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Hell in a Cell... (Dark B Shadow - Closed)

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  • Hell in a Cell... (Dark B Shadow - Closed)

    Posted by Abydos Nighthawk on 10-15-2002 05:04 AM:
    Hell in a Cell... (Dark B Shadow - Closed)

    *'Spending your time in a cold desolate place can send you mad. Spending your time in an over-bearingly hot atmosphere can suck the life out of you. Being here can last a lifetime. Going elsewhere can cost your lifetime. This is a sanctuary, this is an endless pit, this is The Sith Empire, and this is my life. This is the cell' he thought to himself as he kneeled in the open ranges of the training grounds. The wind struggled to stay alive until there was no more strength left in it. He felt that way too at times, but today he was eager, today he was waiting. The weather was waiting, time was waiting, and everything was waiting for Disciple Dark B Shadow. The time had come, the clouds had formed, the sun was ready to pierce the chilled air, yet the trees were dying. The grass was going brown, the air was becoming stale, and his surroundings were the surroundings of death, pain and sorrow. The stench of death hung in the air as he rose to his feet. He knew his geographical location he knew what was close by. When his fellow Disciple arrived he would show him some pleasure and pain. He would make his blood flow in a way that would mimic the longest of rivers. It will spill like a waterfall and it will feed the grass that it falls on, giving it life so that it may wait until a dawning when it will become no more.*

    *As a Black Crow launched itself into the stale air, from the dead branches of a nearby tree, it soared through the air in a graceful motion, piercing the surrounding air and causing a slight slipstream as it soared. A humming sound sprang forth as it sang out the sounds from a cry of pain as it suddenly plummeted to the ground below. He watched as the body of the majestic bird fell and then the head land inches away. He disengaged his 'b' shaped hilt and turned to where he could sense an approaching figure. He breathed in deep and sucked in the smell of death and destruction.*

    Posted by Dark B Shadow on 10-17-2002 08:16 PM:

    :: Dark walked slowly on to the training ground admiring this surroundings. He loved it but hated it at the same time. Because death was around him where ever he walked. He was sad because the trees were dieing. So his half elf in him was upset. But he could survive. He just got closer and closer to his apponent. Untill he was standing about 5 feet away from him. ::

    "So I hear you wish to spare with me. Well I acept. So how do you wis hto spar. Do you wish to have everything, Saber only, Force only, or HAND TO HAND?"

    OOC: Sorry I didn't see the post before now