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The New Breed ... Oberuroado

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  • The New Breed ... Oberuroado

    Posted by Darth Phantom on 11-10-2002 01:38 AM:
    The New Breed ... Oberuroado

    :: The Dark Lord moved slowly through the night, the dark rain clouds had all but covered the once full moon. A slight smile graced the Sith's lips as he felt a light sprinkle on his face as he looked skyward. The Sith's cloak flapped in the growing wind behind him as he moved towards the training grounds.

    As the Lord moved into the training grounds the Sith sent a message via the force to his newest Apprentice, Oberuroado ::

    " Come to me, my Apprentice. And we shall begin your journey into the Darkness. "

    :: The Sith Lord started to levate, crossing his legs and closing his eyes he began to meditate as he awaited his Apprentice ::