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  • Double Jepardy (Xam)

    Posted by Drako on 09-04-2002 09:24 AM:
    Double Jepardy (Xam)

    DarkStar entered the training ground slowly, working his muscles free as he did, he had four training staffs in his hand, it was time for Xam to learn how to do what he had tried to do against Darius, fight with two sabres.

    He laid two staffs on the floor and lent against a boulder with the other two and waited for Xam to arrive.

    Posted by Xam Feldek on 09-04-2002 09:37 AM:

    Xam arrived a few minutes later. He felt the strong force signature from his master and followed it. He stopped in front of the two staffs which were lying on the ground, he nodded and waited for his master to say something.

    Posted by Drako on 09-04-2002 09:48 AM:

    DarkStar motioned to the two training staffs as he took up his own, bouncing them slightly to ajust the grip and get them comfortable in his hands. They were heavier than a lightsabre and DarkStar knew he would have to take that into account.

    "You wanted to learn how to fight with two sabres, well, I am going to teach you right now using these training staffs."

    He raised the staffs in a defencive possition and motioned for Xam to make an attack.

    Posted by Xam Feldek on 09-04-2002 10:00 AM:

    Xam took the staffs in his hands, they were indeed heavier and he let the sticks spin around his fingers..

    He saw DS put himself in a defensive posistion and motioned him to attack. Now he had to be very carefull because the strength of Lord DS wasn't to compare with Darius' .
    Without saying a word he swept toward DS, one stick aimed to his knee and the other one to his head.

    Xam looked bitter, the hate flowing through his body which gave him a feeling of streght and used it to let move the staffs very fast and powerful.

    Posted by Drako on 09-05-2002 03:25 PM:

    In a single sweaping manover DarkStar brushed both of Xam's staffs down to the ground with but one of his own. With his free one he tapped Xam on the shoulder, it was a quick, sharp and painful tap.

    "You are now dead my young apprentice. The first thing to remember when fighting with two sabres is that you must keep a good defence up, you cannot attack with both sabres unless your opponent is dying on the floor. You must keep one in defence at all times,"

    DarkStar stepped back and moved into his defencive stance again, motioning for Xam to try again, and this time not to die.

    Posted by Xam Feldek on 09-05-2002 03:33 PM:

    Xam felt the pain in his shoulder.. One in defence and the other to attack. It wuold be hard to do this but with time comes perfection. He was persuaded to continue and made a jump to Darkstar, he was now in front of him and and looked in DS' cold green eyes.

    "Yes master, I will do as you say."

    He swung his foot towards DS' face knowing that it would be the only place he could hit him because the rest was good protected by an armour. In the mean time Xam tried to hit the back of his knee with a staff, holding the other one in defence to protect his body.

    Posted by Drako on 09-05-2002 03:41 PM:

    DarkStar ducked under the kick, one sabre coming down to clack again Xam's. His other sabre came up to wrap nicely against the back of Xam's leg.

    "You now only have one leg,"

    Said the Sith Lord calmly as he spun out of the possition and a couple of feet back.

    "Attack again, this time, probe my defences, don't go for all out assults, small quick attacks will show you where my defences are slowest to react, that is where you make your attack..."

    DarkStar assumed his defencive stance again.

    Posted by Xam Feldek on 09-05-2002 04:00 PM:

    Xam realized he was trying to do too much in one time.. small attacks. It wouldn't be easy with a Force Vampyre as opponent..
    small attacks, find the weaknesses.. Xam aimed a staff towards DS' shoulder, exactly when he saw that DS' was going to put a staff in defencive stand to protect his shoulder Xam attacked, this had to happen very quickly and he aimed his foot towards DS' thigh..

    Posted by Drako on 09-06-2002 01:25 PM:

    Xam was right, DarkStar's staff did come up to block the blow, but this didn't leave the opening Xam had hoped for. DarkStar pivoted on his other foot, taking his thigh out of the way of Xam's foot.

    As he came round DarkStar locked his foot around Xam's, using it as leverage to flip Xam onto his back. The ancient Sith spun round again and stepped back, waiting for the next attack as he nodded his approval to Xam.

    Posted by Xam Feldek on 09-06-2002 01:36 PM:

    Xam stood up again but was glad he didn't loose his head or something. He was thinking very fast of what he would do, going faster wouldn't help because the Force Vampyre was incredibly fast and strong. He had to do it smart and try again to find his weak part.

    Xam jumped over DS and made a salto when he was at the hight of DS' back, he then streched his leg to kick his back, still in the air, he swung the staff to DS' neck, the other one in defencive stand.

    Posted by Drako on 09-06-2002 01:47 PM:

    DarkStar's staffs came up in an X shape, catching Xam's between them. Spinning over the ancient Sith turned Xam's own momentum against him, sending his spinning to the floor of to the side of the Force Vampyre, neither attack coming even close. DarkStar set up his defencive stance bouncing up and down slight, waiting for the next attempt.

    Posted by Xam Feldek on 09-06-2002 02:05 PM:

    Xam smashed on the ground.. He was bleeding but didn't care. He threw himself to DS, his angre was so big he could have crushed a mountain, he almost threw one lightsabre towards DS' head and the other one still maintaining in defencive posture...

    Posted by Drako on 09-06-2002 02:21 PM:

    DarkStar's staff came down in a powerful arc, crashing down on Xam's, sending it towards the floor and nearly breaking his arm in the process.

    The ancient Sith spun round, his boot aimed straight for Xam's face as he charged headlessly towards the Sith Lord.

    "Keep your anger in check, do not let it rule your actions!"

    DarkStar shouted to his apprentice, that was the cornstone of why DarkStar's teachings were different to the other Sith at TSE, he didn't allow his apprentice's to be ruled by their anger, but rather to rule it.

    Posted by Xam Feldek on 09-06-2002 02:27 PM:

    Xam saw the kick coming, he lowered his head and felt the boot passing just over his head. He then jumped backwards and waited for a second.. He had to calm down, to controle his hate and to rule it..

    Xam attacked again, he spinned towards DS very quickly , making one staff spin and the other one kept parallel with his body.

    Posted by Drako on 09-08-2002 03:34 PM:

    Both DarkStar's staff came up in the X again, turning Xam's blow away. The left staff disconnected imidiately from the X, cracking against Xam's staff helf parallel to his body. The ancient Sith's strength was so greath Xam was pushed backwards a foor or so just by the force of impact, and the Sith Lord didn't let up the pressure there.

    Posted by Xam Feldek on 09-08-2002 03:45 PM:

    Xam moved forwards, DS had pushed him very hard,his chest was hurting because of the blow but he didn't care, his rage only became stronger but he had to control it.
    Suddenly Xam started to run, run with an inhuman speed.. He concentrated on the Dark Side and sped up towards DS, suddenly he jumped in front of DS and was one metre over his head and used one staff to hit the back of DS' neck, the other one kept close to his body.

    Posted by Drako on 09-09-2002 09:02 AM:

    DarkStar spun round, battering Xam's staff up and away from his neck, there wasn't time for a counter strike though, so the ancient Sith waited for his apprentice to land before going on the offencive.

    Charging Xam, DarkStar brought one staff round in an arc, as he did he spun in the opposite direction forcing Xam to leave an opening in his defence as he block the staff, the Force Vampyre exploided this openening with his elbow.

    Posted by Xam Feldek on 09-09-2002 09:16 AM:

    Xam got DS' elbow in his face and backed off a few metres. This knew that training with Lord Darkstar was painful and he was now enduring it..
    Xam felt his face, there was quite a cut in Xam's cheek, wiping the blood he advanced towards DS, this time more cautious. Thinking about the mistakes he had made.
    He approached him and lifted two head-sized rocks behind DS sending them towards DS' head and suddenly he attacked, he aimed his staff towards Darkstar's chest but suddenly he spun around him, taking the staff back. He bowed so the rocks wouldn't hit Xam and aimed his staff towards DS' leg.

    Posted by Drako on 09-09-2002 09:20 AM:

    DarkStar spun and bend backwards, matrix style, the rocks began to go over him, as they passed his feet and he felt the staff hurtling towards his undefended shins. He pushed up, flipping over backwards, driving his feet against both rocks and powering them at Xam before he landed on his feet again, cat like and ready to defend again.

    Posted by Xam Feldek on 09-09-2002 09:31 AM:

    Xam saw the very fast and detailed action from DS and hadn't thought he would send the rocks back, Xam dodged one rock but the only one came right on his chest. flying backwards he ended on a pillar, he craweld up and coughed blood..

    Trembling on his feet, Xam stepped very slowly and with almost no balance towards DS, he aimed again his staff towards DS' head but this time with less strength..

    Posted by Drako on 09-09-2002 09:36 AM:

    DarkStar knocked the blow aside with almost contemptable ease. Dropping a staff he wrapped his hand around Xam's throat, cutting off his air suply.

    He lifted his struggling apprentice off the floor and held him there for a moment, then released him. The Sith Lord took both staffs off him and picked up his own before smiling.

    "You have done go and rest, we will continue your training when you are rested and healed,"

    The Sith Lord inclinded his head to Xam and left the training grounds.

    Posted by Xam Feldek on 09-09-2002 09:41 AM:

    Xam bowed, if you could call it a bow because he almost fell when doing that. He stood up, feeling his chest, it was hurting like hell. He left the training grounds to rest and heal and some bacta would be very nice..