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The Coming of a Dark Eclipse (Abydos Nighthawk – Closed)

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  • The Coming of a Dark Eclipse (Abydos Nighthawk – Closed)

    Posted by Kekoa Alkarin on 09-08-2002 01:54 PM:
    The Coming of a Dark Eclipse (Abydos Nighthawk – Closed)

    :: Within the Training grounds stood a large building where others would train with different types of melee weapons. The Sith Knight went to investigate this site very earlier morning, as she walked through the doorway after clearing the building’s security. Heading down a long narrow corridor, she stopped at a door and looked up to see words written in Ancient Sith "Glory, Honor, Anger, and Blood" ::

    :: Kekoa stared at the words and thought them quite fitting. Then, she glanced back at the steel spiked metal doors. Strolling by the doors, as the Sith Knight opened them. suddenly, they slam closed in behind her after stepping into the room. The sound of the closing doors echoed throughout the large room. The young woman sensed she was alone and soon scrutinized the very large room, which seemed to have many different levels. ::

    The light was dim set, but the windows located around the room seem to waken the surroundings, as the morning sun began to pierce through the stained windows. Glancing upwards, the darken ceiling rose high above her. There were no beams reaching across the ceiling, but the surface of the ceiling seemed to be spiked or at least it appeared as such.

    :: Looking back down and around the training room, there were many displays of weapons mounted on racks plastered against the walls. Kekoa took off in a sprint across the room only to come to a quick halt shortly before reaching one of weapon racks. Viewing the array of weapons, she recognized Scimitar Swords, Two handed Sith Claymore Swords, Battle axes, Spears, Long Bo staffs, Short Blades, Trident Spears, Chains, Cable Nets, and so on. Kekoa grinned at the sight of these melee weapons and turned about in the room thinking she would indeed need to spar someone here. The Sith Knight stood to the side of the wall and eyed the Sith Claymore Sword. Reaching out, Kekoa grasped hilt and took the sword off the rack into her hands to inspect the detailed craftsmanship. However, Kekoa did keep her awareness about her and glanced a few times back to the entrance, as though sensing someone was about to come. ::

    Posted by Abydos Nighthawk on 09-08-2002 06:09 PM:

    *After his relaxing days off from training and the course of healing, he was doing his usual walk around the Empire, today the Dark Side led him to the training grounds. He had been jogging for quite some time now and had built up quite a sweat. As he jogged he noticed a building he had not ever seen before, he kept jogging past, but as he jogged past the doors he was filled with the sudden urge to stop and investigate. As he stopped past the door, he wiped his forehead of its sweat with his forearm and observed the spiked door. He looked at the sign above it "Glory, Honor, Anger and Blood". 'How fitting' he thought as he felt something pull him inside.*

    *He entered the room and the door slammed shut behind him. He noted a force signature inside the room, but was not too sure of who it was. He looked around and scanned his surroundings, he had not taken any of his equipment or weapons with him on his exercise. As he continued looking around, the sound of silence echoed throughout the room. He felt the Force coming from one side of the room. He moved in that direction cautiously.*

    *As the darkness shrouding the figure, ahead of him, began to dissapate he recognized the female figure standing before him, it was Sith Warrior Kekoa Alkarin. She was holding some type of sword in her hand, he noted the wall of weapons near her. This amused him for some reason. His thoughts flashed back to the sign on the top of the door. He began to get the feeling that today was going to be more than just exercise. As he finally reached Kekoa, he bowed to her as a sign of respect*

    "Good day Warrior Alkarin. I am Disciple Nighthawk. Please, call me Abydos."

    *He bowed his head slightly once again and smiled a sly grin. His body was beginning to relax and cool down, he had a strong sense of what was about to occur and he needed to be ready and warm for when it happens. He once again brought his attention to the wall of weapons and saw many that he favoured. He would struggle to pick just one. He then thought of the "Glory, Honor, Anger and Blood" sign again and his smile increased. He returned his attention to Kekoa.*

    Posted by Kekoa Alkarin on 09-10-2002 07:25 PM:

    :: Hearing the metal doors open and slam shut again, Kekoa immediately looked at the direction of the form approaching her. Still holding the Sith Claymore Sword, the young woman soon recognized Sith Disciple NightHawk walking across the large floor, as the sunlight beams casted long shadows back from his being onto the black floor. Kekoa had not met Sith Disciple NightHawk yet, but heard of him from their Master. He was a very promising individual in the ways of the Darkness. Kekoa would be more than happy to show Abydos new ways of pain or different battling techniques should he agree to spar against this Sith Knight. She grinned on the thought and soon saw the Sith Disciple stand directly before her while introducing himself upon completing a bow towards her. ::

    :: She nodded respectfully back at him. “Hello, Sith Disciple Abydos.” Kekoa was always formal to all TSE members, as it kept the respect between them and her in tact. “Interesting that you have entered this building as well. I walked by this training center often, but never really had the chance to explore it. However, I do like what I see and wish to train for awhile here. Would you like to join me in a spar, Sith Disciple NightHawk? If so, choose a weapon from the rack against this wall. And if we have time, we might use them all.” Then, Kekoa paused for a second before remarking, “Training with other types of weapons helps us to better understand their usage. Should we encounter them in battle, we will know how to attack or react to their user’s attempted blows. This also gives you a slight break from using the Lightsaber. However, should you wish to duel with that deadly weapon, I have two Lightsabers available.” Kekoa was well versed in the use of most battle weapons, as she was expose to them at an early age by her father's teachings. ::

    :: As she let Abydos decide, Kekoa stepped aside to walk towards the center of the room. She kept her eyes slightly on Abydos and was quite aware of his whereabouts. She gripped the Sith Claymore Sword in both hands and wielding it about for a quick moment testing its feel and balance. The blade’s motion through the air was almost hypnotic while Kekoa did a series of fluidic strikes and slashes. Stopping the motion of the blade quickly, she looked towards Abydos. ::

    The Sith Claymore Sword was about 4.5 feet in length from pommel to tip of the blade. The blade was forged out of cortosis steel with a defined center ridge and jagged teeth array on each side of the blade, beginning at the cross guard and ended ¼ ways up the blade. The two handed grip was laced with leather wrapped about its narrow grip. And the pommel would hit like a hammer if was used in a reverse strike.

    Posted by Abydos Nighthawk on 09-24-2002 02:51 AM:

    *Watching Kekoa move to the centre of the room, he knew full well that he wanted to battle and battle he shall, he looked towards the wall, leaving himself unprotected and open to attack, a typical mistake from someone as unexperienced. He scanned the wall and saw a vast array of weaponary, he noted the Claymore Sword that Kekoa held. A spear caught his eye and he picked it up, it was quite large and wooden, solid and piercing. He knew this wouldnt last long, he placed it in his left hand, he then grabbed a Battle Axe in his right hand, that shimmered in the light as it reflected off its broad axe-head. He ran his thumb across the edge of the axe and a drop of blood came from his thumb. The Axe itself was about 5 feet in length from top to bottom and the handle was made from a durable metal, yet of lightweight.*

    *As he fondled the weapons into a comfortable grip he turned to face Kekoa. He bowed his head slightly and raised the Axe up to his face and brought it down to his left side, saluting Kekoa.*

    "Shall we begin then? Or is there more?"

    *He was now on alert and anxious to get underway, he was focussed on Kekoa and let his mind take in his surroundings, he began to tap into the darkside, the hatred, the anger, the emotions. He was going to be ready to explode like a rocket.*

    Posted by Kekoa Alkarin on 09-25-2002 02:51 PM:

    :: Watching Abydos choose a Long Spear and a Battle Axe, Kekoa recalled that she asked him to choose “a weapon”. She holds the Sith Sword in a middle guard stance and flicks the tip of the sword in the direction of Abydos’ weapons. “Choose either the Battle Axe or Long Spear, Sith Disciple. As you can see about us, there are many weapons racks on these walls and you may choose another melee or range weapon later. That is if you have the chance too.” Kekoa grins a bit. ::

    :: Kekoa glances away from Abydos, as he pondered which weapon to choose. As Abydos looked at each, Kekoa moves away from her previous position and stands to the left of him about 20 feet away. She scans the room once again and spots a few things that she would use to test the Sith Disciple in battle. ::

    :: Breaking the moments silence between them, Kekoa looked at him and spoke, “You will attack first, Sith Disciple Abydos.” Kekoa was quite ready for Abydos' assault, as she gripped the Sith Sword a little tighter and nodded at Abydos. ::

    Posted by Abydos Nighthawk on 10-08-2002 04:06 AM:

    *He looked down at his hands, which held the weapons, he kept Kekoa in his peripherals at all times as they were about to begin. He passed his attention to the axe then the spear and back to the axe. 'One weapon?' He chuckled slightly as he prepared to discard the spear. But, as he was about to he heard Kekoa say he shall attack first.*

    *He grabs the spear and swiftly moves his positioning of the weapon in his hand so that he can throw it. With that one swift motion he hurls the spear towards Kekoa's torso, merely as a distraction, as it pierces the air it passes through, he charges straight behind the Spear with enhanced speed, he readies the battle axe as he brings it to an overhead-downard swing towards the head of Kekoa.*

    *As he charges he yells*

    "IT BEGINS!"

    Posted by Kekoa Alkarin on 10-15-2002 09:41 PM:

    :: Allowing the Dark Side of the Force to guide her actions, Kekoa swiftly steps away using her Force Speed at the very last second to her left, twisting at her torso and turning her body position away from the incoming projectile. Seeing the spear sail passed her and hearing it impact into the far wall, Kekoa watches Abydos approach her with Force Speed. He seemed to be following the trajectory of the wayward spear.

    Observing Abydos’ Battle Axe position in the air, Kekoa continues her quick side ways motion and sweeps her Sith Sword from a down position upwards after moving to the right hand side of the incoming Sith Disciple. With rapid timing and Force Speed, she diagonally pulls the Sith Sword blade upwards, as it travels towards the out stretched arms of Abydos' while he swung his Battle Axe overhead. The tall Sith woman attempts to slice into Abydos’ right underarm with the blade, sensing that Abydos' forward momentum will carry him passed her. Kekoa stands off to his right side after the attack is delivered, ready to strike again. ::