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Solitary training.

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  • Solitary training.

    Posted by Macros on 08-25-2002 12:45 PM:
    Solitary training.

    Macros stood alone. He wished to be alone. Drawing his saber he checked it for damage, it was something he always did after an unfortunate circumstance when his saber refused to ignite. That had left him with a scar on his right arm after the troop of mercenaries (now deceased, of course) sent to kill him gained an unfair advantage. He was training outside in the darkness, where his sight would not disrupt the force which he was still learning.

    With a snap his saber ignited, in working order. He had come here to get re-aqquainted with his saber. The blue light casting strange shadows in his surroundings, Macros shut his eyes.

    With a slight buzzing noise Macros twisted and turned slashing in the direction of a single, imagined enemy. Growing in confidence his speed and ferocity increased. Ducking, he throws his saber in the air and uses the force to spin it round his head while he crouches. He catches it in a flowing motion, spinning on one leg to counter the spin of the saber. He flips it over the right way and slides it in his holder.

    Sitting on the dirt, he begins to meditate.