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New Beginnings (Training of Darth Zeta)

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  • New Beginnings (Training of Darth Zeta)

    Posted by Raine Sarin on 05-20-2002 04:27 PM:
    New Beginnings (Training of Darth Zeta)

    *Somewhere on the training grounds...There was a peaceful stream running through a small forest. The ground was littered with boulders and small rocks of various sizes. The atmosphere was calming and beautiful...However, that was the last thing on the Sith Lord's mind as he sharpened a dagger on the edge of a large boulder he sat on, while whistling bits and pieces of a song called Ode to Joy. He stopped and held the dagger up..watching the glint of the full moon off of it. A wicked smile came to his lips before he went back to sharpening and whistling...waiting for his newest apprentice to arrive.*

    Posted by Darth Zeta on 05-20-2002 06:32 PM:

    So it begins...

    That was just one of many thoughts that streamed throughout the Zabrakian's mind as he promptly made his way toward the training grounds.

    His acceptance into The Sith Empire also ran through his mind, along with the Sith Lord Raine Sarin.

    He'd been accepted into the Empire, but that was just the beginning. He'd been allowed a Master, one of his choosing, but that too was only just the beginning. Now, now he needed to prove that the Empire had not made a mistake in choosing him, not just to the Empire but to his newly appointed Master, Lord Sarin....


    Was he hearing right? Just in ear shot, Zeta could make out the faint sounds of someone whistling, bits and pieces of something. Some tune that seemed familiar to Zeta but he found that no matter how much he tried, he couldn't make out the tune.

    The whistling only made him curious as he seemed to pick up his pace as he walked through the training grounds. He was of course curious to know just from who the whistling came from.

    He'd only look and then be on his way, after all, Lord Sarin was expecting him, and he no doubt expected Zeta to arrive on time. Zeta wanted to arrive on time as well, it wouldn't make him look good to be late on his first day of training.

    He stopped suddenly, just a foot or so away from the presence he now looked upon. He was surprised at what he saw, surprised to find Lord Sarin so soon was more like it, actually. He was perched on a rock, his back toward Zeta. Zeta almost had not been able to make him out. Well, if it hadn't been for those horns of Sarin's he most probably would not have been able to identify him at all, Zeta's angle was much too difficult to tell.

    He stood there quietly for a moment, just listening. Not only could he hear the whistling, but he could also hear the sound of something being sharpened or scraped.

    Rather so as not to disturb the Sith Lord in his workings, Zeta silently inched his way forward, stopping just near where the Sith Lord sat.

    He said nothing, perhaps a mistake if Lord Sarin had not yet become used to Zeta's presence through the force. However, he saw no reason in disturbing the Sith Lord now.

    He waited...

    Posted by Raine Sarin on 05-22-2002 01:27 AM:

    *The whistling stopped and the Sith Lord suddenly flung the dagger behind him. It whizzed past his disciple's head and landed in a tree as Raine allowed himself to spin around.*

    "You are on time."

    *There was a pause that seemed to take hours as Raine looked his new apprentice up and down before staring coldly into his eyes. The Sith Lord smirked and then pushed off the boulder dropping to the ground.*

    "I like that.
    Well, before we get started I guess I would like you to repeat for me what you said you had already been taught. And before we go any farther, ask any questions that you have now. I may or may not answer them at that moment. Some questions take time and hardships to find the answers to."

    ((ooc: sorry it took me a bit to reply. I'm dealing with finals right now...please be aware that I might be slow to posting for some time and I am 99.9% sure that I will not be posting at all next week [going on a trip]. If you ever feel like I'm ignoring or have forgotten about this thread, or even if you just have some ooc concern...feel free to private message me.))

    Posted by Darth Zeta on 05-25-2002 03:07 PM:

    The disciple did not flinch as the dagger whizzed passed his head. Perhaps it was the force that had allowed Zeta to know that this event would happen before it happened, or perhaps somehow the disciple half expected this to happen, relying upon observation to draw upon his own conclusions.

    Zeta did not allow the attention being drawn from the dagger to overtake his concentration as he kept his gaze onto his Master. He remained focused and listened attentively to what Sarin had to say.

    His eyes moved along to follow Sarin as he removed himself off of the boulder. Zeta gave one quick bow of his head as a means of respect, speaking only after his Master was done addressing him.

    Truth be told, Zeta did have questions, but he knew not how to ask his questions or what to ask exactly. Perhaps what unmade questions he had would somehow be answered during his training.

    "I have no questions at this time, Lord Sarin..."

    A moment of silence had passed before the disciple began to speak again, uncertain if he had addressed his Master properly. He took the means of silence as a sign that he could continue to speak and so he did.

    Again he found that he could not properly expalin what he had been taught, unsure of the names of the abilities that had been taught to him.

    "I was taught quite a few things, some things I can't recall to memory. I was taught to make objects rise along with learning how to move those objects. I had been taught that in order to use my abilities that I msut reach for my feelings. These feelings, such as anger, hate, pain, I find that when I draw upon them I can use my abilities..."

    Zeta shook his head as if he did not know how to explain anymore.

    "I am unsure of how I am able to use my abilities. I am doing things that I know nothing about. Using my mind in ways that I don't know how I could have possibly used my mind in such ways, but I do it, it happens and I do not know how or why."

    All Zeta knew was that everything he did, was all possible by his feelings and by the use of his mind. Though it was more than just those two things, Zeta himself did not know that, or at least he would not until it was explained to him.

    Zeta fell silent, a blank expression set upon his face as he stared directly at his master.

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    Posted by Raine Sarin on 06-06-2002 05:10 PM:

    *The Sith Lord nodded and put a hand to chin as he took in the information his apprentice was giving him. Before he spoke however, he raised his hand, the blade in the tree behind Zeta pulling from the tree and returning to it's owner's hand.*

    "I am highly disappointed in that you were not told why you are able to do what you can. The answer is really quite simple. You are strong in the force, you have the ability to use it, manipulate it. As for what the force is, and how you are connected with it, that is better left for a book to tell you, as it is rather hard to explain and have it told well."

    *As Raine spoke he tucked the dagger behind him. Then, the Sith Lord called over a small pack that he had left on the boulder and searched through it before coming to a small datapad. He pulled it out and handed it to his apprentice.*

    "This contains some of the information you seek. The physical explanations, such as the symbiotes called midichlorians. However, the force is so much more than what that will tell you. But it is better to learn through working with it, than simply reading from text books."

    *Tossing the pack behind him, appearing to do so almost carelessly, but actually guiding it to a spot he wanted it at, the Sith Lord took a deep breath and started to walk around his apprentice.*

    "It pleases me to know that you have learned how to lift objects, that is always a good start. You should be able to do such a task whenever you please. Anger and Hatred are what us Sith use to enhance certain abilities. We are able to draw strength from our pain that we feel mentally and physically. But we shall get to that later.
    Show me what you have learned."

    *The Sith Lord pointed to a small group of rocks, all of various sizes that lay a few feet to the right of the boulder he had been sitting on earlier.*

    "Lift them. All at once, or one by one. However you please to. Whichever you feel would be more difficult. I wish to test your abilities."

    ooc: again, sorry it took me so long to reply. Been away on a trip and have almost finished my finals, so I should be able to reply at least once a day from now on. That is, until work starts. But even then, there shouldn't be as long of a delay as there has been.

    Posted by Darth Zeta on 06-09-2002 02:19 PM:

    Zeta's focus seemed to remain right where it was, even during the time when the Sith Lord had raised his hand to retrieve his weapon. He could hear the weapon fly passed him as it quickly glided through the air, soon after, finding its place into his Master's hand.

    He kept his gaze on his Master as Sarin spoke once again, his gaze only drifting when he noted, out of the corner of his eye, the pack that had been sitting on the boulder seconds before, moving.

    Zeta watched Sarin look through the small pack for a moment before he saw him remove a square object of some kind, which in turn he handed to Zeta. An object he recognized, a datapad, he'd seen many in his time, then again, so had many others.

    After Zeta had taken the datapad, Raine proceeded to explain to him that some of the information he was seeking could be found within the datapad. He gave a simple nod of his head in reply and then placed the datapad inside a pocket within his black robes, and then waited for his master to continue on with the lesson.

    So it had begun, his first task required of him was about to begin. He was to lift the rocks that were before him, rocks which varied in size. He was not just to lift them, but to left them in a way that he felt would be most difficult for him. His abilities would be tested.

    Good, he liked a challenge. He knew exactly how he would plan it. First he would arrange the rocks from largest to smallest, stacking them on top of one another. Then, then he would lift them all at the same time. Then finally, he would take the small and medium rocks and make them orbit around the larger rock, while levitating the rocks. Yes, that seemed most difficult for him, requiring skill, focus and concentration.

    He closed his eyes for a moment, concentrating on his feelings, his past experiences, the things that troubled him, made him angry, hateful.

    His eyes suddenly snapped open after a moment, a look of fire in his eyes as he remembered his old mentor, the one whom had taken care of him so long ago. The Dark figure who had forced him to become a fighter. He remembered his mentor beating him when Zeta would not do as he wanted him to.

    He snarled, his lips twitching in anger, the fire in his eyes still present. It was then that he felt a sense of power run through him, those feelings that he often used when he wished to do something, creeping into him again. A dark energy flowed through him, the Darkside.

    Zeta reached out with the energy, reaching out toward the rocks, the memories of old still strongly present in his mind. All he could think of was his old mentor. If he was not careful his feelings could overpower him, which would make him unable to concentrate and he would not be able to complete the task being asked of him.

    He kept his feelings in check however, only drawing on what he would need to help him to complete his task. He reached out toward the larger rock first. It began to shake weakly for a moment, Zeta still had not gained complete control over the rock yet, not until a few seconds later, that is.

    The larger rock lifted from it's place, Zeta's face had a hard fixed look about it, obviously concentration was evident upon his face. He placed the rock a little closer to him, setting it back onto the ground once more.

    He was able to lift the medium and smaller rocks with ease, the larger rock was the only rock he seemed to have trouble lifting for a time. He placed the medium rock on top of the larger rock, and the smaller rock on top of the medium rock.

    The Sith was only half way done now, his task still not yet complete. Now he had to do what he considered to be the harder parts of the task.

    He looked upon the larger rock, his face still edged in concentration, though much more deeper. He snarled again, only slightly frustrated. An error on his part that he quickly corrected, frustration would not help him, only cloud his mind so that he could not complete his task, and so he let his frustration go, replacing his with more fueled anger.

    The larger rock slowly lifted off of the ground, the medium and smaller rocks going with it. Now came the hardest part of all. To lift the medium and smaller rocks off of the larger rock while still keeping all of the rocks levitated, making the two rocks orbit around the larger one.

    He kept his focus completely on the rocks now, draining everything else out. It was just him, the rocks, and the force. Slowly he took the medium rock and made it orbit around the larger rock. He could almost feel the rocks slipping under his grasp, but he managed to keep his focus, only due to the fact that his task would soon be complete and he would not have to hold on for far too much longer.

    He took the smaller rock, which seemed to float in midair next to the medium rock. which orbited around the larger levitated rock, and began to make it orbit around the larger rock as well. This continued like this until Zeta had a good steady pattern, both the medium and small rock flowing steadily around the larger rock.

    Tiredness reflected in Zeta's face, yet he still pressed on, waiting for his Master's next instruction.

    OOC: S'alright. Sorry it took be a bit to reply, I've been a bit busy myself.

    Posted by Raine Sarin on 06-14-2002 06:34 PM:

    *Raine watched his apprentice carefully. He was pleased that Zeta overcame his frustration. Frustration could be one's downfall, The Sith Lord had witnessed it firsthand. But this would not be the first time nor the last that Zeta would meet that opponent.
    A few minutes passed before Raine finally spoke.

    "Excellent. You may return the stones to the ground now."

    *The Sith Lord contemplated what he had seen of his apprentice's abilities. Raine then decided that it was time to move on to the next level.*

    "Tell me, my apprentice. What knowledge and abilities to you possess concerning combat?"

    Posted by Darth Zeta on 06-18-2002 11:58 PM:

    Did the words no sooner escape his Master's lips did he immediately let his concentration break on the rocks and his task. He could have easily let the rocks fall with a thud onto the ground, but why? Steadily he let the rocks lower onto the ground. Zeta's concentration was indeed broken with one place, but it was no sooner after focused once more onto his teacher and onto the question at hand.

    This truthfully was not something Zeta was looking forward to. Zeta bowed his head thoughtfully for a moment, thinking carefully as to how he wold answer. Shortly after he raised his head and gave his answer.

    "Combat is not something I fair well in, Master. I prefer the knowledge of my mind and the force to see me through in combat, rather than in a lightsaber."

    Posted by Raine Sarin on 06-22-2002 02:38 AM:

    *The Sith Lord laughed slightly*

    "And that would be all well and good only if someone completely destroyed the planet Myrkr and somehow managed to destroy every last ysalamiri that was taken from there that now exists in other places of the universe."

    *Before giving his apprentice a chance to question, Raine continued, sensing the confusion that arose due to the Sith Lord's comment.*

    "Furry lizards, that are what the ysalamiri are in appearance. However, they are rather curious creatures. They manage to create areas where one can not use the force. True, the space may only be about an area of ten meters away from the creature itself, but in numbers and when well placed by an enemy, you may find yourself in a room where the force simply does not exist to you. They never used be able to leave their planet, but someone found a way to get them off without killing them. Now it seems everyone has them for sale on the black market.
    So, although you may not fair well in combat now, you will soon. And if you do not learn to excel in it, you should pray to whatever god you believe in that you never find yourself against an opponent who has one of those vile creatures with him."

    *The Sith Lord smirked wickedly and waited for a moment before speaking again, allowing his apprentice to take in what he had spoken of.*

    "Now, with that said..."

    *Raine reached to the side and two quarter-staffs came to his hand; he lobbed one over to his apprentice. Spinning the remaining one in his hand slightly, he took a defensive stance.*

    "...Attack me."

    Posted by Darth Zeta on 06-29-2002 01:24 PM:

    Zeta listened intently to his Master speak, intrigued by these things called ysalamiri. His former master, Malice, had not spoken of such things and so it surprised him to hear about them now.

    He made note of these creatures in his mind, to perhaps take a study into them later on, and then nodded to Raine, acknowledging all that he had just spoken of.

    Next Zeta watched as his Master brought forth two weapons, that looked much like sticks. He'd never seen such weapons before, but then again, he did not have much experience with weapons, but he would learn.

    He took the quarter-staff that Sarin had hurled to him and lightly inspected it. He did not exactly know how to wield such a weapon, but he did not wish to disappoint Raine by asking him how to wield it.

    Besides, it did not seem all that difficult to figure out.

    He quickly raised the weapon high, about neck length, and then quickly stepped forward, lunging the weapon at his Master's chest, though Zeta did not know it, this left him very open for attack as he had not made any particular stance to protect himself. He was more interested in accomplishing the goal of attacking Raine like he was instructed to do, rather than worrying about protecting his own well being.

    Posted by Raine Sarin on 07-08-2002 01:55 AM:

    *There was a slight crack as the two quarterstaves met as Raine blocked the attack and quickly targeted the open area that Zeta had left available. As the staff met Zeta's side Raine spoke again.*

    "You have learned your first lessons in combat. One, as a Sith, we attack first, the offense is our position. Two, never leave yourself open to another's attack, defend yourself when necessary."

    *The Sith Lord returned to a somewhat defensive stance and watched his apprentice.*

    "Now, try again."

    ooc - again, I'm really sorry about taking this long. It should go faster from here, hopefully.

    Posted by Darth Zeta on 07-22-2002 02:47 AM:

    OOC: I'm extremely sorry.

    IC: Zeta gave a simple nod to his master and made a quick check to make sure that his weapon was placed just right so that his body would hopefully be protected better.

    Zeta had hesitated with his first attack, quite unsure of his movements. He was still unsure now, however, he did not wait, his quick thinking overtaking his hesitation, as he tried to jab at his Master's head.

    Posted by Raine Sarin on 07-23-2002 12:23 AM:

    *The attack was met with another quick block, the crack of the two quarter-staffs echoing throughout the small area again.*

    "Good, much better"

    *Seeing that his disciple had improved on keeping himself from being completely left open, Raine decided to make a fast attack towards Zeta's left thigh; testing to see if the attack would be blocked, or if his apprentice was now paying too much attention on his offense. The test would be a simple one, and Raine expected that his apprentice would pass it with flying colors; so he kept himself on guard, in case Zeta would attempt a swift counter-attack.*

    ooc: it's fine. "> Take as long as you need to reply to anything. It's totally fine with me.

    Posted by Darth Zeta on 07-29-2002 09:20 PM:

    Zeta was quick to respond to his Master's attack this time as he stepped back with his left foot, in turn, bringing his quarter-staff forward and down in an attempt to block his Master's attack.

    He found himself trying to gain more space, only in an attempt in hopes of trying to attack again. He moved off towards his left, spinning towards that direction.

    He almost lost his footing as he finished his spin, perhaps nervousness, perhaps not. He took the staff and made for a simple slash at his Master's stomach.

    He had much to learn, but he would not give up, even if he would manage to lose.

    Posted by Raine Sarin on 08-10-2002 01:36 PM:

    *On instinct, Raine brought the quarter-staff in a sweeping downward movement to defend against Zeta's attack. He had noticed the faltering in the disciple’s steps and with another quick movement, brought to staff in a sharp counterattack aimed at Zeta's legs.*

    "Be mindful of your movements. Something like that can get you killed in combat."

    Posted by Darth Zeta on 08-20-2002 08:35 AM:

    Zeta was aware of his mistake even before his Master went to attack him. He'd lost his footing, but doing this had only seemed to almost complicate things for the Zabrak. What puzzled him was that he could not even begin to think on how he had lost his footing, it just happened.

    He was able to bring his staff forward just in time to knock with Raine's staff, which allowed him to step back, allowing the blow that was supposed to be given, not to be able to be followed through with.

    It did not matter if it were because the Zabrak was mad at himself or ashamed because of the costly mistake he had made in front of his Master, he snarled, anger reaching his face.

    It had only taken him a second to step back, but it only took him a mere second to step forward once more, aimed in another move. He brought his staff forward once more, allowing his staff to clash with his Master's, he brought the weapon to push against his Master's own. A very foolish mistake on his part, for Zeta's Master was much stronger than he...