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Continuing what was… (Ninja)

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  • Continuing what was… (Ninja)

    Posted by Callista on 10-16-2002 09:08 PM:
    Continuing what was… (Ninja)

    The wee hours of the morning were much too early for the liking of Callista. She only hoped her new apprentice detested it as much as she did…

    Cool, crisp air whipped around her body, flailing the cloak up in her wake as she strode through the massive gates of the Empire’s training grounds. Her leather attire hardly shielded her from the harsh morning temperatures, but she would not let that stop her. Gritting her teeth, she proceeded through the territory.

    Having not called for Ninja or even conversed with him since the acceptance in the Council Chambers, she knew she’d catch him off guard and surely irritate him at such an hour. She knew she’d be irked at this time of morning if Master Shadowtide were to arouse her.

    Leaning up against an old stone well, she sent out her rather abrupt and harsh call… Ninja! …Your training begins…now… And there she waited for the arrival of her first pupil...

    Posted by Lord-Darth-Ninja on 10-16-2002 10:13 PM:

    Lord Darth Ninja was in his quarters unpacking and looking at his room when he senses Callista calling his name he stops what he was doing as he vanishes and within a few moments Lord Darth Ninja appears in his Black Shadow Warrior Gi with his Katana-Like-Saber sheathed on his back as the cold air fills in the training grounds as an eerie sound is felt around as he bows to Callista and says in a deep voice " I have arrived as you requeseted and I have been waiting for u to call me and no Im not annoyed when u called me here cause I was almost done unpacking but again Im glad that u have taken me as your student" as he looks at her for a moment as he tries to figure out her thoughts.

    Posted by Callista on 10-19-2002 07:12 PM:

    She waved a hand at him as if to silence his ramblings. She was in no mood, especially at this time of morning. Letting the stone wall fully support her body, she stared her apprentice down, her lips pursing a moment in thought before finally speaking. “You have training already, is that correct?”

    Posted by Lord-Darth-Ninja on 10-19-2002 07:59 PM:

    As the wind continues to howl within the training grounds " Yes I have taken training Master" within moments he brings his hand up as a large boulder is raised up at it catches her glimpse as he closes his eyes and remains focus on the boulder as it floats above Callistas head the boulder lands on the ground creating a thud sound with surprises his master. Lord Darth Ninja looks at his master and says " Anything questions u wish to ask me master?"

    Posted by Callista on 11-02-2002 10:27 PM:

    The boulder that rose and fell brought a short-lived smile to Callista’s face. She was most glad that she would not have to start at the very beginning for this apprentice. Shifting to better position herself on the stone surface, the Sith Knight eyed down the man before her.

    “No more questions…are you ready for a test?”

    Posted by Lord-Darth-Ninja on 11-02-2002 10:38 PM:

    As The wind howls again within the training grounds as he looks at his master " Aye I am ready for any test thar awaits me and I shall do it and I will not failed u Master" as His eyes glow knowing that this is an opportunity he must do and proved to himself he is the true Ninja of the Darkside and will do anything by all means necessary to accomplish his goal'.