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Time has come once again (open spar among any rank)

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  • Time has come once again (open spar among any rank)

    Posted by Dark B Shadow on 10-07-2002 09:35 PM:
    Time has come once again (open spar among any rank)

    :: Dark Shadow walked slowly on to the training grounds once again. And as always he came to the ground to train. He wished to become stronger. Sparing he found was the best way to become stronger.

    This time Dark was wearing a Black Cape and no one could see who he was, but they all could tell it was him for his signature was the same as always. So he sat down on the ground and meditated waiting for anyone to challenge him. For if they are ready so would he.::

    {The Shadow Realm}{Bio}
    {Dark's Realm in the Shadow}

    Posted by Klis on 10-08-2002 05:52 AM:

    [I don't have time to post at this very instant, I will be able to later in the day. But if You wouldn't mind waiting I would enjoy a rematch =D but it's up to you if you want to or not. If not that's fine. Thanks.]

    Posted by Dark B Shadow on 10-08-2002 09:39 AM:

    OOC: Sounds Like a plan to me. I can wait. I really do want a rematch with you. It's been awhile since the last time we spared and I had to end it to quickly.

    Posted by Klis on 10-08-2002 07:32 PM:

    The scent of an energetic evil accented the air. The electrical sparks that existed withing his body were beginning to become harnessed. It had been quite a while since he fought Dark, and at that time he was still very inexperienced.

    The opportunity for a rematch had arisen, and the disciple was well ready to take the bait.
    The sound of Klis' thoughts echoed through the training grounds, strong and loud.
    Klis as well was waiting in the darkness, he beckoned for Shadow to reveal himself.
    "Come out... Come out... wherever you are..."

    The soft thud of Klis' greatcoat could be heard as it hit the ground and then the hum of his lightsaber fizzing to life. He held the hilt securely in his right hand, letting the glow of the blade caress the darkness.
    "I'm waiting..."
    The light disappeared and the soft glow of two orange dots appeared in the tops of a tree. Then the florescence of his dark purple lightsaber could be seen.
    "You get first move."

    "So, too, our grandsires will rise from the ground
    They break their fast on the first part of us
    They will consume us whole."

    Posted by Dark B Shadow on 10-13-2002 08:07 PM:

    :: Dark heard Klis and was surprised that he didn't know where Dark was. For klis was on the other side of the training ground then he was. For Dark felt his power when klis walked onto the ground. For Dark knew every signature stongly after he fought them. He could even tell where they were if there fight was long. So he was just surpised that this didn't happen with Klis.::

    " So I get the first move eh Klis. Well very onwise to give someone the first move when you don't even know where that person is."

    :: It seemed that Dark's voice was surrounding klis so he did not hear where he was.

    Just then Dark stood up, but since he was so far away klis didn't see him. The He quickly disappeared into the shadow and slowly crept up on Klis. Untill he was right behind Klis. But klis didn't feel that jhe was there untill it was to late. Dark quickly gave a hard punch to the back of Klis.

    OOC: Sorry it took me such a long time to post back, but I thought I have allready posted.

    Posted by Klis on 10-14-2002 09:15 PM:

    Perhaps he has good senses, perhaps he felt something in the force, perhaps he just got lucky. But Klis barely managed to escape Shadow's punch, any closer and Dark's fist would have been digging into Klis' back.
    The disciple was startled none-the-less, he fell from the tree and landed on his stomach. Quite embarassed he shuffled to his feet.
    He gazed up at shadow with the saber ready.
    "Feh, I just felt that the weaker sith should always get to go first."
    Klis gave a friendly smirk and hearty cackle.
    But his true intentions were uncertain, Klis was trying to get Shadow to open up a little, and hopefuly make surface thought reading a little easier.
    The sith disciple knew that his opponet was well met, and needed any advantage he could get.

    The sith knelt low and did a hard thrust upward, once he got eye level with Shadow, Klis did a hard force push, hoping to throw Dark off balance so Klis could make his attack a successful one. Once Klis got a decent footing he rushed his target with a multitude of slashes.

    Posted by Dark B Shadow on 10-14-2002 09:59 PM:

    :: Dark senced Klis's force push coming at him so He gave a force push just as strong as Klis's to cancel each other out. Klis has gotten stronger, but so has Dark. For Dark's master hasn't been training him as much so in privet Dark has been training.

    Klis attack was really without any planning for it was to genaric. Dark force pulled out Klis's legs so he would fall over. Putting Klis's attack to rest.

    Dark found a few sharp rocks laying down on the ground near Klis so he raised them right abouve him and made them come down on him with incredible speed.::

    Posted by Klis on 10-16-2002 05:37 AM:

    Klis rolled to his back, and did a force push to the rocks to make them slow as much as he could. He then did a quick swipe of his saber to cut a decent sized branch, taking hold of the branch he began to smack each rock he could, bouncing a few in Dark's direction.
    He wasn't able to stop all of then, one lodged into his arm and another into his side, he writhed in pain and fell from the tree to the ground with a large thud.
    The disciple tossed aside the branch and wielded his saber, one end ignited.
    Klis focused hard and long on the pain, turning it into an energy he could use.
    He applied the energy of the pain to his joints, heightening his speed. The sith darted at the tree, slashing at the trunk four swift times, each slash making his wounds worse, cringing with every slash. Klis then placed his foot against the tree, kicking the oversized plant over. He kept his senses high and well on the alert, watching for Dark's counter move.

    Posted by Dark B Shadow on 10-16-2002 11:22 PM:

    :: Dark senced that Klis was going to counter after all for he wouldn't go down that quickly. So he naturally had his hand on his lightsaber. When he saw the stones coming at him, he quickly took out his lightsaber and deflected both of them.

    Then dark noticed a huge tree coming straight for him. So he got out his second light saber and with both of them he made two slashes down the trunk so he thought he would be safe from the two falling pieces. But he forgot about the piece he just cut out. So it came down and cut him on the shoulder. This pain was nothing to him so he didn't lose any time by worring about it.

    DArk looked at Klis for a second and then without a seconds notice he gave a strong force puss to klis's face and a eqaully strong force pull to his legs. While klis was on the ground Dark quickly Slashed up a few pieces of wood from the fallen tree. He made them to be in a sort of spike type shape. He lifted the three that he made and and sent then toward Klis.::

    Posted by Klis on 10-17-2002 05:40 AM:

    Klis rolled on his back and thrusted his legs outward, pulling himself up. Once he saw the "stick thingies" he ignited both ends of his saber, spinning the two blades quickly, using the force. He lunged to the side to avoid the sticks. Once he was clear, he grabbed his saber and started charging at Gideon.

    Klis was recently attempting to work on illusions in the such, so he figured he might as well give it a shot.
    With more concentration on what he was doing, than where he was going. The sith disciple tried to make it seems that he was further back than he really was. He wasn't sure if this worked, cos he couldn't see himself in the eyes of his opponet, but he continued as planned.
    Once Klis got into good distance, he ducked low and rolled to Dark's backside, holding his lightsaber under his arm, he stepped back to stab Dark with one end of the blade, then spun around and did a slash at his spine, from bottom to top.

    Posted by Dark B Shadow on 10-18-2002 08:06 PM:

    :: when the tip of the blade hit darks back he moved fell foward and Gave a strong kick to klis's knee which made it buckle and he fell over. The Cut just broke the skin. This gave Dark enough time to stand up and get ready for his next attack. He put away both of his lightsabers. And took out HIs father's sword. Monarn. A sword that was shaper then any other and could not be destroyed except by time. It also reflected a lightsaber as if it was one.

    Then he started his attack. He charged at Klis with his sword lifted behind his back as if he was about to strick Klis. But When he got to Klis He just dissappeared. He was still around, but klis couldn't see him. For Dark went into the shadows.::

    Posted by Klis on 10-19-2002 06:37 PM:

    Klis rose to his feet, he took a firm defensive stance, preparing for whatever tricks Dark may be up to. Klis held his blade firmly with both hands, either end of his blade activated, the soft dark glow of the blades lit the area around him. His orange eyes piereced the darkness, searching hard for Dark, opening his sub consciousness, and letting the force aid him in the search for the hiding Sith.

    Klis left himself in a well defended position, but in one that he could easily dodge any projectiles or suprise attacks. Klis made himself ready.

    Posted by Dark B Shadow on 10-19-2002 11:18 PM:

    :: Dark kept his movement constant so Klis couldnt't get a lock on Dark's position. He wanted to show Klis his true power, but it was way to early to do that.

    First Dark came in behind Klis and gave a slash across his back. Then disappeared again. Klis then saw something shiny in the bushes. Thinking that it was Dark he went charged over and swong at what he thought was Dark. But He was not there. Then out of nowhere Dark appeared right behind klis Looking to strick him in the back again. ::

    Posted by Klis on 10-20-2002 10:04 AM:

    Klis wasn't searching for an exact position, he knew Dark wasn't stupid. He knew that his movements would be kept constant.
    As dark came in behind him, Klis lunged forward out of the blades reach.

    The disciple darted at the target he thought was Dark, but he knew the Sith would do another attack from the rear, putting 2 and 2 together.
    Klis spun around and put his blade up, parrying Dark's attack, he then did a stabbing attack at Dark's upper chest, Which the Sith Shadow easily avoided. Then Klis leaped into the air above Dark's head. He made it seem he was going to land behind Dark for the attack, but instead landed in front of him, making a hard slash to the Siths shoulder, he wasn't done yet. As dark went to avoid the attack, perhaps with his blade, Klis disengaged that end of his saber, igniting the other and redirecting the slash at the Sith Shadow's hip.

    Posted by Dark B Shadow on 10-20-2002 11:36 PM:

    :: When Dark saw the slash he blocked it with out a problem. For Dark guessed by now that Klis was trying to use more illutions then anything else. So if it looked like Klis was going to come behind him He probably would land in front of Dark.

    What Klis didn't realize at this next attack was that while Dark was in the shadows he had switched to his lightsaber to Night and Day. And seeing that Klis was moving to quickly he did not even notice this. So when Dark saw that he disengaged the first side of the lightsaber this gave dark the idea that he was about to ignite the other side. Which dark did the same. So he blocked the other before even going into his hip. a clever Idea but not something Dark hasn't allready tired in another spar.

    Then Dark backed up a few feet again and charged at Klis again. With both sides of his curved lightsaber ignited he and klis went in a termendice lightsaber battle. Going from one block to anouther. They kept blocking each one after anouther. Then finally Dark had had enough. He Dropped to the ground and did a spinning kick. This kicked out Klis's legs from under him.

    But that wasn't it. He now saw that Klis was on the ground once again, and this time he didn't have to wait to prepare so He went straight into an attack. He went over to him and slashed down upon Klis's right arm. ::

    Posted by Klis on 10-23-2002 05:44 PM:

    Klis hit the ground with a thud. He kicked his legs forward to get back to his feet. Lucky Dark was right there to recieve the blunt end of the manuever. Klis took the other dbl ended blade from his belt, igniting it. He did a slash to Dark's head. Dark ducked. Klis slashed at Dark's legs. Dark jumped. Klis stabbed at Dark's chest. Dark parried the attack.

    Klis did a force push to knock Dark off balance a little. Klis went to slashed him, but did another force push right before he slashed for the sith's hip.

    Posted by Dark B Shadow on 10-23-2002 06:09 PM:

    :: Dark was thrown of just allittle bit so he could just twist out of the way of Klis's saber. But wasn't fast enough so he got cut along side his arm.

    So this made Dark back up a bit to asset his wounds that he and klis have gotten so far. From what Dark could tell was that Klis is getting weaker with each blow. He also knew that He to was weaker then when they started but still is alot stronger then Klis was. So Dark put away his lightsabers.

    So Dark all of a sudden just broke out into a full out run. He went and Speared Klis to the ground. This knocked both of Klis's Lightsabers away from him. He then started punching Klis in the face punch after punch. Untill Klis's finally got enough streaght to throw Dark off.::

    Posted by Klis on 10-24-2002 05:43 AM:

    Klis held out his lightsaber as Dark darted t'ward him. Klis went to do a downward slash on the Sith Shadow, but was too slow. He was slammed to the ground, and for what seemed like an eternity, was pummeled to the face.

    The sith finally gathered his composure, he slammed his hand against Dark's throat, placing his forefinger and thumb to the pressure points directly under the ears and behind the jaw. Klis squezzed harder til Dark couldn't continue his onslaught.

    Klis brought up his leg and placed his foot against Dark's abdomen, he kicked hard, not releasing dark of the grip, then kicked hard again letting go of the Sith, watching him fly back.

    The disciple climbed to his feet, blood pouring from his nose, cuts along his lips, splattered across his forehead. The sith shivered and twitched, his pain increased, as did his anger. He allocated all his anger to the joints and ligiments of his body, enhancing his speed greatly.

    The disciple took an offensive stance, he shoved off with his back leg, dashing for his opponet. Once the distance was decreasing between them, Klis attempted to produce the illusion that he was attacking his opponet head on, but the illusion failed, due to he had used too much energy already. Klis attacked the front anyway, sending a multitude of jabs to the target's chest and a sweep kick, force pushing him to the ground, and a kick to his head with the heel of his shoe.

    Posted by Dark B Shadow on 11-02-2002 07:29 PM:

    :: Dark saw the multiple jabs coming at him so he simple moved to the side to advoid them. Then when he was knocked on the ground and saw the heel coming towards his face so he simply caught it with both of his hands and trough klis's foot up so he could get up. But when he got up he droped his lightsaber

    Yes Dark was in pain, but pain he always used as a fuel for anger which for him decreased the pain dermatically but it was still there. He learned how to do this from the frist time he was in unbearable pain.

    So now Dark was on the attack mood. He stood in his offensive position and then realized his sword was not where he had left it but his faithful sword monarn had anouther plan in mind. which Dark picked up on quickly. He gave a little smile for klis wouldn't know what is about to happen. So he lifted his sword monarn so it's tip was pointing to klis's chest. Then he forcepulled klis towards the sword and force pushed he sword toward klis.::

    OOC: Sorry it took me this ong of a time to post back to you but I just didn't have time.

    BTW I think it's time we both stop god moding. So we can't say what happens to the person by what we say happens but let the person answer what he does. Okay.