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The Price of Failure....

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  • The Price of Failure....

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 09-29-2002 03:09 PM:
    The Price of Failure....

    Talus moved slowly through the training grounds, pacing and retracing along a path he'd worn out. He was itching for this, he loved to fight, craved it, he supposed it was a part of his genetic make-up that made him overly aggressive and unrelenting in battle, but it didn't bother him he enjoyed it.

    Time to teach him a lesson. When you give your life to the Empire it is no longer your's to end.

    He was waiting for Macros, Talus body seemed to shake with energy, his hair was standing on end from anticipation. Lord Darkstar had taught him how to increase his physical attributes far beyond that of his already superior natural abilities. Opening his mind again he let his thoughts flow throughout the compound.

    M'lord, Macros is on his way and I am ready...

    Then he grinned sadisticlly; Be ready Macros, this will be painful...

    Posted by Macros on 10-01-2002 03:58 PM:

    Macros dropped from above landing in a crouched position, DarkDestiny ignited and ready. Macros spoke, and the anger he was calling upon was rising within him and obvious in his tone of voice.


    Unwilling to let his anger and hatred rule him he breathed deeply, him ruling them. He stood ready, feet spread ready for any attack. Seeing the madness in his eyes Talus hesitated slightly.

    "Come on. Or you changed your mind about being our Master's bruiser? Bring it Talus."

    Dust rose around his feet and he span his lighsabre skillfully around his fingers and hand. Finally he gripped it and waited for the onslaught.

    "May the best man win."

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 10-01-2002 05:21 PM:

    Talus studied the half-crazed apprentice closely. It appeared as hesitation at first but in actuality it was a technique he had learned, allow you opponent to believe you fear him a bit and allow him to grow over-confident, then you could crush him for his oversight.

    He said nothing, his master had accepted Macros as an apprentice which meant that he had some worth as a warrior, Talus would not over look this. Talus knew the man to be quick with his hands, he couldn't afford to have his own weapons used against him, so he had only brought one, but for the time being he still appeared unarmed, in time Macros would hear the snap-hiss of a Dragon Saber, the same feared weapon his master was so fond of using.

    Suddenly Talus shot an arm out with his palm face flat perpendicular to the ground. The force surged through him and directly at Macros striking him full in the chest and knocking the cocky young upstart flat on his back. Talus however did not move from his stance, he simply stood there and waited for Macros to get back up.

    He growled loudly at the fellow disciple; "We will wait for Lord Darkstar to arrive before beginning this... If that is acceptable to you?"

    Talus lowered his arm back down and waited for Macros' response.

    Posted by Macros on 10-02-2002 03:53 PM:

    "If that is your wish. . . then no."

    Macros sprang nimbly to his feet, the madness in his eyes replaced with that of cunning intellect, as obvious as if he had opened them from a deep sleep.

    Macros' response was simple. Circling the big man, his trained eyes picking out the saber hilt beneath his trench coat. Aiming to take him out as soon as possible he seemingly disappeared from Talus' sight, a combination of Force Jump and Speed taking him high in the air to land in the shadows behind him.

    Grasping his Force signature close to his body, wrapping his emotion round it he made himself invisible to all but the most trained in detecting Force Signatures - like his Master.

    A knife silently flew towards the back of the spinning Disciple. Before it was halfway there Macros had sped to the left and flitted in front of the tall man, the almost supernatural speed of his young frame too much for the built man. Too late Talus saw the boot in his chest. Flying back towards the knife Macros heard him curse but didn't show any emotion.

    He seemed a completely different person in battle, more serious, more mature, and much more dangerous. Still he knew Talus' reputation and gave him the respect he deserved as he stepped back into a defensive stance.

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 10-02-2002 04:03 PM:

    Talus was caught off guard by the young man's ability to cloak himself from him. As the boot struck him in the chest, Talus went backwards, allowing himself to be knocked off his feet. As he fell back on his feet he grinned, he'd heard the dagger move through the air, Macros may have been able to use the force to hide himself, but he couldn't hide both at the same time.

    As he became parrallel with the ground he saw the dagger pass over his body, his hand shot up quickly grabbing the dagger out of the air, he changed it's direction and aimed it back at it's owner's chest. Talus was hiding something, his movements were much faster than what was expected.

    "Impressive..." He sneered, he then brought his left hand up in the air, bringing a cloud of dirt and dust up into Macros' face, as the dagger sped towards his chest. The apprentice had one of two choices, catch the dagger and get a face full of debris or close his eyes and throat and hope he wasn't killed by the dagger.

    Posted by Macros on 10-03-2002 03:58 PM:

    Macros caught the knife, figuring his life was more important than his sight. He rolled backwards out of the way, cursing as he bruises his shoulder in his panic.

    Grasping around blindly he realised he'd dropped his sabre. Concentrating the Force on Talus he sent a blow to what his senses told him was where he was, but it only caused Talus to stagger back, as Macros hadn't yet learnt much of the Force.

    His sight regained slightly he turned to see the outline of Talus' big frame looming above him, and the blurry shape of his sabre hilt off to his left. Talus stood above him as his sabre flew to his hand. Macros swept his feet around hoping to catch the big man off guard. . .

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 10-06-2002 05:52 PM:

    Talus' ploy had worked, Macros' vision was greatly impaired. As the force wave hit him in the chest he took a step back and smiled. Moving quickly, he approached the down unarmed Macros. Talus had intended on striking the smaller apprentice, but it seemed that Macros was not as blind as Talus was led to believe.

    As Macros kicked at Talus he actually turned to face the incoming blow, moving his hands rapidly he caught Macros' leg. Now was where his superior strength would lend itself. Talus had realized he wasn't as quick as Macros, though he hadn't shown just yet how fast he was, but he knew he was much larger and stronger. Lifting Macros in the air by his trapped leg, Talus pivoted as he flipped the man over his shoulder and into the ground. Macros' body hit with a sickening thud, but Talus wasn't done yet, instead of releasing Macros' leg he swung him again, pivoting on his left foot and threw him across the training grounds into a broken pillar.

    Cautiously he moved towards the fallen Disciple, trying to prepare himself for any suprise Macros might throw at him.

    Posted by Macros on 10-07-2002 03:09 PM:

    Macros vision wasn't much better and the fact he was almost unconscious didnt help, but he was able to use the Force to figure out that Talus was coming. Pretending his injury was much worse than it really was, he tensed, ready to pounce on the big man. But Talus approached him cautiously still, ducking under the rocks Macros propelled at his head via the Force. Macros cursed, flipping up onto his feet and pushing off his hands to kick Talus in the chin.

    Talus staggered back, narrowly missing Macros' sabre as he tried to stop it from reaching Macros. But Macros caught it skillfully and it was ignited.

    Macros brings the sabre down on Talus. . .

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 10-07-2002 03:18 PM:

    "phhhhttt... phhhttt...phhhttt...."

    As the large man approached the fallen disciple stones began whizzing by his head. Talus grinned and ducked under them.

    "Not as hurt as we let on now are we?" He laughed, but he laughed too soon, Macros leapt into the air burying his foot in Talus' chin. Suddenly, out of the corner of his eye, Talus saw a lightsaber floating towards Macros hand. He reached out trying to prevent him for reaching it but it was too late.


    Talus barely pivoted out of the way of a huge downward stroke by Macros' saber. The dark-blue arc of light passed before his face, heating it. Talus saw an opening however when the blade passed before him, he side-stepped and attempted a huge standing side kick, one with enough force to snap Macros' neck...

    Posted by Macros on 10-07-2002 03:31 PM:

    Macros saw the kick coming and the devestating Force. Using his quickness and agility once again he continued his sabre round behind him, spinning round it caused a blue and lethal barrier of dark-blue light. Talus aborted the kick and Macros stepped back. Taking a breather, he stood with his sabre in a defensive position crouched like a cat.

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 10-07-2002 03:40 PM:

    Talus' eyes grew wide as he saw himself about to lose a foot, stopping his leg suddenly he pulled it back in towards his body and smiled.

    "T'was close... but you aren't getting tired on me now are you?" Grinning he used the force and two grapefruit sized stones rose into the air behind him, but unlike most attacks these didn't fly forward. Talus was using immense concentration to hold them up just above his shoulders. He slowly walked towards Macros, with his floating stones above him, he grinned maliciously and reached behind his back pulling out his prized possesion, Clavis Neco, the Key to Death, Talus' very own Dragon Saber.

    "Let's take this up a notch shall we?"

    Posted by Macros on 10-07-2002 04:00 PM:

    Taking into account the malicious grin on Talus' face Macros proceeded cautiously.

    "Tired on you, don't flatter yourself. But I have to admit, you are keeping me quite entertained, much more fun than stealing stuff from you I must say."

    He feigned an attack mid-sentence, cursing as Talus didn't take the bait. Still he continued on, sabre in hand, and Macros backed off, not caring what Talus said, he wasn't been cowardly he wasn't stupid. Talus had something for him, and Macros was about to be on the receiving end of it.

    "What you upto?"

    As Talus looked into his eyes, two rocks headed towards Talus pair, aiming to knock them out of their position. . .

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 10-07-2002 04:30 PM:

    Talus saw the rocks, he didn't care he'd achieved his goal, distracting Macros from the Dragon Saber he held in his hand. Slowly the mouth of the dragon opened and an emitter was revealed, then a ruby activation switch appeared between the wings of the Jade handle, Talus depressed it quickly.


    The sound of a crimson death being expelled from the mouth of the dragon saber. Talus quickly used the force to move the stones in front of him as he destroyed them with his saber creating a cloud of dust between him and Macros, which he force pushed again at the smaller disciple. He then lunged through the cloud of dust with his saber coming down at a sharp angle at Macros' shoulder and throat, with the intention of cleaving the young man into two very different halves.

    Posted by Macros on 10-08-2002 03:20 PM:

    Macros quickly brought his saber up to meet the big man's fancy dragonblade. He eyed it longingly, watching Talus out of the corner of his eye. He hoped to fool him into thinking he was off guard. . .

    As the cloud of dust clouded his vision he attempted to become one with the Force. He had heard that your vision can often be a hindrance more than a help. He blocked the slash, not knowing whether he had been lucky in his wild guess or if he had felt it via the Force.

    "Nice saber you have there Talus. I'd keep your eye on it."

    An impish grin crossed his lips and he brought the saber to Talus' right, bringing it back round to his left as the larger disciple blocked it easily.

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 10-08-2002 03:26 PM:

    Talus grinned at the comment, he now had an edge. Macros' lust for other peoples possessions would work to Talus' advantage.

    As he blocked the counter attack Talus moved his hand upon Macros' saber hand; "Yes it is an impressive blade, shall we switch and compare?"

    With a mighty jerk Talus pulled Macros' saber into his hands, though the fellow disciple still held firm to it, not giving it up easily. Then casually Talus moved his Saber hand in a way that Macros could easily snatch at if, if he gave up his grip on his blade. Little did Macros know however that a Dragon Blade would only stay ignited for it's creator and that if Macros took possesion of it, he would in essence disarm himself, at least of a light saber.

    Posted by Macros on 10-08-2002 03:49 PM:

    Macros saw his chance and took it, his skilfull hands easily avoiding Talus' attempt at removing his hand with his own saber. A look of triumph covered his face and he released his grip on DarkDestiny. He twisted to attack Talus while he was unprepared and his face was pale, even in comparison to his almost white complexion from his injuries.

    He realised his mistake instantly and threw the deignited saber from him and Force jumped. Leaping backwards with a single flip.

    "Smart git."

    From his crouched position he removed a long and vicious looking knife from his belt, about the length of the young assassin's fore-arm. He laughed at himself as he advanced on the saber-armed big brute armed with a knife, no matter how big.

    Thinking quickly he removed his matt black blowgun and armed it with a sedation-dose dart, as much as he hated Talus he didn't want Talus' death on his conscience. The dart flew towards his neck, silently and swiftly, and the blowgun was back in it's place as if it had never been there, and Macros advanced...

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 10-08-2002 04:00 PM:

    Talus saw the dart moving towards him, it was unavoidable. Talus was not aware of how much poison was in the projectile, but he wasn't very concerned. He was a genetically modified soldier, they were designed to absorb copious amounts of toxins without major loss of fighting prowess.

    Moving quickly with his left arm, he blocked the dart. It felt as if he'd been stung by a Dagobian Wasp. Slowly he felt his left arm go numb, it seems that Macros' had used a large amount of poison to try and take him down, but it wasn't enough. It would only hinder the use of his left arm, until his body was able to metabolize and expell the toxins.

    "You little son of a..." Talus did not finish the sentence as he had to continue his attack. Deactivating Dark Destiny he placed it on his hip and reactivated his discarded blade.

    "It seems you're not the only one who's got sticky fingers." Talus roared as he advanced on the now saberless Macros. Talus feinted a thrust with his blade and instead turned it into a huge spin kick that connected with Macros' shoulder as he moved to avoid the blade. Macros was sent tumbling again by the enormous natural strength of Talus.

    Posted by Macros on 10-09-2002 03:59 PM:

    Landing amongst the shadows of a nearby grove of trees, a painful smile cossed Macros' lips and he sighed with contentment. Jumping to his feet he disappeared from sight, hiding his Force presence like Darkstar had taught him. He waited like a sniper, unmoving, unseen, unheard. He tensed and untensed his muscles in the trained fashion of Assassins, so that muscles unused for long periods of time were still fresh when 'the time' came.

    Talus edged towards the trees, a slight look of puzzlement etched on his face. Still Macros waited. . .

    Flitting silently up a tree branch, Macros waited untill the big man had passed under him. The whole life he had spent thieving, assassinating and escaping notice paid off, no matter how hard those times had been. Landing behing Talus his hand shot out and retrieved his saber, kicking Talus in the back before his fellow Sith knew what hit him.

    With a *snap-hiss* DarkDestiny was ignited and the smaller Disciple advanced on Talus.

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 10-09-2002 06:08 PM:

    "Ummph..." Was the sound that arose from Talus as he felt a boot in his back. Then the snap his of Macros' saber informed him that he was rearmed once again. Grinning Talus swung his still ignited Dragon saber at one of the trees in front of him, then simply stepped out of the way.


    With that sound the small tree fell and fell fast towards Macros. Talus spun and jumped on the trunk of the descending tree running up it waiting for Macros to make his move to avoid being crushed and when he did make his move Talus would meet him there.

    Posted by Macros on 10-10-2002 03:15 PM:

    Macros knew that if he simply side stepped the tree he would be concussed, so he dropped to the ground a roled away to his left with a little Force-assisted speed; the tree narrowly missing him.

    He quickly jumped to his feet and attacked Talus with his saber the joy of battle and the hatred of all who opposed him; be they 'ally' or enemy. DarkDestiny collided with Talus' crimson saber, and the two sabers were locked together, the Disciples themselves fighting a battle of strength and will.

    It was most likely that Talus would win, he being the bigger of the two, but Macros' hatred was strong and the Darkside pulsed through him like a raging river, and Talus would be swept away by it if he did not get out of it's path or counter the young assassin's inner angst and turmoil.

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 10-10-2002 03:41 PM:

    Macros' aura screamed anger and rage. The smaller disciple was attempting to over-power Talus by tapping into the Dark Side. Although Talus was fighting with only one arm his strenght was still immense to that of Macros' natural ability.

    As the two pushed against each other, sparks flew from their sabers. Suddenly Talus let out a roar and pushed Macros saber above his own head. Noticing the opening he'd created he stepped hard into the smaller man and drove his forehead into the bridge of Macros' nose, twice, each time a disturbing crunching noise followed the blow. After the second hit, Talus finished his attack with a right boot to the chest and came after Macros' with his saber again.

    Posted by Macros on 10-11-2002 04:47 PM:

    Macros looked much worse of for his smashed and bloody nose but if he felt the pain he didn't show it. His saber was to his left when Talus brought his saber down on him.

    Macros swept the big man's feet from under him, jumping up and leaping off of Talus' face onto a tree branch. Moving swiftfully and skillfully in a well-practiced fashion he climbed the trees, sometimes walking across branches that didn't look big enough to hold a bird.

    The young rogue saw Talus look dazed from his loss of the upper hand and climbed higher, concealing his Force presence once again as he wiped his pale and blood-matted face. He needed to even the odds quickly, he was often outsmarting Talus but doing no permenant damage or even any that was helping the battle.

    Sliding a perfectly-weighted throwing knife from his boot that he had used many a time, he snapped his wrist back. It flicked forward and flew straight towards Talus back...

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 10-11-2002 06:10 PM:

    Talus's nose erupted in a flow of blood from the entire weight of Macros pushing off of his face. He lost the little one again. Talus was going to have to convice Lord Darkstar to train him on tracking those who hid their force signature. Talus began to look for the rogue amongst the trees. No one moved completely without a trace and Talus' sensers were honed to detect what little trace his opponent would leave.

    The trees... He smiled and began to choppe trees down. Then he heard it. The whistling of a dagger flying through the air, quickly Talus dropped to his stomach but not quite quickly enough. The blade of the dagger bit into his left shoulder. Talus grimaced, but wasn't in too much pain, the dart had left his left arm numb to begin with. Grimmacing he held wrenched it from his shoulder. But the true pain came from the cauterization of the would with Talus Dragon Saber. The flow of blood stopped but his eyes watered, making it difficult to see. Turning he went on a rampage of cutting down trees.

    "Afraid to face me on the ground, like a man, grifter. Too scared that your speed will be no use." He roared. Then he sprinted to the open ground, he would not follow the little imp into the trees any longer.

    Posted by Macros on 10-12-2002 09:03 AM:

    Macros felt the tree he was on waver and fall, and he leapt off it as it hit the ground, in doing so cushioning the impact. Dusting himself off he immediately sped after the larger disciple. Seconds before Talus turned and faced the trees he Force jumped clear over his head, turning through 180' as he landed silently just behind Talus.

    He thrust DarkDestiny at Talus' unprotected back. The other disciple turned quickly and blocked it, but left his flank open. The young rogue saw the opening and brought his saber round and aimed to slice Talus in two.

    He looked up at Talus arm and saw the bloody mess on Talus' shoulder. He grinned slightly.

    "Are you sure you don't want to carry on in the trees? It's really quite interesting in there."

    Talus dodged the attack and Macros fought relentlessly with his saber, attacking quickly and skillfully, Talus was driven backwards before their sabers locked together once again. Macros pushed with all his might, his eyes darting about for the one little mistake that could quickly end this battle for either of them.

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 10-12-2002 09:25 AM:

    Pain. immense pain all from the left side. He hadn't gotten out of the way of Macros' blade as well as he'd hoped too and felt the very tip of it dance across his side singeing his flesh and cutting through his shirt.

    As Talus battled he had to fight Macros with but one arm. It was the knife wound, it was merely a flesh would that could have gotten nasty had Talus not cauterized it, no it was the sedation toxins Macros used on him. As the two fought Talus was losing ground, fighting handicaped against the quicker Macros he couln't hold ground.

    Or it seemed he was handicapped...

    The pain in Talus' left arm was becoming increasingly more prevalent, a sure sign that the toxins were wearing off, but it still wasn't fast enough, but Talus had a plan as always. This time when the sabers locked Talus swung his right foot around the leg of Macros and hooked his leg and then rolled, the result tangled the two apprentices legs together and sent Macros into the training room floor face first. This time however Talus was the first up, pushing off with both arms, he still wasn't able to use it to fight but he could use it to move himself. Leaping to his feet he burried his left foot in Macros' side knocking him away from Talus.

    "It seems that you are not the only one that has tricks up his sleeve, And as for fighting in the trees, I've done enough of that for one afternoon"

    Talus moved his left arm up a bit and shook it violently, trying to get the blood to flow through and allow him the use of his arm again.

    Posted by Macros on 10-12-2002 09:48 AM:

    The young assassin winced as he hit the floor and stayed there. Attempting to rise off his left leg he cried out in agony - he'd twisted his ankle in Talus' manouver. Staying knelt he breathed deeply, using the pain.

    He was furious. At himself. At Talus. But he would get his revenge. Dust rose around the weakening disciple as he called the power of the Darkside to him.

    "You'll regret that you bast..."

    He couldn't finish the sentence, the concentration needed was too much for him, the small boulder aimed at Talus' head slowed down, trapping his legs instead of crushing his skull.

    Macros tried to stand as Talus lifted the boulder off his trapped legs. Seeing his advantage he leapt forward off of his right leg, landing painfully with a foot on each of Talus' arms, the bigger disciple's saberhand loosening it's grasp under the pressure. He used the Force to bring it to his hand, effectively de-igniting it, before sliding the hilt into a holder.

    He kneeled on the big man's chest, his feet remaining in place on Talus' wrists. His breathing was heavy, he breathed deeply to speak, and it was only just a whisper.

    "Given up, or will I have to slit your throat first?"

    With remarkable speed a poisoned dagger was at Talus' throat, the blade pressing in slightly but not breaking the skin...

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 10-12-2002 06:15 PM:

    As soon as Macros finished his sentence both of Talus' legs shot up hooking him around the face and flipping him down. Talus retook his saber and ignited it ripping into the right leg of Macros.

    "You should have finished the job instead of bragging you two-bit hood..."

    With those words Talus displayed the speed he'd been holding back. Three shots into Macros' rib cage struck with bone breaking force from both arms. A forth blow landed in the disciples stomach bending him over, as Talus finished his flurry with a huge kick to the apprentices face, flipping the smaller disciple end over end. But Talus was not done yet... Charging forward he lept into the air bringing both knees into Macros' exposed chest. His left hand, no longer affected by the poison latched onto the smaller disciples throat while Talus right arm battered his exposed face. After a few blows Talus stepped away from Macros and ignited his saber pointing it at the fallen disciple.

    "Rise and defend yourself, this spar is not yet over..." He clinched his left hand into a fist showing he could use it once again.

    Posted by Macros on 10-13-2002 05:38 AM:

    Macros leapt to his feet, ignoring the pain completely. He'd had worse, much worse, and beaten stronger opponents than Talus. His vision was blurred and tinted red from his own blood but still he battled on.

    "I would have like to finish the job very much you big son of a *****, but I don't think Darkstar would be able to use you as his bruiser if your windpipe has a nice gaping hole in it."

    He sniggered slightly.

    "You know as well as I do that if you were an enemy you would be dead.

    Maybe it will have to end that way."

    Macros suddenly drove his saber forward at Talus' head, dropping back and taking Talus' ferocious block and counter. Then he ducked under it and rolled sideways, coming up behind the other Disciple. He grabbed his saber arm and twisted it, smiling as he heard anf felt sickening crack of bone. Then he latched onto his neck, blocking off Talus' air supply and pulling backwards...

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 10-13-2002 11:04 AM:

    Talus winced as his he felt the bone in his right arm break, but that was it, the breaking point, out of respect for Darkstar's apprentice he'd held back, he hadn't unleashed everything on him. Macros however was throwing it all at him. As Macros latched on to his neck from behind Talus reached up with his left arm and latched on the the back of Macros' neck. Talus was big and muscle bound but he was flexible. Gripping tight he roared; "Stronger than me, I think not."

    Macros was then flipped off of Talus and onto the ground with a sickening thud, Talus huge foot came down square on his chest, breaking bones in the process. Talus then called out with the force and drew his saber into his left hand. The blade came down across Macros' chest biting deep into his flesh. It wasn't a killing blow, for Talus' could not kill Macros without Lord Darkstar's permission, but he could make him feel pain.

    Talus saw Macros' hand go for something, but Talus' foot came down hard on top of it, crushing it. Talus then dropped his knee on Macros' other arm at the elbow, the joint seemed to wrench from it's natural position. Deactivating his saber, Talus brought the hilt down across Macros' throat.

    "And if it wasn't for my loyalty to the Empire and respect for our master, you'd have no head."

    Reaching up he brought the butt of the hilt down inbetween Macros' eyes, with a sick crack.

    Posted by Macros on 10-14-2002 03:35 PM:

    Macros blinked back tears, and fought the darkness overwhelming him. He doubted whether he would keep consiousness, nevermind stand. He lay there, and everything span. The pain was unbearable and Macros nearly went. He opened his mouth to speak, and it was painful, but he just managed.

    "You know....full well.....tha...that back would have had...your throat... slit if you were an enemy..."

    He coughed up blood, lying there he couldn't move, he was completely broken. He didn't even want to risk lashing out at Talus for fear of enraging him again. He simply stayed where he was.


    With that the darkness took over and he slipped into a healing sleep, uncaring of what happened to him now...

    It was meant as a punishment for his failure, and if Macros had retained consciousness he wouldn't have been disappointed with himself, he was injured before the battle and Talus was fresh, he had fought well...

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 10-14-2002 06:51 PM:

    Talus got up and began to walk away towards the med bay, he need to have his broken arm set, when suddenly he stopped. Turning around he picked Macros up with his left arm and swung him over his shoulder.

    "You fought well comrade, you fought well..." He whispered into Macros' limp body. Talus would carry his fallen opponent back to the med-bay and notify Lord Darkstar, that the spar was complete.