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  • The Drowning of Light (Kassandra AutumnRain)

    Posted by Darth Snack on 11-03-2001 11:38 PM:
    The Drowning of Light (Kassandra AutumnRain)

    *The Dark Knight stood near an exit door in one of the many cooridors of the Empire's building structures. It was a solid duri-steel door, no windows, no door knobs, no handles, only the thing cracks which outlined the edges where it met the walls.

    He looked at the door, knowing full well where the exit led to. A smirk made itself evident on Snack's lips as he turned around to peer down the hall way. A figure's shadow moved continuously towards him; his new apprentice would soon arrive.*

    Posted by Kassandra AutumnRain on 11-03-2001 11:52 PM:

    *walks down the hallway looking for Snack. He had told her to meet him there to begin her training. A mix of emotions filled her, a bit of fear, a slight bit of anticipation, a twinge of curiosity, but no matter how hard she tried she couldn't seem to keep herself calm. Her inability to keep calm had startled her a bit, but no where near as much as her fear. It had been a long time since she had feared Snack... but, maybe that's because she had no reason to for that time. Now her fear of him was definitally back, and almost as strong
    as it was when she was a Jedi Padawan.

    Finnaly reaching the end of the corridor where Snack waited, Kasi gave one last unsuccesful attempt to calm her self, before greeting her master*

    "Greetings, M-master Snack"

    Posted by Darth Snack on 11-04-2001 05:05 PM:

    *He kept silent as Kasi greeted him. The slight tremble in her voice rang out in Snack's ears clearly, giving him more insight to his already flooded senses. Emotions dripped off of her body. They swirled in her mind, his her facial expressions, in her vioce. Her fear dominated her own being, and the Knigth wondered if that fear would later be a harmful distraction, or a guided blessing for the girl.*

    Your emotions smell. I thought for a former Jedi it would be easy to quelch them.

    *The word "Jedi" escaped his mouth in a caustic manner. He had grown to hate them, ever since his mishap of a fight with one of their best. But to hate them was to hate his past. He disliked it, yes, but he could never hate what molded him.*

    Be that as it may, Kasi, you showed strength in the council room. You held together where anyone lesser would have broken apart. But I am still not convinced. That is why your first lesson is what my first lesson was when I first came here. I know you have knowledge of how to use the Force, and how to wield a saber. This first excersize will involve a great deal of concentration, and past skills. Any questions before we continue?

    Posted by Kassandra AutumnRain on 11-08-2001 01:06 AM:

    *takes a deep breath and bows her head slightly*

    "Sorry, It's been a long time since I've been with the jedi... and during my time away, I've had no need for those skills. I'll be sure to work on that....

    Meanwhile, I'm ready for any and all challenges that may befall me"

    Posted by Darth Snack on 11-11-2001 01:11 PM:


    *The word was almost inaudible as he turned around and pushed open the door with his left hand. Light fropm the glowlights along the streets shown dimly inwards into the dark halls. It was dark outside, closing in around midnight.

    What lay before him as he looked around was a city where TSE held base. It was not known to many that they were there, even by the city's inhabinants. Merchant shops, cafes, homes, business offices all lined the sides of the streets. The city was moderately big, with a busy populous during the day. A few pedestrians who were out for a midnight stroll, or perhaps returning to their homes or going to work the graveyard shift, turned to look at the two as they exited their secluded building, but paid no heed to there presence. He turned his head slightly to look at Kasi.*

    Never forget your Jedi Training. You'll use it a lot, for it is the same basics as the Dark Side. The only difference is the Dark Side is the manipulation and corruption of the Force, while the Jedi use it as a purifying aspect.

    *Snack began to walk down the street, motioning for Kasi to follow him. He continued to talk to her as they walked.*

    What you are about to do is what I did when I came here from the Jedi. It can be the easiest test you will have, or it can prove the most difficult, depending on your actions and thoughts.

    *After a left turn down a side street, the Knight haulted his movement and turned to his right to look at a two story house. Reaching out through the Force, Snack probed the building, searching for any life signs. There were five different signatures, four humans and one animal... probably the household's pet. It was a normal family. Perfect. He looked back to Kasi, and asked her a question in a soft voice.*

    Tell me, what do you feel?

    Posted by Kassandra AutumnRain on 11-11-2001 01:40 PM:

    *shivers as she walks out into the cold night air, the shiver wasn't so much from the temperature outside, but from the change of atmosphere.

    Inside the Sith Empire building it was almost as cold as it was outside, but it was different kind of cold, inside there was more of an emotional cold, which after being there for a couple days, she had more or less gotten used to, outside it was cold in temperature, but the atmosphere was almost happier, a refreshing change to the large Sith Building.

    As they approached the 2 story home Kasi could sence as well the five presences within the building, a normal family. A tear formed in the corner of her eye, it had been a long time since she had had a real family, she missed that feeling of belonging somewhere, but underneath that layer of sadness she also felt slightly jealous. Why couldn't it be her in there?

    After a short moment in silence Kasi answered Snack's question in an almost inaudibly quiet voice*

    "I suppose I feel sad more than anything else..."

    Posted by Darth Snack on 11-11-2001 02:41 PM:

    *His eyes peered at her, as she answered. "Sad." Sith do not feel sad. That answer was not the one Snack was looking for, but it was an honest answer. He had to give her that much credit. Yet still, "sad" was an emotion a Dark Force user cannot have in them. It is one that they can exploit, but not dwell on.

    Snack searched her feelings trying to get down in her thoughts. "...Why... not... in there...?" A smile came to to his sinister mind.*

    Tell me, Kasi. Do you still have a family?

    Posted by Kassandra AutumnRain on 11-11-2001 02:58 PM:

    *Raises an eyebrow at Snack's comment, before she realizes that he was probing her mind. A slight spark of anger entered her mind at this realization, but it dissapeared almost as quickly as it had appeared*

    "No... I don't....
    I haven't for a long time..."

    Posted by Darth Snack on 11-11-2001 04:07 PM:

    Now, do you think it's fair that others can have what you don't?

    Posted by Kassandra AutumnRain on 11-11-2001 05:53 PM:

    "I suppose so....
    but, sometimes I think that maybe it isn't, because most people tend to take their families for granted... they don't realize that one morning they may wake up and their loved ones may be gone..."

    *another tear forms in the corner of Kasi's eye, but she wipes it away before it can fall*

    Posted by Darth Snack on 11-11-2001 10:32 PM:

    *He noticed the tear on Kasi's cheek before she could wipe it off. This was a touchy subject for the disciple, but it had to be done. This would be the first step in embracing the Light.*

    Then teach them that. Teach them not to take their family for granted.

    *Kasi looked at Snack in confusion, so he elaborated.*

    Go in there, and wake up one of the kids. Keep him alive, but Force him to watch the deaths of his mother, father, sibling, and pet. You have fifteen minutes to complete this task. Any questions before you begin?

    Posted by Kassandra AutumnRain on 11-14-2001 12:45 AM:

    *shifts her weight from one foot to the other, answering her master in a soft voice*
    "I will try... I might not be able to bring myself to do it....
    but, I will try..."

    Posted by Darth Snack on 11-16-2001 07:47 PM:

    There are always two possible outcomes when one tries. Failure or Success. If you fail at your task, Then I will kill the family, and you with them.

    *His cold eyes bore a hole through Kasi as he looked at her.*

    Remember, open yourself up to the dark side. Allow evil thoughts to penatrate your mind, and make you stonger. Now go.

    *He pointed a finger to the door of the house, and then silently turned around and crossed the street, to hide in the shadows of in between two housing structures.*

    Posted by Kassandra AutumnRain on 11-17-2001 10:39 PM:

    *walks into the home, more or less uncertain as to how she is going to accomplish this task that has been set before her. Somehow Kasi just couldn't see herself killing someone for no reason at all, let alone a whole family, yet she forced herself to walk silently through the house, trying not to dwell too much on Snack's threat to kill her if she wasn't succesful*

    (OOC: yuk "> my RPing skills are definitally not very good lately.... It's just that lately I've run out of ideas...)

    Posted by Darth Snack on 11-18-2001 06:28 PM:

    ooc: Happens to the best of us. Just live and push through the "writers block" and all will be good ">

    ic: *The Knight closed his eyes as Kasi entered the building. Reaching out through the Force, Snack tapped into the house, viewing it with aid from the Force. He saw Kasi and felt what she was thinking. From the shadows across the street, Snack would keep tabs on his apprentice, much like Ogre had done with him all that time ago.*

    Posted by Kassandra AutumnRain on 11-24-2001 04:41 PM:

    *walks swiftly up the stairs to the second floor of the house, going through the motions of completing this task, the quicker she did this the quicker she'd have this done.

    Upon reaching the top of the stairs, Kasi quickly scans the rooms on either side of the hallway with the force, and then heads toward the room on the far left of the hallway, opening the door with the force before she is even in reach of the door.

    As she enters the small-ish sized bedroom, a black cat walks up to her, sitting down and tilting it's head to the side it lets out a slight high pitched meow.

    Kneels down to scratch behind the cat's ears, and then remembers why she's here...*

    Posted by Darth Snack on 12-02-2001 08:59 PM:

    *Snack kept his place in the shadows, following Kasi's movements through the Force.*

    Posted by Kassandra AutumnRain on 01-25-2002 04:13 PM:

    (OOC: hmmm... I already explained why I have been here on a while (see "*enters*" post at TNSO) so.... I 'm not going to go through that again.... this is more of a TTT post.... so I can find this next time when I actually have an idea of something to post...)

    Posted by Darth Snack on 01-26-2002 03:57 PM:

    ooc: "> Alrighty, I saw the post at TNSO and sorry to hear bout the comp and all. Hope ya did good on those icky midterms. "> And no hurries to posting to this either. Whenever ya get the chance, I'll be here to reply to it. =)

    Posted by Kassandra AutumnRain on 06-19-2002 09:52 PM:

    (OOC: Much laziness+Only computer on weekends=5 months without a single post.... Can you say "Yuk"?)

    A sudden thought enters Kasi's mind, "Why am I doing this? It was my wish to become a sith.... but is this truly right? Would I be doing this normally?" And then turning to face that door she whispered outloud, "No, I wouldn't be..."

    (OOC-again: Sorry 'bout that....but I should be posting a bit more now that I'm out of school for the summer....)

    Posted by Darth Snack on 06-26-2002 01:51 PM:
    Re: YUK!!!

    *Something through the Force entered Snack's body, and rippled through. It was a feeling of doubt, and it eminated from Kasandra. His form tightened up again, as he straightened up in the shadows. Opening up to the Force more so than before, he made sure to keep a close "eye" on his apprentice.*

    Posted by Kassandra AutumnRain on 06-30-2002 09:49 PM:

    (OOC: This May be incredibly picky of me- but Kassandra is spelled with a double s- Kassandra, not Kasandra "> )

    "No, I've got to get this done..." Kasi scolded herself, " Just... think dark thoughts- Remember, what they have and you don't, a family; they don't appreciate what they have- so they shouldn't have it. They all need to pay for their selfishness, they don't realize how great they have it- and now it's too late. This is 100% necessairy." Kasi spoke outloud the entire time re-assuring herself that she was in the right, and that the only reason she would never have done this before is because she had never though of it.

    Picking up the kitten by the scruff of its neck Kasi woke the sleeping child in the room using the force. The young boy who appeared to be about eight years of age looked up at her with frightened eyes, as she still held the kitten who was now swipping at her with its claws trying to get free- but to no avail.

    "Wh-Who are you?" the boy asked with a slight stutter in his voice.

    "I am who I appear to be, yet in someways- I am not," Kasi replied still mentally re-assuring herself of what she was doing.

    Posted by Darth Snack on 07-07-2002 01:12 AM:

    ooc: "> I knew that, I really did. Sorry 'bout that. ^_^


    Dark thoughts... let your actions speak for themselves and let them allow the darkness to enter your body and soul...

    *His own thoughts were projected out into the Force, directed at Kasi. If she received them, or heeded them, Snack would not know. But he did know that those thoughts he sent would be vital if Kasi were to ever cleanse herself from the Jedi ways.*

    Posted by Kassandra AutumnRain on 07-29-2002 10:29 PM:

    Though she had heard her Master's projected thoughts, she left them un-replied, turning her full attention to the task at hand.

    "Kitty doesn't like you," the child said watching the cat still struggle within Kasi's grip. "You're hurting him."

    "Not Anymore," she whispered, and with one fluid motion she snapped the neck of the small creature leaving it limp in her hands. Shakily she put it down, as a complete sense of shock, at how easy that had just been, filled her body; death was not supposed to be an easy thing.

    "This has to be done," she mentally reassured herself, "Three more people in this house are going to die this night, and I have to do it...."

    Posted by Darth Snack on 07-31-2002 11:41 AM:

    *Finally the sense of death, but it was not in the form of a human. It was an animal... a pet... but it was a death nonetheless. The darkness grew just a little and soon after the cat's death, fear began to pour from the child. Death and fear, both states of being were what drove the Sith and their ways. Kasi would need to 'feed' off of both in order to fully purge he lightside tendencies.*

    Posted by Kassandra AutumnRain on 08-10-2002 02:04 PM:

    As the child looked up at her, Kasi could feel a great deal of fear flowing from him that she couldn't even begin to sense before.

    "MOM!!!! DAD!!!" he cried, the scream echoing through the force moments before it was heard.

    Kasi knew that the parents would respond if they heard their child's cry, which is why she swung around to face the door, drawing her lightsaber just in time to see a large man throw open the door.

    "What the-" he cursed, quickly drawing a blaster and firing at her.

    The former jedi spun her saber, picking off the bolts, and deflecting them towards the wall, leaving slight scorch marks where they hit.

    She then spun around, cleanly removing the mans head from his body, letting him fall to the ground before picking up his blaster.

    (OOC: bleh!!! too much spinning... I'm running out of words to use... I have got to get myself a Thesaurus)

    Posted by Darth Snack on 08-13-2002 08:37 PM:



    *Good.... now finish them off... feed off of their death and fear. It will make you more powerful... Snack's eyes remained closed as he 'looked' into the house, watching Kasi as she did his bidding.*

    Posted by Kassandra AutumnRain on 08-17-2002 10:34 AM:

    Closing her eyes, Kasi allowed herself to feed off the fear surging through the room, thriving off of something she once shirked from. It was an odd feeling to be feared, and one that the former jedi was not used to; but now, the sense of being feared filled her with an even more gratifying feeling, the sense of power.

    The key source of this fear was definitely the child, cowering in the corner of his room, with tears streaming down his face; however, a secondary source lay immediately outside the door.

    Flinging the door open with the force, Kasi turned to face the petite woman standing in the doorframe, a toddler gripping the ends of her nightgown.

    "W-who do you think you are?" the child's mother asked, her fear betrayed by the stutter in her voice. Oddly enough the youngest child didn't seem at all afraid, but instead wore a look of naïve curiosity upon her face, like a two-year-old who just stumbled upon a box of matches.

    Taking the blaster in her left hand, while she still held her lightsaber in the right, Kasi shot the woman in the head. The toddler's eyes widened at the sight of Mommy's blood, while the older child covered his eyes, still sobbing.

    Kasi turned and looked at the toddler stabbing her in the chest. She then crouched down letting the blaster fall to the ground to the side of the boy's dead father; he didn't need it, but then again- either did she.

    The fallen Jedi looked back upon the still weeping child still cowering over in the corner, before heading out of the house.

    In a way, she sympathized with the child, for she still remembered how it felt.

    (OOC: LoL- Thanks_

    Posted by Darth Snack on 09-07-2002 03:21 PM:

    *The scent of death was growing with each passing minute. But it was getting late. Soon, someone would figure out what was happening. Hopefully, they would be gone before any authorty figures arrived on the scene.*

    Finish the deed and get out! If you wish to live to see tomorrow...

    *There was only one more life essence in the building where Kasi was that needed to be silenced. But there was something else she had to do before she passed the test. Get out a live.

    The Force began to flow through Snack's body as he concentrated on it, calling it to his own will. He could never control the entirety of the Force, but it was there to be tapped into, to be used. And use it he would. Within the house, he found the central support beam. It was an old style home, made mostly from lumber. Easy to burn. Snack started a spark within the support beam. That spark created other sparks, until it caught the beam on fire. It spread quickly across the cielingof the first floor, underneigth the room where Kasi was.

    The flames would weaken the floor boards. If Kasi wanted to stay alive, she'd have to kill and leave. Now.*

    Posted by Kassandra AutumnRain on 09-08-2002 04:20 PM:

    A sense of urgency flooded the mind of the disciple as the heat and smoke drew ever thicker. She had yet to kill the remaining child, and time was running out.

    "Why kill the child?" she thought to herself, "he's going to die anyway..." Kasi shook her head, pushing those thoughts out of her mind; she had no time to contemplate her actions.

    Taking her lightsaber in one hand she threw it as one would a knife, guiding it with the force untill it pierced the child's heart.

    Calling her saber back into her hand, she ran, pieces of flaming cieling and ash falling in every which direction. Upon reaching the exit she flung it open with the force and hurried outside.

    Coughing due to the amount of smoke and ash in her lungs, Kasi was finnaly able to take a short break as she looked around for her master.

    Posted by Darth Snack on 09-12-2002 10:20 PM:


    *Snack said, as he started towards where Kasi stood. He watched her rush out of the burning building, coughig from the smoke. A distant siren wailed. Soon, police would be sarwming the place. And Snack wished not to deal with them today.*

    Let's head back to headquarters.

    Posted by Kassandra AutumnRain on 09-14-2002 02:39 PM:

    Giving a slight nod of her head, Kasi followed her master back to the HQ in silence.