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  • Hide -n- Seek (Closed)

    Posted by Callista on 08-31-2002 10:23 AM:
    Hide -n- Seek (Closed)

    The soft thud of booted feet falling on cobblestone echoed through the desolate training grounds as Callista made her way to center stage. At first glance she appeared ready for armed conflict; a utility belt that boasted the usual modified DL-44 blaster, sleek saber, and coiled whip, the sheathed dagger at her thigh, and a new shoulder strap that ran across her chest and hid a compact short-range assassin’s blaster under her arm. Her hair was drawn up tightly into an elevated ponytail accenting high cheekbones. She wore baggy dark green flight pants that tucked into clunky combat boots and a tank that left toned shoulders bare. She had opted for more loose fitting attire that would give way to better maneuverability over her usual leather suit.

    Callista glanced down at the small chronometer around her wrist, noting the time. Five minutes… A suppressed smirk emanated on her face. Six had answered her message to random Empire members and would assemble momentarily for a test of wit, strength, stamina, and over all fighting ability. She was anticipating this bout anxiously. Stepping to the center of the training ground she waited for her comrades and soon foes to step forward.

    ((OOC: Before replying to this, please check your PMs!))

    Posted by Drako on 08-31-2002 04:14 PM:

    Mere moments behind her was the ancient Sith Lord DarkStar, he walked calmly and slowly into the training ground, he seemed in no great rush, but a closer inspection would show him tensed and ready for anything.

    He was wearing his usual black trousers and the polished black armour that covered his torso, around his shoulders was the light absorbing cloak that gave even a practised assassin an extra edge.

    He appeared to carry no weapons at all, no sabres addorned his belt, there was nothing in his hands as they hung loosely by his sides. He was far from defenceless though, under his selves, away from prying eyes were the lightning claws, made for him so long ago by Dyzm in another life, they would serve him well though, invisible until needed, deadly when visible.

    He walked straight up to Callista and inclined his head to her as he awaited the arrival of the other competetors.

    Posted by Dark Emerald Jade on 08-31-2002 10:58 PM:

    Jadey enters the training grounds, noting it has been some time since she was here last. She looks around and nods to Dagger and Callista as she arrives.

    Tonight, Jadey is dressed in tight dark blue hip hugging pants and a matching dark blue strapped half shirt. For this, she had not adorned her usual black leather ankle length jacket. Her long neon yellow hair had been pulled back into a tight, perfect french braid that snakes down her back to her waist. On her feet were knee high black leather boots with thick, slightly high heels.

    On her back left loop was her black onyx hilted double bladed black saber. On her back right loop hung her silver Maladorian double bladed dark green saber. On each thigh there was a holstered DL-44 Blaster Pistol. On her back was her favored fighting katana named ShadowBlade. In her left boot was a nasty looking wavy dagger named DreamWeaver. In her right boot were matching double bladed lightdaggers to match her sabers.

    There she stands, and waits.

    Posted by Xenodoros Stormrider on 09-01-2002 02:48 PM:

    Walking silently through the Training grounds, came a tall figure, known to create havoc and chaos. Somewhat egotistical, Xenodoros ventured through while dragging a bag of round objects. This bag of round objects seemed threatning and mysterious. All anybody would think is that he had a bag of bombs. But he didn't. It was something better than that. Holding on to that bag with one hand, he assured himself that he had brought his light saber with him by checking his buckle.

    He smiled because it was going to be a game he would really enjoy. His foggy, blue eyes roamed the training grounds searching for the others. Making his way to the point where they had told him to meet, he stopped.

    Xeno reached towards the bag, and put his hand inside. He felt the smooth round object, and picked it out of the bag. It was red, and something that he would enjoy while in the grounds. It was an apple.

    He set his mouth on it, crunching on the red, round apple. He masticated the fruit, and saw Callista, Lord DarkStar, and Jade a few feet from where he was standing.

    The Stormriders

    Posted by Dark B Shadow on 09-04-2002 10:12 PM:

    :: A tall dark figure came out of the shadows from the south of the training ground. It was Dark, he finally came to join the Group. He was wearing his normal attire. But he was carring more then would meet the eye. He was carrying both his lightsabers His nameless red lightsaber, and Night and Day. But that wasn't all. He was also carrying his New sword That was once his fathers. It can't be destoryed by anything but time. Then He was also carrying his bow and arrow that was once his mother's. This bow was black and had a slight black glow around it. This bow had powers that not even Dark had found out about yet.

    So Dark slowly walked over to the people allready there to start the compition. Dark had a chance for he was stronger then a normal discple for he had tons of battles since he came to the Empire. Dark had power that made him as strong as a warrior. So dark stoped and waited with the Four other challengers that were allready there. He was checking to see what each of the other opponents had while he waits. ::

    {The Shadow Realm}{Bio}
    {Dark's Realm in the Shadow}

    Posted by Dark Emerald Jade on 09-08-2002 11:02 PM:

    (OOC: did this thread die out already?)

    Posted by Darth Phantom on 09-13-2002 10:57 PM:

    :: A light breeze is felt upon the faces of all who stood present in the training grounds, it was cool and crisp ... almost refreshing. Though as it continued to blow it took on something new ... something unseen, the sounds of screaming echoed from within as it continued and a dark feeling, a feeling of doom overtook all.

    The sounds of screaming within the breeze grew louder until they were almost unbearable to listen to. The breeze suddenly ceased without warning and all was quiet.

    The temprature suddenly dropped and what water froze solid. From above desended a darkly cloaked figure, all knew who he was by his ever growing Evil and Sinister presence. The cloaked figure touched down in the center of the small group, his blood red eye's peered out from under his hood and out from the vail of darkness.

    The cloak he wore concealed all of his body, but under the cloak he carried many weapons, three lightsabers, two singles and one double. He also carried four daggers, one in his boot, one behind his back, one on his chest and one at his side. He also carried an aray of throwing weapons such as knives and throwing stars.

    His fingernails were like the claws of a ranchor, they were hard as steel and could cut through a man's flesh like nothing at all ::

    " I have arrived ... "

    Posted by Kekoa Alkarin on 09-14-2002 04:03 PM:

    :: The Sith Warrior entered the Battleground two days earlier to stake out a few spots where she intended to do battle with whom ever chose to be her victim errr…. dueling partner. . Kekoa knew she was alone in the battleground and would have detected someone if she were not. She took note of where each of the buildings and ruins stood, the surrounding rocks, the forest of trees, the uneven surfaces upon the broken grounds, and a large natural sinkhole nearby one of the 4 story buildings. The sinkhole depth was measured to be at least 80 feet deep. The width of the pit was approximately 45' x 50' feet across. ::

    :: On an idea, the Sith Warrior approached the pit and dropped a few things into the dark sunken cavern. She used the Force to levitate a large collection of jagged sharp rocks and released them into the pit. Later, Kekoa added a few more things into the pit, but did not disclose at this time. Kekoa covered the pit (sinkhole) with old wooden boards, leaves, dirt, and fallen branches from a tree. However, she was careful not to touch the items with her bare hands, wishing to hide her own scent. Kekoa brushed away her footprints from the surrounding area with a tree branch as though leaving the ground untouched. Her comrades would not be able to tell where this pit was located nor would they see sinkhole, until it was too late. Then, the cunning Sith Warrior checked out the four 4 story buildings and discovered that some of the buildings were run down. They were traced with major structural damage to the main floors, stairs, overhead beams, and a few open roof tops. Kekoa grinned and could not wait to get into this battle, as she laid down many traps within a few of the buildings. She would most definitely take in all the natural surroundings into account and use them to her advantage. Kekoa left the battleground hours later only to return in a few days to check on things once again. ::

    :: Receiving Sith Knight's Callista request a day before to begin this grand battle, the young Sith woman walked into the area, but did not go to the center of the grounds. She decided to enter one of the buildings closest to the middle of the battlefield. Kekoa was careful not to set off any of the traps she laid inside the building. She would let it play in the others minds, if the other buildings were also set with traps. Laughing out loud, the Sith Warrior made her way to the fourth floor after climbing the steps with care. Reaching the third room on the fourth floor, she heard the floor boards creak as she walked across the wooden floor to the open balcony. Kekoa stopped on the ledge of the balcony and watched as the others file in. ::

    :: Kekoa was dressed in her redesigned thin plated all black/blue leather combat gear, carrying her two Lightsabers and a small collection of concealed daggers. Kekoa looked up to the sky, observing a light wind moving the clouds across the darken skies. Glancing back to the center of the Battleground, Kekoa watched the others once again. ::

    Ooc: The sinkhole's whereabouts is only known by Kekoa. The possible set traps and/or failing building structures are only to wound the opponent, unless it is decided other wise. The traps can not be located via the Force as no known electronic devices control them. The set traps are either pressure or counter weighted or trip wire triggered. If you have any questions, please contact Kekoa. I just had to make things a little more interesting.

    Posted by Callista on 09-16-2002 09:27 PM:

    A grin spread evenly across Callista’s face as each of the game elements filed in. A brief nod was issued to all as they stepped in the circle. All save one, she observed. Kekoa. She had not come…or had she? The Warrior was a crafty one, full of surprises, much like Callista herself. She more than likely had something planned.

    Callista sniffed the air. Kekoa was here, just hiding. Glancing back over her shoulder, Callista narrowed her eyes at the dark outline of a building. What do you have up your sleeve, Kekoa? she pondered to herself. The brief rustling of fallen leaves on the ground was the only answered permitted her.

    Turning back to the assembled group she addressed them. “Thank you all for coming,” she voiced, the sound resonating throughout the silent battleground. “I do hope you enjoy this little test of skill and survival." A brief pause. "You should all know the rules. I am granting two minutes of time for each of us to find a starting point before the game begins.” Lifting her wrist she tapped the side buttons with a finger till it read the correct number. Glancing up to the five she gave a toothy grin, then hit a button once more, commencing the countdown. “Go!”

    She didn’t wait a single moment to see if they all would up and dash for cover. Using the darkness as her cloaking device, she sprinted towards the outskirts of the training ground, heading straight for a small rundown shack; several zigzag trails were added in to hide her final destination. She had scoped the hovel out beforehand and found it to be of sturdy enough foundation for her to climb atop the roof and hide amongst the branches of a nearby tree. Callista did just that. Quietly sitting on top she glanced to her crono: ten seconds. Ten seconds till she would hunt her first prey…

    Posted by Dark B Shadow on 09-16-2002 09:55 PM:

    :: When dark heard the word go he quikly took of in a blink of an Eye. He rushed to the North east of the Training grounds where there was a forest. In there only the most skilled could find him. For when he was in the dark woods he was most at home. not because of the trees but because of the solitude. For he was half elf he could easily move among the trees. For he would wait there untill someone would dare enter his relm in the woods. ::

    Posted by Dark Emerald Jade on 09-17-2002 06:57 PM:

    Jadey steps into the darkness and hides within it, making her way to an old ruined temple on her way here. She enters it, sniffs the air a moment and glances around. She uses the Darkside to detect any presense in here, and she finds none, unless they have hidden themselves from her.

    Thinking she is alone, she makes her way through the ruins, finding her way to the top so she can overlook this survival test until it came time to depart her hideaway.

    "Now the real fun begins." she mutters softly, grinning evily.

    Posted by Drako on 09-18-2002 06:21 AM:

    DarkStar watched the others begin to scuttle off and hide, he didn't move, he didn't need to, the wind began to flap his cloak, wrapping it around him, as it did he seemed to vannish, the cloak absorbed the artificial light that fell on it, and bent the natural light, making him seethrough, or a patch of darkness depending on the light source.

    DarkStar looked around, the nearest building was sufficiently tall for what he had planned. A single bound took him to the top, from there he could survey most of the surroundings. He watched the directions the others headed, his cloak making him almost invisible.

    He looked at each competitor one after another, deciding which would be his first victim, the ancient Sith was an assassin by trade, it was time to show why. The only competetor he forsaw a problem from was his fellow Lord, Phantom but he never underestimated his opponents, he would wait, see who went after who then decide who to take on first himself.

    Posted by Xenodoros Stormrider on 09-18-2002 10:04 PM:

    Xenodoros did not speak. He understood word by word what Sith Knight Callista had said. It wouldn't be difficult for Xenodoros to survive because he had survived all his life, roaming the dangerous parts of the galaxy. The only thing that bugged Xeno was where to hide.

    Xeno had a plan in mind, and this made him grin maliciously. He walked away, moving a little faster at each step. He noticed an area surrounded by enourmous, beautiful trees.

    "This'll do.", Xeno said to himself.

    He sat down near the trunk of a tree, that was partially surrounded by bushes. They might not spot him there if they were in a hurry.

    He took out another apple and crunched on it, waiting for someone to appear.

    Posted by Darth Phantom on 09-21-2002 02:26 PM:

    :: The Sith Lord didn't move a muscle as the others scattered to the four winds. With a lop-sided grin upon his face he laughs a bit to himself, for he would not move nor would he mask his presence if someone wanted him they would know where to find him. Phantom closed his eye's and with the force he watched and felt where the others went.

    If the time came where no one wanted to face him, he would hunt them without hesitation. Phantom reached down and parted his cloak revealing a good portion of his weapons and with that he waited ... waited for anyone to face him ::

    Posted by Dark Emerald Jade on 09-21-2002 08:08 PM:

    Jadey stands on the roof of her ruined temple, looking down at the training grounds with an evil grin.

    After a moment, she begins to contemplate masking all forms of her presense, and she does so, at least while up here on the temple.

    There she stands, watching and waiting.

    Posted by Kekoa Alkarin on 09-22-2002 03:27 PM:

    :: The Sith Warrior watched from her vantage point, as the group gathered in the middle of the battle field seemed to discuss something. Then, a few combatants took off into different directions. Kekoa saw Sith Disciple Dark B Shadow run into woods along with Sith Disciple Xenodoros. She laughed a bit knowing that if they stayed long enough in the forest, they would soon be met by what seemed to be a moving Forest floor, as many poisonous Fire Ants were roaming the area. ::

    While wandering about the battle area days before this match had begun, Kekoa discovered two massive Ant mounts not too far within the depth of the Forest. There was evidence that the Fire Ants were active as many rodents, medium size hoofed creatures, and other creatures that could not be identified at the time, were lying on the Forest grounds dead. Soon, the menacing Fire Ants would make their tracks towards the bodies and possibly towards the two Sith Disciples within the area. The Fire Ants had a nasty knack of attacking everything within their path.

    :: Kekoa watches Sith Lord Darkstar run unknowingly towards the same 4 story building she was in. Loosing sight of the dark form, Kekoa walks away from the balcony and left the room. Stepping into the hallway, Kekoa moves a long the wall and stops, as the hallway opens up into a Foyer. Looking upwards at the partly, broken high ceiling, she heard something land on the roof. Kekoa could barely make out the dark shape while sighting through the holes towards the roof, but could sense a very strong Dark Force signature. Kekoa slightly grins and sensed that maybe the Sith Lord decided to coming to visit. ::

    :: The cunning Sith Warrior takes off in a short Force aided run towards the fourth flight of stairs. Stopping near the stair well, Kekoa looks up at the ceiling and identifies her first prey standing on the hole gapping roof, as the Sith Lord seemed to be moving his head about to scan the surrounding area from the roof top. She quickly releases a tied off the rope that triggers four counter weights to quietly reel. In the seeming silence, four long cortosis steel spears with razor sharp tips are simultaneously vertically catapulted quickly up, as the counter weights drop into the stair well landing with a “thud”. The range weapons break through at different spots within gapping holes in the ceiling to launch through the roof, spreading directly under the Sith Lord’s exact location. ::

    :: Kekoa hears the cracking and splintering of the wooded roof, as she moves to the side and away from the stair well, clearing the falling debris and dust particles. As the ceiling begins to crumble and Kekoa decides to exit the Foyer. The sound of the falling building debris and beams rumble in the background, as Kekoa makes her way to the other side of the building after running down in the narrow hallway, carefully missing the current set of traps on that level. ::

    Posted by Dark B Shadow on 09-22-2002 08:16 PM:

    :: Dark saw that the fire ants right away but he payed them no mind for they climb trees, but they see the elf in him and knew he won't harm them. So he climbed to the tops of the trees to scout the area's. He reached the tops of the trees just to scout the area. He heard a loud noise and looked over to where a building there. He saw a saw spikes coming out of the roof top. Then he went back to scanning the area and sencing everything around him. waiting for his first victim to show up.::

    Posted by Drako on 09-23-2002 03:28 PM:

    A split second before he was turned into a Force Vampyre kebab the ancient Sith moved, perhaps Force enhanced reactions, perhaps years off living as an assassin, either way he just knew to move. As the spears burst up, DarkStar knew who his first target was, only one person could have set such a trap.

    A wicked smile spread across his lips, stamping down hard he broke through the roof, dropping cat like to the next floor, he looked round seeing nothing. Something told him his prey was below him though. The building was old and in a state of direpair, an easy target for DarkStar's silent thunder. The waves of force rolled out in all directions, like an expanding bubble around the Sith Lord.

    The building could not take the strain of the Force Vampyre's power, he didn't like fighting on someone else's terms, he had no idea what other traps Kekoa had set but he had no intention of finding out, he would draw her out into the open where he would hold the advantage, the warrior could not hope to win against the seasoned Sith Lord in a straight fight.

    As the building began to fall appart around his ears DarkStar walked calmly to the window and dropped out, holding his breath so as not to take in the choking dust from the falling bricks, he hoped Kekoa was not so lucky, her choking would not only put her at a disadvantage but help him find her as well.

    Posted by Kekoa Alkarin on 09-24-2002 06:25 PM:

    :: Kekoa made her way to the end of the hallway and leapt down to the second floor. Landing in a slight crouch, she stood up and rested her hand against the wall, feeling the building shake. ::

    However, there was a strange and powerful Force presence. It could have only meant one thing. Kekoa did get the Sith Lord’s attention and somehow he was trying to crush the building, not liking the games of traps to play within.

    :: Laughing at this, the Sith Warrior walked to the nearest window and climbed over the broken window pane. As the rumbling sound of the twisting metal, creaking wood, and crushing concrete got louder, Kekoa leapt onto the low roof that hung over at the rear of the building. Then, she proceeded to jump onto the ground. ::

    Meanwhile as the building was force to crumble, the four cortosis steel 7’ long spears had already reached their apex and turned about in the night air back towards the ground. What goes up must come down in practical terms. However, the difficulty would be where to locate the absent spears against the semi black night.

    :: Stepping away from the collapsing building, Kekoa took a quick glance through the dust particles and found three standing, but unstable walls and building wreckage everywhere. The Sith Warrior had cover her mouth with a torn cloth from her gear, so that she would not cough. Suddenly, hearing one of the steel cortosis spears impact into the debris, as it came plunging from the sky. Then, another just missing the outside wall as it disappeared from sight. That was two. Kekoa could still sense the Sith Lord close by, but would he be safely out of the way from the two remaining spears. ::

    :: Abruptly breaking that thought, the three remaining building walls started to crumble rapidly and fall outwards. Possibly threatening Darkstar’s existence along with the incoming steel tipped projectiles, which were descending directly above Darkstar. ::

    :: Kekoa use this distraction and dashed off in a Force run across the lands in behind the once standing building. She swiftly traveled ½ mile away from the building towards the large group of trees that stood like walls. The young woman had sensed another Dark Force signature prior, as she picked up Xeno’s signature. ::

    :: Kekoa could only guess that Darkstar might not be far behind her should he have survived the collapsing structure’s walls and the swiftly descending spears. Kekoa slowed down her Force run just enough to spot a being in the bush leaning against the first large tree. The top part of Xeno’s head stuck out while she could hear him munching on something. As soon as Xeno could have picked up on her Force Signature, Sith Warrior took off on a Force run again. Passing by Xeno, Kekoa hoped that her Force Signature would be slightly confused with Xeno’s for a brief moment. Xeno’s would only see the bushes sway by a light wind, as the Sith Warrior ran away from his position towards the seeming open plains. ::

    If Darkstar was tracking Kekoa, he would certainly bump into Xeno’s position and maybe surprise attack the Sith Disciple. What better way to provide a hunter with another choice of prey errr victim?

    :: The cunning Sith proceeded to Force run through the low lying vegetation and grasses to reach the open plain. She scanned the area quickly and spotted the ruins of to her left side and the second 4 story building directly ahead of her. Grinning, Kekoa continued on her way after crossing through the creek that was quietly rushing with water and made her way to the ruins, finding cover there for a moment after carefully zig zagging by the multitude of stone pillars. ::

    Posted by Dark Emerald Jade on 09-24-2002 07:55 PM:

    Jade heard a commotion at another not far from the one she stood. Immediately she knew someone had found someone else and they were now fighting.

    Chuckling evily, she makes her presense known to all in the area now. She then kneels down and closes her eyes, using the Darkside to spy on the first combatants, Kekoa and DarkStar.

    At the same time, she sensed that two others had entered the forest. By their signatures she could tell they were Disciples Dark Shadow and Xenodoros. While keeping a mental eye on them, she continues to watch the fight via Darkside.

    Posted by Xenodoros Stormrider on 09-25-2002 09:16 PM:

    Xenodoros was sitting there tranquil, yet very aware of what was happening around him. The calm silence was a sign that something was to happen. Feeli8ng a pinch on his hand, he saw a fire ant trying to much through his apple. Behind it, he saw many more fire ants making their way towards his bag of apples in an orderly way.

    "Ugh. Bugs, they can be such pests.", Xeno said sarcastically.

    Xenodoros threw the apples away from him, and wiped off the ants near his hand. Knowing that the ants would follow the apples, Xeno suddenly felt a quick, brief wind hurl its way through.

    Xenodoros was clueless at first. He wondered what it was, but he remembered that he was in a Hide and Seek mission, and that any strange thing was to be suspected. Setting his hands to the floor, he pushed himself up, Force Jumping his way on top of a tree.

    Xeno looked around, he saw a blur travel around the forest, but he could not stay focused on it.

    "Perhaps it's one of them?", Xeno asked himself.

    Looking around, he spotted Dark B Shadow near him. Xeno had no interest in attacking at the moment, for he had a plan that would not fail. He leaped towards the next tree, not wanting to be found.

    Posted by Dark B Shadow on 09-25-2002 09:26 PM:

    :: Dark saw Xeno jump up to the top of the trees and knew that this was not the time to attack him. For Xeno himself didn't do anything as to show any type of hostility to him yet. But now Dark knew that there were people in the forest so he wouldn't just be aware of everything out side. Now he had to be aware of everything inside the forest as well.

    So dark waited for someone who he could attack other then Xeno. So Dark sat down on the branch below him. so no one could see him. For the leaves of the top of the trees made the spot where he was pitch black. So he would be out of sight for now untill it was his turn to strike.

    For is Dark attacked now he wouldn't have enough power to take on that many people after word. Expecally if there were two sith lord here his master and Darkstar. These two might be the only one's left in the end unless someone was clever enough to take them out. Which Dark wouldn't be surprised if it did happen. For he only knew a couple of people's skills that he's facing but not all.::

    Posted by Drako on 09-27-2002 02:33 PM:

    DarkStar entered the forest after Kekoa, he could sense Dark and Xeno but he had no intrest in either of them, for now. Later he would eliminate them from the competition but for now, Kekoa had attacked the ancieth Sith, she was his first victim and nothing would distract him.

    The further into the woods DarkStar went the more he seemed to vanish, he was an assassin and had been a ranger on his homeworld, the shadows of the woodland were more his home than the bustling cities.

    With each passing second he came closer to his prey, he knew she had headed for the building but he kept to the woodland till he could make a leap from the wood to the ruins. This he did, with the same cat like grace he had shown earlier.

    He clung to the side of the ruins, unwilling to touch the ground lest the warrior have laid more suprises, the Sith Lord was not afriad, far from it, he did however intend to get a single good shot from the shadows before she even knew he was coming.

    His Force signature winked out, like someone had blown out a candle and, with his cloak pulled tight around him, he proceeded over the ruins, not touching the ground, homing in on Kekoa, like a hound that had cought the sent of blood.

    As he neared his prey DarkStar slid his arm out from under his cloak, the lightning claw could be ignited at a thought, but he didn't want to kill her, he was aiming for a stunning blow, or a sleeper hold if that failed.

    Posted by Callista on 09-27-2002 11:53 PM:

    Drumming her nails on the rooftop, Callista glanced down at chronometer. Fifteen minutes… Fifteen minutes and no one had happened to venture past her. She could sense a stirring in the distance, but they only seemed to move further away. Grumbling to herself, she slid down the side of the building and landed gracefully in a crouch. Turning her gaze about her, she made double sure that there really wasn’t anyone there before rising and sneaking off to her left, hoping she’d run into at least one person.

    She grinned to herself. A hunting we will go….

    Posted by Dark Emerald Jade on 09-28-2002 06:47 PM:

    Jadey sighs suddenly and runs back down the stairs of her ruined temple. At the doorway, she looks around to make sure she hasnt been found yet, then takes off running straight ahead, not knowing whom or what she is going to run into next.

    Posted by Kekoa Alkarin on 09-30-2002 08:41 PM:

    :: Sensing that Darkstar tracked the Sith Warrior into the ruins, Kekoa stood nearby what seemed to be a layered row of tombstones. When Darkstar suddenly masked his Force Signature from her, Kekoa alert level rose again as it only meant the Sith Lord was about attack and that he was close within her vicinity. Kekoa shifted her stance on what she thought was stable ground. Abruptly hearing a loud creak followed by a small chorus of grinding stone, the Sith Warrior drops out of sight with a half surprised yell, as Kekoa fell straight into a 50’ unused Tomb’s pit. She did not feel anything else hit or touch her being other than the tomb's cover wreckage, as it glanced off her body armor. ::

    The unused Tomb’s pit was covered with wooden planks instead of stone slab. And over time, soil and rocks had covered the unknown hole.

    :: Falling through a medium size hole, a few rotten wooden planks spilt and were sent flying into the air along with rock particle dust. Kekoa’s body control was slightly off balance, but she quickly retained her control after performing a half flip. Then, the Sith Warrior used her anger in summoning the Dark Side to levitate her being from crashing onto the bottom of the pit’s floor.

    Releasing the levitation Force use, Kekoa stood upright after recovering from a crouch landing position. She stared into the eerily blackness, as the falling debris continued to stream from above. Then, Kekoa swiftly move against to the wall away from the center of the pit. She quickly grabbed hold of a metal cylinder into her hand. Igniting one of her twin Lightsabers, the blade’s dark ruby red hue flashed the surrounding area with a dark red glow, which soon revealed two passage ways in the pit. Kekoa had already stood near one of the exits that no doubt led elsewhere inside the maze of Tombs. The young woman grinned at the ironic situation she had found herself in while tentatively watching for all movement around her. ::

    If the Sith Lord was in fact standing near her on the surface, would Darkstar pursue her into the Tomb’s pit or decide to forego the possible trap for other prey in the nearby area? Kekoa was at an extreme disadvantage, but she really had nothing to lose and would only gain from this battle experience. Even if it would put her into a near death situation, but she would not give up.

    Posted by Dark Emerald Jade on 10-12-2002 07:57 PM:

    Jadey stops running when she finds herself close to another building. This one she did not see when she arrived, nor does she sense anyone else inside.

    This time, however, she stands guard at the door and waits once more, having left a slight Force trail behind her, so to speak.

    Posted by Callista on 10-16-2002 09:20 PM:

    It was a good twenty minutes of creeping across the training grounds before Callista ran smack dab into a forest of underbrush that exceeded her height. She glanced at it curiously, her hands finding their way to her hips. I bet one could hide in this quite well… She only hoped that someone had chosen the thick brush as a hiding spot. She really wanted an encounter! The mass majority of the group seemed to be off on the other side of the grounds, but she couldn’t account for several of them.

    Standing there a moment she wondered just how she would make it through the dense jungle of leaves and branches. A saber would draw attention and she hadn’t brought a machete. Pursing her lips she gave it one last thought before deciding the direct approach would just have to work. Using her hands, she pushed aside a little opening and stepped in…

    Posted by Dark B Shadow on 10-16-2002 10:53 PM:

    :: Dark senced anouther precence in the forest now. He couldn''t tell who it was, but he knew the person was stronger then he. This is not darks target. For dark won't get in a fight untill later on. So dark just lurked in the forest tree tops waiting and biding his time. Knowing all the was in the forest.::

    Posted by Drako on 10-31-2002 04:35 PM:

    DarkStar dropped, catlike into the tomb, a small cloud of dust rising up around him. His eyes scanned the darkness, picking out Kekoa with ease. He stood gracefully, some of the dust settling on him.

    For the first time he revealed his weapon of choice for the hunt, the three blades of the lightning claw on his right hand burst into life at a thought from the ancient Sith. He smiled at Kekoa, it was an easy smile, letting her know he was going to win but wouldn't hurt her too much.

    He stepped forwards, holding the lightning claw up so she could see it. He held it diagonnaly across his chest, easy movement if he had to react to an attack.

    "Shall we drop this cat and mouse game and finish it here?"

    He asked in his gentle, quiet voice.

    Posted by Dark Emerald Jade on 10-31-2002 07:58 PM:

    Jadey is what her bloodline calls a shadow walker. She steps into the shadows of the night and becomes one with them, making her way towards the forest.

    After a few moments, she emerges from the shadows, at the edge of trees and bushes.

    Taking a deep breath, she steps inside, not knowing what is awaiting her.

    Posted by Kekoa Alkarin on 11-02-2002 01:44 PM:

    :: Looking up, Kekoa quickly spotted DarkStar falling through the medium hole, as heavy debris continued to fall into the Tomb’s pit. As DarkStar landed on the pit’s hard stone flooring, he seemed to be holding an unfamiliar weapon of sorts.

    Remaining silent as Darkstar spoke to Kekoa, she focused on the Sith Lord’s weapon. At first she did not understand why Darkstar did not attack her, the advantage was his. Or was the Sith Lord waiting for Kekoa to make a mistake? The young Sith woman certainly did not like how the odds were turning against her at the moment. The unfortunate back-fall into the unused pit was not planned.

    Kekoa kept her dark ruby red Lightsaber blade ignited for the moment, as it radiated off her black/dark blue combat gear. She slightly changed her body stance, keeping Darkstar guessing as what she might do next. Darkstar’s attractive offer to attack him was quite attempting, but she would not directly begin an open assault on the Sith Lord, knowing he would be very well prepared for any type of short distance strikes. Kekoa thought of many things including dashing into the narrow exit and blocking off the tunnel, but that would lead her to travel through the endless mazes underground. Chasing her own thoughts away, Kekoa watched as Darkstar approached her position.

    Suddenly, the dark ruby red glow of the once ignited blade disappeared from sight, as Kekoa shutdown the Lightsaber and immediately glanced upwards. The Sith woman's quicken anger at the situation helped her focus into the Darkness. Leveling her hand towards the stone flooring, Kekoa released a dark blast of power to propel her being 50’ into the air, as though she leapt with force straight through the opening of the Tomb pit. However, Kekoa only managed to clear the unstable ceiling top to end up clinging to the side of the Tomb wall, as she grasped the uneven edge with one hand. Kekoa quickly clipped her Lightsaber to the belt and used both hands to begin pulling herself up.

    At the same time, an extremely large volley of rocks, wood, and soil tumbled passed herself and soon reached the Sith Lord’s position, as the debris had scraped by her arms and legs.

    Kekoa swung her right leg over the edge and pulled herself up, grasping at anything she could. Standing upright after clearly the edge, Kekoa watched the make shift ceiling cave in rapidly as jagged edged rocks and wood projectiles seemed to be drawn into the mouth of a dark void. She looked about, spotting a large Tombstone statue. Kekoa’s inner hatred for a few past events in her life fed the Darkness well, as she flicked her right wrist and Force pushed the 15' Tombstone statue to topple over quickly and fall into the bowls of the now open pit.

    ooc: Disregard current Rank, as I will be finishing this match/rp ranked as Sith Warrior.

    Posted by Xenodoros Stormrider on 11-03-2002 08:17 PM:

    Xenodoros kept jumping across the trees, trying to spot someone. Thinking that most of them were probably far away, Xenodoros headed for the buildings in the battleground. Once there, he looked around and spotted no one.

    "You expect hide and seek to be easy"