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Chamber of force(Zena)

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  • Chamber of force(Zena)

    Posted by Lynch on 10-25-2002 04:51 PM:
    Chamber of force(Zena)

    Chamber of force(Zena)

    With a glare in his eye the often violent more usually than not Sith Master known as Jedah Zaknafein Lynch strode out into an practice range that had been created deep in the bowels of the headquarters of the Sith Empire. In this specially crafted room a force user was able to train and hone their abilities in the force. Making last moment preparations he went over the few remaining details and calmly walked to the center of the room where he awaited for the entrance of his pupil, the Sith known as Zena. A very capable warrior with the blade who now was decided to be tempered with skill in the more mystic entity known as the force, that which gave the Sith and their lesser opposites the Jedi their often seemingly super human skills and abilities, he would not wait long he knew.

    Posted by Dark Lady Zena on 10-27-2002 05:15 AM:

    Heeding her Master's call, Zena traversed the abyss of the Empire's headquarters as she quickened her pace knowing full well any tardiness would be a sign of failure; such things were not tolerated by the reputed Sith Master. Entering the spacious cubicle, a rush of arctic-like air temporarily arrested her momentum as his luminescent green eyes stabbed at her, gravitating from beneath his cowl.

    "I am ready, my Master." Zena projected from a voice strained by labored breathing.

    Posted by Lynch on 11-07-2002 03:24 PM:


    Staring at a translucent blue sphere in the distance the Sith Master echoed his command through the force for it to rise, his will mentally willing for it to rise up from the ground on which it sat and float in the air. The sphere immediately did so and hovered there adrift in the air and slowly made its way before him, placing both hands behind his back he turned to regard his apprentice and spoke.

    "I trust you know what a medicine ball is."

    As he finished the words the Sith Master again willed for the sphere to move between him and his apprentice and ceased his usage of the force, gravity once more took its command of the sphere and sent it crashing to the ground before them. "This is the force version of that. As men train to gain strength in their bodies you too shall use this to help better your force ability which has yet
    to be pushed, that shall now be rectified, lift that if you can but not with your body use the force.

    Posted by Dark Lady Zena on 11-08-2002 06:29 PM:

    Zena lofted an inquisitive brow at the limpid sphere Sith Master Lynch had levitated. Medicine Ball? What in the blazes is that?, she pondered, daring not to share her ignorance in the matter, since his assumption of her knowledge of this make-shift Force instrument was an apparent deduction.

    "As you wish, Master," she answered confidently, as if it were a mere parlor trick to consummate.

    Summoning the cavity of the Darkside, Zena merged her will onto the target like a stabbing infernal wind, its simplicity reminding the Sith Knight of an inflated balloon. She had the urge to slice it apart with her sword out of heated dignation derived from tapping into the nefarious realm, yet followed her command without question.

    Clenching her right hand into a fist tethered by her side, her eyes converted to a silver/gray hue, as a gust of wind ejected from her body spiraling towards the ball like an energy vortex. It bounced up and down as she growled at her inability to ease it off the floor. Finally, the sphere was risen measureably before her, as she shot it past her Master's left shoulder in a trailing blue blur, making impact against the wall, gravitating back to the ground as it took the contour of the solid foundation.

    With a snarl, Zena challenged the objective of the exercise.

    "What blasted purpose can this do, Master? I rather raise a Rancor!" She snapped with discomposure, suddenly biting her tongue at her brazen audacity.

    Posted by Lynch on 11-11-2002 02:45 PM:

    With a quick reflex of his wrist the Sith Masters hand struck out slapping her once against he side of the face drawing a trickle of blood from her lip. While he expected many things from his apprentice he did not care for any outburst that dared question his judgement or what practices he gaver to her that consisted of her training led too, hers was of a duty to listen, watch, learn and adapt while performing her task to the best of her ability. More then one apprentice had at times questioned their respected Masters and paid the price, either by the hand of their Master or by failing to heed their counsil and wisdeom when it was given.

    "Yours is not a place to judge what is. Yours is a duty to do as you are told and act as such. Is that understood."

    Posted by Dark Lady Zena on 11-11-2002 04:22 PM:

    Snapping to attention as a non-com would before his General, Zena swallowed once, the air seized by her Master's soverign dictation. The blood oozing down her chin remained as so, as she maintained the rigid composure before the reputed Sith Master Vampyre. The slap was nothing compared to the pain her past endeavors had earned her, yet the tone in his order and the darkness tearing out from his apocalypic articulation enshrouded the Sith Knight in an expansive vexation of her previous contemptuous air.

    .."My apologies, Master. Please forgive the loose tongue of this mercenary veteran. I have yet to tame the sergeant in me whom used to relay orders at random. You have my eternal obedience,"..She humbly decreed, hoping her concession was enough to stave his terminal wrath.

    Posted by Lynch on 01-07-2003 05:39 PM:

    Giving her one last stare to make sure she did now know her place he brought his eyes to scan towards one area of the room where a light suddenly flashed. The small glowing ball hissed to life as it drifted around flowing around the room than sweeping down before Zena cutting across in front of her back up to the ceiling once more to take its aerial pattern.

    Twisting half around the Sith master raised a hand towards Zena a finger pointing towards her, instantly her world flashed dark.

    “For this test your eyes are to be not an issue. You will need to feel your opponent about you and strike at it. Failure to do so otherwise will end up with you receiving a mild shock as it touches you. Understood.”

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