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Battle Against A Germ...(Biohazzardous, or Biohazard, or whatever name you use now)

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  • Battle Against A Germ...(Biohazzardous, or Biohazard, or whatever name you use now)

    Posted by Sten the Chimp on 10-25-2002 01:05 PM:
    Battle Against A Germ...(Biohazzardous, or Biohazard, or whatever name you use now)

    Sten sat in an empty room, waiting for Biohazzardous. Sten had been contacted by him earlier and had been asked to a spar. Sten, being kinda bored, decided it would be fun, and would meet him here. If he showed.

    Posted by Bio Hazzardous on 10-26-2002 03:39 AM:

    *Bio walked through to the empty room to see Sten waiting for him. He had in fact, asked Sten if he could spar. Continuing his walk toward him, Bio stopped one meter away from him. Bio was wearing his usual black atire as well as his steel guanlets, boots, and chest armor. At his side was a scabbard the held his father's heirloom, and at his left side as well, was his clipped lightsaber. A few moments of silence past before Bio finally spoke*

    "Greetings Sten...hope I didn't keep you waiting long".

    Posted by Sten the Chimp on 10-27-2002 09:02 PM:

    "Nah. Besides, we spend much of our lives waiting, and the small part left we spend complaining about the waiting...."

    Sten chuckled lightly.

    "So, wanna spar for a bit? I ain't got much else to do at the moment..."

    Posted by Bio Hazzardous on 10-28-2002 02:21 AM:

    "Indeed...Sometimes Fate annoys us when she doesn't roll the dice for a period of time...*

    *Bio threw back his hood to expose his chest armor, and steel boots, as well as his sword in it's scabbard and clipped light saber on his belt. Before his cloak finally came back to it's original resting postion, Bio unclipped his saber from his belt but didn't ignite it just yet. Rather he maintained his "arms hanging" postioning*

    " neither Sten...shall we proceed?"

    *Still in his arm hanging postion*

    Posted by Sten the Chimp on 10-29-2002 07:21 PM:

    "Sure. And you make the move first."

    Sten waited, almost in an undefensive stance.

    Posted by Bio Hazzardous on 10-30-2002 01:23 AM:

    "...I normally let my opponents go first..but if you insist.."

    *Bio pulls his left arm back and closed his eyes, concentrating his deep thought into a mesh of hate. After 5 seconds, a small black sphere appeared in his hand, roughly 7 inches in diameter. He had been secretly working on this Sith Force Power for some was called the Bolt of Hatred. Not seeing Sten make a move to defend or stop him, he felt Sten wouldn't hold it against him for attacking him with this attack.
    Feeling his attack was ready, Bio threw his left arm forward, and the black sphere flew stright at Sten, who made no attempts just yet*

    Posted by Sten the Chimp on 10-31-2002 10:16 AM:

    Sten saw the ball of Dark Energy coming for him. It was a good attack, but it would fail. Sten, reaching out with the Force, put up a slight Forcial spin around him. The dark energy hit the orbiting Force, and caught it. It was slingshoted, flung entirely around him. Just as it passed his right shoulder, Sten released the orbit, and the ball of energy was flung, right back at Bio. Sten then used a slight wind to push Bio forward, towards the ball of energy. Sten then waited, to see if he could move in time.

    Posted by Bio Hazzardous on 11-01-2002 09:45 AM:

    *Just mere half seconds before it hit him, Bio quickly turned his body, almost throwing it, away from his own projectile. Zooming past him, It slammed into the wall, destroying the sphere but leaving a hole the size of it in the wall. Putting his body back in it's old postion, Bio secretly looked down to see the part of his shreded cloak were smoking. Looking back at Sten, Bio continue to remain standing, his saber still un-ignited*


    *Bio wasn't going to fall for Sten;s tricks if he charged him...rather, he awaited what Sten had planned for him next*

    Posted by Sten the Chimp on 11-01-2002 05:46 PM:

    Sten grinned at the sight of Bio moving away from the Energy Ball. He then focused, not on Bio, but on his armor. Sten began to heat it. After a few seconds, it began to glow red-hot, burning Bio. As it burned him, Sten, using a combination of wind and the cold, cooled the metal, and too quickly. It began to crack, and break. Sten pulls out a vial of water, and throws it at Bio. About halfway to him, it exploded, and the water was flung all over Bio's suit. The wind still blowing, the water leaked into the cracks and froze, splitting his armor, making it fairly useless. Sten then waited in a defensive stance, waiting and waiting...

    Posted by Bio Hazzardous on 11-01-2002 10:12 PM:

    *Bio's armor feel into peices as it fell apart and hit the floor. Still standing, Bio knew that it was for naught...Bio didn't truly need his armor, it was the equilant of a bullet proof vest...only his armor protected him for blaster really didn't offer any protection in combat*

    (............have it your way...)

    *A small gust of wind develop around Bio, making his cloak bellow and dance among the wind. Bending his knee joints, Bio did a sudden sprint and despite Sten being in a defense stance, Bio managed to land an elbow directly into his jaw before he could react, sending his head reeling back but not enough to snap it. Seeing another chance to attack, Bio threw is left foot out and kicked Sten directly in the stomach, making his once reeling head, recoil back in a gasping manner. Now ready to finish off this combo, Bio tensed up his left hand and uppercutted Sten's hurting jaw once again, sending him reeling back in full force and landing on his back. Bio made it clear he wasn't at all pleased at losing his armor, despite it not being a use in this fight*

    *Seeing Sten on the ground, Bio finally ignited his saber and the grey light was finanlly sent free on it's prison. Humming it's usually hum, Bio awaited Sten's counter to his barrage of moves*

    Posted by Sten the Chimp on 11-04-2002 10:00 PM:

    Sten got up, wiping the blood from his mouth. Blood. Rage. Sten was angry, but he focused himself, channelling his rage. It was raw energy, and he unleashed it in a form that Sten had never used before. He opened a vial and threw it into the wind. It was a spore, one that would make him drowsy. He unleashed the energy into the spores and into the wind, watching it enter Bio's lungs. He swooned, and Sten rushed, beating him about, until he does a final blow, knocking him for several feet. He then stands ready for a counter strike.

    Posted by Bio Hazzardous on 11-05-2002 06:34 AM:

    *Getting up rather dizzly, Bio shook off the dizziness and gave a stern look at Sten though his hood. Bio was not enjoying Sten's low and underhanded tactics of using vials of viruses and acid to combat his opponents. To Bio, it just stained the Sith's rep of being ruthless and cheating fighters. Bio tightened the grip on his saber, letting his anger of Sten's actions control and focus him, also getting rid of the spores in his body from his mavelolent aura. Not waiting another moment, Bio charged at Sten, whom both met with the clash of sabers. For a few swings, both were at a deadlock.
    But Bio's anger still raged from Sten's tactics and was slowly pushing him back toward a wall. Seeing a combo forming at this, Bio put all his force into one more swin at Sten's saber, knocking it to the side and almost out of his hand. With Sten's body open, Bio threw out his left hand and grabbed Sten by the face, tighening his grib and digging his gaunlet gloves into his ape-like face. Not wanting to be sliced, Bio finsihed off by throwing Sten's head into the wall just behind him.
    A sicking crack followed but not from Sten's skull, but from the dent in the wall, as Sten slid down toward the ground in a daze. Bio evilly smiled at his work, showing he hated cheap tactics with a vengence*

    OOC- Jesus! Will you look at all this text?!

    Posted by Sten the Chimp on 11-05-2002 01:19 PM:

    Pain ruptured Sten's skull. It caused a rage to fill him. And Sten lost it. He rushed Bio, meeting him with several chops of his saber. Using a Force Push, he stuns Bio. Sten uses the moment to roll under Bio, coming up behind him. He, using a combination of a Force/Fire/Wind Blast, he blows a strong fireball into the back of Bio's head, watching him fall. Sten backs up, waiting for Bio to get back up.

    Posted by Bio Hazzardous on 11-05-2002 11:15 PM:

    *As Bio falls forward, he instictively throws his hands in front him, and connects it with the floor, to keep his face from slamming the ground. Using the pend up energy in his hands, Bio lifts the back of his legs and pushes out.
    Sten should have moved to the side rather than back up as Bio was still able to connected both his feet with Sten's chest, sending the deranged ape on his back. Rolling to the side, Bio leaps back up to await another strike. However, he reaches to touch the back of his hood/head to try and carefully caress the back of his head, to feel the injury Sten inflicted on him, while keep both eyes on Sten*

    Posted by Sten the Chimp on 11-07-2002 09:38 PM:

    Sten noticed, as he coughed, that Bio's eyes were focused on him. Good. Sten made a quick flash of fire ignite in Bio's face, temporarily blinding him. That was all he needed. Sten stood, furious. Using the Force, he gripped and then sent several Force walls up, boxing Bio in completely. Sten then closed the box, and ignited a fire in it, and slammed the box into the wall. As Sten let it go, the rush of air further ignited the flames within, scorching Bio on the outside, and making him breathe in some of the flames. He watched as Bio rolled around in pain...

    Posted by Bio Hazzardous on 11-08-2002 09:59 AM:

    *Bio could feel the fires licking at him...making pain rush into him but not scream out of him. Clenching his fist, Bio held it to his chest, closing his eyes and focusing out the pain. A small gust of wind formed at his feet and a whirl of wind formed next, shooting out and killing the flames on him...another secret tech Bio was working on...a Sith Force Power known as Force Wind. Force Wind was usually shot out in a diameter type way but Bio brought enough of it's power out to just form within arms length of himself.
    Bio looked at Sten with sturn eyes, ever annoyed at his cheap tricks. Opening his clenched fist, he placed the opened palm on his chest once more and a rush of tranqulity surged into his body, removing at least a most hurtful burns inflicted upon him. Seeing he was a safe distance from Sten, Bio looked in the corner of his eye to see that Sten's Force Wall made the harden cement-like paint collpase into sharp shard peices, about a total of 25. Seeing a chance once again, Bio gave Sten an evil eye as all 25 shard peices went into the air and hovered behind Bio. Standing in his usual stance, Bio gave out a mental command to himself*


    *With that, Bio threw out his left hand and the shard pieces flew towards Sten at a fast rate of speed. Watching his shards fly, Bio suspected Sten would use one of his cheap vials to end this shard barrage...and he gambled right. Seeing Sten reach into his pocket (Or was it a jacket?), Bio mentally commanded two shard peices to fly out of range before Sten looked back.
    Watching Sten throw what looked like the acid vial he threw at him last time, Bio watched as it exploded when the first shard hit it, making the acid melt the other shards before they could reach Sten. Flashing his yellow toothed grin at Bio, Bio only smiled back as Sten's grin turned into a gasp of shock horror as the two shards Bio send away pierced into Sten's flesh.
    The first one dug right into Sten's right arm, causing Sten to clutch it instinctively. The second one flew right into his left leg/knee joint, causing him to collapse unto the ground. Blood flowed freely out of Sten's two wounds as Bio continued to stand, watching this amusing tactic he managed to pull off. It was in a way, a sweet revenge for sending fire to him*

    OOC- Crap...another long one? =P

    Posted by Sten the Chimp on 11-10-2002 07:27 PM:

    As Sten falls, he sees red. Of his blood, and of his rage. He gains ahold of himself and reaches for a vial. He rubs some fact-acting bacta on his cuts on his knees. They heal up within seconds. In addition to healing, this bacta blend that Sten concocted gave energy. Sten felt it in him. Then he brought back the hatred, the rage and channelled it. He then unleashed a powerful Force Push, pushing Bio into the wall. He made an outline with his body as he crunched into it. As chips fell around it, Sten gripped four, and guided them. Stunned, Bio couldn't defend himself as two cut into his knees, much like they did Sten. Taking the other two, he brought them to Bio's eyes, and shattered them, causing bits of sand to blast into his eyes, blinding him. Sten watches as he holds his eyes in pain.