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Howling Winds of the Desert (Gideon Desdemona)

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  • Howling Winds of the Desert (Gideon Desdemona)

    Posted by Varlon Konrad on 08-21-2002 11:22 PM:
    Howling Winds of the Desert (Gideon Desdemona)

    It hadn't been too long since Varlon had finished his trek out into the blasted desert, his preferred training ground for his apprentices. The undying heat, the unblinking sun, and the ever-present desert winds. Those very winds were always a favourite of Varlon to use in signalling his apprentices out to him. Closing his eyes and crossing his arms across his chest, the familiar triplet of swirling air columns which rotated around him came into being, which would act as a clear beacon for miles out. In the eye of the storm, the winds whipped around the Sith Lord, his braid dancing upon the currents as sand dirtied him and his outfit. He should arrive in the next hour if I judged him correctly… Varlon thought to himself as he let himself slip into a trance-like state of concentration.

    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 08-21-2002 11:38 PM:

    Gideon had been wondering in the desert for a while now before he spotted the sand tornadoes. Gideon thought to hime-self stay clear or go near? He didn't know wich was right but he thought the quickest way to his master was towrds the twisters.

    Gideon reached the twisters and stopped, something was not right. He could see a break after each twister passed, and the middle looked as calm as 5 miles away would. Gideon felt that his quest for his master would end in those tornadoes and his training would begin.

    Gideon calculated the time between each twister and ran for the opening. Gdeon ran through the opening and there he saw his master, waiting in a trance-like state. Gideon said to him,

    :I'm here master, I've solved this puzzle:

    Posted by Varlon Konrad on 08-22-2002 08:01 PM:

    The unnatural winds that had spawned the triplet of tornadoes died down as the Sith Lord awakened from his trance, the sand now crashing down like towers, billowing over the pair. As the sand finally settled, Varlon's gaze had locked upon that of his apprentice, a faint smirk crossing his face. "Very good, Gideon," He spoke as a faint gust of wind blew through, blowing most of the sand from the both of them. "You have just proven to me that you are headstrong in your quest to learn. Now then, we may begin."

    Raising his hand towards the sky, a pair of quarterstaffs erupted from the dunes behind him, arcing high into the air before their trajectories parted. One fell down towards Varlon, and he caught it with ease while he watched his apprentice catch his own. "Gideon, have you ever had any formal traning with either staff or sword type weapons?"

    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 08-22-2002 09:03 PM:

    Gideon didn't alter his stance as the sand fell on him he only kept a close eye on his master. Gideon's eyes were taken off his master as the quarterstaffs erupted from the ground. Gideon's eyes were now on the quarterstaff that was angled in his direction and he caught it with great ease. After hearing his masters question Gideon responded by saying,

    :No master, I have no formal training in either. Just one or two self lessons with swords to test there durability after they were crafted:

    Posted by Varlon Konrad on 08-23-2002 11:07 AM:

    "I see," Varlon said as he watched his apprentice. "Well then, is there a preferance of the two that you have? Otherwise I can teach you the basics on using both."

    Flipping the staff in his grip, Varlon drove it partially into the sand beneath him and rested both his palms on it.

    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 08-23-2002 12:26 PM:

    Gideon's eye's were now back on his master and after seeing what he did, Gidoen kept his grip on the quarterstaff waiting for anything and said,

    :My preferance would be the sword, something I feel that is the correct way for me:

    Posted by Varlon Konrad on 08-24-2002 11:40 AM:

    "Then I shall train you to work as a swordsman," Varlon sad as he kicked his staff from the sand up into the air, then caught it around the lower thirty centimetres. "Another question I have for you is whether you would prefer a traditional, single handed, or short-handled sword or the larger, longer reaching, and two handed long-handled sword for fighting.

    "Again, this will also help me determine how to train you. Keep this in mind, however. A short-handled sword can be swung in combat faster, and more repeatedly than a long-handled sword, but lacks the range and control of the long-handled."

    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 08-24-2002 02:36 PM:

    Gideon brought up his staff reacting to his master, he was thinking he would attack but instead he asked another question. Gideon watched him carefully and said,

    :I value the speed of a short handled sword so that is what I will use to fight:

    Gideon tightened his grip on the quarterstaff preparing himself for anything his master might do.

    Posted by Varlon Konrad on 08-26-2002 05:25 PM:

    "Well, then," Varlon said as he flipped the staff a few times before catching it with both hands around the middle, his eyes locking on those of his apprentice. "I want you to attack me once, how you think would be properly done with a sword."

    Tightening his grip on the staff, Varlon let the distance between his feet widen to about shoulder width, leaving him a bit more open. "I will guide you along the way, giving you corrections to your technique, in order to hone it."

    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 08-26-2002 05:39 PM:

    Gideon saw his master spread his legs and open himself up for attack. Gideon who wouldn't of attacked him normaly did not want to anger him so he attacked with all his might.

    Gideon ran at Varlon holding his staff in his left hand above his right shoulder and swung it down towrads the left side of his master's neck.

    Posted by Varlon Konrad on 08-29-2002 05:27 PM:

    With a quick pair of slashes of his own, using his staff, Varlon smacked away the staff of his apprentice, Gideon and then simultaneously struck the young man in the side with just enough force to sting. "Very good, Gideon, but that would have killed you considering my preferance of style," Varlon spoke as he looked at his apprentice. "However, had I been using my staff as a sword, I could have only parried your attack and lashed out with my own. When facing off against someone with a twin sabre, the key is to either attack as a part of a pair, or even trio, or to utilize a pair of sabres or quick number of strikes.

    "Now, come at me a second time. However, do not leave yourself as open. Hold your blade closer to your body as to allow you to parry your opponent if he strikes out before you." He said before backflipping and putting a bit of distance from himself and Gideon. "Now, go."

    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 08-29-2002 05:52 PM:

    Gideon was starting to get irritated, he often felt this when he wasn't sure what to do. Gideon started to run at his master again but kept his quarterstaff which he was still holding like a sword right up in front of him.

    Gideon waited tell the last moment right before he would be to close he pointed the tip of his weapon down and jabbed it towards his master's abdomen.

    Posted by Varlon Konrad on 08-31-2002 07:01 PM:

    With a slight grunt of pain, Varlon slashed and struck Gideon in the neck somewhat midly, then fell to his kneels before keeling over, obviously being melodramatic about the situation. Sitting up and shaking the sand from his hair, he grabbed his staff and stood back up to face his apprentice. "Good move, only when you attempt it against a real opponent, be sure he's relatively disarmed or open," The Lord said with a grin. "As you can see, despite the fact I would have been impaled, I was still in a position to take you with me.

    "You're getting a good handle on things already, though, a quick learner you are."

    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 09-01-2002 10:06 AM:

    Gideon did not smile at his Master. Gideon became enraged by the shot in the neck and noticing he was still in range, Gideon still on his knee's swung his quarterstaff with all his might at his masters kneecap.

    Posted by Varlon Konrad on 09-05-2002 10:26 PM:

    The lord, fully aware of his situation, jumped above his apprentices staff and then brought his down on the young man's left shoulder with enough force to splinter the staff, the wood splitting with a loud crack. "If you let yourself lash out in pure rage alone," The lord growled deeply. "You'll only get yourself killed. Blind anger, not the skills of a Jedi, is what have cost us Sith after Sith across the millenia.

    "If you wish to end up like them," He said in a low scowl as he glared at Gideon. "Then so be it, I will draw my darksabre here and now and strike you down."

    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 09-06-2002 03:07 PM:

    Gideon grabbed his shoulder in the moment of pain and drooped his quarterstaff in the sand. Gideon looked up at his master understanding his words and said,

    :If I have failed you milord then strike me dead right here right now, but if you wish give me another chance and when I die and die I shall someday I know I would have put up a good fight:

    With that said Gideon bowed his head and waited for his masters decision.

    Posted by Varlon Konrad on 09-06-2002 09:38 PM:

    With a growl of disgust, Varlon kicked Gideon across the face and watched as the apprentice sprawled back from the blow. "Groveling and whining will similairly get you no where," He said in a scornful tone. "Now get ahold of yourself, Gideon Desdemona. Otherwise, I will see to it you are flogged until you have learned otherwise..."

    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 09-07-2002 09:56 AM:

    Gideon felt the kick but tried to ignore the pain. After hearing his masters words flogging didn't sound like to much fun. Gideon grabbed his quarterstaff out of the sand and returned to his feet. After taking a couple of steps back he said,

    :I'm ready to continue when you are milord:

    Posted by Varlon Konrad on 09-10-2002 12:28 AM:

    Not even really paying attention, the Sith Lord reached over his left shoulder and pulled free of its sheath what looked like a metallic staff with what looked like some form of machinery at the very top, a projector of some sort. "Since I have broken my wooden staff, I am now forced to resort to using my un-ignited scythe," Varlon said as he looked directly into Gideon's eyes. "Every blow I land with this will hurt one hell of a lot more than any I've inflicted on you so far.

    "Now, if you are truely wishing to continue, then we shall pick back up where we left off. I want you to attempt and 'kill' me with your staff again, only this time do not leave yourself as open as you had the last time. Before I was forced to… discipline you…"

    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 09-10-2002 02:57 PM:

    Gideon nodded his to his master before readying his attack. Gideon advanced slow at first but it turned into a burst of speed as he charged for Varlon, he brought his staff down again aiming for his masters neck. Varlon blocked it (Gideon knew this was going to easily be blocked) but the exact moment of the two staffs impact Gideon shot his foot up aiming a kick at Varlon's Kidneys.

    Posted by Varlon Konrad on 09-22-2002 10:42 AM:

    Flinching slightly as Gideon's foot struck him, the Sith Lord broke the deadlock he had allowed to be created between himself and his apprentice. With a flash of speed, the Lord brought his unignited scythe out and below his apprentice, knocking him from his footing, following through he brought the weapon down upon his apprentice's chest with a decent whack. "Never leave yourself open like that," Varlon said as he pulled his staff away and looked down at his apprentice. "It'll get you killed faster than trying to fight in a blind rage."

    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 09-22-2002 02:39 PM:

    Gideon rolled back on his feet away from his master and grabbed his chest in pain,

    :Yes Master I will try and remember that:

    Gideon ran at Varlon and leaped over his head, while in the air Gideon struck at Varlon trying to hit him in between his shoulder blades with his quarterstaff.

    Posted by Varlon Konrad on 10-01-2002 08:43 PM:

    Following Gideon's movements, Varlon blocked his apprentice's attack on his scythe, and then lashed out with a kick as the young man landed on his feet. The force of the blow threw Gideon face down into the sand as Var jabbed him in the back decently with the butt of his scythe, indicating he'd been struck by the weapon that was acting as a mock lightsabre. "Attacking in the air against a superior foe is not the best of ideas," Varlon said as he allowed Gideon to rise back to his feet. "If it wasn't for the fact I haven't trained you in Force manipulation yet, nor for the lack of material to utilize here in the desert, your best bet would have been to distract your enemy with a piece of debris, rock, or anything else that could pose a threat when hurtled.

    "Then strike."

    Posted by Gideon Desdemona on 10-02-2002 03:09 PM:

    Gideon was in the sand face down when his master spoke. He knew he was right there was nothing to utilize in the desert besides the sand. Gideon grabbed a handful of sand and rose to his feet, he then turned fast and threw the sand in his master’s face (an un honorable move but it was all he could think of). With a cloud of dust surrounding his master Gideon slashed at his master, but with his master's great force abilities he could sense the attack coming so he blocked it with ease. Gideon pushed with all his might to keep a dead lock between the two, feeling his master start to over power him Gideon tried to place a kick on the side of his master’s knee in an attempt to buckle it.