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A duel of Nephilim (Closed Darth Mundus when you are ready)

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  • A duel of Nephilim (Closed Darth Mundus when you are ready)

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 09-06-2002 04:10 PM:
    A duel of Nephilim (Closed Darth Mundus when you are ready)

    In the ancient days they spoke of the ones called Nephilim, giants who were not men yet not quite gods. Who had amazing size and strength and abilities beyond that of normal men. Talus often considered himself a modern day equivalent of these ancient warriors and it seems another of his kind had joined the ranks of TSE, Darth Mundus.

    Talus strode confidently down the halls of the Training grounds, finally he found a room fitting for his planned spar. As he entered the room he turned all the lights off except one in the center. As he approached the light he took a bostaff off the wall and began drawing a perfect circle in the center. His measurements were inhumanly precise, do to his genetic encoding and advancements. When he completed, there stood a circle some 10 meters in diameter in the middle of the training halls. Talus cast the bostaff aside, out of the circle and dropped into a lotus position to meditate. He carried no weapons with him, this was not to be a battle of swords and lightsabers, but rather of strength and speed, and determination to fight. Arrogantly Talus invited his opponent via a communicator to the training grounds; "Darth Mundus your presence is requested at the training grounds, bring no weapons as this will be a test of our ability to fight unarmed. Talus out..."

    This should prove to be an intersting fight, a fight I shall win. This was Talus' last arrogant thought before focusing on his meditation.

    OOC* Hey DM wait to start in on this thread until you've completed your first training thread with Zena. I can wait.

    Posted by Darth Mundus on 10-07-2002 11:12 AM:

    *OOC: Dude I have Zena's OK, just like u have Darkstar's. R U READY???!!!

    ::What was it about Zabrak's that made them such interesting and fascinating creatures? Was it their supernatural strength? Or perhaps their extraordinary pain ressistance? Maybe their characteristic race threads, such as their horned heads, or their tattooed faces? The fact that they were known as warriors, assasians, hunters, simply more than tough? Most likely yes::

    ::The perfect specimen of the Zabrakian race, would be well built, tall, quick, mercyless, tough, strong, instinctive, yet, very smart and rational, without knowledge of the meaning to words such as pain, defeat, yield::

    ::One perfect example of such feared creatures was one of the newest members of TSE, the Iridonia native, ten horned headed, tattooed face, 315 lb, 7' 1" tall, Darth Mundus::

    ::Taking a walk to clear his mind and become one with the Dark Side of The Force, is how the horned headed Zabrak, found himself, when he heard his voice over the Speaker:: 'A spar with Talus should prove interesting' :: Thought the Iridonian, while on his way to training grounds::

    ::A large rumble was heard, the earth trembled, like a little earthquake. DM had 'dropped in' where dread-lock haired Sith awaited::

    ::Then the deepest of voices was heard:: "Ah, Talus my I am..."

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 10-07-2002 11:33 AM:

    Talus could hear the Zabrak coming a mile away, not because he made much noise when he walked, but because of Talus' unique genetic make-up, he could hear a pin-drop at rock concert, spot a hawk on a cloudy day, smell a rose in the middle of a lily garden, his senses though not well-trained were the apex of current human evolution. As the giant Iridonian entered the room and spoke, Talus made no movement nor did he acknowledge his presence, he was meditating and was not going to interrupt it for pleasantries.

    Finally his eyes opened and Talus grinned; "Ah Mundus, how nice of you to join me, please have a seat while I explain the rules of our little spar." Motioning in front of him, he waited for the Zabrak to sit upon the floor. When Mundus took a seat Talus continued; "As you are aware, it is not looked highly upon for disciples to spar using weapons or force abilities until we are thoroughly trained, but I need conflict, I need to fight, I grow irritated when I can not. As I have now grown restless, so I suggest that we have a spar in the style that the gods intended, hand-to-hand, with no force abilities. Lord Darkstar was kind enough to allow me to borrow some of his Ysalarmis for the spar so that we do not use force enhanced strength out of habit." Talus then stood and motioned to the circle.

    "The spar will end when either, one of us can no longer rise to our feet, one of us submits, or one of us is thrown from the confines of this circle, is that acceptable to you?" Talus stood patiently waiting his comrades response.

    Posted by Darth Mundus on 10-07-2002 01:17 PM:

    ::Mundus patiently awaited for his fellow Sith to be done with his mediation::

    ::Once greeted by Lord Darkstar's apprentice he sat down and carefully listened to what Talus had to say. Once he was done, the ten horned creature nodded his head in agreement and added::

    "I agree with all of the regulations you stated my friend. I wouldn't want it any other way"

    :: DM then stood up, a vicious smile was drawn upon his face while he added:: "Should we begin our little 'dance'?

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 10-07-2002 03:02 PM:

    Talus grinned, Mundus was huge, a truly imposing physcial specimen, but so was Talus, this would indeed be interesting.

    "By all means..." Talus sneered and began circling the large Zabrak, like a tiger circling a bear. He would wait for an opening and immediately go for the kill.

    Posted by Darth Mundus on 10-09-2002 08:40 AM:

    :: DM's eyes started to follow Talus. He knew the dread-locked apprentice possesed much strength, probably more or equal than that of the Zabrak's. Seemed both were about to find out::

    ::Waiting for the right moment the Iridonian reamined patiently, until an opportunity presented itself::

    SWOOSH ::A noise was heard, it was the sound of the wind produced by the tattooed face disciple's arm, who had thrown himself forward, to land an accurate hit on Talus' stomach::

    ::The Zabrakian then took a quick step backwards, to find out what kind of damage had the hit produced::

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 10-09-2002 09:29 AM:

    Talus grunted as he was hit by a jackhammer of a left hand in the stomach. It had been so long since he'd been hit without the force to help him absorb it. He exhaled and grinned.

    "Nice punch, but you shouldn't have backed away..."

    Talus lunged forward catching the giant in the midrift with his shoulder. Attemting to cut the massive Zabrak in half, Talus threw his entire weight into the blow, knocking down the Iridonian and sending Talus tumbling over him. Talus quickly kipped up and began to approach the giant carefully.

    Posted by Darth Mundus on 10-09-2002 01:17 PM:

    :: The large Zabrak laid there motionless, seemed as if as Talus had knocked him out::

    ::When Talus approached his fellow Sith, Mundus thrusted himself against the genetically enhanced apprentice. Mundus' shoulder hit a severe blow into Talus' stomach making him bend. Only to be followed by a powerful 'upwards' headbutt, that docked on the dread-locked Sith's face, making it bleed as the Zabrak's horns had torn some flesh::

    ::This caused Talus to move backwards and while doing so, a powerful roundhouse kick hit Mundus' sparring partner right on his chest, making him fall::

    "...and you shouldn't have approached so slowly..."

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 10-09-2002 06:13 PM:

    Talus grinned as he felt the blood ooze from his face. Kipping back to his feet he laughed; "I suppose not..."

    As he finished his words he ran towards Mundus, just as he appeared to within striking distance Talus, did someting different, he hit the ground and slid with his foot raised in the air, connecting just below the left knee of the giant, upending him. Talus popped up out of the slide and lept onto the back of the now kneeling disciple locking a chokehold over his neck from behind.

    "The more I bleed the less you breathe..."

    Posted by Darth Mundus on 10-14-2002 02:13 PM:

    ::Mundus was gasping for breath, the dread-locked sith was applying great preassure to the Zabrak's neck with his whole arm. A backwards headbutt was out of the question as Talus' hand was at the back of the Iridonian's head::

    ::Mundus slowly started to get up. Once he was back on his feet, he wrapped his left foot behind Talus' leg and threw himself backwards, making Darkstar's apprentice fall, and the large Zabrak over him::

    ::With such manouver Talus finally let go off Mundus neck, due to the hit. The Iridonia native quickly rolled over to one side. He then grabbed Talus' shirt with his right hand and the back of his pants with his left hand and raised him up in the air while standing up. In a split second the Zabrak knelt on his left knee at the same time he was bringing Talus down, only to impact the back of the genetically enhanced disciple against the tattooed face apprentice's knee::

    ::He then rolled Talus over throwing him to the floor and getting him away. That gave Dark Lady Zena's apprentice a moment to recover and gather his strengh before the match would continue::

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 10-14-2002 06:59 PM:

    "Arrrghh... son of a bit..." Talus groaned as he took the brunt of the blow. Rolling off he took a moment to gather his senses and attempt to replace the air that was knocked out of him.

    "Nice move..." He groaned as he rose back to his feet. "Looks like I'm going to have to hit and run you a little more than I'd hoped I'd had too." As he finished his sentence Talus accelerated towards Mundus and brought his right arm round in a clothesline maneuver.

    Posted by Darth Mundus on 10-15-2002 04:04 PM:

    :: DM fell flat on his back with Talus' blow::

    ::The giant Zabrak slowly started to get up, placing his hand on his head, shaking it as if he had gotten out of a trance or something::

    :: When the Iridonian moved his head to locate his opponent, he could see the genetically enhanced sith running towards him again to deliver a similar blow. DM stood still as if he hadn't seen his sparring partner coming. Once he was close enough he jumped over Talus, placing his hands over Darkstar's apprentice shoulders and spreading his legs, he was able to land right behind the Sith with the beard::

    "Looking for me?" ::Those words, were the only thing Talus' senses could notice, for as soon as he turned around to find Mundus, he was received by a powerful jab delivered right to his chin::

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 10-15-2002 04:23 PM:

    Talus dropped to one knee as the Iridian lambasted him with a vicious jab to the chin.

    "Gotta quit letting you hit me in the face." The large dark-skinned sith growled as he lunged into Mundus' midsection, wrapping the large Zabrak in his arms and squeezing. Talus then lifted Mundus up and released him over his head as he fell backwards, in hopes of tossing the large man out of the ring.

    Posted by Darth Mundus on 10-15-2002 04:34 PM:

    ::Never before had a circumference been so important to DM. Talus thorw nearly got him out of the circle. Both Sith seemed a bit tired now, the fight was taking a toll on both of them::
    "I'm gonna ask this once and once only" ::Said the oversized Iridonia native as more than evil smile was drawn in his countenance:: "Do you yield?"

    ::He was not done saying this, when he started running towards the dark-skinned man. With the impulse from the run and his strengh DM docked a powerful kick to the stomach of the bearded-Sith::

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 10-15-2002 08:18 PM:

    As Talus bent over from the force of the blow he groaned, but instead of allowing Mundus to with draw his foot, the dreadlocked disciple locked on to Mundus' ankle and then spun violently to the ground, wrenching the giant's leg along with him.

    As the hit the dirt Talus spun away and moved up to his feet, bending over to replace the air Mundus, again had knocked out of him.

    "What do you think?" he replied with a smile.

    Posted by Darth Mundus on 10-16-2002 11:20 AM:

    "That you won't" ::Said the Iridonian as he started to get up:: "And I gotta say I'm rather pleased with that answer. Otherwise I would've been quite disappointed, my friend" ::A vicious smile appeared on the Zabrak's face, as he regained composure and caught his breath for a bit, so that he'd be ready for his next attack::

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 10-16-2002 04:59 PM:

    "Maybe you should be pleased and maybe not..." As Talus finished the sentence he lept directly into Mundus, burying a punishing side kick into Mundus' chest, taking both men down. Talus kipped to his feet and grinned.

    "Hit and run..." he whispered to himself and came am Mundus again, this time intending to take the Zabrak's head clean off with a flying roundhouse kick.

    Posted by Darth Mundus on 10-17-2002 01:26 PM:

    ::Mundus was just getting back on his feet when he noticed Talus' kick coming his way, it was too late for the Iridonian to dock or block, in any way, the upcoming hit:: "Physical advantages" ::That was what the Zabrak thought in a split second, and in a split second he reacted. Bending his head just a little bit, Talus' kick indeed landed on DM's head. However the dark-skinned apprentice's foot had made contact with two of the Zabrak's horns, characteristic to his race::

    ::Once again, both fighters fell to the ground. DM stood up as he tried to recover from the dread-locked disciple's kick. It had been a very hard kick but the sacrifice taken by absorbing the kick, seemed to have worked. Talus' seemed injured, the crimson warm fluid of life, known as blood, poured out of the beared-man's foot. One of the horns seemed to have penetrated deeply::

    ::Mundus was also hurt, although not visibly, the combat had taken a toll on him, he got himself together, ready to carry on::

    Posted by Loki on 10-17-2002 03:11 PM:

    yeah I'm an idiot... sorry J I'll switch to Talus next time I post lol

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 10-17-2002 03:13 PM:

    "Damnit, you and your infernal horns!" Talus growled as he pushed himself up. With out the force he couldn't turn the pain into power and now he would just have to resist the temptation to give into the injury.

    "Well it looks like you grounded my attack a bit..." He barked again at Mundus as he limped towards him. Talus had landed some substantial head shots and was hoping it would begin to affect Mundus fighting ability. One way or another, Talus was still going to attempt a toe-to-toe fist-fight with the giant.

    Maybe I can catch him off-guard and use my lower center of gravity to drive him out of the ring, if I get in trouble. Talus was formulating all sorts of plans, but that one sounded the best.

    Posted by Darth Mundus on 10-21-2002 11:00 AM:

    :: Darth Mundus was still a big dizzy from Talus' kick. It was obvious neither the tattooed-face nor the dread-locked disciples were complete. The Iridonia native adopted the best defensive position he coud, and trying to take advantage of the fact that Talus was limping, he started circling him, trying to figure out what to do next. Would he attack? Wuld he wait? Would he go for the body the head or....or would he try to take make the most of it and exploite Talus' foot injury::

    ::The Zabrak would certainly not give up, but he wouldn't want the greatness of TSE to be diminished due to a Friendly spar:: "Shouldn't you have that wound be tended to, my friend?"

    ::The ten horn headed creature awaited for a reply as he pondered on what his next strike would be::

    OCC. Don't worry it was nice to see Loki again

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 10-23-2002 02:10 PM:

    Talus grinned at the comment, grinned and threw a right hook directly into the nose the giant Zabrak. His eyes lit up as he heard the crunch of bone and cartilage and the spray of blood as it spattered onto his arm.

    "In due time my friend, in due time.." As he finished speaking he brought his right leg up and buried his knee into the Iridonians groin.

    Posted by Darth Mundus on 10-23-2002 02:29 PM:

    ::The Zabrakian fell to the ground in visible pain::

    ::He slowly stood up, his vision was more than cloudy. A broken nose, besides a cascade of blood, will bring tears to someone's eyes. DM's eyes, were watery, he couldn't really see what was going on, but that sure was not going to stop him::

    ::With his thumb and his index finger he pressed his nose, he felt all the fluid pouring out of it, he need not see it to know it was blood::

    ::All of a sudden he realize a silohuette was running towards him, preparing an attack. Quickly DM swept the bearded Sith leg, with a 360° spinning sweep kick. The dread-locked disciple, feel right next to Mundus, before Talus, could do anything, the Zabrak was back on his feet again only to drop himself on top of Darkstar's apprentice with a flying elbow that landed right in the middle of Talus' chest::

    ::Mundus then rolled over away from his sparring partner to try and clear his vision a little more, grabbing his nose again he said sarcastically:: "I guess I'll also have to nurse to my wounds in due due time..."

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 10-25-2002 12:38 PM:

    Talus was not ready when he was knocked to the floor, the room got fuzzy for a second as his head jarred into the ground. But he was able to brace himself for the elbow. Exhaling as it hit him, he still felt the sting, but he wasn't incapacitated by it.

    He rolled to his feet, looking at the ground where Mundus stood, the circle, now was Talus chance to end it. Rushing foward, he stopped just a step in front of Mundus his right arm came up powerfully into the Zabraks gut, doubling him over. Talus wrapped both arms around the back, locking his hands in frong of his stomach, arching his back he flipped him up in the air and laid him across his shoulders.

    "Zena's going to have to put you on a diet," he groaned under the mass of the Zabrakian. As he approached the edge of the circle he had every intent of driving the large man out of the ring, but the pain in his foot was too much he couldn't stand any longer. Suddenly he dropped to one knee driving his shoulder through the spine of Mundus, the blow however had it's effect on Talus as well, he felt a muscle pull in his back and he knew his foot would not be up for a much longer fight. His only hope was that Mundus in his pain rolled out the ring or was unable to go on as well. For Talus was now a sitting duck.

    Posted by Darth Mundus on 10-29-2002 10:28 AM:

    ::Inches, less than one actually. That's by how much the Zabrak managed to stay inbounds. Indeed he had rolled over in pain for the punishment infliected by Talus had been severe::

    ::Somehow he managed to stand up. He could not imagine another being, species, taking and resisting such a beating. Zabrak's pain ressitance was more than welcomed by Mundus this time around::

    ::Finally his vision started to get clearer, he could notice Talus was nothing but a 'sitting duck' in visible pain. His foot, his back, could it be? Could this be it? The Zabrak's chance of winning, all he had to do was run towards the dread-locked apprentice and push him out of the circumference. Yes, the time had come::

    ::Gathering strength out of nowhere, the Iridonian started running towards Talus, right before they were too close to each other, he thrusted himself towards the genetically-enhanced Sith, making contact with him, arms first, like a tackle::

    ::Mundus had taken his chances, flipped the coin and it was still up in the air::

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 10-30-2002 01:22 PM:

    Talus had barely risen to his feet before he felt the onrush from Mundus. As the giant Zabrak lept towards him half-hazzardly, Talus allowed himself to just fall, in essence he rolled with the punch.


    The groan came as the blow hit with tremendous force into the young disciples side. As he fell he watched the Zabraks body crash over him and then slide off to the side. Slowly he attempted to push himself back up. He hadn't the strength to make any sort of counter-attack.

    Posted by Darth Mundus on 10-31-2002 12:04 PM:

    :: DM fell to the ground, in visivle pain. It was obvious that this giants, were more than strong, not many others, could have stand half the battle this disciples were putting up::

    ::The Zabrak somehow managed to get himself together. He got near Talus as quickly as he could and delivered a sever jab that landed right on the genetically enhanced Sith's jaw::

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 11-01-2002 12:29 PM:

    Talus head spun with the blow and he staggered a bit, moving his head around he looked right at the Zabrak and grinned.

    "Is that all you got?" He spat, the blood from his mouth hitting the Zabrak directly in the face. As the blood hit him, so did Talus right hand, directly under his navel, driving upwards. He watched as the Iridonian's eyes grew wide at the sucker punch and he doubled over. Talus left elbow came hard across the back of his opponents exposed neck. Had Talus been healthy it would have been his chance to end it. But as his sparring partner fell so did Talus.

    "Give up?" He laughed as he begin to attempt to push the Zabrak out of the ring, while laying on his belly.

    Posted by Darth Mundus on 11-04-2002 09:48 AM:

    "No...I got plenty more in store for you my friend..." :: DM then rolled over in the opposite direction Talus was pushing him. By doing so, he trapped the bearded Sith's hands. Unable to free himself, due to the Zabrak's weigh, Talus took a sever punishment as Mundus kicked him in the ribs,actually the higs were delivered with the Zabrak's shin, twice and finished off the kicking combo with a hard knee blow right in Talus' ear, which made the genetically enhanced Sith to fall into the ground as if he had been knocked off::

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 11-04-2002 03:53 PM:


    That was all Talus could hear with the blow to his ears. He tried in earnest to get the large Zabrak off his arms, but he couldn't concentrate, he was weakening. Slowly he moved his head up, he was desperate.

    "Would someone answer the damn comm." He yelled groggly. And then he did the unthinkable, he placed his mouth on the Zabrak's exposed side and clamped down with his teeth.

    If he wants to use his horns, I'll use my teeth...

    He tasted something wet, warm and salty. As he moved his head back, the blood dripped from his mouth. He lunged his head forward again, taking another bite into his opponents body. He'd get off of his arms or Talus would continue to bite him.

    Posted by Darth Mundus on 11-05-2002 02:13 PM:

    ARGHHHHHHH!!!!!!! " Why you...!!!??? " ::The Zabrak's pain ressitance, was now beyond break point. A huge amount of damage had been taken and not paid attention. Blood was now dripping of his side. Indeed no other creature, might have been able to survive so long, to such severe punishment inflicted by Talus, but DM, was not just an average specimen::

    ::Forced by the pain, he rolled over, freeing the bearded-Sith's hands::

    ::Placing his hand on his side, he could fell the crimson vital liquid of life, coming out of a wound. While still in the ground, DM, could see Talus standing up, preparing for an attack to follow. Quickly all DM could do was spin on his side and kick Darkstar's apprentice in the back of his knees. Making him fall to the ground, once more::

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 11-05-2002 07:43 PM:

    Talus rose back to his feet slowly, laughing at his comrade. Slowly he wiped the blood from his lips.

    "Now, now it wasn't that bad was it?" He grinned, his teeth still bloodstained. As he waited for Mundus to rise back to his feet, Talus arched his back, trying to stretch out the pain in his muscles.

    Slowly he moved towards his opponent, looking for an oppurtunity to present itself.

    Posted by Darth Mundus on 11-08-2002 09:28 AM:

    ::Very, very slowly, the Zabrak got back on his feet. The fire in his eyes was burning, a flame out of control. The Iridonian, could see his own blood in Talus' face. It should be his own, not DM's::

    "No, it wasn't that bad..." ::A vicious smile was drawn in his tattooed face::"However, if it is hungry you were, you should've told me and I would've treated you to Rama's..." ::He chuckled slightly. He was now facing his opponent, waiting for him to make a move and take advantage ot it. For it was clear now, that none of them, would stop until victory was achieved::

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 11-08-2002 10:28 AM:

    Talus stepped forward quickly and brought his fist thrice into the gaping wounds on Mundus' side. Quickly his left hand shot into the Zabrak's throat gripping it tightly Talus lifted upwards.

    "Time to end this friend..." He growled. As his right hand came down to Mundus groin where he could get a balanced grip on him to throw him out of the ring.

    A groan came from the depths of his chest as ever muscle in his body screamed at him for the punishment he was inflicting on them. His back sent waves after waves of spasms through his spine, his foot was beginning to become numb from the pain. The room began to get hazy and then spun. Talus could see the line if only he could make it to it before he passed out.

    Posted by Darth Mundus on 11-11-2002 02:24 PM:

    ::Seems Talus, had every intention to finish this duel. However, the Zabrak thought otherwise::

    ::The way the genetically enhanced apprentice was carrying the Iridonian, there was not much for him to do. So he quickly put his arms behind Talus back and held him in a squeezing "bear hug" He pressed as hard as he could, trying to stop his fellow from taking him out of the circle::

    ::At first it didn't seem the strategy was working. However, after a few steps it was hard for Talus to catch his breath. Seems the tattooed face disciple had succeded. Before Darkstar's apprentice could take another step, he knelt on one knee and then released the Zabrakian::

    :: DM rolled over, getting away from his sparring partner, just a few inches before abandoning the circumference. From out of nowhere, he pulled himself together, got closer to the bearded Sith, and just threw an uppercut to his chin. Talus just fell backwards, this was Mundus' chance to put things to an end::

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 11-11-2002 06:33 PM:

    His back, his chin, his neck, his feet, they all screamed in rage at him, he'd gambled and lost. As he lyed there broken on the sand of the ring, he watched the Zabrak dance along the line of the circle only to step away from the brink of defeat. He was flipped over by the uppercut and he layed there fighting to get off his belly, pushing up off the ground, all the while waiting for the finishing blow to come.

    "What are you waiting for!" He roared, "Finish me! Claim your victory..." He spat blood as he spoke. His ribs were broken, he couldn't breath, he was sure a lung was damaged. But even as he spoke of defeat he was planning how to pull out a win, as he pushed up, though no one could tell, he gripped a handful of sand. As he collapsed back on the ground he clenched it tight in his fist, when Mundus came to finish the job he's blast him in the face with the sand and push the giant out.

    "Do it!"

    Posted by Darth Mundus on 11-12-2002 12:35 PM:

    ::Pain could be seen in Talus' face and heard in his words::

    ::The Zabrak felt no different, he felt not better than his sparring partner. Mundus stood there for a while, listening to his friend talk, seeing how blood would come out of his mouth, whenever he'd speak. Indeed this seemed like the Zabrak's chance to put an end to this::

    ::Something made him hesitant, in mis hind it had been quite a match both giants had put up with::

    ::Slowly, very slowly, he approached Talus. The Iridonian's ferocity had faded away a bit. He then stopped a few steps right in front of the genetically enhanced apprentice and reached out his hand::

    "What if we call it a tie?" ::Honor, patience, strength and stamina beyond imagination, had been demonstrated by both titans. In Mundus' mind, this was probably the best way to end it, unaware of Talus' upcoming threat::

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 11-13-2002 10:53 PM:

    "A TIE!!!" Talus roared as he launched the handful of sand directly into Mundus' eyes and then swept his feet out from underneath him.

    Attempting to rise Talus found it nearly impossible and instead drove an elbow onto Mundus' ribcage, to a sickening crack. Then he began to laugh.

    "Perhaps a tie is best my friend, it seems you are tired and I, for all my tricks and treats cannot finish the job either."

    Groaning he outstretched his hand in friendship and comraderie.