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The training of Abydos Nighthawk...

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  • The training of Abydos Nighthawk...

    Posted by Dara Shadowtide on 03-18-2002 05:02 AM:
    The training of Abydos Nighthawk...

    :: Sith Master Dara Shadowtide walked through the ornate gate entrance of the Sith Empire training grounds as the full moon rose ominously in the sky. Her thoughts returned to the meeting which led her to accept her latest disciple in the Dark Arts. Her soft black leather boots treaded silently along the walkway as her green eyes constantly monitored the perimeter.

    Leaves from nearby trees seemed to wilt more rapidly and a blend of crimson and gold hues spiralled lifelessly to the ground behind her, denoting her presence along every step of the way. The strong aura of death and destruction washed along everything in the circumference of the darkness which radiated from her like an unbridled contemptuous rage.

    The Sith Master walked methodically to a small clearing which had an arrangement of stones and pebbles, various equipment and supplies, and then a section of an ancient wall. Taking a deep breath, Dara focused on the pure dark side energy pulsating in her veins as the fiery coils of evil itself burned deep in her soul.

    She ran full speed at the wall and ran straight up it, performing a backflip with a twist to land agilely in front of the wall where she had begun the exercise. Dara repeated this exercise of balance several more times until she sensed a new force signature enter.

    As she landed in a crouch, her long brunette tresses blew lightly in the chilling breeze which had long accompanied the Sith Master. Standing up fully, she rotated her shoulders back as her muscles flexed in the adrenaline of the completion of another set of personal training exercises. Dara nodded at the arrival of Abydos Nighthawk and she spoke in an even tone ::

    "Welcome to the Sith Empire, Abydos Nighthawk. You have indeed chosen wisely as this is a very powerful group. I would like to know some things about you before we begin so that I may tailor your training accordingly.

    1. Tell me about your background - weapons of proficiency, force skills, any other miscellaneous skills you may possess

    2. I would like to know what the Dark Side is to you

    Taking pride in the Sith Empire is important and you should always strive to represent us positively at all times. Respect.. Loyalty.. and complete Dedication to the study of the Dark Arts are things which I hold in high regard and I expect my apprentice to do the same. You will represent the Empire and your Master well at all times.

    I also want you to review the information contained on this holonovel. It contains vital information regarding the Empire, and some pertinent information regarding the Battleground where the major battles with the Jedi take place."

    :: Dara tossed the small oval device to her newest apprentice and awaited his response to her two questions ::

    In addition, if you play any other characters in any other roleplaying group on the ezboards you need to
    notify all of the Council members via e-mail as to who you play and what group you are in besides this one. Thanks.

    Posted by Abydos Nighthawk on 03-18-2002 05:48 AM:

    *Not making any noticable sound as he finally came to the place he was told to meet, he was amazed to know how the Master knew he was there. He met her eyes with his, then swiftly bowed to his waist level, slowly raising to standing position he moved himself closer to his master and listened to all she had to say. He thought about his past and images flashed up in his memory.*

    "My past? Sure. I had a great time as a child. I learnt at a school for the mentally gifted. It is where I learnt all that I know about the universe. A few years ago the class of about 10 students were told to go and explore the universe for ourselves.
    I have travelled far distances across many galaxies and have learnt of many things. I also heard about the darkside and the 'Tides' as it has been referred to. I made my way there, passing by a Bar called Rama's, then I finally met the infamous Dara We talked for a while and you accepted me as your apprentice, I thank you for that.
    As for my skills. I have never had any experience with the Force, but I am fast learner. I am adept at deception and can slip in and out of shadows quite easily. I use magic to enhance some of my skills. I like to entertain, hence the magical tricks. I have fought with a sword before, but not a lightsabre. I have used projectile weapons, but would prefer melee if the choice was there. I also use distractionary devices. Smoke detonators and such. These are my combat type skills. If you wish to know others, simpy request and I will answer to the best of my abilities my Master."

    *He bows once again to his master in respect
    He then proceeded to look through the holonovel given to him, to make sure he knew all he needed to know. When he was done he remembered he had not answer both questions*

    "My apologise my master, I have kept you waiting, I am sorry."

    *a look of puzzlement comes across his face as he thinks of what the darkside is to him*

    "What is the Darkside to me?....... I do not know yet my master. This is why I have joined the Empire, to find out what the Dark Side is to me. If I may request, when my training is over and I am familiar with the Dark Side, I then ask that you ask me again. Then, and only then will I truly be able to give my answer."

    *He looks upon his Master and awaits for what is coming next*

    Posted by Dara Shadowtide on 03-20-2002 02:09 AM:

    :: Sith Master Shadowtide studies her apprentice as he answers her questions, and then nods to Abydos before speaking herself ::

    "Excellent responses, my apprentice. Insightful and to the point. However, I would point out that you will not be utilizing some of the skills you have used in your past here. I focus on weaponry and wielding the Dark Side in my initial training sessions.

    Abydos, you will learn to tap into the hatred which dwells deep inside you to channel and empower the Dark Side which lies dormant within you. Various hand to hand combat techniques will be employed and you shall also receive ample practice on wielding a saber. And finally, you will be tested on your mastery of the aforementioned skills as you face a task of my choice at the completion of your training and you will wield the true power of the Dark Side, that I shall see to personally."

    :: Dara gives an evil smile as her eyes momentarily flash crimson ::

    "To begin, when calling upon the power of the Dark Side for a particular task, my apprentice, you must first summon and experience the emotions of anger, fear, hatred and aggression. Even the small elderly green jedi knows of our secret to power...

    'Fear is the path to the dark side... fear leads to anger... anger leads to hate... hate leads to suffering...'

    Such words truly bring joy to my dark heart as they ring true of our creed to emparting evil in all we touch along our lifelong path, my apprentice."

    :: Dara clasped her hands behind her back and walked slowly around Abydos Nighthawk as she continued ::

    "This first task at hand for you, my apprentice, is an exercise in finding the darkness within you. Tap into memories from your past and the emotions envoked in order to release the Dark Side so that it flows freely through your body, immersing you completely in its cold, powerful grasp when you command it to."

    :: She gestures to a pile of rocks and pebbles just to the side of her and she speaks once again ::

    "Take a deep breath, my apprentice. Concentrate on something that fills you with anger and rage. Tap into that emotion and use it to levitate and sort those rocks and pebbles by size and color via the Dark Side. You may begin when you are ready."

    :: She nods to Abydos and watches her apprentice closely ::

    Posted by Abydos Nighthawk on 03-20-2002 05:14 AM:

    *He takes in what is said to him 'Excellent responses, my apprentice. Insightful and to the point...' He bows his head in acknowledgement and respect to his Master. He listens to rest the of what is said to him. He nods his head in acknowledgement.*

    "Move the stones? Ok, I will do that..."

    *He looks around the playing fields and see clouds coming across and cover the already dark sky, there is an intense and overbearing feeling of something sinister lurking about. The wind blows and sends a chill down his spine. He surveys the scene around him and takes it all in, a tree is flowing in the wind and the landscape is far and beyond that of what the eye can see. He slowly brings his attention to that of the pile of rocks sitting in front of him. He mumbles...*

    "Fear is the path to the dark side... fear leads to anger... anger leads to hate... hate leads to suffering... What have I feared.....? Fear.......? When have I truly been fearful.........?"

    *The image finally clicks into his mind after searching. A house is there, and the sounds of a baby crying. Me. In the arms of a stranger whom I dont know. 'Where am I going?' This is not normal, a parent stands in the entrance way.... 'STOP! You will not take him where you do.' The parent is struck down...... not dead, just hurt..... I, the babe, am taken away.... to where I am now......
    The Image fades out as quickly as it appeared. I was truly frightened then, as I am now...
    The Rage builds....
    I am angry, why didnt I do anything? I could have helped!*

    "Stop justifying and focus"

    *I hate for it! not the man that struck down the parent, but myself, for not doing what was required. Damn me. Damn me! Condemn me! Suffering......*

    "The Rocks..... now."

    *He comes to focus on the rocks....... nothing.... he draws in closer........ nothing.....*

    "Come on..."

    *He breaths in deep and the landscape seems to disappear around him, all that is there is him, his master behind him and the pile of rocks in front...... the rest is a black expanse of space.....*

    "The Rocks...."

    *More intensity is brought forth........ nothing..... he slowly brings his arm out in front of him, fingers stretched outward towards the stones...*

    "Move, damn you..."

    *He can feel something pulsating through his body... yet nothing happens.... his breathing quickens and he begins to grunt so very quietly.... nothing*


    *The stones dont move, the pebbles dont even shake....... why? He bring his mind back to the picture of the parent being struck down, him doing nothing to help...... then back to the stones....... drawing both together to focus the hatred and suffering into one burst of energy....... the STONES........ nothing.*


    *The Cry of pain echoes throughout the playing grounds and he drops suddenly to his knees, the area is no longer just him, his master and the rocks, the landscape returns to its reality and he is back in his reality.
    A severe pain shoots through his head and it is the pain of a thousands cries calling out, echoing throughout his mind, piercing every orrifice of his person...*


    *The Landscape changes and once again the area is blackened in his mind, but this time it is him, kneeling in pain in the middle of hundreds of evil beings pointing and ridiculing, mocking him... 'He cant...' they say 'he is weak', 'he loves' The ridicules flow through his mind, everything is so real, he is lost in his own reality...*

    "I do...not...LOVE.... ANYMOOOORE!!...."

    *He brings his head up, his eyes have changed to pure white for a moment, they move back to normal state quite quickly... as his reality becomes real again he jumps to his feet and throws his arms out in front of him, in direction of the rocks...*


    *........Nothing...... not even a rattle from the pebbles...*


    *He falls to his knees again, in intense pain from what he is experiencing, bring his palms to his forhead he tries to push the pain away, to no avail....*

    "ahhh grrr..."

    *His pain is let out in slight mumbles, he looks ready to explode.... he soon breaths in a single deep breath and lowers his arms slowly to his thighs..... his head raises and a tear flows down his cheek as he looks pleadingly at the Pile of Stones...*

    "Mooooove.... damn you..... moooooove!"

    *...nothing.... nothing..... silence fills the grounds again... the wind flows freely again... sending, once again, a chill up his spine... still on his knees he turns his head to his master and looks at her in shame, he can not bring his eyes to meet hers...*

    "My apologise my master...... I have wasted your time..... I should have never come..... I have failed you...... I am sorry.... I shall leave......"

    *He Rises to his feet......slowly... wincing in pain.... he bows slowly to his Master...*

    "I will not hold you any longer M'lady..... If I may, with your permission..... depart.... I am no longer worthy of your services or time.... thank you and.... farewell..."

    *He lowers his head and waits for permission to leave.*

    Posted by Dara Shadowtide on 03-22-2002 04:16 AM:

    :: Dara studied Abydos's initial efforts with the Dark Side and then saw him kneeling and asking to be dismissed. She walked over and placed her hand on his shoulder while looking into his eyes ::

    "Abydos, there can be no success without some failures. Your training session is the opportunity to learn new skills. Some will come easily, some will be very difficult. You have told me that you have had no force training at all. The Dark Side is powerful and drawing upon its dark energy is not something which can be learned instantly. It takes concentration, focus and an attunement to the darkness within you. I feel that you did not succeed in this first attempt because your thoughts were not focused on one memory.. they were focused on the emotion which the memory evoked and that, my apprentice, is where you lost control. Now I want you try once again and this time, only attempt to move a smaller section of the pebbles before going on to the larger ones. You may proceed when you are ready."

    :: The Sith Master stepped back and watched Abydos collect his thoughts as she anticipated his next attempt at moving the pebbles via the Dark Side ::

    Posted by Abydos Nighthawk on 03-22-2002 08:30 PM:

    *........'The pebbles....... the memory, not emotion..... so much to do with such a small task..... wouldnt it be easier to just pick them up?' He cast that thought aside as he knew he had already failed his master and would not be aiming to do so again. He needed to focus on the pebbles, aim small for the moment. He brought the moment of his being taken away again, this time he would focus on the event, not the emotion that came after the event... it would not cloud his mind this time.*

    "I am ready to do this, Master."

    *He rose and turned to face the pile of stones... focusing in on the pebbles he attuned himself to the darkness of the event and attempted to harness and channel it through his bones and veins, to let it pulse throughout his body.... he could feel something flowing through, but it wasnt very strong, could he control it? Probably not at this moment, yet he pushed harder, thinking of the time when he was cast aside from his parents.... to go to his teachings... this exact thought provoked all the emotions his master had spoke of before, fear, anger, hatred, but he was not to let the emotions overcrowd him, he restrained them as much as he could... as he struggled, he focussed upon the pebbles, the world around him once again disappeared and it was just him and the pebbles this time... as he held his hand outwards as a channel in which to let the Force run through, a pebble began to rattle.... pain shot through his head as he realised what was happening, he pushed the pain aside as much as he could... the pebble rattled some more, as did another....two! The pain grew more intense... he squinted his eyes as his breathing became more rapid he pushed even harder for them to lift, slowly but surely the two pebbles lifted in the air, the were not steady though, he was having trouble containing them, as they rose higher and higher, they now hovered level with him.... he smiled and the world around him was again returned to its reality, he turned quickly to his master.*

    "I did it! Look! they are moving...aha!..."

    *As he lost his focus and concentration the pebbles fell to the ground, once again lifeless... He took a large breath in and then out.... there was still pain in his head, but he did not let it bother him, it was fading quickly, now that the movement had finished....he couldnt hold them up, he lost his concentration, but this time he hadnt failed... he was pleased with himself for he had accomplished something and had moved a step the right direction....*

    "I now know how to harness the power... I just need to learn how to control it... thank you my Master..."

    *He smiled at her and breifly looked around and grinned slightly thinking of his accomplishments... he looked at the pebbles and he smiled at them too, he had beaten them.... He quickly brought his thoughts back to his training, he mustnt get ahead of himself, he had achieved a big step for himself, but he had bigger leaps and bounds to achieve, this was the first of many and he musnt get cocky about it... He turned to his master and briefly bowed..*

    "I am ready to continue, Master. What sayst thou?"

    *He stood proud in front of his master and looked her directly into her eyes this time... he was now ready to bring the Force to the forefront of his mind... or least he thought he was.*

    Posted by Dara Shadowtide on 03-25-2002 12:47 AM:

    :: Dara studied her apprentice closely and then furrowed her brow in thought. Her new apprentice was having considerable difficulty with such a simple task. Perhaps there was more she needed to know before they continued. Dara then nodded and spoke in an even tone to Abydos ::

    "My apprentice, tell me in detail of the painful memory you are drawing upon to give you focus for this task."

    Posted by Abydos Nighthawk on 03-27-2002 03:24 AM:

    *listening to his master ask him to recall the painful memory made him lower his head a little and begin to scratch his forehead.*

    "Thats the problem Master, its not a painful memory. I tried to make it one and it worked, very weakly, but I do not think I could make a more painful memory out of that memory alone. I have scanned my past and I can not think of a time that is just that painful enough. I just havent experienced that kind of pain. The type of pain that can allow me to harness such Force abilities..."

    *He did not see any change in his masters face, he remembered that he had not answered the question asked.*

    "...As for what the memory itself was. It was the day I was taken away from my parents. They took me to the school for the mentally gifted. Accidentially they knocked down my father. He was fine when I saw him the next day. I wasnt permanantly away from them, just at times when school was hectic. It wasnt painful, I actually enjoy being away from them. This is my problem... I can not think of a time that has caused me pain... I am sorry, I am once again wasting your time."

    *He stood there with his head lowered down to the ground. His confidence had been shattered quite considerably and he was feeling very vulnerable at this time. He took a deep breath in and waited for his master to respond...*

    Posted by Dara Shadowtide on 03-27-2002 06:12 AM:

    :: A grin forms on Dara's lips as something comes to mind after hearing his reply. She takes a deep breath and calls upon the darkness within her as she nods to him ::

    "I see, my apprentice. Well you see, there is emotional pain.. and there is physical pain. Perhaps I can be of some assistance in at least one of those categories."

    :: A chilling breeze glides over the training grounds as with the flick of her wrist, Abydos finds himself lifted into the air and propelled across the training grounds to land face first into a tree. As he slides slowly down the coarse bark to come to rest at the base of the massive tree trunk, Dara's voice projects commandingly to the Sith Disciple ::

    "Do you feel the pain now, my apprentice? Do you have something in which to draw upon for your anger and rage now? Or shall I keep going?"

    :: The Sith Master's eyes glow crimson and fade to black as tendrils of force lightning cascade ominously up and down her arms as a rumble of thunder booms in the distance ::

    Posted by Abydos Nighthawk on 03-27-2002 07:06 AM:

    *Pain shot through his body, sharply, quickly, but it remained, the pain would not subside, but he could not really feel the pain, he felt a nagging and extra weight, but he was still in shock from what had just occurred, his Master was quite a distance away... How did he get over here? It happened so quick... The pin finally dropped and he realised that it was the Force, the Force had caused this... He looked down at his hand, it was all scratched up, he brought his hand up to his face, blood trickled from the middle of his forehead and from his lower lip, his nose was throbbing considerably. The Pain surged for a moment then dropped again, he heard a voice cry out; 'Do you have something in which to draw upon for your anger and rage now? Or shall I keep going?'... He did have something to draw his rage and anger from... this was new to him and he didnt care for it, but he was a Sith Disciple now and he had to think of the future. He needed immense pain, he was not in immense pain, he needed something that would make his knees weak and crumble underneath him just at the very thought of it... he needed to finally feel rage and anger. He had lived so long and felt so much, but these two things he had not yet experienced... he was out in the universe to experience... he would not let this opportunity pass... as the wind blew past his body, he turned to face his master, still on the ground he leaned back on the tree that he had been met by. He took a breath in and bellowed over the Training grounds to his master..*

    "...More... I must have more! MORE!!..."

    *A breeze blew against his face, the wind cut right through his wounds and caused him to wince in pain, he closed his eyes and waited, but then opened them so that he would see what was going to make him fear...*

    Posted by Dara Shadowtide on 04-02-2002 12:43 PM:

    :: Dara raised an eyebrow at an apprentice asking for more pain but then smiled as her chilling laughter resounded throughout the training grounds. Thunder boomed in the distance as the low rumble shook the ground beneath his feet. Lightning streaked across the sky as it illuminated the grounds which had the skulls of failed apprentices scattered all about.

    The wind swirling all around the Sith Master, she raised her hands and extended them toward Abydos. The air all around her crackled as suddenly a bolt of blinding bluish white light leapt from her fingertips and slammed into his chest. The web of electricity from the force lightning surrounded the Disciple as he writhed on the ground ::

    "You shall feel pain then, my apprentice... By focusing on the pain and darkness within you during battles, you can meditate upon it until it becomes more fierce. It will become every dark thought and every savage feeling you have ever felt. Pain is power.. a power that is very effective against the Jedi.

    The day you can call upon the memory of a pain so searing that you thought you almost died from it.. Pain so intense you can't even remember your name.. Then that will be the day you embrace the Dark Side."

    Posted by Abydos Nighthawk on 04-04-2002 05:56 AM:

    *As he watched himself become engulfed in the white thunderous fire, he burnt inside and felt an overbearing amount of pain, he was being pushed into the ground, the Force placed upon him was immeasurable. He could in no way stand from the sheer weight of the attack, and even if he could he would not be able to gather the strength. To breath at this point was to struggle, all the oxygen had been sucked out of his lungs and his head became weak. He felt lightheaded and the world around him started to fade out. The pain was unbearable, the sound echoing through his brain was like a thousand TIE Fighters flying by at full speed. The feeling he was experiencing in his body was the burning sensation of hell. He was feeling the hot firey pits of a volcanic inferno. When he opened his eyes all he could see were the bright flashes of white, he could barely visualise anything, after what seemed like hours of this, his world turned black. He was no longer feeling anything, the pain was gone, he could not grasp the world around him. Time passed. As he came to open his eyes, he noted his Master standing near him. Laying lifeless on the ground, the pain began to shoot through his body once more, but this time there was no bright light or sound, just pain, he was able to raise his head, he briefly viewed his arm and noted the peeled skin and charred marks upon him. He could still barely breath. The pain he was experiencing was certainly a pain he would never forget. As he turned his head to his master he struggled to speak but managed to speak just one word.*


    *As he sunk back to the ground he began to dwell on the experience that led him to where he was now. Never did he doubt its worth though, he knew he would look back on this and know its use. He did not move. He just focussed on staying conscious and breathing.*

    Posted by Dara Shadowtide on 04-08-2002 03:59 AM:

    :: Dara calls out to her apprentice who lays on the ground across the training grounds from her ::

    "Do you have enough pain to draw upon now, my apprentice? Or shall I keep going?"

    :: The Sith Master smiles and awaits a reply from Abydos as she adjusts her weaponry on her belt and prepares for possible further instruction in pain ::

    Posted by Abydos Nighthawk on 04-08-2002 04:30 AM:

    *Turning his head to the voice he knew that it was time to continue, no longer could he gather his thoughts and dwell on what had been, but he had to make progress and he was doing so. He struggled to position himself so that he was sitting up, looking more carefully at his body he noticed the attack on him made scorched holes and tears in his clothing, the burns that made their way onto his bare skin began shooting pain through his body once more. He took a deep breath in and looked at his master with a look of betrayal on his face, but there was a hint of trust there. Struggling to keep his breathing going at a steady rate he began to speak*

    "I believe... that I have a due amount of... pain to draw hatred from.... but, if you must continue .... to ensure my success... then...."

    *With all his might and power his lifted himself, quite swiftly and stood tall facing on a 45 degree angle to his master, he turned his head and gaze to meet hers, he leaned slightly towards her direction and gave a look of deep focus*

    "....Just bring it!"

    *He awaited his masters next move. Focussing solely on her.*

    Posted by Dara Shadowtide on 04-09-2002 12:51 PM:

    :: Dara's facial expression became stoic as she looked upon the new Sith Disciple ::

    "My apprentice.. if the sole purpose of this training session were for me to make you feel pain.. where would your instruction occur? Now sure, I will admit I might derive some evil pleasure and all from inflicting such suffering.. but that's not the point. Now I ask once again, do you have sufficient pain and hatred to draw upon so that I may give you your first task to complete?"

    :: The Sith Master crossed her arms and studied him closely ::

    Posted by Abydos Nighthawk on 04-13-2002 07:49 PM:

    *knowing full well that he had the pain to draw upon, he decided it was time to move on. In the back of his mind he was worried that his training would come to a point like earlier and he could not draw enough anger... but he was not in the mood anymore for pain. He turned to his Master and bowed slighty and spoke*

    "I thank you for your gift of... pain, I do believe at this time I have enough to draw upon, Master. I am ready to commence training once more."

    *He bowed slightly and waited for the task at hand to arrive.*

    Posted by Dara Shadowtide on 04-21-2002 05:13 PM:

    :: The Sith Master gestured to the rocks and pebbles once more ::

    "That is your first task, my apprentice, and it has yet to be completed to my satisfaction. Now sort the pebbles and rocks by size and color via the Dark Side. Draw upon the memories of pain to fuel the darkness within."

    Posted by Abydos Nighthawk on 04-25-2002 03:22 AM:

    *Nodding in acknowledgement to his Master he focussed his attention upon the rocks and pebbles that lay in front of him. Still feeling the physical burning inside him and the pain from the attacks made on him, he brought his mind to the hatred and anger in which that pain had brought to him, he was able to find it quickly as well.
    He started small, he focussed his attention on the small pebbles, the darker pebbles of the lot, then. He brought the anger and hatred to the forefront of his mind and intertwined the thought of his darkness and mingled them with the thought of the pebbles lifting. They rattled, and very slowly moved to a hover. This suprised him and he lost his concentration and the pebbles fell to the ground. He smiled briefly and glanced over at his Master who showed no expression, he still hadnt completed the task. He was feeling confident however that this time he would not fail. He brought the same concentration back to his mind and the pebbles began to move again, one by one they lifted into the air, it was quite easy once he was able to harness it, he placed the dark pebbles into a pile and then moved onto the lighter coloured pebbles and did the same. Besides the pain from the previous attacks, he felt quite fine and he could almost feel a different presence within him.
    After sorting through those two piles he moved to the larger stones. After focussing in more intently he was able to lift them one by one and moved them into their piles according to their size and colour. He was still feeling ok, he would continue on. Now, to the rocks, the largest of the group.
    He focussed in on one of the darker rocks and brought the pain and anger and hatred back to the front of his mind, the rock, like the others, began to shake, but would not lift. He pushed within himself hating even more. The rock lifted from the ground but was no longer in his control, he was not able to contain it. The rock was thrown across the ground some distance.
    He tried again, this time using his arm outstretch, as if a channel for the Force to flow through, this made it considerably easier for him to control the rock. It went straight to the level he wanted it to and it moved to the place he moved his arm to. He continued to move the larger rocks into the piles according to colour and size. He scanned the ground and noted all the rocks and pebbles in their right places.
    He had done it... of course getting to that point hadnt been the best experiences of his life, but he would not regret it. He was feeling some fatigue setting in. He took a deep breath and turned to his master and gave slight smile and nod as if to explain to her that he was done.
    He waited for her critique.*

    Posted by Dara Shadowtide on 05-14-2002 10:22 PM:

    :: Dara smiles and nods to Abydos ::

    "Excellent work, my apprentice. I was confident you would be successful in performing the task once you discovered the way to tap into the darkness within you. Like most forms of energy, the Force can be manipulated, and it is the knowledge and predisposition to do so that empowers us.

    You will be developing your Dark Side abilities as the session progresses. We will now be moving on to weapons training. I am going to begin with the lightsaber. It is an elegant weapon with a deadly touch."

    :: Dara reaches down and takes one of the two silver metallic hilts from her belt and displays it to her apprentice as she continues to instruct ::

    "Inside the saber are a power cell and multifaceted Adegan crystals or jewels, usually one to three, that focus the energy from the power source and release it as a steady colored beam of light and energy about a meter long. These blades of pure energy can cut through nearly any animate or inanimate object."

    :: With the flick of her thumb, the blade springs forth, its pale blue hue illuminating Dara's face with an ethereal glow as a low hum resonates all around them. She glides the saber in front of her, the trace pattern cutting into the air as Abydos looks on ::

    "Weapons are merely an extension of the darkness. I know that you currently wield a sword, however do you have a lightsaber of your own, my apprentice? I consider the lightsaber to be of vital importance in training and I require each of my apprentices to learn to wield the traditional Sith weapon with proficiency."

    :: Dara's eyes lock onto Abydos's ::

    Posted by Abydos Nighthawk on 05-18-2002 04:12 AM:

    *Hearing his master say those words: "Excellent work, my apprentice. I was confident you would be successful in performing the task..." He bowed slightly in acknowledgement and also a bow of thanks. *

    *As he stood there he watched his master wield these graceful weapons, weapons of a time forgotten. He watched as the sabre illuminated the area around it, piercing the particles that surrounded it. He grinned slightly as she spoke to him, he knew about lightsabres. He had studied weapons during his teachings when he was younger and his study of lightsabres was quite extensive, so much in fact he built his own, with the help of others. He knew that his knowledge of these weapons would come in use and now they would.*

    "In my years of learning, my Master, I studied many weapons as to grow in knowledge, I focussed heavily on the graceful weapon, the lightsabre. In doing so, I was able to create my own, it is not the usual type of lightsabre, I hope this will not be a hinderance."

    *He pulled his cloak aside and slide his hand behind his back to pull out a lightsabre hilt that was not like any other. It would cause the same damage, but the crystals inside were of the highest quality and were stronger than many other lightsabre crystals, this would only show after a skilled user used the weapon. The hilt itself was in the shape of a 'b' it curved at the bottom and rejoined halfway up the initial shaft. This enabled the user to have more manuverablity with the weapon, it enhanced the graceful nature of the weapon. There were three crystals inside the weapon itself, but it was of only one blade. Quite unusual for a lightsabre.*

    *As he presented the weapon for closer inspection to his master he ignited the sabre. A blade that was of black in colour was shown. But, it gave off a purple hue. This was quite unusual, as he waved it around slighltly he let it pass in front of his face and it would reflect the purple onto him. He disengaged his weapon and held it in his right hand.*

    "Does this meet your standards, Master?"

    *He stood there grinning slightly, he was always keen to show-off his skills. He waited for his Masters response.*

    Posted by Dara Shadowtide on 05-23-2002 12:27 AM:

    :: Attempting to conceal an uncharacteristic grin on the training grounds, Dara nodded and then continued ::

    "That will certainly do, my apprentice. Weapons are merely an extension of the darkness. Just as you manipulated and guided the rocks and pebbles, you will continue onward with weapons training. Reach out with the Dark Side and feel it assist your actions and reactions. Ready your lightsaber, my apprentice. Let us now define your skill level with a saber.

    I have decided to give you some preliminary saber practice with a simulation droid. There will be a series of laser bolts directed at you from an assassin droid. Use the Dark Side to innately guide you to deflect the shots with your saber. And beware... this droid has excellent tactical analysis."

    :: Just then, an assassin droid enters the training grounds and methodically makes its way toward Abydos Nighthawk. It raises an arm and fires a laser bolt at his chest. Abydos leaps to the side and barely misses getting hit. As the Disciple readies his saber, the droid unloads two more shots at him in a rapid fire sequence ::


    Posted by Abydos Nighthawk on 05-25-2002 09:09 PM:

    *The two shots echoed out through the training grounds, he sidestepped to his left and raised his lightsabre into a defensive stance. He had only used the lightsabre to fight against other lightsabres, but only in spars, never had he deflected bolts.*

    *His eye never left the oncoming bolts barreling down on him, the first came to greet him, but it was met by his sabre, as if he almost saw where it was going to hit before it did. He was not ready for the recoil that it would send through the sabre and after deflecting the bolt into the ground, the recoil, caused him to spin around, the second bolt pierced his cloak, but did not injure him.*

    *He gathered his thoughts quickly and looked at the assassin droid, he was angry, it had ruined his cloak! He looked to his master.*

    "Did you see what it did? It ruined my cloak. My cloak!! I love this cloak, it keeps me dry! What's the point of having a cloak with a hole in it? I mean..."

    *Before he could finish the droid once again fire a series of three shots in his direction again, he resumed his defensive stance and started moving towards the bolts, the first one met his sabre and deflected to somewhere in the distance of the training grounds, he had learnt what it was like to deflect these, it came naturally this time. The second one missed him completely, the third one met with his sabre in a clash and it was deflected into the droids right leg, the assassin droid did not falter. All the time he was moving towards the droid that was attempting to take his life, it had already ruined his cloak, for that he would get revenge.*

    *As he made his way closer to the droid if fired off several more shots each being deflected by his sabre or just missing him, he felt invincible.*

    *As he finally reached the droid he swung his sabre in a downwards motion, disabling both of its weapons and they were cut in half, with ease.*

    *He was face-to-face with the droid. He paused and looked at his Master for a second, he felt the need to destroy the feeble attempt on his life, but wasnt sure if he was allowed.*

    "Master, what sayst thou in regards to the destruction of this droid?"

    *Whilst he waited for his Master reply, the droid began moving, not liking this, he whipped off his ruined cloak and threw it over the droids head, the droid became confused and began stumbling around, trying to comprehend what has occurred. He could not help but think of how his cloak was ruined. He returned his focus to his master awaiting her reply, all the time keeping his mind and his peripheral vision on the confused droid.*

    Posted by Dara Shadowtide on 05-26-2002 05:51 AM:

    :: Concealing a grin, Dara spoke in an even tone ::

    "You may use any means necessary to dispatch these droids, my apprentice.. any means. Excellent so far though, Abydos. Now focus your anger and hatred to unleash a more direct attack upon your opponent. Study their moves and find the weakness.. there is always a weakness to be exploited for your own gain if you are patient and wait for it to reveal itself. You may continue..."

    :: As her young apprentice readies his weapon to continue, Dara touches a small pad on her belt, and a second assassin droid enters the area. Abydos now finds himself surrounded by two mechanical opponents. The Sith Master folds her hands behind her back and keenly watches her apprentice's actions and reactions ::

    Posted by Abydos Nighthawk on 05-27-2002 04:16 AM:

    *Turning to greet the new assassin droid he quickly remembered the confused one behind him, he turned 90 degrees so that both were on either side of him, so he could keep his peripherals on them at all times. Since he was facing his master he gave a look acknowledgement of what she had said.*

    *He moved so that he was less than a foot away from the confused droid.The functional droid on his left fired a serious of three shots, he turned to face them and deflected all three, the last of the three deflects was a swinging sweep that he continued into a low spin slicing through the confused droids legs, as he stood up, his back to the now useless droid, it slowly slide off its leg and was rolling back and forth on the ground, beeping and buzzing uncontrollably.*

    *As he moved a little closer to the more threatening droid he thought of what his master said, of how to search for a weakness. The droid fired a series of shots to him and all were now being deflected with ease and some amount of grace. He sidestepped as he noted a tree that was close to the droid, he moved so that droid was in line with the tree.*

    *Deflecting more shots from the sequence of shots he flung his sabre at the droid, the blade flying gracefully through the air, rotating around and around until it finally met its target and pierced the mid-section of the droid attaching itself and becoming one with the mechanical being, the momentum of the sabre caused the droid to fly backwards and both the droid and sabre were now lodged into the massive tree trunk.*

    *He looked at the lifeless droid and turned to his master with a look of disbelief on his face.*

    "I cant believe that worked!"

    *As he spoke, his Master nodded in the direction of the droid and he glanced over his shoulder to observe the droids blasters being raised and targetting him again.*

    *Noting that he was unarmed now he made a mental note to himself that he needed more weapons... or to not let the lightsabre out of his hands. He gave a brief glance to his master and sighed.*

    "Time to move!"

    *With that he started running across parts of the training ground, the droid fired a sequence of rapid fire shots that barely missed him as he charged across the grounds. His best bet was to get behind the droid, as it was stuck to the tree, so he change his direction, flirting very closely with the bolts he was able to sweep past the shots and made it behind the tree.*

    *Breathing heavily he thought of how he needed to get a little more exersize. He could hear the droid searching and scanning for him, making random noises. He scanned the training grounds but could find nothing to help him, leaning up against the tree, he paused, then was hit with the idea, the tree!*

    *He turned swiftly and began scaling the tree until he was among the branches, he was now above the droid, but it could not register him above itself. He saw his sabre still ignited inside the droid and felt the only way to advantage himself now was by using the element of surprise.*

    *He breathed in and gathered his thoughts then jumped. He fell to the ground and landed on his feet with his back to the droid, but before it could register him he had moved his hand back and grabbed his sabre, all the time with his back to the droid, and pulled the sabre out of the droid and then proceeded to pivot around sweeping his sabre high so that the droid was now without a head. The droids body fell to the ground and he turned to his master and glanced back to the droid at his feet. Not wanting to experience this again, he began hacking away at the droid cutting it into pieces, a thought of overkill came to his mind, but he dismissed it.*

    *He turned back to his master and remembered the confused droid, he saw it still rolling on the ground trying to comprehend and register what had happened. He swiftly jogged to greet it. He bent down and pulled off his damaged cloak and threw it to the side.*

    *He proceeded to slice arms off the droid and then began tearing it apart as he previously had to the other droid. He raised his sabre above his head and stabbed downwards with a deadly force and the droid was truly out of commission.*

    *As he was on bended knee with the final strike he disengaged his sabre and turned his head to his master, a bead of sweat dripped from his head onto the, now rendered useless, body of the droid and stood to face his master.*

    "Maybe I should've been a mechanic?"

    *He grinned, but quickly wiped it from his face and bowed to his master. He was enjoying the destruction and high-paced energy. He waited eargerly for the next challenge.*

    [Edit: Just adding paragraphs, so its easier for ya'll to read! "> ]

    Posted by Dara Shadowtide on 05-30-2002 02:04 AM:

    :: Dara nodded with a smile, impressed with his quick reflexes and creative approach to combat and then depressed the button on her belt as the last two assassin droids surrounded her apprentice. Shots fired simultaneously from both sides of Abydos whizzed through the air as a laser bolt impacted his calf from the right side and then another one grazed his upper left arm ::

    "Never let down your guard, my apprentice. Always expect the unexpected."

    Posted by Abydos Nighthawk on 06-01-2002 09:01 PM:

    *As the blasts impacted onto his body, pain shot through his body, the blast to his calf made him drop to his right knee, his right hand went to his wounded left arm. He looked at his master and nodded as she was right, he had let his guard down and was not ready.*

    *Both droids began firing at him again, as he was down on his knees and close to the ground he would maneuver on the ground, he rolled backwards and ignited his sabre as the bolts flew past him. Several shot deflected off his sabre and he stood up, but could not move to his full ability for the blast on his calf.*

    *As he deflected more shots he quickly thought up a plan, it might work. He looked for the rocks he had used earlier on in training. These could be his saviour, he was about to make his way over to the rocks to pick them up, when he remembered how he moved them via the Force earlier, 'well... no time like the present' he thought. His sabre still ignited he positioned himself in between the two droids, one behind him and the other in front of him. As the droids began shooting again, he kept deflecting the shots. He finally reached his arm out towards the rocks and two medium size rocks moved up into the air with a steady motion and he controlled them to move close to the droid in front of him. Summoning up all his anger and hate he motioned his arm in a flinging motion towards the droid and the rocks flew into it, one crashed into its head, whilst the other deflected off its arm, the arm that held its blaster weapon.*

    *He quickly dropped to a prone position on the ground as the battered droid fired a rapid assault of bolts again at him, but the bolts missed him as he dropped to the ground and blasted directly into the other droid, rupturing the droid and causing it to explode.*

    *He swiftly, as swiftly as he could with his leg, stood and held his sabre in a defensive stance, he went to spring forward, but could not move at all well due to his injury. He cast his attention back to the rocks and motioned for a group of others to be thrown at the droid, each connected, a large one crashed into its legs causing it to fall over. He then motioned to the largest rock he could find and with all his mental stability he managed to lift it off the ground. The rock moved smoothly but slowly over the ground towards the droid.*

    *As the droid laid down on the ground it moved its arm to target him and shoot at him, it fired a shot, just as he dropped the large rock onto its mechanical body, causing it to spark and explode, the now out-of-commission droid lay squished under a large rock.*

    *He disengaged his sabre and turned to his master, as he turned he twisted his body and felt a sharp pain shoot through his mid-section. As he looked down he noted that he had been hit. That last blast that the droid shot at him had connected in the upper-right region of his torso, but only been a deep flesh wound. He was not feeling at all close to 100% at this moment, he moved his right arm to his newly acquired wound. He cursed himself silently for letting his guard down... he hadn't even noticed the hit which showed he was running on adrenaline.*

    *He spoke to his master in a calm cool manner, but there were hints of pain and suffering in his voice:*

    "There you go. Your trash has been disposed of. Any other jobs you need me to finish?"

    *His words were a typical defence of his, using an amount of humour to keep from being vulnerable, he was physically scarred, but the mental pain was not going to get to him. He was going to continue fighting and training until he was on deaths door. He awaited his Masters instructions.*

    Posted by Dara Shadowtide on 06-09-2002 06:06 AM:

    :: Seeing her apprentice dispatch the last of the assassin droids, Dara allows a small smile to grace her lips ::

    "Most impressive, my apprentice. Tell me, what things did you learn from this exercise?"

    Posted by Abydos Nighthawk on 06-09-2002 11:58 PM:

    *Noting the small smile... he grinned slightly, but quickly hid it. He was proud... too proud. What had he learnt?*

    "I have learnt several things from this exercise. Firstly, there is always another way to destroy a foe. The most obvious solution, may not be the best one.
    Secondly, risky moves, like throwing your lightsabre, may pay off, but then again, it might come back to haunt you.
    Thirdly and most importantly, injuries will be sustained in battle and you must deal with them, regardless."

    *Happy with his response he bowed to his Master to signal he was finished... but had an afterthought.*

    "Oh! of course, fourthly, Assassin droids couldnt assassinate sand if they were standing in the middle of the desert."

    *He bowed his head slightly and as he looked back up at his master, he had a sly smile on his lips.*

    Posted by Dara Shadowtide on 06-11-2002 04:15 AM:

    "Excellent, my apprentice. So far in your training session you have demonstrated your initial delvings into the powers of the Dark Side with the pebble exercise. Next you showed impressive tactical and weaponry skills in battling the Assassin Droids.. and now, I shall further define your overall battle skills to continue to prepare you to face a jedi in battle. Ready your weapons and attack me, my apprentice. The first rule of a Sith in battle is that we always attack first.. no exceptions. Show me your first attack and unleash the power of the Dark Side within you."

    :: With a lightning movement of her hands, Dara grasps her twin lightsabers and ignites them as a blur of pale blue and turquoise trace patterns hang in the air along the training grounds just in front of her. Dara's eyes flash crimson and then fade to black as an evil grin dances upon her lips in the anticipation of seeing her apprentice in action first hand.

    A low rumble of thunder is heard in the distance as a faint flicker of lightning darts across the ebony sky. Basking in the pale light of the moon, the shadows ominously fall upon the Sith Master as she takes a defensive stance and watches Abydos's every move ::

    Posted by Abydos Nighthawk on 06-11-2002 07:42 AM:

    *As he assessed the situation at hand he was suddenly speechless and had to re-run the words of his master through his head several times. 'attack me, my apprentice.'. He wasn't too sure about this, he knew he had no chance at getting even a decent attack on her, but it didnt matter, there was no time like the present to try the near impossible.*

    *He handled his lightsabre hilt in his hand for a moment, then slipped his grip through the circular area of the 'b' shaped hilt. He ignited his sabre and the black blade extended to its full length and a purple hue fell over his face and surrounding area. He stopped for a moment to take in the area around him, he noted the changes in the shadows and the weather. 'That's kinda freaky...' he thought as he returned his attention to his next target.*

    *He bowed slightly to his master, but before he could return to his upright position he was already charging at her, the element of surprise would be essential in this spar. He brought his sabre above his head, as he charged, he began to deliver a high, double handed, sweeping arc to his Masters left shoulder*

    Posted by Dara Shadowtide on 06-27-2002 06:37 AM:

    :: The Sith Master studies Abydos's approach, and then moves her blade to parry his slice toward her left shoulder. Gliding her other saber across to bind his purple saber between her twin blades, Dara kicks her foot out to sweep her apprentice's feet out from under him while his blade is trapped ::

    Posted by Abydos Nighthawk on 07-01-2002 06:26 AM:

    *Feeling the ground from underneath him leave his contact he found the world spinning around him, as his body twisted his arm moved in such a way that he had to let go of his hilt otherwise extensive damage would occur, as he landed flat on his back, weaponless, he rolled away from his master. He was in a great deal of pain, from previous attacks. He knew that the spar was not going to stop and that his master would not wait long to attack him, he had to move and move now. He hesitated for a moment, attacking a master with two lightsabres and me with none... good call Abydos he thought to himself as he charged towards his master with an amount of enhanced speed, he was shocked by this, the anger and rage was the fuel that was burning the fire inside him. As he neared his Master he jumped off the ground, sending a drop kick at his Master, both legs sailing at her neck region.*

    Posted by Dara Shadowtide on 07-03-2002 04:16 AM:

    :: Dara kept a keen gaze on her apprentice as he approached. She smiled and raised an eyebrow at his impressive determination while at a distinct disadvantage. Although not sure what he would do faced with such a situation, she was more than surprised to see him fly through the air at her suddenly.

    Caught off guard, Abydos's first foot hit her collar bone and then his second foot tagged her in the chin, the Sith Master instinctively brought her lightsabers toward the Sith Disciple's unprotected legs rapidly as the blades moved to sear into his flesh ::

    Posted by Abydos Nighthawk on 07-06-2002 11:49 PM:

    *As his 'in-air' momentum slowed, it was met by a searing pain of heat, in his right calf. He knew he had connected with his Master and this surprised him quite significantly, but as he hit the ground from the execution of the drop kick, he could only feel the pain shooting through his leg, he glanced down at his and noted the stabbing wound in it. He had been stabbed by one of his masters blades... on closer inspection of his leg area he noted that the bottom of his shoe had been taken off.*

    That could've been my leg...

    *He thought to himself, he would not attempt such a move again, too risky... too stupid. This all happened in a couple of seconds at most. He tried to get to his feet, but his right leg wouldnt co-operate with him. He looked to his master and then back at his leg, his clothes just were not fairing too well this training session. As he was laying on his back he pushed himself forwards, with his hands, as his body sprang in the direction of her legs, his left leg connected with hers, in a sweeping motion.*

    Posted by Dara Shadowtide on 07-07-2002 01:59 AM:

    :: Dara watched Abydos's every movement and noticed him favoring the injury to his right calf. Drawing upon the pain from the twin kicks delivered compliments of her feisty Disciple, Dara concentrated on the darkness within her as it began to turbulently build. As his leg locked with hers, Dara backflipped and landed with a twist while sending a powerful force blast toward the Sith Disciple, sending him flying backwards across the training grounds. The Dark Side swirled within her as she looked over at Abydos, and as the bluish white electricity rippled up and down her arms, she pointed her twin lightsabers at the ground just in front of him. Two bolts of force lightning suddenly sprang forth causing an explosion of skulls and debris to rain down on him ::

    Posted by Abydos Nighthawk on 07-09-2002 12:47 AM:

    *As the sharp fragments of debris showered down over him, he covered himself, several fragments pierced his skins and blood began to flow over his body. The debris did not stop, it kept coming, he didnt want to move too much, for fear of getting injured more. As his hands were covering his head region he threw his arms forward, in the direction of Dara and pushed, using all the rage and hate built up inside him, using the pain from the injuries sustained, via the force he pushed the debris in the direction of his Master, as fast and as powerfully as he could.*

    Posted by Dara Shadowtide on 07-11-2002 04:21 AM:

    :: Dara saw the debris turned on herself and force leapt above the shrapnel, landing with a twist off to the right. As she glanced down at her ankles, a crimson ankle bracelet injury encircled her right ankle. Shifting her gaze to her apprentice, the Sith Master supressed a grin at his ever increasing abilities.

    Using a new skill she had mastered recently, Dara drew upon the darkness within as two more exact likenesses of herself appeared walking toward Abydos. He was trapped in a triangle of Sith Masters.. would he choose to defend himself against the correct one.. or would he feel the sting of his error. Only time would tell.. the three women continued to approach him, closing the distance rapidly ::

    Posted by Abydos Nighthawk on 07-13-2002 02:51 AM:

    *As the blood dripped from his open wounds, he quickly acknowledged the two that had joined. He closed his eyes for a second, drawing upon the pain and hatred that he has experienced. He used the pain from his wounds to further this rage and anger. As he opened his eyes he finally caught a glimmer of his lightsabre hilt which lay near his master. He would attack the original, but distractions would be the key.*

    *With the two copies of his master coming in from behind and outsides he clenched a handful of dirt in his left hand and readied himself. Looking at his master in the eyes he gave a quick grin of evil intentions and with swift movements commenced throwing the dirt at the copy coming towards him from the left, he then reached his arm out to the right and pushed, at the second copy, via the force. Both these moves would only distract them, but it would give him time. As he charged forward with enhanced speed, he recalled his sabre hilt to his hand and engaged it instantly, he was shocked and surprised by his own swiftness. As he neared his real master he swept his sabre in an arc attack to her right side.*

    Posted by Dara Shadowtide on 07-15-2002 01:40 AM:

    :: Dara grinned and reached down, grabbing a handful of dirt. She threw it in Abydos's eyes as she spun to the side of his attack. The three Sith Masters then ran around with force enhanced speed and crisscrossed paths multiple times before surrounding him once again and closing in for the attack ::

    Posted by Abydos Nighthawk on 07-29-2002 01:36 AM:

    *As he smeared the dirt away from his eyes, he caught the end of his 'master's' movements. He could not tell them apart at this moment. One stood infront of him and the two others were on the diagonals behind him. He thought for a moment and then began. He raised his sabre above his head, for a head-shot to the one in front of him, but as he began swinging he changed his attack to a stabbing attack, by spinning his 'b' shaped hilt on his hand to a reversed position, and stabbing at the one that was diagonally to his left, behind him as fast and as swiftly as possible.*

    Posted by Dara Shadowtide on 07-31-2002 01:50 AM:

    :: As Abydos followed through on his attacks, he was met with an invisible force pushing him toward the ground as a chilling breeze travelled across the training grounds. The Sith Masters ran in a criss cross pattern and began to circle him once again ::

    Posted by Abydos Nighthawk on 08-02-2002 05:41 AM:

    *As the breeze sent a chill up his spine, he fell to his knees and closed his eyes, he focussed deeply and sensed where the three were. As he noted them moving around again he thought of hate and anger and the pain that brought him this far. He then sensed one in front of him and with amazing speed he threw his sabre in that direction.*

    Posted by Dara Shadowtide on 08-07-2002 11:02 PM:

    :: The lightsaber belonging to Abydos travelled through the body of one of the likenesses of the Sith Master and the form faded. He had been successful in eliminating one of the false Sith Masters. Both remaining Dara's smiled, ignited one of their lightsabers and ran toward the Sith Disciple with force enhanced speed to try and land a deadly slice to his chest ::

    Posted by Abydos Nighthawk on 08-17-2002 07:31 PM:

    *As the form faded Abydos was hit with a revelation of how to beat this. But as soon as that revelation hit he sensed a strong incoming force, he would tapping into the Dark Side a lot easier now, but he sense danger at this time. As he heard the sabres ignite and the sound of two coming at him, he saw where his sabre hilt landed in the distance ahead of him. He had to retrieve it before engaging attack again.*

    *As the figures sliced at him, he dived forward, but previous injuries on his legs caused him not to move as swiftly and agile as before and he caught the end of a glancing blow from one of the sabres, as the pain shot through his right ankle he landed on the ground face first, he quickly recovered, and rolled onto his back.*

    *He then proceeded to use the Force to push into the ground, thus throwing dirt into the air and also sending him back a little further towards his hilt. The blood began to drip from his wounds. He was in a major amount of pain, he tapped into this pain and hatred to fuel the fires inside him. He watched as the dirt made its way towards his masters.*

    Posted by Dara Shadowtide on 08-23-2002 03:16 AM:

    :: The dirt cloud ominously floated toward the two Sith Masters. As it arrived at the intended targets, it passed through the figure on the left and hit the clothing of the true Dara on the right. A smile curled slowly upon her lips as the remaining illusion faded from view ::

    "Excellent job, my apprentice. I am very pleased with your progress. However, I want you to return to Medbay in headquarters and get your wounds tended to before we continue. The bacta tanks will have you healed up in no time. You have much to be proud of so far, my apprentice. You have indeed impressed me."

    :: She smiled and nodded to Abydos ::

    Posted by Abydos Nighthawk on 08-23-2002 04:53 PM:

    *He watched as only one remained. Just as he had reached his sabre and had it in hand, did she speak; 'However, I want you to return to Medbay in headquarters and get your wounds tended to before we continue.' He sighed a sigh of relief, but also a sigh of achievement, he would never be happy with his performance, but he could be proud, as he collapsed lower into his kneeling position, he switched of his sabre and clenched his hands around his hilt infront of him, as blood dripped off the bottom of the hilt to the ground, he bowed and slowly lifted himself to his feet. A coarse wind blew through the training grounds and a distant crack of lightning could be seen as the echoes of thunder boomed through the grounds. He slowly made his was to Medbay *