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A new day anouther spar. (Open Spar to anyone.)

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  • A new day anouther spar. (Open Spar to anyone.)

    Posted by Dark B Shadow on 11-12-2002 09:10 PM:
    A new day anouther spar. (Open Spar to anyone.)

    :: Dark walked upon the training ground once more in search of anouther fight to make him stronger. He slowly walked up to a tree and sat down waiting for someone to come out and challenge him. He did not care who but he wished for a challenge.::

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    Posted by Lady Jezebella on 11-12-2002 10:42 PM:

    "You waiting for someone in particular, or are you just waiting for someone?"

    A familiar feminine voice seeped into the depths of the large tree, that both Sith currently leaned on, and shuddered through to the other side in a hushed tone of a whisper. I guess we have the same purpose

    Pushing off of the tree with her boot heel, Jezebella grinned to herself and walked around to the other side to face the one she had met in Rama's not too long ago.

    Arching a jet black and slender brow, Jez crossed her arms over her chest and tilted her head to the side.


    Posted by Dark B Shadow on 11-13-2002 03:45 PM:

    :: Dark stood up and pulled his hood off so he can see more clearly. He streatched alittle and cracked his neck.::

    " Well I am waiting for someone and it appears that someone is you. "

    :: Dark stood up straight and oppened his clock to have his hand over his saber night and day.::

    Posted by Lady Jezebella on 11-15-2002 07:09 AM:


    A soft breeze swept through the shuddering tree branches, causing loose leaves to fall at her feet, and her cloak to billow about behind her; revealing two onyx-handled sabers, currently resting on her hip utility-belt.

    Narrowing her eyes, until they reached tiny amber-colored slits, Jez nodded and removed the two sabers with a swift gesture. With a loud hum, the black blades ignited and extended to an abnormal saber length.

    "Your move."

    Posted by Dark B Shadow on 11-15-2002 08:04 PM:

    :: Dark was plagued on which weapon he would use now. Should he use Night and Day or should he use Monarn or his red lightsaber.::

    " Allright if you insist on me going first."

    :: He decided to leave the other ones for later on in the battle and decided that Night and Day should get the job done. So he took it out and Ignited both ends of the saber. One side whiter then anyother white and the other blacker then any other black that has come before.

    So it is now time for his attack. So as a starting attack he would keep it simple. He started to charge at Jezebella and gave her a slight force push before he got to her. when he got right there he went for a slash to her right arm.::