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The Reawakening... (Nikka DarkStorm, closed)

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  • The Reawakening... (Nikka DarkStorm, closed)

    Posted by Dara Shadowtide on 05-22-2002 01:16 PM:
    The Reawakening... (Nikka DarkStorm, closed)

    :: Sith Master Dara Shadowtide held her palm facing up as she walked toward the training grounds. A small sphere of dark electricity crackled as it methodically grew bright in intensity and then dim again.

    Dara had taken an interest in the development of Sith Disciple Nikka DarkStorm's skills since the unexpected and unavoidable absence of her master, Laran Katern. At the conclusion of their recent visit in headquarters, Dara had requested that Nikka meet her on the training grounds and the Sith Master silently awaited her arrival ::


    Dara Shadowtide

    Rank: Sith Master

    Affiliation: The Sith Empire, Council Member

    Apprentice to: Lady Dia, Darth Havok

    Sister to: Athena Lady Darknss, Lyra Darkstar,
    Dalethria Mal Pannis

    Master to: Raine Sarin, Darth Varlon, Vega Van Derveld,
    Dyne Darkforce, Athena Lady Darknss, Bi0 Hazzard,
    Daegal Murdoch, Lady Callista, Lord Sabre, Alisa Sha,
    Lyra Darkstar, Kekoa Alkarin, Rothmar Dujek,
    Dark Jedi Kitano, Lana Westbrooke, Michin Troval,
    Abydos Nighthawk, Anubis Lockheart

    Wields: A pale blue lightsaber, a turquoise lightsaber,
    Staff of the Tides

    "Do not talk about what you have done
    or what you are going to do...
    do it, and let it speak for itself."

    AIM Bio The Sith Empire Tides of Darkness



    Posted by Nikka DarkStorm on 05-23-2002 05:01 PM:

    A draft blew through Nikka's hair as she arrived at the training grounds shortly after receiving Dara's message. Her dark cloak hung loosely around her, making her appear as a creature of the night.

    On her belt, hung the chrome-plated saber hilt that she carried with her at all times, as if it were a part of her. It was. It reminded her of many painful experiences she had been through... her lost partner and child. This saber, to her, was a mere reflection of her anger, guilt and even fear.

    She approached Dara almost cautiously. This was her first time ever battling with a Sith Master from the Empire and for the first time in a long time, she felt nervous. She didn't want to fail her first time in a training session. But all she could do was her best. She knew that improving would be a goal among these parts.

    A long pause followed as she looked toward the woman who had been honored among the Empire for many years... and then she spoke.

    "Evening, Master Shadowtide. I have arrived as intructed."

    Posted by Dara Shadowtide on 05-25-2002 03:02 AM:

    :: Sensing the force signature of the Sith Disciple as she entered the training grounds, Dara's eyes met Nikka's as she spoke and the Sith Master nodded in greeting ::

    "I am glad you were able to make your way here so quickly, Nikka. Most impressive. Tell me, what have you learned from your master so far in training?"

    Posted by Nikka DarkStorm on 05-25-2002 06:43 PM:

    "He instructed me in ways of using the Force..."

    She spotted a medium sized rock next to her feet. With a small grin, she reached out in her mind and focused on what had been taught to her in the past training session she had with Laran over a standard year ago. The rock slowly began to move below her feet...slowly it rose to meet her hand that had been outstretched to grasp it.

    She inspected it briefly, running her fingers over the rough surface before turning her attention toward the Sith Master.

    "...and how to use it to my advantage..." She paused briefly and then continued. "The time I spent in solitude, I was able to focus more intently on what was instructed. As for combat skills, I have not been trained in that area as of yet."

    Posted by Dara Shadowtide on 05-26-2002 05:44 AM:

    :: Dara folded her hands behind her back as she nodded to Nikka ::

    "Impressive. I would definitely say that the time for combat and weapons training is certainly overdue then."

    :: She walked slowly toward the young Disciple as she continued ::

    "I have received a transmission from Laran, Nikka. And he has given his permission for me to continue your training in his absence. He remains your master for I will only serve in the capacity of your mentor until his return. I trust this meets with your approval."

    :: The Sith Master stopped directly before the Sith Disciple, awaiting her response ::

    Posted by Nikka DarkStorm on 05-26-2002 08:57 PM:

    She nodded with no hesitation and let the rock float gently to the ground with her newly developed abilities.

    "Yes. I have looked forward to beginning my combat training."

    She smiled with satisfacion.

    Posted by Dara Shadowtide on 05-27-2002 05:10 AM:

    :: Dara nods to Nikka ::

    "And begin, it shall. I will first start with the lightsaber. It is the traditional weapon of the Sith and that is why I place a high importance on being proficient in wielding it. It is an elegant weapon with a deadly touch."

    :: Dara reaches down and takes one of the two silver metallic hilts from her belt and displays it to the Sith Disciple as she continues to instruct ::

    "Inside the saber are a power cell and multifaceted Adegan crystals or jewels, usually one to three, that focus the energy from the power source and release it as a steady colored beam of light and energy about a meter long. These blades of pure energy can cut through nearly any animate or inanimate object."

    :: With the flick of her thumb, the blade springs forth, its pale blue hue illuminating Dara's face with an ethereal glow as a low hum resonates all around them. She glides the saber in front of her, the trace pattern cutting into the air as Nikka looks on ::

    "Weapons are merely an extension of the darkness. Do you have a saber of your own, Nikka?"

    :: Dara's eyes lock onto Nikka's ::

    Posted by Nikka DarkStorm on 05-29-2002 02:54 AM:

    Nikka unclipped the chrome-plated hilt from her belt and held it out for Dara to see.

    "Yes. This was given to me by my late husband."

    She gripped the hilt in her right hand firmly, pressing the switch to activate it, the red blade humming to life.

    "I never knew what he used this for as he never told me..."

    Posted by Dara Shadowtide on 05-30-2002 02:28 AM:

    :: Dara nodded to Nikka as she watched the Sith Disciple handle a saber for the first time and it made Dara remember the first time she held a saber long ago as a young girl on Garqi with her father, Cale Shadowtide. This gave the Sith Master an idea ::

    "Nikka, come this way with me."

    :: She led the young woman to a small metal building next to them which had a somewhat reflective surface to it, at least well enough to see the sabers clearly shimmering back at them ::

    "In order to familiarize yourself with how to handle this deadly weapon rich in our history and traditions, I am going to instill some basic attack and defense moves with the saber at this time. It has a specific feel and balance to it that you will have to adjust to. I want you to watch me closely and then mimic my every move immediately after I perform it one time. I will be demonstrating the move to you and then repeating it with you as you mirror it back. Let's begin."

    :: Nikka nods in understanding and moves to take a place near the Sith Master, but far enough apart so as not to interact during the training drill. Dara faces the reflective wall and then raises her saber in front of her in an enguard stance. She then lunges forward with both hands on the saber hilt, slicing downward from right to left, leaving the tip of her saber on the ground and then moving it back to her original starting stance. Nikka mirrors this as Dara performs the move again.

    Dara then adds a blocking move to the sequence. She lunges forward with both hands on the saber hilt, slices downward from right to left, the tip of the saber hits the ground and then she reverses the move to add a backhand block moving from right to left, and then she pulls her blade back to beginning stance. Nikka mirrors this as Dara repeats the move with her.

    Dara then stabs straight forward with the blade extended horizontally and slices downward to the ground. As the blade touches the ground she pulls it back to her. Nikka mirrors this move as Dara executes it again.

    Dara raises the blade and points the tip to the upper left as she slices in a letter Z pattern with three quick moves. Nikka watches closely and mimics this move as Dara repeats it with her.

    Dara then slices from left to right in front of her body and then reverses the move. The disciple copies the move exactly as Dara performs it again.

    Dara moves her blade from right to left in front of her body and then reverses it. Nikka looks more at ease as she moves the blade through the air at the precise time as the Sith Master. Dara smiles ::

    "Excellent work, Nikka. Rigid weapons training is essential to the execution of the skills you will require while in battle, for the moves should come automatically and as quickly as your reflexes allow. The lightsaber is the most commonly used weapon of a Sith, and the Jedi wield it against us as well. I insist that all my own apprentices demonstrate proficiency in using one in their training session with me, and since I am filling in during Laran's absence, I will make no exception for you as you now study with me.

    Now, we will begin a small attack and parry exercise. We will go slow and only perform two to three moves in a sequence. Prepare yourself and watch closely. Let your instincts be your guide."

    :: Dara turns slowly to face Nikka. The Disciple raises her saber and watches the Sith Master. Dara then lunges at her, stabbing at her midsection. Nikka's eyes grow wide and she bats Dara's saber away with a quick right to left sweep of her saber blade. Dara smiles and nods to Nikka ::

    "You see. The reactions are taking hold already. Now it's your turn to attack me, for the first and foremost rule of being a Sith is that we always attack first."

    :: Dara takes a defensive stance and looks upon Nikka ::

    Posted by Nikka DarkStorm on 05-31-2002 02:23 AM:

    With that, she give Dara a nod before moving forth upon the Sith Master, slicing in a downward arc from Dara's left shoulder toward her right hip. Dara executed the block sequence, sweeping her saber upward from right to left, parrying Nikka's saber away. Afterward, they took a step back. Nikka stood there in her defensive stance, awaiting remarks from Dara.

    Posted by Dara Shadowtide on 06-06-2002 05:02 AM:

    :: Dara gauged the swiftness of Nikka's attack but then noticed an unusual pause at the end. Acting without hesitation, she leapt at the Sith Disciple and landed directly infront of her. The Sith Master hooked her ankle around Nikka's in an attempt to get her off balance as she took her saber hilt and punched Nikka in the jaw to help complete the disciple's backward motion ::

    "Always end each sequence with an attack, Nikka."

    Posted by Nikka DarkStorm on 06-07-2002 04:26 PM:

    Nikka regained her balance and looked at her, a pain shooting through her jaw as she nodded toward her. Anger began to build once again, and she held on to that as she sprang forth at the Sith Master, this time with more aggression filling her veins. Nikka delivered yet another downward slice at Dara's left shoulder. Dara executed the same upward-sweep blocking sequence as before. With that, Nikka delivered a strong kick to Dara's stomach, balancing on her left foot as their sabers remained locked, kicking with the right in attempt to knock Dara back. Dara only stumbled back a few steps, still leaving the Disciple vulnerable for another hit. Nikka closed in the distance between them, taking another charge at the Sith Master, delivering a forward stab directly at her stomach, remembering the earlier excercise in full.

    Posted by Dara Shadowtide on 06-09-2002 06:35 AM:

    :: Dara feels her stomach aching from the kick from Nikka and the rage ripples through her veins like a turbulent storm about to descend upon the earth. The Sith Master takes in a quick breath as the air hisses between her teeth, watching Nikka's every move.

    The battle experienced Sith Master moved her pale blue lightsaber across her body and parried the incoming stab. As the two blades were bound, an array of multicolored sparks illuminated the ground between them as Dara began to move her saber around and around in an attempt to get the Disciple to drop her weapon ::

    Posted by Nikka DarkStorm on 06-09-2002 03:16 PM:

    Nikka held onto the saber hilt with both hands for as long as she could as Dara executed the moves. By the time the tip of Nikka's saber touched the ground, she felt her right wrist snap and cried out, the pain searing clear into her shoulder. The saber dropped to the ground, smoke and sparks flying in every direction. Nikka felt a wave of panic as she glanced up saw Dara's saber coming toward her neck. Nikka ducked underneath the sweep of the saber and kicked out with her left foot, pivoting on the ball of her right to knock Dara off of her feet.

    Posted by Dara Shadowtide on 06-11-2002 04:21 AM:

    :: Dara took in a deep breath of air quickly between her clenched teeth as Nikka's foot knocked her off balance. As the Sith Master stumbled to the side, she completed her saber arc and landed a small slice across the Disciple's back with the tip of her extended saber blade.

    As Dara regained her footing and stepped backwards to look upon Nikka, she pointed to an arrangement of skulls across the grounds and they slowly rose into the air and began to spin. Suddenly, as she gave a quick gesture, the skull and bone fragments flew rapidly through the air toward the Disciple with the intent of pummelling her ::

    Posted by Nikka DarkStorm on 06-11-2002 08:40 PM:

    Nikka cried out as she felt the tip of Dara's blade slice across her upper back. She stood up and caught her balance as she saw a pile of skulls floating toward her at a great amount of speed. Nikka let the command of the Dark Side flow through her veins as she batted away several of the skulls with her lightsaber blade, but fell back a few steps as she missed a few of them, the objects slamming her in the midsection and chest. Nikka coughed harshly as she breathed ash and dust down her throat; her vision stung with tears as the dust and ash flew in her eyes.

    The young Disciple gathered her thoughts and concentrated as a pile of dirt and dust floats up toward her hand. Still she could barely see, but managed to see a blurred image of the Sith Master standing a few yards from her. Returning the favor, Nikka motioned her arm toward Dara's face, the dirt pile racing toward her eye. Nikka had hoped the dirt would hit her impending target, but with her vision still blurred, it brought doubt to her mind that it would...

    Posted by Dara Shadowtide on 06-17-2002 06:56 PM:

    :: The dirt and dust flew rapidly into the Sith Master's eyes and she began furiously trying to wipe the stinging debris from her eyes. While engaged in that, she sensed Nikka's own doubts ::

    "Nikka, that was an excellent move. You learned first hand how the debris can inhibit your vision and you turned around and used that move on me. Never let doubt creep into your thoughts for if it does, it gives room for mistakes to occur.. and there can be no mistakes in battle or it will be a costly end."

    :: The time it took Dara to speak to Nikka, the two had cleared the rest of the debris from their eyes. Moving to a defensive position, she beckoned the Disciple on with a grin as she motioned with one of her sabers for her to attack once again ::

    Posted by Nikka DarkStorm on 06-19-2002 10:51 PM:

    Nikka stared into the bright red blade of her saber for a moment, a flash of images returning to her in that instant as she saw a glimpse of her late husband taking on a Jedi in battle. It was the first time she ever saw this one though and to her discovery in seeing this, she discovered he lead a secret life that she didn't know about.

    In the moment she focused her attention back on Dara, Nikka's heart was raging with mixed emotions. Focusing on the anger as hard as she can, as she advances on the Sith Master, swinging in a backhand motion with her saber toward Dara's midsection from left to right in a diagonal motion.


    Posted by Dara Shadowtide on 06-27-2002 06:51 AM:

    :: Dara sensed the rage surging within Nikka as she drew upon something with which to fuel the Dark Side. As the Sith Master grinned at the Sith Disciple's progress, she was almost surprised with the speed with which Nikka advanced.

    As the crimson hue of the Disciple's blade approached rapidly, Dara was barely able to react in time to deflect the slice as a flurry of sparks from the sabers fell to the ground. The tip of the red blade scorched across Dara's midsection as droplets of blood formed on the small diagonal gash across her abdomen. A hissing sound could be heard as the Sith Master took in air rapidly between her clenched teeth before speaking quietly as her eyes locked onto Nikka's ::

    "Excellent work.. my apprentice."

    :: Wasting no time, Dara then leapt at Nikka and stabbed at her kneecap while retrieving her custom Sith Blade from her belt and slicing across the Disciple's chest ::

    Posted by Nikka DarkStorm on 06-28-2002 01:31 AM:

    Nikka's eyes widen as she heard Dara speak the words, 'my apprentice.'


    She replied rather quizically, while taking a step back, the tip of Dara's blade piercing her kneecap. Nikka grunted with frustration as her legs nearly buckled, but then she saw the unusual shaped blade coming toward her chest. Nikka took another quick step back, moving her saber blade in a backhand motion to bat it away, but it wasn't enough as Dara's blade sliced at her chest, spewing a small amount of blood. As she regained her composure, Nikka took another attempt at Dara's midsection, sweeping her blade in a horizontal motion at the already injured Sith Master's midsection

    "You wish to take me as your own?"

    Posted by Dara Shadowtide on 06-28-2002 05:29 AM:

    :: The Sith Master allows a grin to form on her lips as she hears Nikka's question. Watching the woman's every move closely, Dara moves her blade to parry the slice toward her already injured abdomen. Holding the Disciple's saber in place with her own blade pressed firmly against it, a shower of multicolored sparks falls to the ground all around them. Dara looks directly into Nikka's eyes and speaks loudly and clearly enough for her to hear ::

    "Yes, I wish to complete your training officially as your master. Right now I see an unbridled power that is not yet realized. Valuable time in your training has been lost and there is no need for this to continue. This decision is yours to make, however. I merely make the offer.."

    Posted by Nikka DarkStorm on 06-28-2002 06:58 PM:

    Nikka lowered her blade and took a few steps back so that she would be able to speak without executing any further attacks. She showed a look of concern, but she quickly smiled.

    "It would be an honor to be your apprentice, Master Shadowtide. I feel that I have found my true destiny at long last."

    She sank to one knee, bowing her head in respect to her new master.

    Posted by Dara Shadowtide on 06-29-2002 04:07 AM:

    :: Dara smiled at her apprentice and put away her custom Sith Blade ::

    "Rise, my apprentice, and let your training continue. Attack me and show me what skills you have gained so far."

    :: The Sith Master resumed a defensive position and swiftly moved her hand to her waist to retrieve her second saber hilt from her belt, igniting it with the flick of her thumb. The pale hue of the two ignited sabers illuminated her features as her eyes never left Nikka's ::

    Posted by Nikka DarkStorm on 06-29-2002 06:14 AM:

    The Disciple nodded with a grin, then concentrated fully on the Dark Side, the emotional rage reaching a boiling point. Nikka held on to that as she gestured her free hand toward a pile of medium-sized rocks. With the slight motion of Nikka's free hand, the rocks float quickly into the air. Then with a quick flick of her upward facing palm, the floating rocks plummet toward Dara's face and upper body.

    Nikka took a step to the side to avoid the rocks and delivered a downward sweep with her saber blade toward Dara's right shoulder to her left flank.

    Posted by Dara Shadowtide on 06-30-2002 05:12 AM:

    :: A turbulence of darkness welled deep inside the Sith Master as she grew tired of being pummelled by debris. Medium sized rocks grazed gainst the Sith Master's skin and upper body and as Nikka's saber began its downward sweep, the young Disciple felt herself flying backwards in the air across the training grounds by a powerful Dark Side force that pushed against her.

    Electricity crackled all around Dara as she gazed across the training grounds at her apprentice as she landed. Bluish white lightning spiralled all around Dara's adrenaline tensed arms as the Sith Master then pointed her sabers at the ground just in front of Nikka.

    Twin bolts of force lightning propelled rapidly down the blades and tore into the earth at Nikka's feet as dirt and debris flew up into the air from the impact. Earth gave way and the apprentice found her footing becoming precarious as the gap in the ground in front of her became wider as the rubble pulled away and fell deep down the hole that was created ::

    Posted by Nikka DarkStorm on 07-01-2002 12:56 AM:

    The Disciple stood and tried to regain her balance but felt the earth shaking from beneath her feet, her back screaming with pain from landing on the ground again. As the ground gave way beneath her, she felt herself beginning to fall into a deep chasm created by the Dark Force energy. Falling onto her back again, she held on to her weapon the best that she could, but deactivated the blade. Moments later, she felt her head throbbing as she hit a large rock on the way down. She remained lying on the ground for several minutes, almost on the brink of unconsciousness. Running her hand on the back of her neck, Nikka felt a warm liquid forming just below her skull. Nikka shook it off and stood to her feet once again, but having a little trouble gaining her balance. She remained as calm as she could and gathered her concentration to the Dark Side. Focusing her Force Energy strictly to her feet and legs, she Force leapt out of the chasm, doing a backflip in mid air and landed on her feet.

    Nikka then leapt at the Sith Master, a wave of darkness filling her veins as she reactivated her saber blade, the Force fueling her feet as she leapt at Dara. As she landed in front of her, she took a step forward in an en guarde stance, delivering a forward stab at her right shoulder/collarbone region.

    Posted by Dara Shadowtide on 07-01-2002 05:27 PM:

    :: Dara raised her blades to parry the oncoming attack and moved her twin single sabers to trap Nikka's blade between her own. The Sith Master's eyes glowed crimson before fading to black as her gaze locked on Nikka ::

    "Most impressive, my apprentice."

    :: The Sith Master moved quickly to kick her foot out in an attempt to knock Nikka's feet out from under her ::

    Posted by Nikka DarkStorm on 07-02-2002 12:52 AM:

    Nikka growled as she fell to the ground again, a turbulent wave of aggravation flowing through her veins. She grunted as her saber blade flew from out of her hand, her wrist snapped again from the pressure being forced upon her hand. Calling on the Dark Side, she retrieved her weapon and reactivated it as it was shut down during its crash to the ground. She turned over and reached out with her hand and locked her fingers around the Sith Master's ankle, twisting it toward her in attempt to break or wrench her ankle while sweeping her blade toward her other ankle.

    Posted by Dara Shadowtide on 07-03-2002 04:31 AM:

    :: Feeling a hand on her ankle, Dara moved one of her blades toward Nikka's wrist and her other saber to parry the Disciple's oncoming attack. Calling upon the Dark Side, a sudden gust of wind manifested itself as dirt and debris travelled like a small cylindrical wall across the woman on the ground ::

    Posted by Nikka DarkStorm on 07-08-2002 02:25 AM:

    Nikka moved her hand away from Dara's ankle but it wasn't enough as the blade from the Sith Master sliced across her wrist, leaving a rather deep gash and severing several tendons. She scrambled and attempted to roll away as she felt the gust of air and debris blowing over her, but the force of the air was too strong. Nikka opened her eyes once again even though her vision was blurred and stung with tears. She could see an image of Dara only a few feet away from her and concentrated fully on the Darkness that thrives inside of her. Nikka gasped when her saber flew out of her hand from the force of the wind and skidded across the ground. She concentrated more, focusing her energy strictly on the Sith Master that stood not far from her and motioned her hands toward her, expelling her dark energy toward her, pushing her back a few more feet while at the same time, breaking the air/dust barrier around her.

    Calling upon the Dark Side, Nikka retrieved her lightsaber yet again, and afterwards, Force leapt over Dara, doing a half somersault in mid air landing behind her. As she landed behind Dara, Nikka delivered a full kick to Dara's back.

    Posted by Dara Shadowtide on 07-09-2002 12:16 AM:

    :: As Dara regained her footing, she blinked her eyes as the remainder of the debris floated to the ground. Losing sight of her apprentice momentarily, she soon felt the Disciple's presence as a sharp pain in her back was felt. Breaking her fall with a forward roll, the Sith Master rose to her feet quickly and turned to face Nikka. Leaping at her apprentice, Dara landed with a high slice toward the Sith Disciple's neck with her right blade and a stab at Nikka's right thigh with her left saber extended ::

    Posted by Nikka DarkStorm on 07-10-2002 03:40 AM:

    As Dara's right blade sliced at Nikka's neck, Nikka moved her saber in an upward sweep to parry the blade, pushing it back and away. At the same time, she took a step back with her right foot in attempt to avoid Dara's other blade stabbing low at her thigh, but it wasn't enough and brushed against her leg, tearing a gash in her flesh. Nikka remained calm and focused on the pain felt from her injuries, allowing it to fuel her every move. Crouching low, Nikka pivoted on her left foot, planting her elbow into the Sith Master's stomach hard enough to knock the breath out of her.

    Posted by Dara Shadowtide on 07-11-2002 04:29 AM:

    :: Letting out a small groan, the Sith Master's abs felt what would most likely form into a bruise later on. Taking in air through clenched teeth, the Sith Master took a step forward while their blades still met and headbutted Nikka. Dara then twisted the hand which had a saber locked in a battle of brute strength with her apprentice around and around trying to get the Sith Disciple to drop her blade ::

    Posted by Nikka DarkStorm on 07-17-2002 02:43 PM:

    *Nikka's head snapped back as Dara headbutted her, blood spewed forth from her lip and nose. As her saber spun around with Dara's strength, Nikka gasped as her saber fell to the ground. Nikka took a few steps back and called her saber back to her grasp with the Dark Side. Taking a step forward, Nikka stabbed forward into Dara's midsection.*

    Posted by Dara Shadowtide on 07-18-2002 03:36 AM:

    :: Dara moved her right saber in a backhand motion to parry the slice away and to the side. While holding the Disciple's blade in place, the Sith Master simultaneously pivoted on her right foot and then landed a punch to Nikka's elbow with her left saber hilt in an attempt to hyperextend it ::

    Posted by Nikka DarkStorm on 07-27-2002 02:42 AM:

    *Nikka felt her elbow snap as Dara's foot met with it, hard enough to break it. She fell to her knees and inhaled sharply through her teeth, taking the pain, her saber coming unbinded from Dara's grip. With that, Nikka kicked out sharply with her left leg while balancing on her right knee, planting her left foot firmly into Dara's right knee, attemtping to knock her to the ground.*

    Posted by Dara Shadowtide on 07-31-2002 01:47 AM:

    :: Dara felt a sharp pain in her knee as she unexpectedly found herself tumbling to the ground. Rising quickly to her feet, a small grin appeared on the Sith Master's lips. Looking across at her apprentice, Dara pointed to the area next to Nikka and a small cylindrical wall of debris began to manifest. Suddenly, the volley of dirt and rock debris crashed down upon Dara's apprentice ::

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 08-09-2002 05:34 PM:

    *Nikka's eyes stung as she fell to the ground on her side, her throat was clenched up from dust and dirt being breathed within. She quickly stood up, wiping the dust from her eyes and glanced upon her master, then gripping the hilt of her saber the best she could with her good hand. With that, she delivered another swift slice at her in a backhand, diagonal motion from her left hip to her right shoulder.*

    Posted by Dara Shadowtide on 08-11-2002 08:52 PM:

    :: The sting of a fresh cut across her exposed abdomen almost seems to sizzle against the fresh air as the pain travels across Dara's skin. As Nikka's saber motion completes in an upward arc at the Sith Master's right shoulder, Dara takes in air quickly between her teeth and lands a punch on Nikka's saber wrist in an attempt to get her to drop her weapon ::