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The Sky is Falling (Kekoa)

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  • The Sky is Falling (Kekoa)

    Posted by Tempist Opps on 09-07-2002 10:43 PM:
    The Sky is Falling (Kekoa)

    It was about twentyone hundred hours, also refered to as nine in the evening. Dark clouds had finally stoped their movement accross the sky, and setteled over the complex of the Sith Empire's Headquaters... the outer training grounds and all. A soft, gentle rain had began to fall, and with it, birds and animals ran to their holes.

    One beast, however, did not. It was a man, tall and dark. Even in the natural darkness, he seemed to be devoid of light, even more so than the rest of the world. Such is the way of a Sith Knight.

    In this man's left hand was a massive battle axe, larger than most soldier's torsos. On his belt hung two custom lightsabers, Infinity; the longsaber (with an extra foot of energy), and Horror; the narrow bladed saber. He stood ready, looking straight out through the rain, waiting for his opponent to arrive. Quietly, he looked up, and marveled at the cloud formations.

    "The true Tempest..."

    Tempist Opps simply waited and watched.

    Posted by Kekoa Alkarin on 09-08-2002 01:37 PM:

    :: The Sith Warrior stood leaning against one of the ruin’s pillars inside the vast training grounds. She glanced about the area and noticed a being standing in the now light rain. Kekoa got a glimpse of the battle axe beside the Sith Knight and saw the blade reflect its cool metal shimmer, as the dim moonlight touched upon it. She grinned and picked up what looked like a short metal staff that was about 2.5 feet in length from the ledge on the wall. However, this short staff did not appear as it truly was. Walking slowly towards the Sith Knight, she took note of the surroundings. ::

    :: Approaching Tempist from about 10 feet behind him, she set the short metal like staff tight into her hands. There were twin Lightsabers hanging on her belt and a few hidden daggers within her special black/blue combat suit. The rain fell about them as though many tears hit the ground. The 6’2 tall Sith woman watched for any movements the Sith Knight might make, wondering if he would decide to turn about and quickly attack her. If the circumstances where any different, Kekoa would have attacked outright. Nonetheless, she would see if Tempist would greet her first. ::

    Posted by Tempist Opps on 09-08-2002 02:36 PM:

    He smiled, although Kekoa couldn't see it. His senses were wide open, and her force signature was strong. Indeed, she cast quite the aura.

    "Hello Miss Alkarin, we'll begin whenever you are ready."

    He hadn't turned to face her, yet one could sense his muscles tightening, prepairing to counter the opening attack, moments before it even happened.

    Posted by Kekoa Alkarin on 09-09-2002 09:15 PM:

    :: Kekoa stopped walking towards Tempist, as she gave a respectful nod towards him while saying “Hello Sith Knight Tempist”. Kekoa rarely spoke during a battle or spars and solely concentrated on the task at hand. Therefore, this would be the last time he would hear from Kekoa. She released a brief grin upon hearing Tempist giving her first move. ::

    Only one lacking in combat experience would have taken the foolish risk of striking out at their opponent from behind.

    :: But this Sith Warrior felt it in her instincts that Tempist was quite ready for her to attack upon him. However, he probably did not expect what she was going to do next. ::

    :: Kekoa took off using Force Speed to streak away from Tempist’s current position towards the ruin of buildings located at her right hand side. The rain started to pour down more and soon added to limit visibility within this already dark night. Kekoa knew exactly where she was going and planned to make this match that more interesting. The Sith Knight honored her with the request of this match and she was not about to let Tempist be disappointed in the course of this soon to be hard fought battle. ::

    :: Reaching the intended building after dashing by the maze of fallen columns and stones, she could hear Tempist approaching very quickly behind her from a short distance away. Glancing up, Kekoa concentrated into the depth of the Darkness using a Force Leap to be propelled upwards and land upon an open ledge in a crouch position. ::

    The structure looked similar to a four story pyramid-like Temple without a visible roof top.

    :: The Sith Warrior watched for Sith Knight Tempist to arrive, as she stood up to walk slightly backwards away from the edge onto a stone slab like flooring. She checked her surroundings on that open level and saw a few columns, old storage crates, broken windows, a flight of stairs, and many trees lining the south side of the structure. Kekoa knew Tempist was a well-seasoned fighter. She truly wished to test her skills and techniques against him, including using different tactics and strategies. The Sith Warrior looked forward again and seemed to be standing in the middle of the floor looking around for Tempist. ::

    Posted by Tempist Opps on 09-10-2002 04:50 PM:

    Utalizing the massive strenth in his legs, as well as additional aid from the force, Tempist lept after Kekoa, closing the distance between them with leaps and bounds. Literally. Tempist wasn't overly familiar with the ruins, but he allowed Kekoa's aura to guide him; All he had to do was follow the darknes, and he would arive where he wanted to be. Instead of following her in from the ground, Tempist lept onto the highest level of the pyramid, and quickly lowered himself down, and in, grasping a vine for a makeshift rope. He had, unfortunatley, been over one room too far, and the chamber was vacant. Knowing that she would be expecting him, Tempist walked into the next room, axe in hand, ready to use it, or even as a sheild, if need be.

    "Shall we begin then?"

    Posted by Kekoa Alkarin on 09-11-2002 07:54 PM:

    :: While waiting for the Sith Knight to arrive, Kekoa walked to the other side of the floor, surveying the dim lit surroundings quickly and noticing the many 2’ x 1’ partly broken wooden crates stacked upon each other once again. Some of the crates protruded long wooden jagged shards that would make for any interesting range weapon. Using her quicken anger, the Sith Warrior lifts her left hand upon drawing on the darkness and Force moves the crates about the entrance, pushing them cross the smooth stone floor. As they settle into place about 8 feet before the only entrance on this level, she releases from the Force and soon heard footfalls landing upon the stone slab flooring. Standing nearby the wall opposite to the entrance, Kekoa waited for Tempist to arrive. ::

    The rain poured outside the standing Temple structure and the wind had now come into play, as it swirled inside the level and howled in brief screams.

    Kekoa had a feeling Tempist would find her on this level, as he searched for his prey. Kekoa grinned thinking as a true hunter does keep his eye on the prey.

    :: Suddenly, seeing Tempist walk by the doorway from the only entrance on this level and hearing his voice, Kekoa calls the darkness while she pulls up her anger from within. She moves her left hand using a powerful Force Push against the many 2’ x 1’ wooden crates stacked upon each other (crates stack height is about 4 feet, width about 8 feet across). The stacked crates with the projecting long wooden shards are sent sliding along the floor with Force Speed directly at the Sith Knight from a very close range. Kekoa was attempting to strike down the Sith Knight or at least put him off balance with the chance of him slamming into the rapidly moving objects. ::

    :: Kekoa moves quickly away from the wall and out of range from any attempt to shatter the broken wooden crates back into her direction. The Sith Warrior uses this attack to setup her next strike upon the Sith Knight again. ::

    Posted by Tempist Opps on 09-11-2002 08:51 PM:

    Seeing the shards of wood coming his way, Tempist hastily erects a wall of solid force energy, stoping the slats of the crates dead in their trails, some splintering and falling. With his path now clear, Tempist made his way further into the chamber, watching Kekoa to see what she would do next. He would take the offensive position soon, but there was still too much distance between them to be very effective.

    Posted by Kekoa Alkarin on 09-13-2002 03:11 PM:

    :: Kekoa watches as the solid Force wall appeared and send the wooden projectiles to each side of Tempist or drop in front of him. Kekoa move once again, holding the short like metal staff in her right hand. Looking behind the Sith Knight she noticed the flight stairs and the surrounding columns. ::

    A flash of light streaked downwards from the sky, hitting the ground of the training area. As the bolt of lightning struck, a great loud roaring thunder broke through the sound of the downing pour of rain. The two beings on the slightly open level moved about while their shadows cast back on the stone slab flooring by the flash of light.

    :: Coming within range of the Sith Knight, Kekoa suddenly sidestepped away to his right side about 5 feet away. Combining her anger that stirs well inside her, she quickly flicks her left hand upon diving into the Dark Side. Kekoa sends a powerful dark Force Push against the Sith Knight’s body area. She watches Tempist sail backwards and hit a large column that stood in behind him. At this same time, Kekoa uses Force Speed to reach him just as he impacts against the column and brings into motion to wield her weapon. ::

    Holding the short staff, a sudden sound of steel upon steel is heard, as the staff is trigger to extend a 2 foot razor sharp slightly curved blade from one end of the metal staff.

    :: As the blade rapidly locks into place, the Sith Warrior stops her forward progress upon arriving nearby the Sith Knight and swiftly times her downwards diagonal blade strike, attempting to slice into Tempist’s right thigh area. Then, Kekoa moves off to the side and away from Tempist trying to recover from her Force use and watching for her next opening attack. ::

    Ooc: Weapon is a Glaive, but a special kind. 2.5 feet short metal staff and a 2 foot very sharp blade. However, there is more to this Glaive then meets the eye.

    Posted by Tempist Opps on 09-18-2002 09:45 PM:

    Tempist flipped to his feet almost emediatley after the push. It hurt, but he ignored it for the time being. The pain would pay off when he actaully started using his force moves. He quickly spun Misery with a sharp twist of his wrist, down to block the glaive's blow. Unfortunatley, he hadn't trained enough with his axe, and the glave was only pushed sideways slightly, catching the very edge of his flesh, slicing in a small, bloody, painful little bit.

    The Knight gritted his teath, and closed his eyes. Drawing power from the pain he had at this moment, Tempist sent a decent sized blast of force energy twards Kekoa... or so it seemed. He'd carefully aimed the blast so it would not hit the warrior, but instead, the support collumn behind her, to the left. It ratteled at first, and a single brick slid out of place. Half of the room began to colapse. Large stones, and entire blocks of solid stone fell from the ceiling of the ancinet chamber, down twards Kekoa.

    Bricks, weighing as much as a fully grown raincor, falling on a person could be hazzardous to their health, espically when there was a Sith Knight standing by, ready to strike you down with his axe if you get too close.

    Posted by Tempist Opps on 10-01-2002 05:38 PM:

    OOC: Bump in the night.

    Posted by Kekoa Alkarin on 10-08-2002 12:22 AM:

    :: Kekoa watched Tempist slightly raise his right arm, as she braced herself for an impending Force toss. Then, to her surprise, Tempist released his dark blast of energy at a column in behind the young Sith female.

    A loud streaming sound of crushing beams, stone slabs and bricks was heard as debris began to shower down, pounding onto the main floor. The ceiling started to cave in while rock dust particles filled the once breathable air.

    Within seconds, Kekoa assessed the situation, allowing the Dark Side to guide her actions while deciding to take off in a Force sprint. Suddenly, a few more large stone chunks from the ceiling fell directly behind her and impacted upon the stone flooring into a million pieces. The cloud of rock dust that soon formed, moved towards the two combatants.

    While moving at a slight angle towards the Sith Knight, Kekoa closed the gap between them and saw the rock haze barely obscure Tempist’s vision. Kekoa swiftly timed her next strike against Tempist with speed, as she slowed down from her sprint and stepped to Tempist’s right side quickly. Kekoa rapidly brought her Glaive blade in a diagonal direction, attempting to deliver a slicing cut into Tempist upper right arm/shoulder section.

    Without warning, another stone slab from the ceiling crashed lands in behind both of them. As she finished the attack, Kekoa recovered the Glaive while she stood off to the right hand side of Tempist. Kekoa saw the entrance begin to collapse as the room’s columns supports give out while keeping her eyes partly on Tempist's position. ::

    Posted by Tempist Opps on 10-17-2002 10:10 AM:

    Upon the creation of the dust cloud, Tempist closed his eyes, and reached out with the force, feeling for Kekoa's location. Sensing her approach at an alarming speed, Tempist readied Misery to be used as a sheild again. He wouldn't let her cut him twice in a row, no one did that except for the lords and masters.

    As the glaive came twards him, he steped to the left, and spun misery halfway in his hands, so the blade of the head was now facing his opponent. He put as much power as he could into the strike, aiming it twards Miss Alkarin's mid-section. He didn't like to take chances when he left so many openings, he made this as quick as he could.

    On a completely different feild... one not of physical combat, but mental, Tempist reached out to Kekoa's mind, and started to pry, he began to try to get in, to crack the surface. Once he got that, he would have no problem.

    Posted by Kekoa Alkarin on 10-22-2002 10:15 PM:

    The chamber’s pillars continued to break up and violently contact to the floor, rocking the surrounding area. The room began to fill up with rock dust from the crumbling debris. To a point, it limited all visibility from the far side of the room.

    Kekoa delivered her strike with speed, but it seemed Tempist was equal to the task of shifting his body position at the last moment, as Kekoa’s blade continued on its upwards path. And just as swiftly, Tempist’s counter strike sent his Battle Axe at a downwards angle towards Kekoa’s mid section.

    :: Not having enough time to maneuver her Glaive to block the incoming strike, Kekoa steps quickly on her sideways path close by Tempist’s right side and drew the Glaive backwards and then horizontal. However, the blade from the Axe still manages to cut diagonally across into Kekoa’s unprotected right forearm, as she moved laterally by Tempist’s position.

    Feeling the burning sting from the slice of the Battle Axe’s blade, Kekoa pulls her Glaive with ferocity to strike back at Tempist, but she suddenly sees another chunk of stone slab impact onto the floor in behind Tempist. Coiling her pain and summoning into the darkness, Kekoa immediately hits Tempist with a full Force energy blast at close range that sends him flying backwards into the pile of jagged sharp, rocks. Kekoa chases after him, but turns sharply in her boots at the last moment to head towards the doorway.

    Exiting the room, Kekoa took off at Force speed, traveling towards the end of the hallway looking for a way out. Reaching the end of the long narrow corridor, she comes to a halt. Looking at her forearm, the red sea of blood started to drip from her arm onto the stone flooring. She quickly pulls out a piece of torn material from her combat gear and tightly binds the open wound. Looking back at the spot where she left, a horrendous sound billows down the hallway. Glancing upwards, Kekoa saw the ceiling quickly tear apart with cracks, as the building shook back and forth. The young Sith woman decides to retract the Glaive’s blade and soon left the structure to its demise, as she leaps through of a gapping hole in the wall to land on the ground. Kekoa shoulder rolls and stands up, looking around to see if Tempist made it out. ::

    Kekoa’s mind set was always focused on the task at hand. Her mental combat discipline was instilled from early on in Kekoa’s life by her Father’s punishing mental volleys of hardships and deep pain. It was the main reason why Kekoa hardly ever spoke in combat. Not allowing things to distract her. She sensed Tempist’s first quiet attempt to enter her mind. However, would Tempist continue to probe deeper into Kekoa’s thoughts upon reaching the raging anger within her?

    Posted by Tempist Opps on 10-23-2002 06:15 PM:

    Upon feeling the blast, Tempist began prepairing a counter blast to throw Kekoa's way, but was unable to deliver it in time. As he almost unleashed it, another stone fell, and obstructed his vision, as well as his exit. He muttered a curse, and pulled the few reachable stone fragments from his back. He quickly glanced around, and analized the situation. Weren't many ways out of this one....

    Thinking quickly, Tempist aimed the force blast he'd prepaired at the ground, and enchanced his muscles for an abnormally high leap into the air. Combine, they propelled him into the air a good sixty feet, carefully flying through a hole in the now nearly gone ceiling. He landed on a stone, but only stayed there for a moment, before he lept again, and the rock fell under his feet. He continued to do this, untill he eventually landed just outside of the crater, on the oppisite side from Kekoa. His legs were tired from the large amount of acrobatics, and he glared through the smoke and dust at his combatant.

    Reaching out with his mind through the force again, he began to pry again, picking away at whatever he could find on her mind. Anything at all, even if it was somthing that seemed insignificant, he would exploit, and use to his advantage. He picked and pulled untill he found somthing of use... her father... Tempist smiled upon this discovery, and started trying to pull those memories up, and incorperate them into her consiousness. Just a little more...

    Posted by Kekoa Alkarin on 10-27-2002 03:53 PM:

    Tempist would see flash of images of Kekoa’s Father.

    (The tall Sith Master Kilen Alkarin of the Secret Sith Sect army was engaged in a fierce and raging battle against the Kard-Zara Horde’s foot soldiers, as he wielded twin Lightsabers in near perfect unison, striking down incoming combatants. A few of his enemies suffered painful deaths by his enraged blade movements, as their heads were cleaved cleanly off their necks or they lost a few limbs upon the very precise weapons attack.)

    Images fade from what Tempist sees to a place in time that seems like a void. Soon other images are displayed dark, stormy skies and eerie like woods of an unknown place.

    (Mild winds circle about and rustle the leaves in the trees. Panning right, a shadow like form approaches Kekoa’s position along with a great wolf. The dark obscurity sends chills down Kekoa’s being, as she dives into the overwhelming and radiant aura of Darkness from the shadow’s presence. Tempist possibly could sense this, as the power of the Dark Side begins to coil within his mind sight upon tapping into the thought.)

    All images from Kekoa's mind were not sequential.

    :: Kekoa lets Tempist watch the images in her mind, as she feeds off of the Darkness and suddenly delivers her own volley of strikes upon extending the Glaive’s Blade. Kekoa moves with Force speed towards him and shifts her point of aggression to Tempist’s right side, stepping there to stop and attack.

    While wielding the Glaive, Kekoa attempts to hit Tempist’s right side again with two different diagonal slices. The first quick strike sends the Glaive's blade downwards against his right arm. Then, the second melee attack against the back of his right thigh, as she reverses the Glaive’s blade direction while twisting the staff to angle the blade upwards as the dim light reflected back a silver shimmer. Following through, Kekoa steps to his back side at a slant. ::

    In the background, the old Temple releases a loud explosion, as a multitude of rocks colliding together, crushing the once standing structure and sending a large cloud of debris into the air. A series of thunder claps was heard off in the distance while the storm seemed to travel east.

    Posted by Tempist Opps on 11-18-2002 09:38 PM:

    As Tempist picked and pulled at the corners of Kekoa's mind, he'd almost completely removed himself from the fight at hand. He shook his head violently, and brought his axe around to deflect the glaive's attacks again. Unfortunatley, he wasn't quick enough for the first one, and it left a shallow, painful, bloody cut along the right side of his chest. He muttered a low curse, and gave an unusuial looking jerk of his axe. It came back twards him, but only on the broad side. At the last moment, he shot it out to the right, and sparks flew when metal hit metal. Misery's head, luckaly, was larger than most axes, and it was easier to turn it to block. He loosened his grip on the axe in his hand, and let it slide, so the head would deflect the second attack as well.

    But it hurt. The cut began to sting more now, from the use of that side of the body. The burning seered through his senses, and he growled. Using the pain as fuel for his force moves, he augmented his speed and strength with dark energies. He ducked low, and retaliated to her attacks with a horizontal slash twards her legs. Almost emediatley afterwards, he lept into the air, and landed behind Kekoa. He sent a huge vertical slash her way, not waiting to see if she could turn around or not in time. Now was not the time for mercy.


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    :: Seeing that her original stance was at a slight angle from the point of Tempist’s Battle Axe horizontal attack, Kekoa merely stepped back and to her right hand side at the last moment, watching the hard swing of the weapon barely go by her knees. Immediately, Kekoa noticed Tempist’s very quick ability to adjust, as he added to his assault upon her with a quick flip upwards into the air to land in behind her.

    The young female did not have time to spin her Glaive (left) blade upwards from a downwards position, as she turned to meet Tempist’s incoming vertical axe strike.

    Instead, Kekoa stepped inwards a bit after moving to her left side upon seeing the Battle Axe blade come towards her. Kekoa torque her Glaive along side with her at waist height. Suddenly, she depressed the release on the Glaive to rapidly eject the second Glaive’s (right) 2 foot razor sharp slightly curved blade from its quiet hold, as the steel on steel sled together until the blade was at its full extend. At this same time, the enraged young Sith used some Force Speed in her actions and swiftly attempted to slice diagonally upwards with the extended (right) blade into Tempist’s exposed right under arm/rib area while she wielded the Glaive about. She was trying to catch Tempist’s forward motion and downwards vertical strike, as she noticed that his arms were slightly reaching out before him.

    (The left blade from the Glaive traveled up and to the left side of Kekoa while the right blade tried to hit is mark.)

    As the attack was completed, Kekoa stepped by Tempist and stood off to his right side, holding the double bladed Glaive firmly in her grasp and readied to attack again. ::


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      As the glaive's blade came close to him, he only had one way to defend himself this time. He droped misery to the dirt, and held out his free hand. He released a quick wave of force energy, to push Kekoa back a few feet, if she wasn't prepaired for it. Not taking any chances though, he steped backwards at the same time, using the recoil from the wave to help push him as well. Straining his force abilities, he now attempted to try to multitask himself. He called the axe back to him, catching it as it floated back to his hands, and closed his eyes. He reached back out... and dove further into Kekoa's mind.

      This time, he pulled for a specific emotion wile he had the chance. He searched for sorrow, every moment of depression she'd ever felt in her life. He searched for the most powerful time he could, and tried to draw it out. Inner feelings had amazing effects when they were called upon in combat, sadness was the most potent in stoping someone dead in their tracks.

      He started to get wraped up in her mind again, and left himself more voulnerable to a physical attack now than he had before... but if his idea worked, he wouldn't have to worry too much about his opponent.


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        :: Recovering from the sudden Force Push away, Kekoa spun the double bladed Glaive once in her hands upon regaining her balance and footing. She gripped the Glaive tightly and started to attack Tempist again. Running with Force speed to his right side again, Kekoa stopped at the last possible second and attempted to deliver a quick blow towards the upper part of his right leg with an upwards, diagonal, sweeping strike from her twisting left blade. The blur of the Glaive's silver blades seemed to leave a lingering shimmer trace in the night’s air upon the striking of the moonlight’s reflection against the ancient steel.

        Then, with Kekoa’s next wave of her assault, she swung with Force Speed the right blade of the Glaive back against the grain or counter to slice diagonally downwards across Tempist’s chest area. The left blade would soon be in line with the right blade at a slight diagonal. The middle of the staff would come to rest near her left side, if the follow through did impact against its intended target. ::

        Meanwhile as Kekoa continued her attacks against Tempist, her head was beginning to feel some pain. She could feel Tempist dig for more things in her buried mind.

        (Kekoa allowed Tempist see images of her father in a dark blue shimmer, walking towards her. Deep wounds and scars litter his being as though he been through a thousand battles. His long cloak torn and old. Kilen’s face was aged past his prime and hidden under the dark cowling hood. The two spoke of things to each other in faint whispers, but Tempist could not quite understand what was spoken. However, Kekoa thought Tempist might have sensed a slight sadness radiate from her. Later, that sadness turned to a deep great anger.

        As soon as the image disappears another takes its place. Tempist quickly sees a being holding out a black pearl towards the knelt Sith female in the middle of a dark covered forest. For reasons unknown to him, Tempist does know the one showing the gem to Kekoa to be none other than Kekoa’s current Master. An ominous darkness surrounds the pair as it did during the time of seeing the images from Kekoa’s father.)

        :: A grin breaks across Kekoa’s face as the image fades and she stares at Tempist for a split moment in time. ::

        Kekoa figured out Tempist’s tactic she thought. He was trying to wear her down physically and mentally in the battle that they had begun and to a point she was beginning to tire.