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Training for two (Xam and Macros)

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  • Training for two (Xam and Macros)

    Posted by Drako on 08-25-2002 03:14 PM:
    Training for two (Xam and Macros)

    DarkStar entered the training ground, his two newest apprentices somewhere close behind him. The training ground was already set for the series of tests the Sith Lord presented to all his apprentices, this time it would be slightly different though, there were afterall two apprentices this time.

    The Sith Lord mapped out in his mind the modifications to the tests and cocidered sumonning the first amungst his apprentices then decided against it, for the moment he wasn't needed. Later he would be but not yet.

    DarkStar folded his arms and awaited the arrival of Xam and Macros to the training grounds to begin the first step of their journey to the DarkSide.

    Posted by Xam Feldek on 08-25-2002 03:43 PM:

    Xam arrived a few seconds later, for he was only a few steps distant from DS. He stood in front of his master, wearing a black cloak, his face drowned in the shadows. his armes and hands were covered by the sleeves of his cloak so no one could see his scars which he got during the battles to protect his family, he touched the scars and felt the pain.. He had to see how his father was slaughtered 2 years ago and the only thing Xam had been able to do then was.. nothing. The pain now turned into hate.. Hate against everything he had known in his past.

    "Here I am master. I am ready to start the training.."

    Posted by Macros on 08-26-2002 09:17 AM:

    Macros arrived shortly after, he would have been there on time but had taken a short training session on his own in order to practice his skills. He was keen to impress here today. Macros tried to ignore his emotions, instead focusing on keeping his mind clear. He stepped forward. Saying nothing, but everything, in a simple nod of his head...

    Posted by Drako on 08-26-2002 03:12 PM:

    DarkStar turned his head slowly to regard Macros. The Sith Lord furrowed his brow, seeming to look into the very soul of his apprentice, a chilling experience coming from those cold green eyes.

    "You push aside your emotions like a Jedi, let your anger and hatred permiate every fibre of your being my young apprentice, you will need it, I promice you that,"

    He turned next to Xam and nodded approvingly as his cold eyes peered into his apprentice's soul to see the hatred burning there.

    "Now, how much do each of you know about moving objects with the Force?"

    Posted by Xam Feldek on 08-26-2002 03:24 PM:

    Xam nodded and thought about that time when he had made tiny rocks move around him once.. It was after the incident with his father, he didn't know what he had done then but now he knows, it was his hatred which called the dark side inside of him..

    "I once made small rocks move around me but it was 2 years ago.. I never did it again, I guess I levitated them."

    Posted by Macros on 08-26-2002 05:56 PM:

    Macros shivered after Darkstar's examination of his tortured soul. Out of the corner of his eye, he looked his training partner up and down. Nodding his head he spoke confidently to his master.

    "I can lift objects, only smaller ones though."

    Macros bit his lip, before speaking in low tones.

    "Anger is an powerful ally when needed. But in war would you call upon your greatest ally's army to defeat a lone jedi disciple? I use my anger to defeat my enemies; any obstacles in my path, but so far I have not needed to overcome any."

    He waited patiently, his anger growing at his masters rebuke for something so seemingly petty to him. He used anger as a tool, Not as something to make him look good in front of a new Master.

    Posted by Drako on 08-27-2002 03:47 PM:

    Though the tones were low, the ancient Sith Lord heard every word Macros said, the fires in DarkStar's cold green eyes burst into a roaring inferno as he rounded on his apprentice.

    "You presume to teach me?"

    DarkStar's voice was low and quiet but the power behind his words was evident. He streached out his hand, Macros was pulled from the floor by and unseen hand and left dangling in the air. He turned to Xam, his tone calm and civil again, though the fire still burned.

    "Now Xam, you say you can levitate small objects, but my young apprentice, size matters not. I'm going to let go of Macros in a moment, I want you to catch him with the Force, concentrate on the hatred inside you and chanel it, see him floating, make it your will and it will be done."

    He turned to Macros again, his eyes burning brightly as he spoke in the bitter tone again.

    "You will learn,"

    He flicked his wrist, sending Macros a dozen yards or so higher into the air before releasing him, letting Xam try to catch him.

    Posted by Macros on 08-27-2002 04:15 PM:

    Macros snarled, he was ready to levitate himself if Xam was too weak to do it himself.

    Macros said nothing to his Master, silently screaming at himself for being so foolish. He'd got off to a very bad start. The anger flowing through him he concentrated the force upon keeping his head upwards, so at least he wouldn't get concussed if Xam failed. silence he contributed some of his meager power to his training partner, willing him on. He closed his eyes as he was just a few feet from the floor.

    Posted by Xam Feldek on 08-27-2002 05:13 PM:

    Xam watched Macros with his dark eyes bursting with flames.. He had the choice to let Macros fall and watch him breaking his bones or catch him and assume he would break nothing..

    "I will try to catch him or at least slow him down master"

    Xam concentrated on the dark feelings in his mind.. the blood, the pain.. it all turned into hate .. the rocks around him began to move but he had to concentrate on Macros and not let his hate flow out through all ways.. he lifted his hands and pointed them at Macros, he heard the cries of his family dying in front of his eyes.. his hands were trembling and saw Macros slowing down, he now was standing still in the air.. Xam felt the power of the Dark Side and understood that Macros was blocked by Xam and let him get on the ground without breaking a thing. This was all very tiring and sweaty he turned to his master..

    "This was it then"

    Posted by Macros on 08-28-2002 06:16 PM:

    Macros landed lightly on his feet. Bowing his head to his training partner he kept his mouth shut. He refused to be used as a training object for Xam and felt insulted my his Master's comparison of him and of a Jedi. Suddenly Macros remembered adept force users could read people's thoughts. He would have to keep his thoughts to himself both verbally and mentally. Not opening his mouth in case he spoke his mind, he waited...

    Posted by Drako on 08-29-2002 03:34 PM:

    DarkStar nodded as Xam brought Macros down safely, he had expected no less and had known Macros would have helped himself if need be.

    "Levitation is the simplest of a Sith's powers, it is the cornerstone upon which you build all of your other powers. I however am not a great user of the Force, I am a fighter, a warrior, a killer,"

    DarkStar reached inside his cloak and removed Widowmaker, he held the black hilted lightsabre up for them to see. Though ornately carved in a dragon shape, it was still unmistakeably a lightsabre.

    "This is the tool of that sowing of death, this is the Widowmaker and aptly named it is I assure you."

    He replaced the weapon in his belt and motioned behind the apprentices.

    "If you do not have a lightsabre, you will find one behind you, it is simple but will do the job. Take up those weapons, I have summoned the first amungst my apprentice, Darius Van Develd, you will team up again him when he arrives, this exercise will not only let me guide your sabre skills but also allow you to build the bonds for sucessful team work, ignite your sabres and grow accustemed to them, I don't want you decapitating yourself..."

    DarkStar closed his eyes for the breifest of moments as he called out to Darius.

    Come Darius, and be ready to fight,

    DarkStar opened his eyes again and folded his arms, waiting for Darius to arrive.

    Posted by Darius Van-Derveld on 08-29-2002 03:49 PM:

    As the masters mind brushed his own Darius sat up a little straighter in his chair;

    So, there is a job for me, good, was getting bored...

    Gathering up the tools of his trade and donning his overcoat he jogged to the ohh so familliar training area.

    Stepping through the doors he took in the three figures within; bowing automatically in the masters general direction he drew one of his sabres and held it ready.

    "I am Darius Van-Derveld and you may go first."

    Posted by Xam Feldek on 08-29-2002 04:24 PM:

    Xam stepped forward, he already had been fighting with a lightsaber. He got one from his father and had been training for two years with it.. Some deep scars showed it..
    Xam took Bloodstorm in his hand and lit it, a crimson blade shining in the dark.

    "I would like to learn some other techniques than the ones I've learned myself.."

    Darius was a very good fighter, so Xam had to be more careful than ever.. Xam let the handle roll from finger to finger which made the sky in front of him red and made use of the confusing light to attack Darius, who blocked the attack very easily.

    Xam jumped and held on Darius' shoulder, spread his legs over his head and tried to hit darius with one foot in his stomach and the other on his back

    Posted by Darius Van-Derveld on 08-30-2002 03:01 AM:

    Fastening his free hand around Xam's, Darius, with a little force augmented strength shoved the disciple away, the boots clapped togther as they missed their target and their owner sprawled on the floor.

    Crouching low he searched for the other one and waited for his move.

    Posted by Macros on 08-30-2002 07:52 AM:

    Macros' saber appeared from nowhere. In one flowing movement it was checked for damage and ignited, the dark blue, almost black, saber snapping loudly. He circled Darius, trying to see an opening, to figure out what sort of fighter he was, looking at how he held his saber...

    Seeing Xam jump to his feet behind Darius, he tried to distract the sith, enabling his partner to attack his unprotected back. Xam could tell what Macros had in mind, and Darius no doubt did too, but it was worth a try.

    Macros feinted, bringing his saber in front of Darius, he winked at Xam, his signal to attack...

    Posted by Darius Van-Derveld on 08-30-2002 08:58 AM:

    The wink was noticed and he felt the others presence behind him.

    Drawing the second blade and igniting it he executed a sweeping attack that span him around to Macros' right hand side and gained him room to move.

    Holding himself in a posture favoured by the Darkstar himself he waited for them to close.

    Posted by Xam Feldek on 08-30-2002 11:25 AM:

    Xam even hadn't got the time to attack, Darius had allready moved aside and his second lightsaber would get in his way.. Xam knew that using a second lightsaber was more dangerous for the user than for his surroundings if he was not used to use them..

    Xam saw a dagger on the table of the weapons we could use, the table was behind Macros and Darius, Xam used the force and lifted it very high in the sky, he showed it to Macros by blinking with his eyes a few times.

    "Macros! keep it up!"

    while Macros would keep the dagger in the sky above Darius Xam tried to attack a second time. Xam went down, and made a kick aimed at Darius knee. While he did that he gave a signal at Macros to let the dagger fall on Darius' head and in the mean while to attack him.

    Posted by Darius Van-Derveld on 08-30-2002 11:42 AM:

    His knee clipped by a well aimed kick, Darius fell to the floor, rolling instinctivly away he heard the dull thud of a knife hitting the ground.

    Leaping to his feet and feeling new rage coursing through him he lept at the stand-offish Xam.

    A hastily raised sabre was batted aside and Darius' remaining blade swooped at the young disciples head.

    Posted by Xam Feldek on 08-30-2002 12:03 PM:

    Xam instinctivly let himself fall on the ground, seeing the red blade passing over his head. he rolled over to Lord Darkstar and stood up..
    Xam was determined to continue, he jumped over Darius and was now standing next to Macros, Xam knew that with one lightsaber he wouldn't have a chance to beat Darius with his two lightsabers..

    "Could I use a second lightsaber or do I have to wait for that ?"

    Posted by Darius Van-Derveld on 08-30-2002 01:02 PM:

    "You think an opponent will wait for you to ask!!!" Darius yelled.

    Sprinting at the pair, unwilling to let them recover he raised his blades and headed for Macros.

    Disgusted at Xam's timidity he force shoved him aside and aimed a kick at Macro's head.

    Posted by Xam Feldek on 08-30-2002 01:13 PM:

    "I wasn't talking to you.."

    Xam was enraged.. He took the second lightsaber and ignited it. A second crimson blade was now shining in the dark. while Darius was attacking Macros Xam aimed one lightsaber to Darius' leg and the other to his head.. in the mean while Xam lifted a rock with the force and let it fly with high speed towards the back of Darius' head..

    Posted by Macros on 08-30-2002 02:11 PM:

    Macros brought his saber down on Darius, spinning and kicking out with one leg before using the force to extend a jump over his head. Stabbing backwards he was blocked by Darius twin sabers in a X. His saber jerked out of his hand, spinning across the floor..
    Acting quickly a throwing knife appeared in Macros' hand. He rolled under a slash by Darius. Throwing the knife from a crouched position, he aimed for his saber arm...

    Posted by Darius Van-Derveld on 08-30-2002 02:48 PM:

    Disengaging Macros, Darius flicked away the propelled stone, reducing it to slag; ducking Xam's overhead slash and halting the leg swipe Darius felt the sting of metal against his arm and looked down.

    A red film descended over his eyes and he pulled the blade free and cast it aside.

    Slamming a fist into Xams face he heard the disciple go down and without even looking, he fixed the crouching Macros with a stare.

    Dropping both blades he brought he hands up and felt the change sweeping through them, hardening them.

    Kicking out lazily he caught Macro's chin and lept at the sprawling disciple, sinking his clawlike fingers deeply into the soft tissue around the the collar bone hooking around and lifting him bodily and casting him at Xam.


    Posted by Macros on 08-30-2002 03:10 PM:

    Macros screamed with rage. He used the Force to slow his descent, stopping just above Xam's shaking body. Standing above him he quickly pulled him up. Whispering in his ear as he pulled his deignited saber towards him.

    "Ok. So now we have mad lupine on our hands, you up for this? Cause Im sure gona try and get this son of a bantha. We need to practice our double attacks. Circle him and attack him from two sides.

    Casting a glance at the lupine, he ignited his saber. The anger flowing through his body he remembered the hard times on the streets. Spat on, money thrown at him, sharing his sleeping pad with dead rats...It all came back. He shut his eyes, letting it flow through him.

    Roaring he charged the lupine...He sprang over his head, landing with one knee crouched and the other straight to keep his balance. getting re-used to his saber, spinning it round him, he waited for darius' move....

    Posted by Drako on 08-30-2002 03:26 PM:

    DarkStar raised his hand, the second lightsabre in Xam's hand exploded as he crushed the power cell, his simple shake of the head showed that he didn't believe Xam was ready for a second sabre yet.

    He said nothing as his eyes continuely scanned the battle, drinking in every detail to explain their mistakes to them when it was over.

    Posted by Xam Feldek on 08-30-2002 07:14 PM:

    Xam saw the lightsabre explode in his hand, he knew that Lord DS would not accept it but he had tried it.. Xam stood up and looked at the lupine.. he also saw that Macros jumped over him. Xam called upon his hatred and let the force flow through his entire body, his eyes were darkening.. Xam raised both hands and used the force to try to paralize the lupine's arms, this would give Macros more chance of hitting him.

    Posted by Darius Van-Derveld on 08-31-2002 01:33 AM:

    Siezing up a dropped sabre in his clawed grip Darius surveyed the scene.

    Shrugging off the pathetic attempt to constrict him with the force Darius howled at the pair and with both paws clamped aroud the blade he met Macros blow for blow.

    Two swings, one to the head and chest, zigzagging across the body and one aimed at the knee.

    Posted by Macros on 08-31-2002 05:54 AM:

    Macros flipped backwards away from the lupine's raging attacks. He knew he couldn't block ones of that ferocity.. He couldn't beat him by strength alone, he was a mad lupine for Bane's sake...

    Crouching after his leap, he landed in the sand..looking down he had an idea. Waiting for the lupine to get close he closed his hands then threw sand in Darius' eyes. In the brief moment of surprise that ensued he sweeped his legs from under him and jumped on both his saber hands, twisting them into the dirt. He knelt on his chest and placed his deactivated saber hilt to his head. Breathing heavily, he new it wasn't going to be that simple...

    Posted by Drako on 08-31-2002 03:55 PM:


    The single word cut through the battle like a knife, all of them stopped, wether they wanted to or not.

    "That will do nicely. Darius, you are excused, your mistakes I will go over at great length later. Macros, Xam, please switch off your sabres ande join me,"

    DarkStar turned and walked a short distace to a small table with several weapons of death on it.

    Posted by Xam Feldek on 08-31-2002 03:59 PM:

    Xam switched off his lightsabre as Lord DS recommended. He looked at Macros. The fight had been hard, certainly against a lupine..

    Xam followed his master to the table and saw all kind of weapons. He watched DS and waited for his instructions.

    Posted by Darius Van-Derveld on 09-01-2002 04:38 AM:

    Irritated he could not resolve the combat to his satisfaction, Darius stood, dusted himself down, reclaimed any dropped weapons and bowed to the master.

    With a smile and a wave, he exited the training grounds.

    Posted by Macros on 09-01-2002 05:04 AM:

    Macros knelt; regaining his composure, the heat of battle still confounding his senses...the urge to kill still strong. Shaking his head in order to clear it, he watched the lupine leave the grounds...

    Taking his place at the table he nodded his head to his Master, and then to Xam...

    Posted by Drako on 09-02-2002 07:20 AM:

    DarkStar moved to the opposite side of the table from the other two and lent against a large boulder, he folded his arms and fixed them with his cold green eyes.

    "Now, I want each of you to tell me what you think you did wrong in that spar,"

    Posted by Macros on 09-02-2002 07:34 AM:

    "A lot most likely."

    Macros said, bowing his head.

    "For a start I lost my saber, and we did not work effectively as a team. Off the top of my head that is all I can think of without being picky."

    Looking at Xam before Darkstar, he spoke again, sighing slightly.

    "But I'm sure you could think of many more things..."

    Posted by Xam Feldek on 09-02-2002 10:13 AM:

    Xam knew he had made some big mistakes..

    "I used a second lightsabre.. And Macros is right, we didn't work effectively as a team."

    There surely had been more mistakes but this is all he could think of now.

    Posted by Drako on 09-03-2002 03:52 PM:

    DarkStar nodded,

    "You are correct, of all the mistakes you made, team work was what caused the most problems, Darius is better than either of you, only by working together could you defeat him, but tell me, what could you have done to work better as a team?"

    This guiding tactic was one of DarkStar's favorites, making the apprentices come up with their own answers made them learn more than if he simply told them.

    Posted by Xam Feldek on 09-03-2002 03:57 PM:

    Xam nodded.. It's true that the teamwork was very bad but each time they were going to attack Darius together they had to wink or scream to say what they wanted to do.

    "We could have tried to contact each other with the force so that Darius wouldn't have known what we were up to.."

    Xam also knew that Macros and him always wanted to do different things and because of that there was always one leading the attack and the other just doing a stupid thing. That was a very bad thing.

    Posted by Macros on 09-05-2002 01:21 PM:

    "I am not able to do that myself yet. Are you capable of it Xam?"

    Macros thought long and hard, before looking up slowly.

    "I don't know about Xam, but I haven't much training in battle and I was very lucky to wound Darius with my knife. And I have never fought as a pair with anyone. You know what they say; practice makes perfect..."

    He scratched the back of his neck casually.

    "I cannot say what we needed to do im afraid, master, for I have little experience in the battlefield. Any ideas Xam?"

    Posted by Xam Feldek on 09-05-2002 01:34 PM:

    "I neither have experience with that but I'm sure we will learn it."

    he looked towards Macros and then back to Lord DS.

    "I had to fight with my father to protect my family... I killed many, a few days before he died he gave me his lightsabre, Bloodstorm, which is mine now."

    Xam was looking very pale. The thoughts made him sick of hatred, he could have spit fire....

    Posted by Drako on 09-05-2002 04:19 PM:

    DarkStar nodded slowly

    "I will teach you both the art of combat individually at another time, for now I will work on some rudimentary Force powers,"

    He lifted a knife from the table and powered it into the air and away from them. It arced up, then slowly began its arc downwards. About twenty feet from the ground it passed the top of a shattered pillar,

    "There. That is the point I want you to catch my next two knifes, before they pass below the level of the pillar. To do this you will need to use speed and jump. Both work on a similar principle, feel the Force, see yourself performing the extrahuman acts, then channel the Force into your thoughts, it will handel the enhancement of your actions. Now, go!"

    With a single smooth gesutre DarkStar took two more knifes from the table and hurled them simultaniously in the same arcing path as the first.

    Posted by Xam Feldek on 09-05-2002 04:27 PM:

    Xam, who was already enraged felt his hate flow through his entire body, it felt like he had to move very quickly.. He focused on his hate.. He almost could not stand it and made a run, he didn't know if he was going fast or not because the only thing he saw was his murdered family. He almost ran against the pillar but then jumped. he put his feet a few times against the pillar while jumping and caught the knife. He fell on his feet and walked towards the table to put the knife where it was.

    Xam saw that he was bleeding, he probably cut himself with the knife while catching it..

    Posted by Macros on 09-06-2002 04:11 PM:

    Macros sprang to his feet, shutting his eyes as he did so, in order to will himself to go faster. Opening them he was surprised how easy it was the way his master had described it. Losing his concentration he slowed to normal speed. He cursed under his breath - trying again, the knife was nearing the end of its arc, flying over his head. He would never make it!

    I shouldn't think like this! I can do it! I can reach it, but i MUST jump higher and further than I have ever done before!"

    He leaped, imagining himself jumping to intercept the knife. The wind blew his green hair in his eyes and he mistimed it, overestimating the speed of the the knife. He flew past it, swearing he flipped backwards off the pillar, gaining height as he did so.

    He caught the knife skillfully in well practiced style, his hand snapping back to cushion the speed of the blade. He caught it by his handle, falling backwards. The ground rushed towards him and he rolled, the momentum of his jump cushioned by his roll.

    Casually jogging back to the table he calmly placed the knife down, nodding his head to his master as he breathed heavily...

    After he regained his breath he smiled.

    "Well that was fun."