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Desert Storms (Xandra Etanial)

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  • Desert Storms (Xandra Etanial)

    Posted by Darth Varlon on 07-10-2002 11:08 PM:
    Desert Storms (Xandra Etanial)

    It had been easily two hours since he had left the council room, leaving his new apprentice to find her way to him within the great deserts. He had made several key signs that would lead her to him slowly, signs like freezing cold while the sun in the desert skies beat down upon the sands, and a triplet of sand tornadoes circling about a half klick out from him. He waited, in the middle of the twister storms with his arms crossed, a pair of quarter staffs buried partially into the sand at his flanks.

    Posted by Xandra Etanial on 07-11-2002 12:07 AM:

    Xandra had not found her way into the desert easily, there were a few signs she somehow knew would lead her to her Master. Wasting time was not a trait she was fond of, and it frustrated her greatly when it took her more than two hours only to find storms in the middle of the desert.

    A hint maybe? she asked herself mentaly, scanning for a way through the storms. There seemed to be a small break... there. If only she could catch it...

    The next time around she ran through the break, finding herself in the middle of the storm. It was strangely calm... somewhat... Is this where I'm supposed to be?

    Posted by Darth Varlon on 07-11-2002 12:36 AM:

    Uncrossing his arms, the Sith Lord smiled to Xandra. "You've done well to seek me out," He spoke, the twisters dissipating and dumping their loads of sand into new sand dunes around them. "At first, I was beginning to think that you would shrug such phenomenon off as entirely random.

    "Now, have you ever had any formal dueling lessons. Particularly with the staff or a sword?"

    Posted by Xandra Etanial on 07-11-2002 01:36 AM:

    "No," Xandra replied simply. "Not formal training anyway, but I have a general idea of how to use such weapons."

    Posted by Darth Varlon on 07-21-2002 07:17 PM:

    "Well then, Xandra," Varlon said as he pulled one quarterstaff from the ground and threw it to the young disciple. "Use the staff either as you would a sword, or a staff. The choice is yours, the way you will utilize this will be the way you shall a lightsabre weapon.

    "Like a sword, you should carry one or two single-blade sabres. Like a staff, you should carry a twin-blade sabre. Again, the choice is yours, Xandra." As he finished his small speech, Varlon pulled the second quarterstaff from the sand and held it at the middle. "Once you have decided, I want you to attack me, once, in whatever way you wish to with that weapon."

    Posted by Xandra Etanial on 07-22-2002 04:56 PM:

    Xandra cought the staff, listening to her master's explination and thinking. Useing the weapon she was holding as it was meant for always came easiest to her, that's what she would do.

    She looked at the staff a momment, as if thinking on this and then looked back up at Varlon. Her eyes flashed as she swiftly brought the staff around, ajusting her grip on the staff, to Varlon's ribs.

    Posted by Varlon Konrad on 08-03-2002 03:26 PM:

    Flipping the quarterstaff towards his left, the Sith Lord caught Xandra's own with a crack as the two pieces of wood struck eachother. Pushing onto his own quarterstaff to apply some leverage, the lord forced his apprentice's staff away from him as he stepped back away and then pulled his staff closer to himself. "Not too bad, Xandra. Now, try again, and this time put more force behind it. Remember, although I'm a fellow Sith, treat me as if I was your enemy."

    Posted by Xandra Etanial on 08-08-2002 08:43 PM:

    Xandra nodded and said nothing. She closed her eyes a momment and took a deep breath, in her mind she remembered something... who was that guy she always hated? His image came to her head, she opened her eyes and brought her staff around in a strike to Varlon's shoulders, all her strength pouring into the strike.

    Posted by Varlon Konrad on 08-22-2002 08:05 PM:

    Again, the Sith Lord caught Xandra's blow on his staff, this time however, his footing slipped slightly, forcing him down. "Much better this time, Xandra, but you're still letting out too many signals as to your next move," Varlon said as he got back up to his feet. "This time, I want you to attack without thinking how you want to. One critical key to combat is the ability to attack spontaneously. Now, come at me again."

    Changing his stance this time, Varlon stood in a neutral position, neither indicating whether he would also attack or if he would defend.

    Posted by Xandra Etanial on 08-23-2002 10:16 PM:

    Xandra took a neutral stance and sighed mentaly. No signs... give no signs, she thought.

    Xandra brought her staff around, this time towards Varlon's knees, giving no warning sign, nothing, about what she intended to do. Before she would impact his knees she switched her strike abruptly, sending the other end of the staff instead to his ribs again.

    Posted by Varlon Konrad on 08-24-2002 11:46 AM:

    With a grunt of pain from the blow, which he hadn't quite anticipated from his apprentice, the Sith Lord struck back out, thrusting his own staff towards Xandra's midsection, then yanking hard on his staff, causing it to arc up sharply towards her chin.

    She's a quick learner I see. He thought to himself.

    Posted by Xandra Etanial on 08-24-2002 07:48 PM:

    Xandra steped back and brought her staff down hard against his, blocking it, then quickly brought it around again to his ribs.

    Posted by Varlon Konrad on 08-26-2002 05:27 PM:

    Releasing part of his grip on his staff, Varlon released his weapon from her hold and promptly thrust it towards her abdomin, this time putting his full force into the attack. "Good, good! Continue, Xandra," He said as he smirked.

    Posted by Xandra Etanial on 08-30-2002 10:37 PM:

    Xandra brought her staff back to block his thrust, but wasn't quick enough. The blow grazed her and she let out a slight grunt. Oops, she thought. Gotta get quicker in that... She moved directly into a quick strike in between his ribs.

    Posted by Varlon Konrad on 08-31-2002 07:05 PM:

    Riding back on the blow with a grunt of pain, Varlon suddenly chaged in, counterattacking with a sweeping blow aimed at her knees.

    Posted by Xandra Etanial on 09-01-2002 05:01 PM:

    Xandra jumped to the side, the strike hitting her knees anyway, she winced slightly, but it was less pain than it would have been had she not moved.. She steped into a strong stance to keep her balance and brought her staff across to a strike to the back of Varlon's shoulder.

    Posted by Varlon Konrad on 09-05-2002 10:53 PM:

    This blow to his shoulder wrought a slight, animalistic yelp from him before he drove back his staff hard, aimed at driving it into her abdomin with a great amount of force.

    Posted by Xandra Etanial on 09-08-2002 10:43 PM:

    Xandra jumped with a start when he yelped and lost concentration. She jumped out of the way from his strike but not fast enough and still encountered most of the impact. She bite her toungue hard to keep from making any noise and stepped back.

    Posted by Varlon Konrad on 09-10-2002 12:34 AM:

    Varlon leveled his staff and prodded Xandra gently on the collarbone as he looked directly into her eyes. In his eyes, it was impossible for most to tell what he was thinking. "You are now dead, Xandra Etanial," Varlon said as he then pulled his staff away and drove it into the ground at his side. "If you are too wounded to continue, or are in need of a resting period, then you may have it.

    "But remember, these are mere wooden staffs. The blade of a light sabre would be many times more painful…" He said, then paused as a gust of wind blew by them, his braid flapping in it slightly before the wind died down. "… and lethal."

    Posted by Xandra Etanial on 09-10-2002 03:30 PM:

    "I am neither, Master Varlon. My little experience in using these weapons is against me at this point," Xandra replied. And my getting distracted, she thought to herself.

    Posted by Varlon Konrad on 09-22-2002 10:45 AM:

    Watching his apprentice, Varlon crossed his arms across his chest and smirked. "Well then, we shall continue then," He said in a hushed tone, almost meant to sound mocking. Kicking the sand next to the staff, it began to topple until the hand of the Sith Lord grasped it. With a twirl, he brought it into a ready stance. "Are you ready?"

    Posted by Xandra Etanial on 09-22-2002 06:53 PM:

    "Is there any other choice?" Xandra replied, her voice quiet, but the same tone as his. Her icy eyes narrowed and she quickly brought her staff around to Varlon's ribs, putting all her strength and emotion behind it, not giving any warning.

    Posted by Varlon Konrad on 10-01-2002 08:46 PM:

    With a backflip, Varlon deftly evaded his apprentice's attack, then charged forth in a sprint, lashing out with a thrust of his own staff at her chest in a counterattack meant more to force her out of a better shot at himself. "You always have the option to quit," Varlon said, his eyes locking with hers with a smirk. "I wouldn't tell your father, or the other Sith you walked out because you couldn't handle it…"

    OOC: Don't take this to heart, Xandra, it's Varlon trying to stir her anger, not how I feel towards you. o.o

    Posted by Xandra Etanial on 10-02-2002 05:04 PM:

    Xandra's eyes flashed angrly(sp) as she moved slightly to the side and swept her foot around his ankle to unbalance him. Standing again she steped behind him and brought her staff down at his shoulder.

    ooc: don't worry about it. If it's IC it stays IC. I don't mix the two. ^-^;;;

    Posted by Varlon Konrad on 10-07-2002 12:03 AM:

    Falling forward into the sand, the Sith Lord rolled to his right immediately after hitting the ground, letting Xandra's own staff kick up sand. From where he was on the ground, he thrust out with the staff at her left kneecap in a shot to disable her. "Still have fight in you?" Varlon said in a sneer, continueing to attempt to force her anger to higher and higher peaks. "I thought you would have quit long ago…"

    Posted by Xandra Etanial on 10-08-2002 06:45 PM:

    Xandra pivoted slightly so that the blow hit the back of her leg instead of her knee. The down side was she stumbled foreward, but managed to push herself into rolling on her shoulder she came back up and glared at Varlon, her anger flaring now. Her eyes flashed again and she thrust her staff towards his chest, then moving the other end of the staff to his ribs again.

    Posted by Varlon Konrad on 10-29-2002 09:15 PM:

    Sidestepping to his right, Xandra's attack initially missed Varlon before he parried her second against his own staff. Smirking, he suddenly threw her back without placing a hand on her. "Shall we up the ante a bit?" The Sith Lord said as he grinned, crouching down. "While your father may not have taught you any Force tricks just yet, I will guide you, and you will use them to aid your attempts to defeat me."

    Posted by Xandra Etanial on 10-30-2002 02:38 PM:

    Xandra pushed herself up, she hadn't expected an attack like that. Standing again she nodded, showing her willingness to learn. "I will do what I can," she replied. Though that isn't much.

    Once again she jabbed her staff towards his ribs trying to concentrate on the Force around her, using it to aid her. She had no idea if what she was doing would work or fail, but she was still learning.

    Posted by Varlon Konrad on 11-04-2002 12:33 AM:

    Leaping to his left, Xandra's attack went wide and past Varlon, allowing him ample time to shove her forward with a push from the Force. Smirking, the Sith Lord lashed out with his staff, swinging it from overhead down towards her back. "First off, feel with the Force, and let it guide you when attacking," He spoke as he