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    Posted by Xam Feldek on 09-27-2002 02:53 PM:
    Cat and mouse (Jenobi)

    Xam was walking through the big Empire's hall, he was counting the doors on his sides, it became an automatism each time he went to train with his master to cound them but this time he went for a training but not with his master.. With a fellow Sith, Jenobi.

    He entered the Training grounds and walked further to the outdoors, it was a good night, the sky was covered by dark clouds ,thunder could be heard and it was coming closer.

    He went to a field that wasn't occupied yet and controlled if he had everything he needed with him, his lightsabre, Bloodstorm and another one he had taken. He had a dagger in his booth and a short blade on his back.

    He then sent a message via the force to Jenobi.

    Jenobi, meet me at the training ground.

    Posted by jenobi on 09-27-2002 03:02 PM:

    Jenobi was sharpening his dagger when he heard Xam. he always wory his weapons with him so, he strode out of his room and went to the training grounds.

    when he saw Xam, he shrugged off his cloak and said" it's been a while since someone has changed me to a spar, i hope you know what you're getting into."

    but jenobi didn't give Xam enough time to think, because his double edged saber was already ignited on both ends. he twirled his saber around that made the blades seem to form into a red shied. then without warning the left blade shot out aiming for the mid-section, and the right for his left leg.

    Posted by Xam Feldek on 09-27-2002 03:12 PM:

    Xam saw Jenobi entering and acting very fast but Xam wasn't surprised by his quick attack. Xam made a jump almost parrallel to the ground, spinning around. He dodged the two lightsabres and they fell on the ground.

    He made a backwards salto, still in the air and took his own two lightsabres. He threw Jenobi's back at him with the force and drew his own lightsabres.

    "Bah, let's begin, shall we?"

    Xam sped towards Jenobi lifting two rocks behind him and sending them to Jenobi's back and in the mean time he faked an attack towards Jenobi's left leg but then Xam let himself fall on the ground, rolled over and dodged the two rocks which passed very closely from Xam's head and were only a few inches from Jenobi, in the mean time he aimed one sabre to Jenobi's shoulder, keeping the other one in a defensive position.

    Posted by jenobi on 09-27-2002 03:58 PM:

    jenobi was startled by this ones skills and quick thinking. "but what do you expect of one being trained by Master Darkstar" jenobi thought to himself. jenobi then used his right blade to deflect the attack and did a backwards flip that landed him 5ft. away from Xam

    jenobi turned to Xam and said "so you like to use two sabers hmmm, well i can do that to." *jenobi then pressed a button tha detached the saber, but both ends were still active.* he spoke to Xam again " this is a little technological trick i picked up."

    jenobi thens force runs up to Xam, and hits him with a round house kick to his temple. Xam has knocked back 4ft.,but jenobi didn't let up. when Xam regained focus, jenobi's left saber was aimed for his left kidney, while the other was aimed for his right leg

    Posted by Xam Feldek on 09-27-2002 04:03 PM:

    Xam saw the rocks crash against the wall and Jenobi started attacking him.. He got a kick against his temple but did not fall under this attack. Suddenly Jenobi was attacking again but Xam saw immediately Jenobi's weakness..
    Xam used his lightsabre and slashed Jenobi's two sabres on the ground and aimed the other one to Jenobi's ribs.

    While performing this attack he sent Jenobi a message via the force.

    Never use two ligthsabres to attack, my friend.

    Posted by jenobi on 09-27-2002 04:19 PM:

    jenobi the responded via the force " i would say the same thing to friend."

    with that jenobi uses the force to throw his dagger into Xams leg, although it didn't go straight through it will leave a nasty gash. Xam stopped his attack to pull out the dagger but jenobi did it for him, by using the force to hank it back out.

    jenobi then kicked Xam in that wounded leg, and used to punch combined with a force push to knock into a nearby tree(matrix style). jenobi then used the force to retrieve his sabers, and walked towards where Xam fell with his sabers in a defense position.

    Posted by Xam Feldek on 09-27-2002 04:28 PM:

    Xam flew towards the tree and was knocked out for 1-2 seconds, he came by and saw Jenobi walking towards him and it didn't seem he was going to give him a present or someyhing, his eyes were bloodthirsty..

    Xam teared a part from his pants and looked at the bleeding leg.. blood.. flowing on the ground forming a pool but Xam only put his finger in the wound to make it stop bleeding by closing the hole in the artery and licked the blood on his hand. Then he put the teared up part of his pant around it as bandage and rose again.

    Xam ran towards Jenobi with force enchanced speed and jumped over him making a salto but when making the salto he streched one leg and aimed it towards the back of Jenobi's neck and aiming one of his sabres towards his waist , keeping the other one in defensive position.

    Posted by jenobi on 09-27-2002 04:40 PM:

    jenobi tried his hardest to surpress the smirk that was welling up inside of him. no matter what he did to Xam he still came back to continue, he truely was determined to become a sith.

    jenobi was brought out of his day-type dream when he sensed the attack. knowing that he couldn't counter both of the moves, he just rolled to the right out of the line of danger. but as Xam was landing jenobi was up and as he landed jenobi sweeped him.

    before he could get up, one of jenobi's sabers was about 1in. from his neck while the other was held in a casual but defensive posture.

    jenobi then said " you are in a tight position i would say. what are you going to do. come one give me your best."

    Posted by Xam Feldek on 09-27-2002 04:47 PM:

    Xam's attack missed but it only became worse, he could feel the warmth of a lightsabre very close to his neck. Now he was in big troubles but stayed calm, the only thing he did was showing his teeth in a way of hatred.

    He took out the dagger from his boot with the force, keeping the dagger very close to his black pant so it would stay unnoticed and indeed, Jenobi didn't see it, then Xam sent it full speed towards Jenobi's shoulder and it drilled into Jenobi's shoulder till it touched his bone. While this was happening Xam rolled backwards and flipped in matrix style to come back on his feet.

    Posted by jenobi on 09-27-2002 05:04 PM:

    "AAHHHH" was what was heard from jenobi, he had understimated the cunning of this one. that quickly turned into raw anger, and it had it's sights set on Xam.

    jenobi qucikly pulled out the dagger, and used his saber to seal the wound. jenobi then saw Xam had just come back to his feet, so he took his saber and cut him across the chest. Xam was stunned by that but jenobi wasn't through yet.

    he force jumped into the air, and landed a drop kick that kick both the wound on the chest and the one on the leg. Xam was put back on the ground again, but when he got back up jenobi had lifted the biggest boulder he could find and hurled it staight towards Xam

    Posted by Xam Feldek on 09-27-2002 05:11 PM:

    Xam felt the tremendous pain in his chest, it went immediately to his brains and he screamed it out... Xam came back up, he had to keep fighting, he wasn't afraid to die. When he saw the boulder coming he just jumped on it with force speed and jumped very high, stopping from aproximately 10 metres from Jenobi's head he let himself fall and Xam's elbow crushed Jenobi's shoulder when falling on him.

    Jenobi had sank a few inches in the ground because of the strength of Xam's fall . Xam had to recover a few seconds and then backed and drew his sabres again, keeping them defensive.

    Posted by jenobi on 09-27-2002 05:29 PM:

    jenobi was hurt pretty bad, but he held in the scream and turned his pain into power. then in a second notice jenobi exploded out of the ground. "but what happened to his sabers Xam though?"

    just thne jenobi raised his good arm and both sabers shot of the ground, and cuts both of Xam's legs. jenobi was no more dependent of the darkside than before. he thought he was done for but he realized something.

    using the force he gripped Xam's dagger were he had dropped and threw it to his shoulder. this time it went through, but jenobi wasn't done. he still had a couple of tricks up his sleeve.

    as he landed jenobi took his own dagger and threw it into Xam's other arm, with his good hand. Xam was now pinned to the ground by their daggers, and his legs were badly cut. jenobi didn't want to kill him, but give him a lesson he'll never forget.

    jenobi lifted once again the huge boulder that he threw at Xam and let it drop on his legs. it did not crush them but was enough to keep him down. jenobi was getting exhausted so he did something that would end this now... or at least he thought it would.

    he began to choke Xam, with his good hand. jenobi could see the experssion that the lose of blood had on him. then finally his eyes rolled back, and jjenobi thought he had him knocked out.

    he calledin a med- droid and told it to wait by the entrance just incase this still went on. never the less, jenobi's lightsabers were still held to do battle. one in his good hand, the other in the force

    Posted by Dara Shadowtide on 09-27-2002 05:36 PM:

    Cutting off someone's legs is god moding and is not allowed in the roleplay. Please review the roleplay rules and edit your post for a more reasonable attack. Thank you.

    Posted by jenobi on 09-28-2002 06:06 PM:

    ooc: i didn't cut them off, the lightsabers just slashed them as they came up. but if you want me to i would be glad to edit it