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    It was early that morning and James had just reached the Training grounds. Opening the wide gated doors, the Sith Master wasn't armed today. Not with his usual lightsaber anyways. No, today he was going to use a training one. Along with his student, Gianna. Today would be her first lesson with a lightsaber. Knowing she had no clue what they were until now he would be obliged to teach her all about them.

    Walking to a training saber rack, the Sith Master plucked two off it and held them both in his hands. Running his thumb along the button to activate it he then refrained but kept his fingers wrapped around the hilts. They were fine weapons but, they wouldn't do serious damage like a regular lightsaber would. One he happened to have indeed. A wry smirk crossed his face as he then waited. He'd keep her guessing and having to think on her toes. Use some style that she wasn't familiar with too. Shii-Cho was a good style to fall back on but, she would need to face anything and everything. That was why he'd probably use Ataru against her. A physically demanding style that was more aligned with power strikes. Something she'd have to see for herself.

    It is time... James voice rang into her mind.

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    Sitting atop a boulder just on the edge of the jungle, Gianna sat cross legged, eyes closed, and ever so vigilant. She reached out with the Force and could feel things around her. She could feel the surging of blood within the harmless insect on her knee, the warm breeze moving around every inch of her arms, and what felt like lost souls reaching out to her from deeper within the jungle. Most likely they were disciples who thought themselves stronger than they really were and met their fate from the taled Codru-Ji she had heard so much about. They called to her so that she would come to their final resting place and perhaps join them.

    "No...I wont." She said aloud to no one. "I'm not ready to go within the jungle yet. The Codru-Ji are dangerous and the presence of this Temple keeps them at bay. If you had any sense, you wouldn't of gone in there in the first place and gotten yourselves killed. Fools." A dark smile thinned her lips. The words were not her own but they felt right at the time. Before she could assault them further, James' voice entered her mind. He was ready to see her again.

    Opening her eyes, Gianna rose up from the boulder and backflipped to land on the ground beside the large rock. Tapping into the Force, she sped off like a blur towards the Training Grounds, leaping over hedges and kicking off of tall columns. It had been just a day but she had been practicing harder than ever with all of the Force abilities. She was more comfortable listening to the dark side and letting it take control of her. She trusted it and when her lust for power and knowledge became thirsty, Gianna would let the dark side engulf her and achieve what it wanted, until she was satisfied and thought of Antony to recall her from her abyss.

    Shoving open the gates of the training grounds, Gianna slowed down to normal speed and jogged to a complete stop a few feet in front of James. Dropping to a kneel and lowering her head, she showed respect and began to catch her breath. "Good morning, my master. I hope it was a great one for you as well."


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      James then saw Gianna appear through the doors. With a smirk he then watched her jog up to him then kneel down in front of him. Then she asked if his morning was good. Well, being a Sith Master he had a lot on his plate most days. That and searching for the truth behind pain and how it can be used as a weapon of sorts. Following the path that Sion had taken through his journey into the Dark Side knowing he'd never figure out totally how Sion had kept himself alive after all that time.

      He then motioned for her to stand, "I'm a Sith Master, Gianna. I've had good and bad days. But, being on the Council I've got a lot on my plate."

      James then held the training blades in front with his palms open. Showing her the hilts of them he then kept his thumb near the activation stud although he knew he'd not activate them yet. In a moment he would but he kept his palms open to show them to her. A blade used by the Sith. Not the vibro-pike she was used to.

      "See these hilts here? They are lightsabers. Tools of the Sith, and Jedi. Today you will learn to use one. Learning the first form which is Shii-Cho. It's nicknames are 'The Way of the Sarlacc' and 'The Determination Form'. That is because it's simplistic, raw, and can be unpredictable in the hands of a master practitioner. Also it is the first form that all Disciples learn. This form relies upon disarming rather than killing. But, that will be sufficient for now. Other forms you will learn in the future." James said still having his hand open.

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        Gianna's eyes lit open at the black hilts in both of his palms. "Lightsabers?" She asked rhetorically. Pointing a finger to the circular open end of the hilt, she continued. "I take it, this is where the light energy comes from? What changes the blade color? Your emotion? May I?" She asked, before using the Force to lure it from his grasp and float into hers. She gripped the hilt strong in her right hand and felt its weight.

        Thought the blade was never activated, she practiced a few strikes with it as James explained the Shii-Cho form. "Sometimes..." Gianna flipped the hilt in air and faced the blade end out to her right, stabbing hard with it. "...disarming is just as bad as killing. The fear for that split second that you have just lost the fight is enough to turn the tide of any battle." She smiled and held the weapon down at her side now. "I can't imagine wielding two of these."


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          James then chuckled, "Yes indeed. But, the color is affected by the color crystal you place in it. These happen to be red."

          When she asked to take it he nodded. Seeing it float into her hand he knew she'd been practicing her skills. Which was a good thing in his eyes. Then she spoke of disarming being just as bad as killing. In his opinion sometimes it was a good thing sometimes it was bad. Just depended on the situation that was all. If it were a Jedi he'd rather die then be captured by them. If it was another Sith he was fighting to the death with being disarmed meant you lived to fight another day.

          "Well, sometimes it can be good, sometimes bad. Just depends on the situation." James said with a shrug, then smirked at her comment and then chuckled, "I wield a double-bladed one. That's much tougher. But, I'm the residential duelist around here."

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            When James said he wielded a double bladed lightsaber, Gianna examined the hilt in her hand. " in a blade from this end and this end?" She pointed with her free hand to either end of the hilt. "Incredible! One of the officers of the Conglomerate had one in vibro-pike form though I've never seen it used. It was always sheathed and I had a feeling that if it was ever used, it would take many lives in a tempest of steel."

            Falling back on the thought of the color of red, Gianna felt insoired. "Red, hmmm? The symbol of war and destruction. Symbolic for flames and terror, yet at the same time...a symbol of power, strength, determination, and passion. Not all bad. This color is one I could follow and get used to seeing. To see the reason behind why we fight and why we must keep fighting. The Jedi want our emotions? Well come take it."


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              James then laughed, "Well, a lightsaber is much different then a vibro-pike, Gianna. Much different. A vibro-pike can do damage but a lightsaber is pure plasma energy. Training blades like these can only burn you. Real ones will slice your limbs off. Trust me...I know."

              The Sith Master then chuckled at her comment about double blades, "Yes, in fact. Double bladed ones have blades at either end. But, red isn't the only color around here. As a matter of fact my blade color is black. Jedi colors are vast like the rainbow. But, red isn't the only color we can use. Whatever suits you is what you can use."

              As Gianna made an arrogant comment about the Jedi taking their emotions he then shook his head. Wanting to laugh he refrained from it for now. There was work to be done. Igniting his own training blade he then held it diagonally in front of him. Nodding with his head to Gianna he then spoke.

              "Now push the button and ignite it. We shall begin with the opening stance." James began, "See how I'm holding this? Copy my stance. That is the opening stance of Shii-Cho."

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                Gianna wondered what colors were even available to choose, but she had to choose, it would be something similar to either red, purple, yellow, or even a pearl-white. However, there would be time for dreaming later.

                Eyeing the hilt for the ignition button, her thumb depressed the button just above her grip. A crimson blast of energy erupted from the circle in the hilt and its sudden screech and color surprised Gianna and startled her. The blade idly hummed like an engine and vibrated through the hilt and into her right palm. It's radiant heat was already felt as she held it close to her face, examining the energy and trying to see through it at James, yet could not.

                Gianna nodded to James and shifted into position to match his. Swallowing hard, the blade made her nervous though she tried her best not to show it. She had seen metallic swords before but energy weapons like this were a whole different breed. "Like this?" She asked over the two humming weapons, moving her arms now to match James' following the planting of her feet.


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                  James nodded, "Yep. Just like that."

                  Then breathing in the Dark Side the Sith Master then brought it to his side with his left hand. His right hand was mechanical as it had been cut off by Killian back quite a few years prior. Although he still looked at it and remembered that time he could still use Force Lightning although it had to come from his left hand though. His mechanical hand was useless in that aspect. But, then again he also knew the elements quite well. All of them except for fire of course. His only weak point. James hated fire! That was because it made him who he was. The masked man with a scarred body of burns.

                  "Now, I will come at you and try your best to keep up with your defense. There are target zones across the body. The torso, the head, arms, and legs. These are the points you must aim for. All of them have their drills you must do. But, once you learn the basics today I want you to practice these drills. On the combat droid I'll have sent here for you." James said then pulled up his saber to begin.

                  The Sith Master began with a simple strike aiming horizontally towards Gianna's arm. Then followed that up by stepping back. Once he did he then came forward again going for her opposite arm. But, he threw in a twist with a flurry going for her shoulder then spinning around to aim for her torso.

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                    When James said he was coming at her, Gianna verbally whispered "okay" to herself to get mentally ready. James said the blades burned so learning just how bad they burned was something she didn't want to find out.

                    James came at her with a horizontally strike. An easy to read strike, so Gianna raised her weapon and blocked it vertically, stepping back just as he did. She couldn't help being on a heightened sense of fear. The last time she got in melee combat, she lost horribly and was dragged across the ground face down until she passed out. A horrible memory to even think about.

                    The Sith Master went on the offensive again. His strike went for her opposite arm which she blocked again but then flipped up to her shoulder, which a slight raise of her weapon higher blocked that as well but forced her backward. His twirl around and slice for her stomach, however, caught her off guard. Gianna still had her weapon up, anticipating a high attack, but his saber drew a long line of searing anguish across her stomach and just over her navel. Gianna screamed in pain and leapt back, her hand retreating to the source of pain, but the contact made it worse. The flesh on the thin burn line could be heard sizzling.

                    The disciple dropped down to her knees but held the saber gripped in her right hand. The pain was worse than she anticipated and she tried her best to control the pain through the Force. It diminished ever so slightly but it still hurt incredibly bad, nevertheless. Staggering back to her feet, Gianna went back into the stance. The old princess in her wanted to lash out and go on a wild offensive, but that would of been foolish. James was her teacher and despite all of this, he was still teaching her. This mistake was one she would not make again and that reminder would be scarred in a line across her stomach as a memory for a few weeks.


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                      James then saw her drop to her knees as his strike across her stomach hit it's mark, "Let the Force flow through you, Gianna. It's much easier that way. Do not falter or show weakness to your opponent. They will not show you mercy like I am. If this were a real battle and that happened you'd already be dead."

                      When Gianna went back to her stance, James went on the offensive again. Canting his blade a bit sideways and towards his left, the Sith Master then came forward bringing his blade up and over aiming down for her head. James then twirled his saber back and then lunged forward with it making a stab for her chest. The Sith Master then finished his flurry with a raking slice towards her left leg.

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                        Gianna listened as he spoke of the Force. James was right. The dark side not only could help her offensively, but it was a passive buffer that could turn the tide of this training. Gianna called on the darkness around the grounds again, inhaling its pain and sorrow from previous attendees. She allowed the dark side to twist her mind to force her to hate James as if he was Lezran, the rattataki who usurped her in front of her people.

                        She saw his twisted grin despite James' mask. The things she would do to wipe it off of his face once and for all. James came at her once more and Gianna felt a new wave of confidence rush over her. Rather than raise her saber to block his, Gianna sidestepped the blade coming down from overhead and twirled her own to knock his stabbing lightsaber at her chest out of the way. Dipping her saber low, Gianna leapt to her right and her weapon kissed his with a crackle sound as he attempted a strike at her left leg.

                        Going back into the stance, Gianna went on the offensive this time to test just how good it really was or if it was just a stance to get you to freestyle into your own until you found a good flow. Her dark brown eyes eyed the cloaked Master up and down and she twirled her lightsaber around as she circled him. Coming to a stop, Gianna angrily rushed him, striking diagonally at his left shoulder, his right shoulder, a horizontal slash from left to right, and a leg sweep to his right hip.


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                          James watched her side step his attack then knock his attack towards her chest out of the way. Good! She was learning to defend herself. Maybe in time he would teach her Soresu. She seemed like she could be suited for that. Or maybe Makashi. His favored style. As their sabers crackled and hissed when he attempted to strike her leg he then smiled. At least she was using the Force now more then just relying on instinct alone.

                          "Good! Your keeping a good defense, Gianna." James said then saw her bounce back into the stance.

                          Once she drove at him on the offense he then raised his eyebrow. Striking towards his left shoulder he easily side stepped it then twirled his saber up and over locking blades with her till she slashed horizontally towards his right then his left. Barely backing himself up he then remarked how her attack was a flurry. That was also a good thing. At least she wanted to attack him. But, he hadn't instructed her to do so but, that would be abated for now.

                          The leg sweep hit as he wasn't keeping his focus. His focus was on what he would have done next himself. It then burned into his skin, but, he grit his teeth. Stepping back further he then kept his saber held in the opening stance of Shii-Cho with a smirk on his face.

                          "Nice attack there. Good start to the offensive. Now attack again!" James shouted.

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                            Interesting. He complimented her rather than scolding her for not making every strike count. His compliment went over her head and she was happy it did. If it did get to her, she would of lost concentration and relaxed. No, this was the dark side in control. Compliments were only watching your opponent squealing in pain or better. Real enemies would never say "good job" or "you got me good there".

                            Dashing at him again, Gianna shuffled her feet and pretended to step right but faked and attacked on his left side. One strike and then another to his left side as if she were using a stick, Gianna flipped the momentum to his right side now, this time only battering one time at his right side before spinning and stepping back and out of the way of any counter attacks. Feeling the heat of battle, she went back in, this time attacking high.

                            The lightsaber arced horizontally at his neck on the left side and then twirling around to attack the same spot but on the right side.


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                              James almost went for the fake to his right but noticed her saber coming left. His dominant side he might add. That was where he was most deadly. Anyone attacking his left was attacking the bad side of him because he could defend himself on that side rather easily. Her attacks were then battered out of the way with a flick of his wrists. He used both hands at that but then took his right hand off his blade. Watching her flip momentum towards his right as he easily pushed aside her attack. Though her attacks were simple they were doing what he wanted her to do. Use every strike she could and make them count. But, the form was about getting in and getting out. Prolonged fights would end in the user being tired out. Most of the time.

                              "Every strike should count. Because the form requires a 'get in...get out' style to it. Prolonged fights would end in defeat. Unless your a master of the form." James said as he then saw her step outta the way of his possible counter attacks.

                              She was getting the hang of it at least. Showing a lot of promise. Attacking high at his neck he then swayed his head out of the way. Then as she went again for his neck the other side this time, James then brought his saber up and stepped back to give room. The sabers locked and he pushed hers back. A smile crept to his face then.

                              "Since your getting the basics of it...I'm gonna come at you with a different form this time. One that I know personally. You'll learn more in time but it'll give you a notion of what other forms you may come across. I'll use Makashi. Attuned to lightsaber combat." James said then motioned for her to attack.

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