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Molding New Blood (Detigr)

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  • Molding New Blood (Detigr)

    Posted by Darth Snack on 06-09-2002 12:30 PM:
    Molding New Blood (Detigr)

    *Oh, this would be fun. A lot of fun. From the question and answer seminar the two had gone through in the recruitment center, Snack was looking forward to seeing this new Disciple trained. And it brought a sick grin to his face when he found out that he wanted Snack as his instructor. Happy to oblige, Snack accepted him. The Lord would have kept a close eye on this one anyway, now the watch would be that much closer.

    He entered into the training grounds, taking in the clean air of the outdoors. Looking around, he pondered as to what lessons he would begin to teach this one.*

    Posted by Detigr Maystrak on 06-09-2002 03:12 PM:

    With the clicking of boot heels, Detigr enters the training grounds. The look on his face is still one of amazement, as he is still surprised at being accepted. The heels stop clicking, and he glides silently to a position behind Snack, knowing that whatever he did to disguise his presence, the Lord would know about it anyway. Waiting silently for acknowledgement, he stands behind Snack with his arms crossed.

    Posted by Detigr Maystrak on 06-15-2002 01:57 AM:

    Unsure if his new master noticed his presence, the disciple coughs unconfortably, awaiting acknowledgement.

    "Lord, I await training..."

    Posted by Darth Snack on 06-15-2002 08:13 PM:

    ooc: Might want to check this thread out... it will tell ya what me schedule is going to be like in the not so distant future. That, and remember... they don't call me the slacker for nothing. ">


    I know this, but all good things come to those who wait.

    *Snack could sense his newest apprentice long before he said anything. Truning to face Detigr, the Dark Lord looked upon him with cold eyes.*

    I've been debating what I should start you out with. It was a tough choice, but your first lesson has been decided.

    *His eyes moved away from the Disciple to look past him, at nothing which was behind him.*

    We will await here until your lesson arrives.

    Posted by Detigr Maystrak on 06-17-2002 01:59 PM:

    OOC: Heh, i know how it feels. I'm just starting a second part-time job for the summer, on top of studying for my science final. I can see how u're not going to be too active here. It's okay though, i just hope it all goes well.

    The man nods at his Lord's reply, and turns around, waiting for his first "lesson" to arrive. An interesting beginning indeed

    "As you wish my lord"

    Posted by Detigr Maystrak on 06-20-2002 02:15 PM:

    With a shifting of feet, Detigr draws his scimitar in preparation. While awaiting his first lesson, he goes through a complex series of stabs, thrusts, spins and riposte's. This warm up continues for some time, until he stops and looks at his lord.

    "Lord Snack, is this lesson you wish to teach me one of patience? If it is, then i will quit my preparations for a fight. Meditation is as key a point as fighting, in my perspective. I would like some advance knowledge, if you would..."

    With this, Detigr sheaths his sword, and crosses his arms behind his back

    Posted by Darth Snack on 06-26-2002 01:54 PM:

    *The Dark Lord glanced over at Detigr with a smirk.*

    Follow your instincts. What do you think this lesson is?

    Posted by Detigr Maystrak on 06-30-2002 07:04 PM:

    The man takes this question silently, and takes a few moments to think about his answer. Finally, he looks up, and looks straight at his master...

    "I believe it will be a fight against overwhelming odds, to teach me not to be as cocky as my attitude has led you to think i am. Or, if not this, i think that it will be a lesson in patience, which as you have reiterated countless times, is a sith trait that i do not seem to posess. Other than that, i can say in truth that i have no idea."

    Through this small speech, the man remains tense and alert in case his lesson arrives while he is "unprepared". When still nothing shows itself, the man relaxes the slightest bit and awaits to see if his guesses were correct

    Posted by Darth Snack on 06-30-2002 07:39 PM:

    *Nodding ever so slightly at the answer given, Snack inhailed then exhailed. He didn't reply, but allowed a minute or so of silence to pass by.*

    While we wait, tell me about yourself. Your past, where you came from, family and the likes.

    Posted by Detigr Maystrak on 07-03-2002 02:52 AM:

    The man nods and begins the long tale that is his life's story

    "I would have no idea where i might start, so i shall go from the beginning. I was born on Destril, a tiny planet in a tiny solar system in the outer rim, to my parents Mikali and Tanin Maystrak. I lived with them until they were killed in an industrial accident in the weapons factory where they worked. When they perished, i was only 7 years of age, and as they were my only family, no one in our impoverished settlement could feed an extra mouth. So, seeing as 80% of Destril was covered in thick jungle, i decided to live on my own in this most hostile of environs. I nearly died in the first month i lived on my own, before i began to adapt to the new way of life. I became a hunter in the most extreme sense of the word, destroying anything and everything that came into my jungle sanctuary. I lost much of what would define me as a human during those years, becoming a feral animal. I discovered my two most precious possessions while in the jungle, i happened upon them while exploring a tomb. The two blades, one of which i carry upon my person, saved me from countless situations in which i would otherwise have surely died. For years i continued living this way, drifting from the tattered remains of my humanity back to my alter-ego the hunter. It was in my more... animal ways that i first encountered the J'ai. He had entered my clearing and, unthinking, i attacked him. With his glowing blade he destroyed the first of my two swords before i surrendered to him. The rest you already know, from the questions i was asked in my application. Other than this, i have no story."

    With his tale told, the man relaxes slightly and awaits his master's reply....

    Posted by Darth Snack on 07-07-2002 01:19 AM:

    Interesting, to say the least...

    *Snack nodded and replied after hearing the tale of his Apprentice's life.*

    So, you seem to be a decent fighter, if you were able to survive along... Tell me, do you own a lightsaber?

    Posted by Detigr Maystrak on 07-07-2002 04:02 PM:

    The man shakes his head, showing that he has not constructed one of the sacred weapons of the Sith.

    "No, my Lord, i do not have a lightsaber. I thought showing up at the doors of the Empire with a weapon only a true Sith should own would be a bit.... presumptuous. I thought the construction of a lightsaber would be a part of my training. Do not take this to mean that i have little skill with a blade though..."

    as he says this, Detigr draws his own scimitar, and spins it around in his hand

    " I am quite proficient with most weapons of the sort. To me, a lightsabre would be only of little difference than my own blade here. And as to me being a decent fighter, i do not consider my self as anything other than a trainee. I can keep myself alive in most situations, nothing more or less."

    At this, Detigr sheaths his scimitar and looks to his master

    Posted by Darth Snack on 07-09-2002 08:05 PM:

    A weapon thata true Sith shuold own? Heh, I should tell that to some of the Jedi I know...

    *Snack chuckled at the remark, paying it no mind.*

    And that is no matter. You will build your own lightsaber at a different time, when I feel you are up to it Force wise. It takes a lot of concentration to build one, and one goof up, and you can blow up yourself and the surounding small radius.

    *He gave a 'teacher' type look to his pupil, then continued.*

    Well, let's get started, shall we?

    Posted by Detigr Maystrak on 07-10-2002 02:24 PM:

    The man nodded, smiling at his little mistake. True, Jedi wield lightsabers as well. With an amused look on his face, he faces Snack.

    "Aye, Lord, a good point you make. I do agree, let us begin."

    With a look of barely disguised anticipation, Detigr tenses and awaits Snack's first "Training" exercise

    Posted by Darth Snack on 07-11-2002 12:30 AM:

    Good. Now, let me be blunt.

    *Snack said, shifting his weight onto his other foot.*

    One key 'thing' that I hold dear and all is loyalty and trust. I group those two as one thing, because to me you cannot have one without the other. And the one thing that bonds these two is communication. Our lines of communication mst be strong, and we must talk with each other in order to understand one another more. It will help training along, and it can strengthen our now growing bond.

    *Pausing, Snack took a breath.*

    If we cannot get to know each other through our talks, then how will I be able to put in trust in you? I wouldn't. If I can't trust you, then can you trust me? No. And what kind of Master/Apprentice relationship would we have if we couldn't trust one another?

    Posted by Detigr Maystrak on 07-11-2002 01:44 AM:
    Re: ..

    As his master talks, Detigr looks straight at him, absorbing the information and allowing it to settle before he replies.

    "Yes, Lord. I agree with you on the fact the Loyalty and Trust are key points in our relationship as Master and Apprentice. And as to our communication, i also think that it must be strong and unbroken. I offer you my undying loyalty, and my trust. I believe you to be the master which most suits my talents, and the one who has the strongest values. I hope our "relationship" is long and...... fruitful."

    His pledge given, Detigr bows to his master

    OOC: Uhhhh, sorry bout this. Were you talking bout in-rp communication or over e-mail/messenger communication. Or was it both? Just wanted to know. thanks

    Posted by Detigr Maystrak on 07-14-2002 10:54 PM:
    Re: ..

    After the extended silence following his pledge, Detigr coughs and glances upwards towards his master

    "Lord, do you accept my loyalty? I need know, for i hold these two values as dearly as you apparently do"

    Posted by Darth Snack on 07-29-2002 12:58 AM:
    Re: ..

    ooc: Both


    Yes, I accept.

    *His cold dark eyes pierced at Detigr as he answered.*

    Do not betray the loyalty.

    *Closing his eyes, Snack reached out into the Force and allowed it to flow through his body.*

    Close your eyes and tell me what you see.

    Posted by Detigr Maystrak on 07-30-2002 08:40 PM:
    Re: ..

    With a nod, Detigr closes his eyes, takes a breath and concentrates, withdrawing into himself

    "I see... war, fighting. Bloodless battles. Limbs askew across rocky terrain, bodies dismembered and spread across the field. I see glory, the victory of a dark force sweeping across the galaxy. I see the light failing, flickering like the puny flame of a small candle before an open window. I see... myself, in the midst of all this, aiding our side in the victory against this light."

    Opening his eyes, then looking at his master

    "That is what I see. What do you see?"

    Posted by Darth Snack on 07-31-2002 11:48 AM:
    Re: ..

    One of the possible futures.

    *With eyes still closed, he answered his apprentice's question about what he himself had seen.*

    A void.

    *Short and a tad confusing, Snack decided he would let Detigr think that out for himself. Opening his eyes now, Snack glanced over to the other.*

    The Force is all around us. It aids us in our battles and in our quests. It's there for us to call upon or to summon. But not everyone can tap into its awesome power. It takes a strong will and both mental and physical endurance to learn how to properly weild the Force.

    I want you to look over to your right and spot that small stone five yards arway. Reach out with the Force and see if you can pick it up.

    Posted by Detigr Maystrak on 07-31-2002 11:31 PM:
    Re: ..

    Detigr spends a few moments puzzling his Master's answer to his question, then shrugs it off in anticipation of actual physical training.

    "Aye, master. I'll move the rock..."

    With an arrogant swagger, Detigr takes a few strides away from the rock, then turns and faces it, assuming what appears to be a fighters stance. Reaching towards the rock with a impudent smirk on his face, Detigr lifts his hand in a gesture intended to send the rock skyward...

    When even the dust on the rock doesn't move a nanometer, Detigr coughs in embarassment, and hardens his face in extreme concentration. Pointing at the rock, he smiles when the air around the rock seems to stir. Still, when the rock doesn't move, he throws his hands in the air in disgust. Bowing his head in shame, knowing he failed to do even this simple task, he turns to his master.

    "I... I cannot move the rock, master. I cannot even budge it."

    Posted by Darth Snack on 08-13-2002 09:10 PM:

    ooc: Sems as though the way you post your actions doesn't allow them to be viewed here on the vB... Very odd.


    *Smirking, Snack asked a few questions.*

    And why is that so? You are able to tap into the Force, right?