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Mea Culpa (Open Duel -Disciple or Warrior-)

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  • Mea Culpa (Open Duel -Disciple or Warrior-)

    Posted by Brigid McKnight on 11-11-2002 07:42 AM:
    Mea Culpa (Open Duel -Disciple or Warrior-)

    When the body forgets how to feel and love... does that mean it stops exsisting? Or how about when you find yourself guilty of a crime so great.. that you find yourself in hiding? What if you didn't know what that crime was? What if you didn't know who your very self was? Did it really matter?

    Of course...

    Gracefully spinning her duel-bladed, onyx-handled saber about in the air, Brigid let out an inhuman growl as she sent the humming saber sliding through her fingers and into the palm of her other hand.

    Since her Master had left... she hadn't gotten much training done... even less than likely to have challenged someone... so.. what could a little self-training hurt? Even though it wasn't what she wanted.

    Flipping back a few feet, coming down to land in a full split, the Disciple brings her saber to the small of her back (with caution) and sweeps back in a balanced hand-stand.

    Her legs twisted about until they were positioned straight up, then, without a moments hesitation Brigid flipped upward into a normal fighting stance.

    "Any takers?"