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Waits for Dara Shadowtide.... (Gryfon Spaid)

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  • Waits for Dara Shadowtide.... (Gryfon Spaid)

    Posted by Gryfon Spaid on 01-25-2002 10:06 PM:
    Waits for Dara Shadowtide....

    ::Gryfon enters the training grounds and finds the usual spot. He leans against a tree and awaits the arrival of Dara Shadowtide.::

    Posted by Dara Shadowtide on 01-25-2002 11:43 PM:

    :: Sith Master Dara Shadowtide Rayial was on another part of the training grounds, having just completed a training session with one of her apprentices, when she received a message from Raine's apprentice, Gryfon Spaid. Making her way over to where he stood, the sound of her voice broke the silence which typically fell over the macabre training grounds ::

    "Greetings Gryfon. I received your request to meet you here. Is there a matter you wish to discuss?"

    Posted by Gryfon Spaid on 01-26-2002 12:14 AM:

    ::Gryfon bows to Dara.::

    "Yes, my master is leaving on a personal journey. He has given instruction to his apprentices to find someone to mentor them. I would like to choose Raine's own master to be the one to do that...."

    Posted by Dara Shadowtide on 01-26-2002 08:05 PM:

    :: Dara nods to the Sith Disciple ::

    "I shall continue your training in the absence of your master. However, since I am not familiar with your skills or abilities, we will start over from where I begin with all my apprentices so that I may see where you are in your training. Are you ready to begin?"

    :: The Sith Master looks at Gryfon, awaiting his response ::

    Posted by Gryfon Spaid on 01-26-2002 08:10 PM:

    ::Gryfon nods as he throws his cloak to the ground.::

    "I am ready....."

    Posted by Dara Shadowtide on 01-29-2002 03:36 AM:

    :: The Sith Master nods ::

    "Alright. I will begin with a few preliminary matters which I go over with all of my apprentices. Spreading evil, chaos and destruction is important and you should always strive to represent the Sith Empire well at all times. Loyalty, Respect and complete Dedication to the study of the Dark Arts are things which I hold in high regard and I expect my apprentice to do the same.

    I would like to know which types of weaponry you are proficient with or have experience in using, as well as your experience in wielding Dark Side force energy. I would also like to know what skills and knowledge you have gained from Raine's instruction thus far.

    In case you did not receive this in your initial session, I want you to review the information contained on this holonovel at a later time. It contains vital information regarding the Empire, and some pertinent information regarding the Battleground where the major battles with the Jedi take place."

    :: Dara hands the small oval device to her newest apprentice and awaits his response to the questions ::

    Posted by Gryfon Spaid on 01-29-2002 09:57 PM:

    ::Gryfon nods.::

    "I am skilled with sabers and knife or sword type weapons. My master taught me force levatation, force speed, force jump, force inhanced punch and kick."

    Posted by Dara Shadowtide on 02-05-2002 02:04 PM:

    :: Dara nods and then moves her hands to her waist, grabbing the two metallic hilts of her sabers and igniting them in a single fluid motion. The hum of the turquoise and pale blue sabers breaks the silence of the training grounds. She spins both sabers one rotation and then gives an evil grin as her green eyes flash crimson ::

    "Alright then. Let us see those skills now. Attack me, Gryfon."

    :: She gives a small gesture beckoning him forth ::


    Posted by Gryfon Spaid on 07-14-2002 05:24 PM:

    ::Gryfon nods as he raises his sabers up. He quickly charges at Dara and stabs at her mid-section, as she turns to block the attack he slashes at her left arm.::

    Posted by Dara Shadowtide on 07-15-2002 02:00 AM:

    :: Dara moves her other saber across to parry the Sith Disciple's attack at her left arm. As their sabers are bound and the multicolored sparks rain down upon the ground beneath them, she kicks her foot out to sweep Gryfon's legs out from under him. Dara then levitates rocks and debris off to the side and sends the airborne shrapnel flying directly at him at a high rate of speed ::

    Posted by Gryfon Spaid on 07-15-2002 03:04 PM:

    ::Gryfon quickly gets up, and spins his sabers to block as much of the debris as possible. As a few of the sharp rocks and debris cut his skin he begins to smile. Gryfon charges at Dara as fast as he can and slashes at her at random. When there sabers meet he quickly knees her in the stomach.::

    Posted by Dara Shadowtide on 07-16-2002 01:27 AM:

    :: As Gryfon's knee hits her abdomen, Dara lets out a small grimace and simultaneously drops one of her sabers and grabs his foot before he can put it back down from kneeing her. The Sith Master flips him backwards and away from her with force enhanced strength. She then recalls her saber back to her hand, igniting it with a flip of her thumb ::

    Posted by Gryfon Spaid on 07-18-2002 10:14 PM:

    ::As Gryfon rises from the ground a smirk comes across his face, as he begins to concentrate on the force. Using pain as his fuel, Gryfon slowly walks up to Dara holding his sabers out to his side. As each step he takes hits the ground rocks and debris rise from the ground hovering around him. As Gryfon begins to charge at Dara the rocks hovering around him rush at her with brilliant speed, with Gryfon running right behind them. As the debris begin doing their damage, Gryfon quickly slashes at Dara's left arm once again.::

    Posted by Dara Shadowtide on 07-19-2002 05:11 AM:

    :: Dara draws upon the power of the Dark Side and projects a small force wall in front of her. As the dark energy quickly shimmers into place, the rocks and debris bounce off the invisible surface back toward Gryfon as she stands unscathed. Choosing to drop the wall as he closes the distance, Dara recalls her dropped saber and reignites it while poising her other blade defensively en guard.

    As the Sith Disciple's blade arcs toward her left arm, she glides her right blade over to parry it and simultaneously stabs at his right arm with her left blade. As it is blocked by Gryfon and their blades are held in place, Dara pivots on her foot and then plants a force enhanced sidekick to his abdomen, sending him flying backwards. She then leaps toward him, both sabers of hers in a stabbing motion toward him ::

    Posted by Gryfon Spaid on 08-23-2002 09:12 PM:

    ::As Gryfon looks up he quickly holds his sabers together and waits for the right second. As Dara's sabers reach the outside of his he quickly pushes them to the side and kicks Dara in the chest with force enhanced kick. Gryfon quickly gets up and chargers at her with his sabers held to his side.::

    Posted by Dara Shadowtide on 09-05-2002 01:10 AM:

    :: As Dara gets kicked hard in the chest, the air in her lungs is pushed out quickly as a burning sensation fills her upper body in trying to replenish the air once more. Falling into a backwards roll, the Sith Master rises gracefully to her feet and then points her saber to a section of the training grounds where old weaponry and skulls are scattered about.

    The bone fragments rise into the air along with the rusted metal of the barbaric blades. A small cyclone of air spirals upwards as the column of spinning sharp objects moves quickly towards the Disciple ::

    Posted by Gryfon Spaid on 09-11-2002 08:55 PM:

    ::As Gryfon sees the cyclone of weapons come spinning towards him he quickly stops and concentrates on the force. Focusing on his pain and anger, Gryfon creates an invisisble force wall. As the cyclone slams into the wall and the debris and weapons ricochet in all directions. Gryfon quickly lowers the wall and charges at
    Dara with force enhanced speed. Gryfon quickly slashes at her left arm with his right blade, and quickly follows it with an upper cut with the hilt of his left blade.::

    OOC: if I need to edit out the force wall let me know, you weren't on when I tryped this so i couldn't ask you if it was ok for a disciple to use.

    Posted by Dara Shadowtide on 09-25-2002 11:02 PM:

    :: Impressed with his ingenuity, Dara raised an eyebrow as a small grin curled the corner of her lips. Seeing him rush towards her, she readied her weapons in a defensive stance and then parried the slash to her left arm while taking a step backwards to instinctively avoid the uppercut. As her apprentice followed through with his punch which met nothing of substance, Dara took the opportunity to kick him in the kidneys as she then sliced downwards toward his right saber arm ::

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    ::As Gryfon takes the blow the kidneys, he feels more pain as Dara's saber goes into his right arm. Gryfon rolls forward before he hits the ground and quickly jumps to his feet. He looks over his right shoulder back at his master. His arm was going numb now, he was lucky the sabers were on a low setting. He decided it was going to take more than brut force and head on charges to hit his master, not that it suprised him, but he thought he would test her skills. Thinking as quickly as he can, he remembers the tree he was leaning on while waiting for his master. He concentrated on the force and pulled the tree from the ground. with the sound of roots cracking, he hurtled the large tree with the force at his master. He then quickly sent a few medium sized rocks to follow. Gryfon then charges at his master, careful to follow the debris at the right amount of distance.::


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      :: Extending her hand toward the airborne tree, she halted its movement as dirt and debris rained down upon the ground beneath it. Just then, an assassin droid entered and began firing laser bolts at Gryfon from behind. The bolts impacted on the ground all around him, spraying dirt up in a fountain of chaos all around him and then one stray bolt came straight for his upper right arm area ::


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        ::Gryfon quickly turned around as an assassin droid rapidly fired at him. Laser flew past his head. he concentrated on the force to pick out which ones he need to block. So far not one.........with a quick twitch of his wrist he blocked the blaster that was aimed for his right arm. Gryfon quickly glanced back at his master not knowing who to attack, her or the assassin droid. He couldn't attack the droid because his sabers where not at full power, if he changed the power to full, what if his master attacked him. Quickly thinking he turned one saber to full power, if his master attacked him he would simply deactivate that saber. He quickly charged at the assassin droid who was still firing at him. Gryfon ran in a zig-zag pattern while searching the ground for a decent sized rock to force throw at the droid. He found one and began to levitate the rock. The rock began to thrust at the droid as if it had rockets attached to it. With quick reflexes the droid quickly shot the blasting it into serveral peices just before it hit its head. Pebbles and rock fragments then harmlessly pelted the droids body. Furiously Gryfon charge at the droid with force speed. He quickly blocked the blaster bolts the droid fired with ease. With force enhanced speed, Gryfon ran up to the droid with a grin on his face. As Gryfon reached the droid he sliced right down the middle of the droid, and quickly followed it with a slash across the middle to finish it off. Gryfon then turned and faced his master.::
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          :: Dara nodded as her apprentice dispatched the assassin droid with ease ::

          "Very impressive, my apprentice. However, never let up your guard. Always be aware of your surroundings ::

          :: Laser bolts showered down on the ground near his feet from behind as the two final assasin droids ambled into view ::


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            ::Gryfon jumped back and grinned setting both of his sabers to full power. The two droids began aproaching him rapidly firing. Gryfon quickly charged at the closest droid blocking the bolts and dodging the fire from the second. Gryfon reached the assassin droid and grinned as he jumped out of the way of laser bolts from the second droid. The laser bolts pelted the first droid in the head, quickly penetraiting the armor. With a final hit the droids head exploded and the lifeless body fell to the ground. Gryfon quickly turned and began to charge at the second droid in a zig-zag pattern avoiding the blasts. Gryfon quickly threw his left saber at the droid directing it with the force. The saber penetrated the mid section of the droid, disabling his legs. Gryfon grinned as he watched the droid stand there trying to move its legs and fire at him at the same time. As Gryfon reached the droid, he quickly slashed its neck from its body. The head fell to the ground with a loud thump, the life less body of the droid stood there, stuck in its last stance. Gryfon recalled his saber, and changed the power settings as he turned to face his master.....keeping his guard up.::


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              :: As Gryfon faced his master, he saw her twin single bladed lightsabers ignited and illuminating her form as she spun her blades with ease and then took a battle stance ::

              "You have done well against the non-living, my apprentice. It is time to test your skills against the living. The first attack is yours."

              :: She studied him closely as she awaited his move ::


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                ::Gryfon grinned as he quickly charged at his master. Two large trees from either side of her tore from the ground and quickly flew at her. Gryfon quickly jumped over the trees and slashed at his master with his right blade.::


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                  :: Moving with force enhanced speed, the Sith Master charged forward as the trees closed in on where she once stood. Spinning to face her apprentice, Dara drew upon the power of the Dark Side and changed the direction of the trees to fall down upon him ::


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                    ::Quickly jumping out of the way of the trees, Gryfon charged at his master. Slashing at random places, Gryfon could smell singed cloth. Gryfon quickly locked his leg around Dara's ankle and pulled her leg out from under her.::


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                      :: A small trickle of blood began to coagulate on her upper thigh as she noted the rip in her clothing from one of his random saber slashes. Fixing her gaze upon him, Dara felt her apprentice's leg suddenly lock around her ankle.

                      As her balance began to be compromised, the Sith Master force jumped up into the air and kicked Gryfon in the face. Landing with seasoned agility, Dara moved her left blade toward his neck as she moved her right blade in a stabbing motion toward his left kneecap ::


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                        ::Quickly thinking, and knowing the kneecap is the only bone that does not heal, Gryfon quickly brings a saber to parry his masters. As he eyes widened with suprise, Gryfon quickly tried to jerk out of the way of his master incoming saber. Feeling a slight numbness then pain, Gryfon realized the saber made contact with is left cheek. Quickly tripping his master, Gryfon did a back flip and went into a defensive position. Gryfon felt the blood from the cut roll down his cheek. Gryfon grinned knowing it would scar, every warrior had scars of experience, scars with a story behind them. Now he recieved his first, a scar from his master.::
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                          :: The Sith Master catches the scent of burnt flesh as she looks across to her apprentice and nods ::

                          "Yes, my apprentice. Feed on the pain.. pain is power, after all.."

                          :: Dara then disignited one of her sabers and clipped it to her belt as she grabbed a dagger from her belt. Raw electricity filled the air as she drew upon the Dark Side to send the dagger flying through the air with a trail of force lightning to speed its blinding path ::


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                            ::Gryfon nodded as he listened to his master. Taken by suprise he quickly dropped a saber and grabbed his new dagger. He quickly held it out to deflect his masters. He grinned as he felt the impact, but quickly felt pain. His masters dagger cut his cheek again, forming an X on his face.::

                            "The mark of the assassin.....I like it..."

                            ::Quickly charging at his master, Gryfon concentrated on the force. Sheathing his dagger, and calling the saber he dropped to his hand with the force, Gryfon counter attacked his master. He quickly parried his masters saber with his right, and slashed at her left arm with his other saber.::


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                              :: As Gryfon delivered his slash toward her left arm, he found himself flying through the air backwards as the Sith Master extended her hand in a brutal force push. As the winds of the Dark Side continued to build momentum, a small cylinder of debris spiralled upwards as the turbulent cone expanded rapidly and spun out of control toward the Sith Warrior ::