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    Posted by Callista on 09-06-2002 12:30 PM:
    Higher Standing (Zena)

    A new rank…Callista had been waiting for the day that she would become Sith Knight. Waiting for the day that she would seem worthy enough a title in Master Shadowtide’s eyes. Just two days ago, she had been awarded such an honor. And now she wished to continue her track.

    By word of mouth, the newly deemed Knight had become aware of Lady Zena’s promotion just days before hers. It only seemed right to call her to battle. Although tutored under different Masters, the skills would be equal, or at least should be, and Callista wanted to test that theory. After the beating Tempist gave her a month ago, she had yet to set foot on the training grounds for a one-on-one. She craved such a challenge now…and was sure Zena would give it to her.

    With a short hop Callista jumped up to grab hold of the ledge of the stone wall that surrounded the training grounds. Pulling her body to the top she carefully stood and balanced her footing on the foot wide surface. Teetering along, she walked several yards before stopping, twisting her feet around to face the grounds. With the aid of an arm, she squatted, then let her feet fall out from under her, plopping down on the rocks. She let her legs dangle, swaying back and forth as she awaited the arrival of the one she had called to battle.

    Posted by Dark Lady Zena on 09-07-2002 08:16 AM:

    A lone figure emulating the woodland decor, lumbered casually out from the forest's sage canopy, her camouflaged apparel resembling the battle fatigues she wore as a mercenary. Scanning the sector with calculating eyes, whereas most of the Sith Empire affiliates opted to hone their skills in a myriad of spars against one another, Zena spotted her fellow Sith Knight, Callista. It was odd they both ascended to the same rank only days apart, so it would seem only natural they would size up one another in combat. Zena had not been expecting the promotion, then again, her Master, Jedah Lynch, was a most unpredictable Sith. Nevertheless, she was most appreciative her services for TSE warranted her the rank, and his confidence in her abilities she would tirelessly uphold.

    .." finally meet. I look forward to the spar. I am game for any kind of contest, whether it be with sabers or hand to hand. Perhaps both, would be an intriguing test for our abilities."..

    Posted by Callista on 09-08-2002 09:22 PM:

    Stopping the motion of her legs, Callista peered down at Zena from her high perch. She had seen the Sith Knight once or twice, but never had spoken with her. What a time to do so now.

    A toothy smile was all she first offered as the woman spoke. Zena held herself high…good. Such a trait deamed worthy in Callista's eyes. They would just have to test how 'high' each of them really stood.

    She had heard something about an ex-mercenary in the organization and judging by the nature and semblance, Zena seemed to be just that. Once Zena had finished, Callista said but one word, “Ex-merc?”

    Posted by Dark Lady Zena on 09-09-2002 02:04 PM:

    Regarding her fellow Sith Knight with a nod, followed by a capacious grin, she traced the form of her would be competitor. Zena sensed her stalwart essence, as it reflected off her dauntless bearing. Such things were respected in her clan with the Red Moons.

    "A mercenary was I..a sergeant to be exact," she offered her in response, a flash of pride beaming off Zena as her eyes flashed to a hue of steel gray.

    Posted by Callista on 09-10-2002 11:37 AM:

    With a distinct stirring of her arms, Callista forced herself to hop down from the wall. She landed gracefully on her two feet, knees bending slightly to give her perfect balance. As she rose up to face Zena squarely she smiled. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Zena. Perhaps after this little match, I may treat you to a round at Rama’s? I’d love to hear more about your mercenary days.” And she did too…such stories reminded her of her own smuggling days. She found there wasn’t much better than swapping tales with newfound friends over a nice refreshing drink.

    Callista took a step to the side, continuing to regard her emulator. “You don’t seem the type to fight with a saber…might I suggest steel swords?”

    Posted by Dark Lady Zena on 09-10-2002 01:41 PM:

    "On the contrary, I am well acquainted with a double bladed saber as well as two single light sabers. Of course, if you would prefer, I would enjoy a round with swords. I favor the dual bladed saber myself, but would wield a sword in its stead. Has been a while since I have employed one."

    Zena's eyes reverted back to their arctic blue pigment, as she smiled to Callista, awaiting her rejoinder.

    .."Rama's would make for a fine after battle mint,".. Zena interjected, as she snickered.

    Posted by Callista on 09-10-2002 03:21 PM:

    “Oh, I don’t doubt that you are well skilled in the art of saber combat. You just look the type for a sword,” she quickly riposted, matching the woman’s smile. “It is I who is not well experienced with the old style sword, and I wish to be so. I believe you might be of help.” It was the truth, in fact, that Callista was neither well adept with saber or sword much preferring her other ensemble of weapons such as blasters, daggers, and whips. The saber had always drawn too much attention in her travels and she had only again picked it back up after joining the Empire.

    She inclined her head to the side, motioning for Zena to follow. Just yards away, a blanket lay on the ground, a collection of six swords displayed where she had laid them out just hours before arriving to do battle. She flashed a short-lived grin at her opponent. “I collect the things…never really used them. You may use one of these if you’d like.”

    Callista herself bent down to retrieve her particularly favorite sword out of the bunch. It was cast metal with a hilt of antiqued silver-plated finish and gold highlights. She hadn’t named it like she had the others. This one was special. She had been acquiring it on her last smuggling run…before her comrades had perished…

    Tossing it around in her hand she tested the weight balance, then looked to Zena to see if she was ready.

    Posted by Dark Lady Zena on 09-14-2002 01:05 PM:

    .."Quite an impressive display, Lady Callista. I see the battle calls us now."..

    Liberating her Mandalorion iron sword, Serpent's Fang, from its leather scabbard, Zena positioned the blade vertically before her forehead in a salute to her opponent. She ambled ahead, locking eyes with her challenger, two Sith Knights immersed in the dance of blades.

    Without a hint of warning, void of hesitation, Zena launched herself at Callista, ripping her sword held double handed at its novel carved hilt, adorned with rancors and serpents, and one lone warrior leading them into battle against an army of goblins. Steering her blade at her fellow Sith Knight, the sword careened towards Callista's left flank on a arc, as she continued the momentum nearing her flesh. Zena's features were stoic, as she was aware any mistake from either of them would procure a serious wound, yet the Sith trained hard in spars, to any onlooker would appear as if to be an actual death duel.

    Posted by Callista on 09-17-2002 09:12 AM:

    The attack was sudden, but not something she hadn’t anticipated. Callista brought the razor tipped edge of her blade up to ward off the oncoming offensive. The strength behind Zena’s strike was more forceful than what Callista had parried with and her blade was compelled back towards her. She hop-skipped to the side and out of the way, letting the blade fall to scrape a trench in the ground. Kicking it around in a wide circle, she brought it up and about to penetrate Zena’s sphere at her left shoulder knowing it would be hard for the woman to diagonally bring her own blade up fast enough.

    Posted by Dark Lady Zena on 09-17-2002 01:12 PM:

    Zena's face beamed radiantly as the battle incited her adrenaline, her mercenary blood thirsting for the competition as her Sith instincts welcomed the challenge with a satiable grin. Callista made a clever move, but Zena was prepared for any tricks. Pivoting on her right heel, Zena spun left 90 degrees, stepping back, which would appear as 1/4 of a circle. As Callista's blade met air, Zena hurled her sword back as their blades smacked against one another in a clash of metal. She hoisted Callista's sword up, well over her shoulders, sliding her own blade down to her opponent's hilt closing the distance between them. With a wink, she side kicked Callista in the sternum with her left foot which sent her comrade stumbling back. Zena took on the offensive as she backed up several paces, then raced towards Callista propelling herself well over her fellow Sith Knight inverting into a half twist as she landed aft of her at a meter's distance. Zena then thrusted her blade towards Callista's lower back diagonally up, almost simulating a crescent arc. The deadly edge nearing its target which would need to be offsetted with seasoned reflexes, worthy of a Sith Knight.

    Posted by Callista on 09-19-2002 01:31 PM:

    Having not met the kick with any sort of rebuke, Callista stumbled back several steps, doubling over from the precise contact. Lifting her head she watched as Zena made a graceful leap, landing accurately behind her. Sensing the oncoming attack mere seconds in advance, Callista pitched her sword feet in front of her then tumbled forward in a scabrous somersault that brought the ground thrashing against her back. Hopping up to her feet she redeemed the blade in her right hand and whirled around to justly face Zena who was a bare seven feet in front of her.

    She grinned, her heart racing in her chest at this rapid paced display of skill. The Knight hadn’t had such a workout for sometime and she was no doubt going to feel it in the morning…but such assumption only encouraged her more. Casting the sword in the air Callista caught it in the opposite hand, then reared forward; crossing several feet in a concise bound. Wielding the blade as if it had the weight of a saber, she lobbed it in the air, well over her body, a grunt escaping her lips as she marshaled all of her strength, bearing the sword edge down on Zena’s head.

    Posted by Dark Lady Zena on 09-20-2002 08:45 AM:

    Zena took note Callista had adopted a single handed grip, which would favor a more agile strike, yet the double handed grip did pose its precedence in power. For this particular counter, she retained her previous dual handed grip.

    Callista enacted a bantam move as she projected herself into a vigorous leap, coercing Zena to back pedal a bit as she ripped Serpent's Fang clockwise over her head, ceasing the momentum, maneuvering her sword horizontally, taking the brunt force as the swords made impact. With a flick of a trained wrist, Zena parried her opposer's blade to her left, causing Callista to stretch her left arm across her body. Zena then relinquished her left hand from the hilt as she slid her sword past her competitor's, and attempted to guide her blade's extremity in a single thrust to Callista's open left upper rib cage by her armpit.

    Sweat was beading off her face as the two contenders faced off. Callista indeed was well skilled in melee warfare. Zena so loved a challenge in contest, clearly evident as her azure eyes revised to a gray hue, mirroring the shade of her sword. The Darkside filled her veins with its omnipotence as the competition lingerd on. Zena licked the sweat off about her lips, as the salty taste posed an inclination to fight even more boisterously.

    Posted by Callista on 09-24-2002 09:50 AM:

    Clever little…

    She hissed as cold steel met with bare flesh slicing through many layers and leaving a track of crimson in its wake. In a sudden fit of rage she promptly brought the hilt, still grasped tightly in her left hand, up in defiance to encounter Zena’s face, in a backhand like action that would rupture anyone’s nose.

    Tottering back a step her right hand went to her rib cage, checking the damage. She brought it back up to view noting it was covered in a layer of blood. The cool airs touch upon the wound stung and she grimaced, narrowing her eyes at Zena. “Nice move…”

    Gritting her teeth, Callista wasted no time in her next assault. Maneuvering the sword like a paton, she swung it in a tight circle, gaining momentum. Bringing it directly in front of her the last several degrees she joined strength with her other arm and thrust the blade powerfully towards the merc’s midsection engrossed on running her through.

    ((OOC: Lack of inventiveness, bare with me…))

    Posted by Dark Lady Zena on 09-26-2002 01:38 PM:

    Caught by surprise as she instinctively actuated to lower from the blow, Callista..nervertheless, caused a sizable gash across the bridge of her nose, narrowly missing her left eye. Blood poured out, cascading over her face like a ruptured spicket, as she cursed at the pain, her vision distorted by the blood trails seeping into her drenched optics.

    .."Blasted good shot!."..She snorted to her challenger.

    Zena knew all too well, pain, was a powerful incentive to increase ones speed, reflexes, and power, as the DarkForce surged in a cryptic-like fuel. Zena doubled her efforts as she would be more cautious for the next round. She had not expected an offensive so quickly as Callista roared ahead. Sensing the incoming thrust, she backed herself, but not nearly enough as she swung her saber in a backhanded clock-wise arc to intercept the stab and offset it.

    Since her distance wasn't checked far away enough, she only ensued in dragging Callista's sword across her torso and out her left ribs, slicing into the outer epidermal layers, as it penetrated deeper at the left ribs.


    Zena drew on the wounds' power to parry Callista's sword past her left side, then ripped it up up till it surpassed her two meter height. She then banked right dropping the sword's blade, gravitating towards Callista's left trapezius muscle on a 45 degree angle.

    Posted by Callista on 09-28-2002 11:58 AM:

    There was no time to celebrate or even think about the penetration of Zena’s defense. Having to revert back to a one handed grip of her sword when Zena had flung both sabers around and up, Callista’s neck and shoulders were now wide open, a perfect place to strike next. Zena had figured as such as well. No sooner had Callista inflicted pain upon her opponent then Zena proceeded to bring her blade down to ostensibly hack off her head.

    Callista roared as she twisted her upper torso, bending her back just enough so that her left shoulder was the first contact. The sword tip clipped into her arm a good inch and a half, scratching the bone before she was able to convey her sword down from it’s raised position and intermit Zena’s from going any further. The vigor behind such a ruthless chop sent her balance off and she tumbled backwards.

    The pain that shot through her body was overbearing. She could scarcely flex her hand, the laceration causing scattered numbness all over the arm; a strong reminder of just how serious this battle was getting. Any further and she no doubt would have lost the entire limb.

    The flow of crimson ran freely down her arm, pooling rapidly on the ground. She paid it no heed, knowing now wasn’t the time to give it such attention. Zena had combusted the passion of fury inside her. More often then not, Callista found spars to be nothing more than a game, but now it was different. Zena had proven it so.

    Pushing her discomfort aside, she rose to her feet, her iridescent gaze fixed on Zena. Taking a step to the right, she circled the Knight the only hint of agitation deliriously flickering in her eyes.

    She stopped. Her oculus twitched and in that second she howled and insanely rushed forward, the blade whipping through the air. With a sudden burst of strength, Callista brought the sword around like an ax, a savage mangle at Zena’s left thigh.

    Posted by Dark Lady Zena on 09-29-2002 09:30 AM:

    Zena shadowed her opposition with a stolid countenance, locking her sights on Callista as the ex-merc pivoted to maintain her frontal adjacency. The attack bearing on her left thigh was intercepted before her flesh would again taste the whetted berm of her blade. With Zena's left hand aiding in the ambulation, simulating the propulsion of a swinging pendulum, Serpent's Fang descended to conflict against her fellow Sith Knight's blade, meeting the coercion to carry her sword far left of her own station.

    Retrieving her sword back, Zena executed a strike en route to Callista's right flank in an artful sweeping motion, if not checked would impose a semi-circular wound stretching across her lower torso.

    Zena's thoughts briefly touched upon the feasibility the spar was surpassing the true meaning of the contest, to hone ones skills against the enemy, not each other. Yet her blood simmered to a boil with an animal-like ardor as the two combatents were ruthlessly striving for dominance.

    The Darkside blew its cosmic ominous breath into Zena's eager lungs, exhaling to once again ingest in its vile imperium with a succulent delight. The Sith Knight's blonde tresses were stained with blood and sweat trailing over her uniform ruining its camouflaged effect. Her wounds were pushing her endurance to the crest of her reserves, yet she still fought in silence with the practiced stealth of a predator, rarely would her voice give way to her compiled emotions as her intense focalization was on the battle at hand.