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Clear and Cut (Closed...Xam Feldek )

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  • Clear and Cut (Closed...Xam Feldek )

    Posted by Bio Hazzardous on 10-16-2002 12:32 AM:
    Clear and Cut (Closed...Xam Feldek )

    OOC- Does it seem that Subject titles are getting harder to make now-a-days? Oh, and reply when you can Xam...don't know if your in other thread or not.

    *Bio silently walked into the Training Grounds. As he did, he walked down a long hallway, which on both ends of the hallway, contain large rooms for Sith to spar in. And should some Sith feel like fighting outside, there was the hologramed rooms to suite their fancy's.
    But Bio was looking for someone...a person named Xam Feldek. He assumed he might run into this person in the TG but he wasn't sure. Bio also wisely picked who he sparred with, as he wasn't open to just anyone to spar with.
    Three reasons made Bio select this man. One, he was a apprentice to Lord Darkstar and Darkstar was an apprentice to his master, Dara Shadowtide. This made Bio feel he could spar with this man. Second, Bio had seen Xam but only on eye contact. But his quise suggested he was quick...and Bio preferred quickness and dexterity over brute power. Third, Bio was again getting into his hermit mode and wanted to get out of it before it consumed him.
    The only questions now was if Xam Feldek was currently in the TG and if he was, was he willing to spend some time to spar with this old-fashioned Sith?*