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Baptism by Blood (Lord Darkstar)

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  • Baptism by Blood (Lord Darkstar)

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 08-12-2002 12:36 PM:
    Baptism by Blood (Lord Darkstar)

    A lone figure walked down the corridors of the training grounds, his large frame moving nimbly down the hall. He did not move extraordinaryly fast but he had a purpose in his step. As he walked his long black dreadlocks bounced behind him and his black leather trenchcoat trailed him, eventually he found what he was looking for a secluded training room where he could begin his journey as a Sith. He had been warned by others that Lord Darkstar's apprentices had never left a training exercise without at least a few open wounds and nasty bruises.

    This is it, no turning back once I call for him, I won't be able to change my mind. Talus' grimaced a bit as he these thoughts raced through his mind, then he smiled. Not that I would anyways. I've always enjoyed a good fight, will be a new experience for me though, being on the losing in of a brawl.

    Talus tossed his long black trenchcoat to the side and tied his long black dreads back behind his head in a loose pontail. The large, dark man arched his back and rolled his neck and went through a short stretching technique before he finally dropped into a lotus position and focused.

    "Lord Darkstar, I request your prescense so that I may begin my training."

    And so it begins...

    Posted by Drako on 08-12-2002 05:42 PM:

    Sometimes, DarkStar's ability to read people, and to predict their actions and thoughts boarded on mind reading, this was one of those times.

    The ancient Sith was waiting outside the training ground for his apprentice to call him, no sense in wasting time coming all the way from his quarters when he could wait in the hall outside the training grounds.

    As soon as Talus called for him the Force Vampyre slipped silently into the training ground, his Force signature masked and his cloak absorbing the light that fell on it. He was a shadow, nothing more.

    He moved, undetected behind his apprentice, to with a few feet. Reaching out the Sith Lord placed his hand firmly on Talus's right should and spoke.

    "If I were an enemy you would already be dead, be more watchful,"

    DarkStar critizied the man, even though there was nothing he could have done to have known DarkStar was coming as an assassin the ancient Sith was completely undetectable when he choose to be. He also believed that the unwarrented critizism helped his apprentices to harden their skin against anyone trying to provoke them, calmness was very important to the Sith Lord.

    He walked round to face Talus, his first task beginning to form in his mind, the rock test, as always would be the first one.

    "If you are ready we will begin."

    DarkStar called on the Force, arranging a series of randomly sized rocks ranging from pebbled to massive chuncks of broken pillar to large for Talus to lift, even with the Force, into a random order.

    "Now, I want you to arrange these rocks in order of size, without touching them, some are too large for you to I want you to use the most powerful tool available to you in the training ground to move them..."

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 08-12-2002 06:34 PM:

    Talus did not move a muscle when his master grabbed his shoulder. He had been caught off guard meditating, but he was not frightened nor was he ashamed, he had been caught off guard by his master once before, before Talus' had bound his life to him and he had spared him death, this would be no different, just more painful.

    With each encounter I have with Master the more I am impressed by his power, cunning and wisdom, I have chosen wisely.

    Talus hoped the master did not read these thoughts from his mind, he had been accused of flattery before, it was more though he was completely in awe of his master's abilities though he did not show it on the outside and tried his best to keep it hidden on the inside.

    "Move the stones in order of size my lord? It will be done."

    Talus took a deep breath and assessed the situation;

    There is no way I can move the shattered pillar, the pebbles and other stones will be simple enough, that large boulder may also present a problem. We shall see.

    Talus lifted the four smallest stones without even lifting his hand to focus the force, he was much more adept than he had let on even in his arrogant recruitment trial. He arranged them in order building up towards the large chuck of pillar still on the bottom of the pile.

    I won't even touch the pillar, I'll use it as the anchor of my order and move the other stones around it.

    Next he lifted his hand and moved 3 larger stones, each probably weighing 15 to 20 kilos and moved them into position.

    Three stones left and just my luck I have to move that boulder.

    Talus smiled and breathed deeply, the void inside him, the reason for his ambition, the small part of oblivion that was his soul raged inside of him, he focused intently on the stone, it was no doubt well over 100 kilos, he had never attempted to move anything of this size before with just the force. Suddenly his other hand shot out both palms displayed towards the stone, the sweat began to bead on his brow as he focused more intently, the rock began to move, shudder, but Talus couldn't lift it. Suddenly his mind flashed back to the first time Darkstar had greeted him with a force choke and a knee.

    I want that kind of power, I need that kind of power, I will have that kind of power!

    "AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGHHHH!" Talus groaned as the boulder lifted and was moved into place. The sweat was poured down his body like a rainstorm. His chest heaved for a few short breaths then he focused and stood back up. All the stones save for the large boulder were in place, his plan to ignore the pillar had worked to an extent but now there was another stone that he wouldnt' be able to move on his own.

    I must try and if I fail, my failure will bring about anger which will bring about power, which is what I desire.

    Talus took a few deep breaths and held them, turning all his focus on the stone he begin to let the air out slowly and try to lift the boulder with his mind. From appearances the stone had to have weighed 300 kilos, nearly his maximum lifting capacity if he didn't use the force to augment his unnatural strength. Focusing he strained against the stone, his muscular body bulged his back arced wickedly, the stone did not move all the dust particles on it and pieces that were not attached very powerfully to the rock were rising all around it, but the chuck of stone would not move. Exhausted Talus dropped to his knees. He roared loudly and shot back to his feet again. His voice almost demonic as he cried out; "Move you infernal piece of brimstone, move damn you!" But the stone would not bulge infact it seemed to mock him by its stoic resolve to stay firmly on the ground. Exhausted and enraged he turned to his master;

    " is too...curse you, you enjoy breaking me don't you? It will not move my lord, I cannot yet move it, I... I am not yet strong enough, you must aide me my lord." Talus bowed his head and clinched his fist nearly tight enough to cause himself to bleed from the hands as he awaited for his master to move the stone.

    Posted by Drako on 08-14-2002 05:15 PM:

    DarkStar laughed, his arms folded across his chest.

    "I must?"

    He laughed again and nodded towards the last rock, it lifted from the ground without an effort at all. With another flick of the head DarkStar dropped it where it was supposed to be.

    "Well done my apprentice, never be afraid to ask for help, even the most powerful of us needs help sometimes."

    The next test was a test of skill, DarkStar enjoyed watching the way his apprentices reacted to the nature of the next test. He gave a sweeping motion of his arm, aimed at encompassing the whole of the training ground.

    "Somewhere in here there are three boxes, inside each is a stone of the same colour as the box. The white box does nothing, the green box will release a trap when opened, the red box will summon two modified droids to attack. Now I want you to bring me the stone I want...choose well...choose like a Sith,"

    DarkStar folded his arms and waited.

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 08-14-2002 05:33 PM:

    Talus grunted at his master's newest task, it would be a simple enough choice, his master was a warrior and a Sith, neither of which ever runs from a fight. The red stone would be the stone his master wished for, but the question that ran through his head;

    Two modified droids, what am I going to be up against, blasters of course, but will there be any other weapons.

    Talus walked confidently to the red box and then stopped before lifting it and taking the stone. Surveying the area he noticed fine lines carved into the wall just to his left, more than likely that would be where the droids would appear, but that was not the point, smiling he lifted the box with the force and called the small stone into his hand;

    If I bend over that will put me at a disadvantage immediately, especially if the droids don't come from where I expect them too.

    Slowly he walked to his master to hand him his stone...

    Posted by Drako on 08-17-2002 05:20 PM:

    DarkStar didn't take the stone, his attention was instead fixed on the doors from which the two droids had just imurged. They were both essentially destroyer droids but had both been heavily modified.

    One had an extra pair of blasters and the other had two lightsabres in place of its blasters, their personal shielding came into play as they took up stance on either side of Talus, advancing slowly towards him.

    DarkStar finally looked at his apprentice, he took the stone and nodded to to two droids.

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 08-17-2002 11:14 PM:

    Talus dropped the stone in his master's outstretched hand and turned to face the droids, he could see the glow of their personal sheilding, he noticed that they were unsheilded when they were in transportation mode, he'd have to make them fold up and roll after him if he was going to pull this off.

    "Excuse me m'lord." Talus said confidently and then focusing he began to draw on his own dark soul to infuse his body with the force, a trick he'd learned from a group of Jedi that had hoped to train him, they unfortunately weren't aware that when he energized his body with the force, it was Dark Side energy he used, until the day he broke one of their necks in a spar. Talus then stepped away from his master, he knew the droids would not fire until he was out of their sights and then he ran. Talus ran faster than he had ever ran before right in between the two destroyer droids, the blaster one opened fire, but it hadn't yet compenesated for Talus' speed in its firing solution. The blaster bolts bounced off the saber droid like a Tattoine sandfly on a speeder windshield. Talus suddenly broke left towards the blaster 'bot, it was the one he wanted to stay stationary, if he could get ahold of the two lightsabers of the other 'bot he'd be able to attack the blaster 'bots shielding.

    His speed suddenly slowed, reverting to his normal abilities without the force. It wasn't because he couldn't remain focus, rather he wanted to confuse the blaster droid's firing scheme, so it wouldn't hit him. Blaster volleys rang out and the smell of burnt ozone passed a few feet in front of him, the droid was again confused in it's aiming. Talus glanced over and saw the saber droid begin to unfold, it had attempted to move into position, this was exactly what Talus wanted. Using the force he focused on one of the stones he had moved in his earlier exercise and threw it at the force directly at the saber droid's shield generator, disabling it. Talus then turned and focused on the force again, the blaster droid had once again adjusted its aim ot adjust for Talus' reduced speed, when suddenly he bursted in a force enhanced spring again at the saber droid, it had not yet completely activated. Talus' focused the force throughout his entire frame and lunged forward, spearing the droid directly into a pillar right behind it. Reaching down he grabbed the droid's right arm and wrenched off, Talus was now armed.

    Talus reached to the ground and grabbed the loose saber from the disembodied arm and activated, then he felt a tingle on the back of his neck. Blaster Droid, damn forgot about him. Talus hit the deck as a full volley of blaster bolts riddled the saber droid in front of him. Rolling he grabbed the other saber out of the now defunct saber droid.

    Talus lept to his feet and ignited both sabers, crossing them in front of his body he ran directly at the modified destroyer droid, its blaster bolts flying off of his ignited sabers or sailing wide of him as he sidedstepped in his advance. In less than a second, the young sith was on top of the droid and with one quick motion he decapitated it and spit it into down the middle. There was fire in his eyes when he turned towards his master, with his blades ignited still, slowly he began to approach him, blades in a defensive stand.

    "Anything elsssse massster? " he hissed, his entire demeanor had changed, a fire was ignited inside him and it seemed he was engulfed in a shadow. When he got with in 2 meters of his master he suddenly deactivated his commandered light sabers and shuddered, his frame heaved as he breathed, it wasn't that he was out of breath it was just that he was trying to focus his mind, he had experienced a blood thirst. He hadn't had such a rage since he snapped the neck of the Jedi who he sparred with.

    "Mission completed master..." Talus kneeled before Lord Darkstar and awaited his next command.

    Posted by Drako on 08-21-2002 03:49 PM:

    DarkStar regared Talus's new sabres with cold distane, they were of course made to be part of a droid, they were not the graceful and ornate weapons created by the Sith Lord.

    "Remind me to make you a sabre when we are done here, for now you can use those and I will teach you how to use them properly,"

    In a single movement, faster than the eye could follow DarkStar swept his cloak to the side and took Widowmaker from his belt, there was a snap as the crimson blade burst into life.

    "Attack me, with one sabre, two is too difficult for you at the moment and I don't want you to decapitate yourself, I can stop you from hurting me, and from me hurting you, but I can't stop you hurting yourself, now, attack,"

    DarkStar moved Widowmaker into a defencive possition and awaited his apprentice's strike.

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 08-21-2002 03:58 PM:

    Talus grinned, I'm about to be in for the ride of my life and the funny thing is that I'm looking forward to it. . Taking a deep breath he focused and cleared his mind, he remembered that a Sith Lord can read your thoughts and use them against you, so he had to attack purely on instinct and not allow himself to get caught up planning a combination of attacks.

    "As you wish master." Talus replied tossing the other saber on the ground, he cautiously approached his teacher, saber ignited in his hand. When he was just out of arms of saber reach he quickly brought his saber up, over his right shoulder. Talus then stepped hard at his master he brought his saber down in a diagonal slash towards Darkstar's shoulder. He didn't stop there as he brought the blade down he planted on his left foot and brought his right leg around in a sweep aimed at Lord Darkstar's left knee.

    Posted by Drako on 08-24-2002 12:42 PM:

    DarkStar brought his sabre up to connect with Talus's in a hissing lock. At the same time he brought his leg across, hammering his shin against Talus's incoming boot.

    One of the Disciplines of martial arts the ancient Sith followed dicatated a training path that cumulated with the follower being able to knock down concrete posts with his shin.

    Due to this training, the chance of causing pain to his shin was slim, if not impossible, that was why it was so effective for blocking.

    With Talus's foot in the air he was overbalanced, with a push of from his free foot DarkStar smashed his shoulder into his apprentice in an effort to topple the big man backwards and with DarkStar's inhuman strength this was a highly likely event.

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 08-24-2002 03:34 PM:

    Talus staggered back, he was on one foot, but not quite as unbalanced as his master had expected. He however did not stay completely upright and threw his left arm back to catch his fall and spun around to his feet creating seperation between him and his master.

    "I may look large and clumsy m'lord, but as you know looks can be deceiving." Stepping towards his master again Talus attacked his master's blade this time. He made two downward strikes at his master's outstreched saber before he feinted a third and quickly made a spiraling horizontal attack at his masters exposed left flank.

    Posted by Drako on 08-27-2002 03:18 PM:

    DarkStar parried the first two blows with calm indifference before pivoting to bring himself round, covering his exposed flank. This momenterily put him with his back to his apprentice but before Talus could capitalize on this the Sith Lord flipped backwards, straight over his apprentice's head to land behind him, his boot coming up almost instantly in a vicious kiddney aimed kick.

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 08-27-2002 03:52 PM:

    Talus stepped hard attempting to drive his shoulder in his master's back when it was exposed, but realized he was too late when his master flipped over him. Talus instinctively turned his right to face his master, expecting a saber slash he kept his blade high as he spun... if only he would have kept it down.

    "Unh!" Talus grunted as he absorbed the impact of his masters kick in his exposed midsection. Talus staggered back a few feet to catch his breath and then smiled. "Nice shot master, you'll have to teach me that backflip move one of these days."

    Talus drove hard at his master again, this time in a flurry of saber attacks, each one parried, deflected or dodged easily by his master's expert hand. Talus then went to attacking his master with his saber held in his right hand. Talus glanced around as he kept his assult up. Then he saw what he was looking for. Spinning to his left, Talus slashed at his master once more. This time when Darkstar deflected it. Talus reached out with the force and called the second lightsaber to his hand igniting it and thrusting it in a reverse grip at his master's chest.

    Posted by Drako on 08-29-2002 03:47 PM:

    The second lightsabre exploded in Talus's hand as DarkStar reached out with the Force and crushed the power cell, there was a snarl on his face.

    "I said one sabre only!"

    With the reverse thrust effectively nutralized DarkStar jumped to deliver a drop kick to Talus's throat, the force of which, if it connected would topple the big man head over heels onto his back.

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 08-29-2002 09:04 PM:

    A wave of pain rushed through Talus' left arm as the saber exploded in his hand, his left hand which had held the saber was bleeding from the jagged chrome shrapnel that was released when the powercell exploded. His hand was was also burned, Talus lost focus for a split second as he tried to supress the pain, a mistake he would learn from the hard way.

    As Talus focused he looked up and saw the sole of Darkstar's boot just before it intoduced itself to Talus' face, by sheer luck Talus avoided what would have been a training ending blow to the throat, but was rocked flat on his back about 4 yards from his master.

    Talus quickly kicked back up to his feet, showing his strength and iron jaw. Salt Talus first thought as he licked his lips, he then realized he lip had busted open. Not nearly as badly as it could have been but it still bled. "First blood master." He nodded and stood back up. Amazingly he hadn't lost his grip on his saber nor impaled himself on it as he was knocked back, focusing he gripped the blade two-handed in front of him and widened his stance.

    "Yes m'lord." He hissed as he began to focus. Slowly dust and small pebbles rose around him. Talus' dark eyes grew more ominous and if possible blacker. He was pulling in as much of the Dark side as his limited abilities would allow him, enhancing his already impressive natural strength and agility. Suddenly he leapt forward closing the distance between his master and himself in a split second at the same time he brought the blade down hard, he was too far out to actually land the blow but that wasn't the purpose, his hunch was that Lord Darkstar would attempt to deflect and counterstrike this large arcing blow, allowing Talus' to complete his two-step attack.

    Posted by Drako on 09-02-2002 07:02 AM:

    DarkStar was a master of countless forms of combat though, he knew every combination attack, every move that almost anyone could use. He had centuries of experience behind him. He also had the Force and the future sight it offered him.

    With all that the ancient Sith had a good hunch what was coming next. In a suprise count he dropped Widowmaker, the blade switched off and was drawn back to his belt were it reattached itself.

    DarkStar lept forward, catching Talus by the wrist as the blade came down. With a grin he twisted Talus's sabre arm round, taking the blade away from the Sith Lord. Using it as a pivot he lept up to diliver a visious double kick, aimed for Talus's widepipe.

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 09-02-2002 11:44 AM:

    Damn! Again with attacks at my throat

    Talus bent his chin down and took one of the kicks in the face, his nose exploded with blood as the second foot came up to finish the job, Talus felt his master's grip loosen on his wrist. He wrenched free and side stepped the second kick, but he didn't stop there, gripping his masters leg underneath the hamstring and wrapped his arm around it. He couldn't see because of the blood and moisture in his eyes but he felt his way to his master's throat with his free arm, pushing forward with all his strength he drove his master to the ground, crashing on top of him. He had lost his lightsaber when he had been kicked by his master so he released his masters leg and brought his left fist down on his master's face.

    "I won't be broken!" He growled as the his blood poured on his masters face. Talus lifted his left hand again, holding tight to Darkstar's throat with his right he brought his left hand down aiming for his master's nose again.

    Posted by Drako on 09-02-2002 04:39 PM:

    As Talus's hand came down at his nose again the Sith Lord reached out with his free arm and caught the fist, with a vicious twist he felt the bone snap. With that arm out of the picture the ancient Sith concentrated on the hand around his throat.

    Bringing both his knees up under Talus, DarkStar pressed his feet against the big man and with one herculian push catapulted the apprentice off him.

    With a savage grimace on his face DarkStar flipped back to his feet. It was now a brawl and DarkStar had a move Talus would want to learn.

    Two quick strides took him to the downed apprentice. He wrapped his hand around Talus's throat and dragged him to his feet.

    In a truely impressive display of strength DarkStar flipped Talus upside down, still holding him firmly. With a roar he threw the big mad up and over, sending him crashing from a great high, face first into the hard floor of the training ground.

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 09-02-2002 04:49 PM:

    Talus felt a surge of pain in his left arm as he brought it down for the second blow, but he didn't have time to deal with that as he was tossed away from his master like a rag doll. Before he could even regain his footing his master was again on top of him lifting him in the air and planting him firmly on the ground.

    "Ummph" Talus groaned as he hit the ground, but he wasn't done yet, he'd been a prize fighter before coming to the empire and had fought with broken arms before. Talus quickly rose to his knees and brought his fist straight up into his master's groin, he knew he was going to pay dearly for it, but he wanted to make sure his master knew that he was in for a fight. As his Master stepped back from the force of the blow in such a sensitive area. Talus lept up again bringing his right hand up into his master's chin, as he did this he pushed away from his master with his left foot and got some distance, the pain in his left arm was subsiding as it was going dumb from the swelling.

    My lightsaber? Talus quickly glance around and saw it just to his right, using the force he called it to his right hand.

    Snap-Hiss The Sith weapon ignited and Talus charged swinging at his masters side.

    Posted by Drako on 09-02-2002 05:08 PM:

    DarkStar closed his eyes, setting the pain back a bit, it would ache later, of that he was sure, but for now he had enough wits about him to finish the fight.

    He saw Talus ignite his sabre again, it didn't matter though, DarkStar felt his rage building, it was time to cut this arrogant apprentice down to size.

    He raised his hand slowly, Talus had delt him a low blow, it was time to repay the favour. A slight modification of the Grip alowed him to get Talus where it hurt.

    Being friends with Nikka, DarkStar didn't want to dispoint her with her new love so let off before doing any permant damage. By then it was too late for Talus though, the pain had dulled his senses, that was all the Sith Lord needed.

    Running forword with Force enhanced speed he seemed to become a blur to the already stunned apprentice. Out of no where came the viscious double kick, this time there was no way for Talus to escape, this time, it would crush his windpipe.

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 09-02-2002 05:17 PM:

    Paybacks a *****... The thought crossed Talus' mind as his eyes became blurry, the next thing he felt was two boots colliding with his wind pipe and it collapsing on him.

    "Huuunh" The only sound he could make. Talus fell to his knees, his saber at his side. Focusing he pulled the force into him, he only had a few moments before he would be out of air, he grabbed his saber and began to attack with all his strength, Darkstar, easily knocked the blows away. Spots began to cover his vision, he was running out of oxygen as he fell to his knees.

    Look at all the pretty colors His starving brain was having trouble focusing, then with what should have been his last coherent thought, Talus rememberd his stihletto in his boot. Pulling it out, he stuck the tip of the blade into his neck just below the point were it had collapsed. Talus forced himself to try to breathe, the pain was excruiciating.

    Air! He filled his lungs through his battlefield tracheotemy (sp?) Rising to his feet, he saw the blood dripping from him, obviously from his new self-inflicted wound. Talus would be fighting at well under his normal abilities, but he could still fight. Slowly he rose to his feet, he was mute now so he couldn't make a spoken comment but he knew his master would be reading his thoughts.

    I'll die before I quit.

    Grabbing his lightsaber he ignited it, his left arm hung lifelessly from his shoulders he would be at a serious disadvantage from any attack from that direction so he turned his right side towards his master and advanced again, slashing horizontally at his masters body.

    Posted by Drako on 09-02-2002 05:32 PM:

    Suprisingly DarkStar didn't block Talus's attack, he let it hit his armour, which would absorb it this time. Using the time this failed attack gave him DarkStar delievered a powerful palm punch to Talus's good shoulder and a second this his lower throat.

    As soon as that was done the Sith Lord dropped down, a leg sweep aimed to bring Talus down to the floor where DarkStar could execute a devistating finishing move, he had no intention of his apprentice getting up this time.

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 09-02-2002 05:40 PM:

    Talus' body turned hard with his master's blow to his shoulder, he felt it come out of socket, but that was the least of his worries a second blow came to his already aching throat, forcing a portion of his already limited supply of air to be stopped again.

    This is it. He smiled at his master as he staggered back, he raised his saber as high as his dislocated shoulder would allow and swung directly at his masters head, at the same moment he felt his knee give way to a crushing blow from Darkstar's boot. He fell to one knee, his blow glanced off of Darkstar's armor from his kneeling position he swung his blad again at his master's legs. The pain searing through his arm as he did so.

    Take this and this. And how about some of this Were the thoughts that ran through his mind as he awaited the finishing blow.

    Posted by Drako on 09-02-2002 06:00 PM:

    DarkStar stepped forward, pinning Talus's sabre hand against the floor with his boot. With a sinister grin DarkStar clasped his hand around Talus's throat.

    Taking a moment to crush Talus's hand till he let go of the sabre DarkStar stepped back, pulling Talus to his feet. Ducking slightly to let a limp ar drape over his shoulders DarkStar lifted Talus in the air by his throat.

    Holding him there for a moment DarkStar turned to one of the fallen pillars that littered the training ground. Gripping the top of Talus's trousers for more support he laughed wickedly.

    "This spar is over!"

    With a roar he smashed Talus down over the pillar to a loud snapping noise which could have come from any, or more likely, several places in Talus body.

    Talus's head was tossed about like a rag doll, crashing several times against the pillar, opening a large wound in the back of his head from which more blood poured.

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 09-02-2002 06:09 PM:

    The swelling in his face from the many kicks he took had closed Talus' eyes, but he felt the bones in his hand crush as Lord Darkstar disarmed him. Both arms and his left leg were now useless, still Talus refused to quit.

    Never... His mind screamed as he began to lose awareness, as Lord Darkstar lifted him in the air by his throat Talus kicked at his master with his one good leg, the blows were as gnats on a rancor hide.

    Remeber what I said in my recruitment I would do if you attacked me. Die and kick, curse and spit at you as I did so. Damn you, I will be stronger and I will fight you again. Damn you, your just too strong for me master. Damn you for making me learn my place. Damn you for making me stronger.

    As his body was slammed into the pillars, Talus felt his rib cage collapse, he couldn't cought the blood that was filling his lungs but he still had moisture in his mouth, mostly his own blood, a red mist came from his mouth as Lord Darkstar slammed his broken body into the pillar for the last time. Talus had no idea if it his it's mark, but he had tried.

    I'll see you soon master The last thought that crossed his mind before he lost conciousness, with a smile on his face.

    Posted by Drako on 09-03-2002 05:05 PM:

    With a sigh DarkStar slung the unconcious Talus over his shoulder and headed slowly towards medbay, this was happening far too often he decided.