AM:

    :: Dark's legs were kicked from underneth him but they still had there lightsabers locked. So Dark gave one good hard kick to her right knee cap. This made her let loose one hand and broke the lightsaber lock which gave enough time to get up and get his next attack. So He charged at her one more time and swong at her right arm. ::

    Posted by Alisa Sha on 08-27-2002 12:13 AM:

    ~Pain instantly shot up her leg as her kneecap made a popping sound from the impact of his foot. Her leg gave out under her and she rolled to the right, rising quickly to her feet to maneuver her amethyst blade over to parry his attack. Favoring her right knee slightly, the Sith Warrior adjusted her battle stance and then concentrated on some rocks on the ground behind Dark. Using the power of the Dark Side the rubble slowly began to rise into the air. The airborne shrapnel was then suddenly sent flying toward his back at a rapid rate of speed.~

    Posted by Dark B Shadow on 08-27-2002 07:54 AM:

    :: Dark didn't sence the rocks at first for he is cannot sence things coming untill there almost apon him. So he charged still and right when he was about to slash at her arm he senced the rocks coming at him but it was to late to move out of the way to avoid the rocks entirely, but he could miss most of them. He quikly spun out of the way to avoid them but he still got cut on his right arm and left leg. They weren't that deep but they still hurt. But dark learned a long time ago to focus pain to fuel his force powers. This made the pain less and his force greater. There was a flaw in Alisa's plan how ever. For the remaining rocks were still on there way that didn't hit him whent toward Alisa. So he gave thoughs rocks a little push more to speed them up. He could concentates on the better for he allready knew the size and they were allready in mid air. ::

    Posted by Alisa Sha on 08-29-2002 10:52 PM:

    ~Alisa's eyes grew wide as her projectile weapon got turned against her. Drawing quickly upon the power of the darkness, the Sith Warrior leapt high up above the rocks and then landed behind him with a twist. She quickly spun on her foot and then planted a side kick to his lower back to send him flying forward.~

    Posted by Dark B Shadow on 08-29-2002 11:23 PM:

    :: Dark was shocked when he got kicked in the back. He was sent fling for a couple of feet but he landed on his feet. He turned around to face Alisa. He quickly gave a good strong force push to her and quickly with all his speed he came up to her and gave a fast punch to her stomic so she bent over. The he put both hands together and with all his might came down and hit her in the back. ::

    OOC: just letting you know I won't be on for about 5 or 6 days.

    Posted by Alisa Sha on 09-07-2002 06:16 PM:

    ~Alisa found her footing suddenly unsteady as she was pushed back by an unseen force. As she gained her balance, the Sith Warrior looked up too late to do anything and was punched in the stomach by the Disciple. As she instinctively bent over in pain, she rushed forward and planted her head into his stomach, toppling him over behind her before he could land an additional attack to her back. Spinning to face him, she raised her purple saber and sliced downward toward him.~



    Posted by Dark B Shadow on 09-07-2002 09:22 PM:

    :: Dark saw her come down with her purple lightsaber so he tryed to back up but he was too slow and got slashed across his chest. It slahed trough his shirt and make a small cut on his chest. He backed up just a little looking down at his shirt and said, in a deep creepy voice.::

    "Hey this was my favorite shirt."

    :: This just filled Dark with rage. So he took out his sword called 'Monarn'. A powerful sword that can't be destroyed except by time. If a lightsaber would hit it it would react just like if it was hitting anouther lightsaber. So with all this rage he went up to Alisa and through a two slashes at ALish before she could react. ::

    Posted by Alisa Sha on 09-08-2002 02:13 AM:

    ~The seasoned Sith Warrior sensed the amount of darkness welling inside the man and was able to anticipate his sword strikes, although not completely. The tip of the blade's second blow grazed across her upper arm as the skin split open and droplets of blood trickled in a spiral motion down her arm.

    Looking up at him with a smouldering hatred of her own, Alisa counterattacked by force pulling his weapon toward her and then suddenly reversing the force motion by pushing the blunt side of the blade back at his nose. She then leapt at him and stabbed toward his upper thigh.~

    Posted by Dark B Shadow on 09-08-2002 09:34 PM:

    :: Dark saw His sword almost hit him in the nose but he quickly grabed it so it wouldn't collide with his nose. HE then saw her try to stab him again. But this time he tried to move his leg aside to try and not get hit. But he reacted to slow and was scrapped on the side of his leg. With blood dripping down the side of his leg and his chest you could tell that he was very deeply mad. you could just make out a Black glow surrounding Dark, just after her last attack. He looked up and his eyes were as black as the night and you couldn't see any white in his eyes. Before she was able to lift her lightsaber, he quickly trapped her lightsaber on the floor with his sword, and quickly took out his red lightsaber and quickly swung it at her mid section. ::

    Posted by Alisa Sha on 09-14-2002 12:45 AM:

    ~As Alisa saw her blade trapped and his red saber heading toward her, she quickly kneeled down and grabbed a handful of dirt and threw it directly into his eyes. Buying a small amount of time, she kicked her ankle around his in order to try and trip him while taking out the sith blade given to her by her Master and moving to strike him with a lethal slice across the abdomen.~

    Posted by Dark B Shadow on 09-14-2002 10:35 AM:

    :: When dark was hit with the dust he slowy backed up. This made him just miss her try to trip him without even realizing it. He had just managed to open one eye when he saw the blade coming at him. So he ducked under the on coming blade and with his blade Monarn he went to stab her in the arm because he still couldn't see right and thought he was aimming for her chest. ::

    Posted by Alisa Sha on 09-27-2002 02:06 AM:

    ~A sudden searing pain accompanied by the aroma of burnt clothing and flesh hit the Sith Warrior as she found her arm grazed by his lightsaber attack. Reeling in fury as the warm crimson liquid dripped down her forearm, the Sith Warrior punched him in the jaw with her free hand and then moved her amethyst blade in a downward motion, dangerously close to his extended arm.~

    Posted by Dark B Shadow on 10-07-2002 10:18 PM:

    :: Dark was put in a little daze when he was punched. So he brought his arm down a little not even realizing that a lightsaber was coming down on him. Because he didn't realize it His arm was a deep cut on his arm. He let out a screamed of pain. Which could have surely been heard thoughout the entire empire.

    Dark stumbled backward to finally get his vision back and recover from the last attack. He had one knee on the ground and his head down when you could start to feel emence anger coming from Dark. You could start to see a black glow surround Dark. Then he finally looked up. His eyes went completely black.

    In the next second Dark charged at Alisa Holding nothing back. For they were both weak and this would surely end the match ether in his favor or in hers. But all would be decided in the next few seconds.::

    Posted by Alisa Sha on 10-21-2002 10:30 PM:

    ~Alisa studied Shadow as they both took a moment to assess their wounds. Her kneecap ached, her abdomen was tender and her right arm had taken two deep gashes. She noticed that the blood had already coagulated as it shimmered in the reflective glow of her amethyst saber.

    All of the pain the Warrior had endured was being transformed into fuel for the dark side energy she continued to cultivate within her. Pain was power, or so her Master had told her many times, and Alisa would continue to focus on the strong emotions which envoked the neverending power of darkness.

    Sensing a surge of Dark Side power from the Disciple, she saw him rushing toward her in a black blur. Reacting quickly, Alisa twisted to the side, reinjuring her knee as she fell to the ground with a groan. Seeing him rush past her, Alisa called upon the darkness as she sent a blast of Dark Side energy directly at him as the invisible force pushed against his body and sent him flying.~

    Posted by Dark B Shadow on 10-22-2002 03:10 PM:

    :: He Had mangaged to somehiw land on his two feet after getting thrown. He then noticed that Monarn was not with him. BUt he had droped right after he was force pushed. Which was luckly landed right behind Alisa, with out her even noticing it. So he Force pulled on the sword so it would go into Alisha's back. But also at the same time he gave he a slight force push just to do more damage.::

    Posted by Alisa Sha on 10-27-2002 07:18 PM:

    ~Tearing a piece of cloth from her tunic, she quickly bound her injured knee and reinforced it enough to continue the spar. Sensing a sudden surge of Dark Side energy behind her, Alisa drew upon her keen warrior reflexes and rolled quickly to the right as the sword passed directly over her and impacted itself into one of the tree trunks just to the side of her.

    As the blade swung side to side from the force of the blow and its eerie wail echoed throughout the training grounds, Alisa rose to her feet and put some weight on her injured knee. Satisfied with the temporary fix to her sprain, the Sith Warrior focused on the tree and drew upon the Dark Side as its branches began to shake violently sending large pieces of bark and wood flying toward Dark B Shadow.~

    Posted by Dark B Shadow on 11-02-2002 03:16 PM:

    :: Dark has used to much energy and knew that if he doesn't do something quick He will lose. But then he saw the bark coming at him could he possibly dodge them. He was unsure himself but he would try.

    He couldn't dodge all of them as he thought but one of the pieces of wood made a deep gash on his leg. He could barely stand the pain. So he took his lightsaber and sealed of his injury. They both were worn out and could barely run but Dark knew he was in worse shape.

    So he tryed for one last attack knowing that he probably will lose for his energy will ware one soon. He should not have went to his max power so soon. So in his next battle he will learn not to do that.

    Yes one last attack for Dark will not give up, he will lose with honor. So he gave a slight force push to Alisa and quickly went up to her and Went for a punch in the stomic and then if that worked he would come down with both hands in a fist that would hit her back.::

    OOC: Sorry it took me such a long time to post just was really busy last week for some reason

    Posted by Alisa Sha on 11-18-2002 01:48 AM:

    ~Alisa saw the spar coming to an end as they were both taxed from the long battle. Dark B Shadow was certainly a formidable opponent and had much promise in him for the future, that was evident. Seeing him opt to lunge at her without a saber, she tossed hers to the ground as his fist met her stomach in a powerful blow which knocked most of the air out of her lungs.

    Gasping for air she reached up with both hands and grabbed him by the hair and headbutted him hard and then landed a quick uppercut to his jaw, sending him backwards as she simultaneously fell backwards to the ground and recalled her lightsaber to her hand.~

    Posted by Dark B Shadow on 11-19-2002 10:52 PM:

    :: That was it Dark had used up all of his energy on the fight. He could barely even move. Blood was pouring down his face as it mixed with his sweat which was pouring into dark's mouth., giving him a foul taste in it.

    He was to weak but some how he pulled himself to a tree and pulled himself up. Which he leaned on to keep him standing.::

    " I admit defeat." Dark says in a low wisper from that he has no more energy left. " You are truely my better."

    :: With all his might he walks over to Alisa limping all the way there. Where he offers his hand in form of peace between them.::

    "And may one day we will spar again."