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The Reckoning (Zeta - continued training)

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  • The Reckoning (Zeta - continued training)

    Posted by Raine Sarin on 10-18-2002 09:52 PM:
    The Reckoning (Zeta - continued training)

    *It was much as the first time he had called upon his apprentice had been. The time was somewhere around midnight, and the moon was covering the area in a haunting glow while the Sith Lord sat upon a rock and waited for Zeta's arrival. However, unlike last time, the terrain was different. No longer the calm peaceful area with the small river that ran through it. This time, Raine had chosen an area just outside a swamp. The ground was moist and sharp rocks jutted out from its uneven land. One had to watch their step and not fall into the pits and dirty puddles that littered the area, the remains of many men that lay in them told of the unseen dangers that were hidden within.
    The coordinates of the place were sent to Zeta along with the simple message of "Your Training Continues". No time was noted, nor any list of anything needed were supplied. Raine knew that Zeta would come when and bring what was expected of him, if not, there would be consequences. Not grave ones, but there would be some nevertheless.*

    Posted by Darth Zeta on 10-19-2002 02:47 PM:

    It had been some time since Zeta had trained last, and even now that he was about to continue with his training, he still knew not what to expect.

    Zeta had heard Raine's call near midnight, he did not question the time. He'd always done his best not to question his own Master's actions, and he usually did fairly well at doing so, sometimes though, he needed to question.

    Now however, was not such a time.

    Normally, Zeta would rush to Raine's call, but the area he found himself walking within was not so easy to walk through. He had to slow down, step cautiously, while still seemingly trying to get to Raine on time.

    The Zabrak's feelings within the force told him that this was a place of a darkened nature. The Darkside had found its place here many a time, Zeta could feel it, it flowed through the soil. The Darkside still remained here, and Zeta doubted that it would ever go away.

    Zeta welcomed this, his face told nothing of this, revealing nothing. His mind overflowed with what his face never showed.

    Raine had left no time, nor no note of anything that he would need to bring.

    The Zabrak, as always, observed even before he stepped onto the terrain.

    He knew that whatever items he had with him, such things would not matter, nor would they help him.

    No, the Darkside flowed through here, and not even Zeta was a match for the Darkside.

    What the Zabrak really needed, he already had, and it was always with him...

    So much harder it was for the Sith Disciple to concentrate as he struggled to keep his footing and follow his Master through his feelings within the force. None of this discouraged the Disciple, he welcomed challenge.

    Seconds passed, minutes even.

    Zeta did not know how long he had been walking, but his feet told him that he had been walking long enough. Just when he thought he could walk no more, he spotted Raine.

    He found the Sith Lord sitting upon a rock, no tune came from him this time, nothing much at all, really.

    The Zabrak stopped and stood, much as he had done in his previous meeting with Raine, standing just a few feet away from where the Sith Lord sat.

    He said nothing, waiting to be spoken to or to be given a command, which he would loyally obey.

    Posted by Raine Sarin on 11-13-2002 11:34 AM:

    "Much has occurred since we met last. What have you learned since then?"

    *Raine looked up from a datapad in his left hand at his apprentice and waited for an answer. Quite some time had passed since he had last seen Zeta, and no doubt the apprentice had learned a thing or two from the universe in that time.*

    "You may take your time coming to an answer. I will not rush you like some would."