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A dark meeting (Lady Athena)

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  • A dark meeting (Lady Athena)

    Posted by Xam Feldek on 10-04-2002 03:30 PM:
    A dark meeting (Lady Athena)

    Xam was sitting in his room on a wooden chair,he was thinking about everything he had known till now. It was only to kill the boring feeling he was hosting. There had to be someone which who he could train. He stood up and thought, he had heard in Rama's that Dark Lady Athena was back. This could be interesting, so he took searched her presence and sent her a message via the force.

    Good evening Lady, would you like to join me at the training grounds in 10 minutes.

    He went to his cupboard, he took his lightsabre,Bloodstorm, and another one he used while he was making one for himself. He put on his dark red cloak.

    He went out of his room heading for the training grounds, he was enthousiast of fighting a Sith Knight. it was dark and clouded, the darkness of the evening was spreading very quickly and once in a while the moon appeared from behind a cloud. He went to the outside training grounds and waited patiently.

    Posted by The Lady Athena on 10-04-2002 03:40 PM:

    She was walking the halls of the HQ when a voice entered her mind. 10 mins huh... Sure why not. She had been gone for far to long to not accept this spar. A disciple hey they had to learn some how.

    Slowly walking into the traning grounds the moon started to peek out from its hidding spot of a cloud. The Sith Knight watched as the Mist started to fill the ground. The cool night air made it comfy to fight in.

    She noticed the man standing there waiting. She wondered how good he was with Illusions. Casting with the force a replica of her own being she made it seem that she was walking towards him from the front of him and not the back. Her own and real body hidding her force signature but leaving just enough to make her Illusion seem real.

    Her right hand raised and unclasped her ebony black cloak. She dropped it to the floor and then within her left hand grasped her Lightwhip and into her right hand her Light saber. Neither one would be ignited yet.

    Posted by Xam Feldek on 10-04-2002 03:52 PM:

    Xam saw a person coming towards him, he knew it should be Lady Athena. When she was only a few feet from him he bowed and just said:

    "Hello, beautiful night isn't it?"

    He unwrapped his cloak and lifted it with the force to a corner of the little training ground they had for the fight.
    Then he loosened a bit his muscles and prepared himself for the fight, he would be able to ignite his lightsabres in a fraction of a second if she would decide to attack.

    Posted by The Lady Athena on 10-04-2002 04:00 PM:

    Athena smiled her Illusion was perfect. The man started to talk to her walking trap. As the Illusion made its way towars Xam, Athena moved in from behind. She dropped her saber back to her belt and swiftly gripped her hand around his mouth. Her left hand still holding her lightwhip yet not ignited pushed into his lower back.

    " Do you always talk to ghosts? "

    As she said this her Illusion disapated.

    " But yes its a perfect night to spar. I am Athena, I spoke to your Master Dark Star and he oked this little spar. So tell me are you ready? "

    Her hands both dropped and she placed her whip back to her belt. As her right hand lowered she spun him around so they were face to face. Then the Knight took a step back.

    Posted by Xam Feldek on 10-04-2002 04:12 PM:

    Xam looked surprised when he felt the hand on his mouth and even more surprised when person which he had been talking to had disappeared. He began to understand, this Sith Knight seemed to be an illusionist.

    "Illusions eh. Interesting."

    He was turned around and faced the Sith Knight, she was putting a weapon back on her belt and seemed to fairly wait for Xam to be ready to start the fight.

    "Well, will we begin this?"

    Xam ignited both lightsabres and ran towards her with force enchanced speed, in the same time he was levitating four head-sized rocks behind her back, sending them towards her, the first one was aimed a few feet above her, another one to the centre of her spine and the two resting ones to a few feet of both of her hips. She could not dodge all the rocks and Xam was aiming one one of his lightsabres to her neck, keeping the other one defensive, just in front of her so she couldn't escape.

    Posted by The Lady Athena on 10-04-2002 04:21 PM:

    She smiled and felt the force leavating the rocks. She hated rocks.
    With little more then a smile her whip, ignited and took out the top two rocks leaving nothing more then dust. Now for his sabers thats where rushing towards her.

    She dropped down to the floor her chest now laying upon the ground. He would only step on her but his own rocks would hit him in the hips like they were going to do to her. She rolled to the right and returned to her feet now her pale yellow saber was ignited in her right hand.

    " To much to fast dear. Make strong attacks not just a lot of them. "

    She smiled and ran full speed towards the student. Her saber in front of her. She jumped over his head and brought her saber down in periced into his shoulder as he tried to watch her. She had promised not to hurt him to bad. And let go of her saber. Once on her feet she called it back to her had with the force.

    Posted by Xam Feldek on 10-04-2002 04:35 PM:

    Xam felt the intense pain in his shoulder and sensed that the lightsabre was pulled out of his shoulder with the force. He didn't crie it out but just smiled, she was right. Then he saw the rocks coming towards him, he slowed them down with the force but they were still going to hit his hips, so he made a 180° flip and just let them pass. He then turned again in his position he was standing a few seconds ago.

    Faking that he ws in a tremendous pain from the lightsabre, he just lifted the under part of his leg and moved it very quickly towards Athena, in the mean time he had shot his dagger into her leg which had flown out of his boot without she noticing it, he took back his lightsabre and made a backwards salto. He was waiting for a countre strike.

    Posted by The Lady Athena on 10-04-2002 04:38 PM:

    OOC Xam you forgot about your own rocks. They should have hit ya in the hips. Unless you moved.