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  • One among many (open.)

    Posted by Dark B Shadow on 08-14-2002 10:16 PM:
    One among many (open.)

    :: Dark Walked into the training grounds for the first time in weeks. He felt good to be back. Now it's time for him to train for he now realizes that he is weak compared to everything outside. He nearly died many of times on his journey. So now he mush train. Train to become strong to conquer his goals. This he must do to survive. ::

    {The Shadow Realm}{Bio}
    {Dark's Realm in the Shadow}

    Posted by Darius Van-Derveld on 08-26-2002 01:29 PM:

    Suited and booted, Darius strode across the training area and came to a halt before the disciple known as Dark; they had yet to be introduced so he extended his arm in greeting:

    "I am Darius Van-Derveld, I hear you want a sparring partner."

    Posted by Dark B Shadow on 08-26-2002 02:21 PM:

    :: Dark looked at Darius.::

    " You are right I am looking for a sparing partner. My name is Dark Shadow."

    :: Dark prepared himself for an attack from his foe. He took out his dual curved lightsaber ( Night and Day ) from his inside coat pocket and ignited the black side of his ligtsaber.::

    " You may have the first move."

    Posted by Darius Van-Derveld on 08-27-2002 03:27 AM:

    Shrugging, Darius backed off to give himself room; from his belt he drew both of his sabres, finely made and identicle in every way, except one, but that didnt matter now.

    "C'mon then!"

    The force guided his steps and the gap closed in a blink, bringing both blades together overhead he slammed them strait down arching for the darkones head.

    Posted by Dark B Shadow on 08-27-2002 07:29 AM:

    :: When Dark saw that Darius was holding two blade he quickle ignited the white side of his lightsaber. Then he loosed the hilt for his sword just in case he needed it and readied this other lightsaber at his waste. When he brought both the lightsabers up to strick him Dark just hit both of the lightsabers away to the right with his black side of the lightsaber. Then went for a good kick to his mid-section.::

    Posted by Darius Van-Derveld on 08-27-2002 05:10 PM:

    His blades slid down the raised black sabre, turning himself to the right to gain more purchase he felt the booted heel swipe past bearly missing him.

    Instinct directed a small force push at Shadow's chest and as the wave of force hit out Darius dropped to on knee and swung for his opponents shins.

    Posted by Dark B Shadow on 08-27-2002 06:23 PM:

    :: This small force push started him it was just strong enough to make him get off-balance a little. But in no time he susstained himself. Then he noticed that Darius's hand swong towards his shin. So Dark quickly steped on his hand that was coming toward him. The he quickly with his other foot went for a strong kick to the back of Darius's head. While kicking, Dar still had both sides of the lightsaber ignited. So he quickly disignited the white blade. He was holding his saber in his right hand. ::

    Posted by Darius Van-Derveld on 08-28-2002 08:03 AM:

    Turned about and confused, Darius dropped to the floor and rolled away.

    At a safe distance he stood again and faced his opponent; with little effort he shuffled his fatigue off with some deep breaths. restored somewhat he drew himself up and assumed his best defensive stance, one blade held low, one above his head, pointing at his opponent.

    His turn at the attack was over, now it was time to observe the style of Dark.

    Posted by Dark B Shadow on 08-28-2002 08:39 AM:

    :: Dark watches Darius back away. So Dark puts away his Lightsaber on his hilt for he will not need it for this attack. But he does take out his first lightsaber he ever made or owned for that matter. So Dark ignited his red saber and slowly he started walking toward Darius. But then Dark gave a good force push to him that made him go off balance and Dark charged at him with incredable speed holding his lightsaber in his right hand. When he got to where Darius stood he held his lightsaber in both hands and swong towards his opponant's left arm. ::

    Posted by Darius Van-Derveld on 08-28-2002 08:54 AM:

    The shove was exactly what Darius whould have done in the same position, and as the force hit him, he took a back step and recovered his footing.

    From his left came a deadly blurr of light; instinct brought the left blade up and met the swing, bringing the second blade in at an angle he scissored and locked his opponents weapon in place; stuck in place, Darius aimed a booted high kick at Darks head.

    Posted by Dark B Shadow on 08-28-2002 09:07 AM:

    ::Since now that DArius looked both of the blade he had his chance to strick. But then a boot came and meat his face For he wasn't quick enough to block it. But it only just caught his face since he moved his head back a little. So it only took him a second to recover. The blades where still locked and he had an extra hand open s he quickly took out his the and slashed his opponant across his chest for he couldn't react fast enough. This blade Dark carries can not be cut or damaged by and lightsaber or anything that man has made. For if a lightsaber would try to block it the saber would just reflect off of it. It's name is Monarn. it is a magnificent blade that has never been seen before. The only way it can be destroyed is time.::

    Posted by Darius Van-Derveld on 08-28-2002 02:08 PM:

    Breaking the sabre lock and stumbling back, Darius took stock, one light slash to the chest and an opponent with a quantium 'honour' sword.

    Rage bubbled then roared within him, bearing his teeth and returning his blades to his belt Darius lept through the air and was on top of the disciple in the blink of an eye; the old 'family traits' answered his call, and his hands bled together and formed the claws that his family was famous for.

    Holding the struggling Dark's wrists, Darius brought his head down again and again and again into the face of his enemy, red haze obscured his vision and he felt wetness cover his face and he rolled to the ground gasping for breath.

    Posted by Dark B Shadow on 08-28-2002 02:37 PM:

    :: Dark could barely move not that he was in pain but he couldn't breath. He was taking deep long breaths to over come the it. It didn't take that long but when he finally took control of his he was so full of rage that nothing could stop him. He picked up his sword, put it away, and did the same with his lightsaber, and then stood up. When he stood up you could see a small black glow all around him. He charged once again and this time pounced ontop of Darius so they both fell to the ground. He then kept hiting punch after punch to where his wound on his chest was. When he was finished he stood up and backed away slightly.::

    Posted by Darius Van-Derveld on 08-28-2002 03:33 PM:

    After the storm of rage passed and Dark backed off, Darius leavered himself off the floor and stood looking at the disciple facing him.

    Gasping and oozing quietly he cracked a smile, he could already feel the broken teeth being pushed out by new whole ones.

    Between breaths he spoke to Dark,

    "That was a good spar, most exhilarating my friend,"

    Wiping sweat and blood from his forhead he reformed his hands and extended his right in peaceful reconcilliation.

    Posted by Dark B Shadow on 08-28-2002 04:07 PM:

    :: Dark took his hand and shook it.::

    "Yes it was and I hope we can spar again sometime."

    :: With that Dark Walked into the shadow's and disappeared. He was gone from the training ground for now.::

    Posted by Darius Van-Derveld on 08-28-2002 04:36 PM:

    Sighing deeply and letting his shoulders sag Darius sealed his wounds and limped back to his quaters.