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The power of the darkness(Gianna)

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  • The power of the darkness(Gianna)

    James had heard of a new Disciple who was recruited into their fold. Seeing the name on his datapad as Gianna Suo he then got the message that she requested his presence for training. Figuring that he may as well since he trained many others in the ways of the Sith he then came down from his office and headed to the Training Grounds. His black cloak flowing behind him in the slight breeze that was washing over the training area he then sat down.

    Closing his eyes the Sith Master began to meditate. Reaching out with the Dark Side summoning it's dark energy to his being, Darth Reverence quietly meditated. His senses reached beyond the Training Grounds and into the Temple. Noticing those who resided within it the masked Sith then stretched them further then that. James began stretching them as far as the jungle that was near. Noting every creature that passed through and lived in it he then smirked. All the beasts that resided in the jungles of Munto Codru lived their life being part of the 'survival of the fittest' mold. That was what the Sith did as well. It was not just a place to had to survive by any means necessary. He also stretched them towards the sentient Codru-Ji that resided here as well.

    Keeping his senses stretched to the entire area he felt Gianna coming before she stepped foot outside the temple. With another wry grin, James quietly waited. This one would be interesting though. Her mind was erratic with thoughts as the ice princess was thinking of her people. More or less she was also thinking about his son, Antony. Another thought that crossed the surface of the young girl's mind was that his son had helped her through her recruitment and that he'd also helped heal her infection that she carried while being exiled here. That was an interesting thought, at least, in his mind anyways.

    As she stepped foot inside the grounds, James opened his eyes and then glanced his head towards the iron gate which creaked open. His white mask with the hazel eyes that seemed to pierce through one's soul.

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    The warm temperature of the planet was something Gianna wasn't used to at all but in due time she would be. Her change of clothes had to be modified into something she had never worn before. If only her sisters could see her now. They'd only dream of being able to dress the way she was now. With help from her vibro-pike in her room, she sliced off the sleeves of her jacket and cut it in half to make a black vest to go over her shirt that exposed her mid-section. Her tan pants were tight and form fitting to seal in the heat but they couldn't be changed unless she wanted them shorter. Shin high black boots housed the bottom of her pants to keep them from coming unbloused with her movement. The ice princess tucked her hair into a ponytail and opened the gate to the training grounds. Master Icarus was already within and peering at her through the strangest of masks.

    Gianna approached him and took a seat across from him, cross-legged. Her hands clasped in her lap, she glared back at him. "A pleasure to meet you, Master Icarus. I can see that my message has reached you." She felt a bit at unease for a few reasons. Two reasons, mainly because of his gender and the other because of his mask, which she chose to address first. "Your mask. It's frightening to the enemy, is it not? Why do you continue to wear it even though ally ourselves to the same side? Master Icarus, you can trust me." She swallowed hard at how he would react to her innocent question.


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      James' hazel eyes glared back at her as he blinked. As she inquired about his mask, the masked man known as Darth Reverence then chuckled. Most people who asked about it got their answer. Those who saw what was beneath it...mainly enemies never saw anything else after that. What was beneath it was horrifying to most. But, those who seen it knew why he wore it in the first place.

      "It does frighten most of my enemies. That is the point." James said, "It also spreads fear into allies to not cross me either. Or they suffer the consequences."

      He would answer her inquiry about his mask in a moment though. The Sith Master then stood up and then motioned for her to stand as well. Not knowing her culture at all, the masked man then motioned for her to follow beside him. Walking to the small creek that ran near the grounds, he then stood next to it himself looking towards the jungle that lay ahead of them. She was not allowed to enter it without him or someone else of Knight rank or higher. For her own safety.

      "Your inquiry is one I've heard many times before, Gianna is it?" James began, "I wear it because I was horribly scarred by the Republic. I come from Coruscant. They raided the place when the Galactic Empire fell. My sector was destroyed. Nothing remains but charred memories. I am the living memory of the ordeal. That is why I wear this mask. To hide my face and frighten my enemies."

      The Sith Master chuckled thinking about his son, Antony, "I see you've met my son, Antony as well. He helped you during your recruitment did he not?"

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        Gianna walked with him and listened intently to his story before she was prompted herself to share. "Yes sir. Indeed he did." She smiled at the thought of Antony but looked away to the ground opposite the side James stood on. Recovering from it, she placed her hands behind her back. "This Republic seems as terrible as the Jedi. My people of the frozen planet of Diado know nothing of any of these factions, but your son spoke of the Galactic Empire and said that we were temporary allies with them. He said that the Empire needs our Force energy, while we need their leverage with their war machines. A tactful alliance for both sides, yet it seems so fragile at the same time. There are no Imperial soldiers on this planet. At least I have not seen them. It seems our alliance with them is rather shaky. My guard will remain up for their betrayal."

        The princess grabbed the trunk of the slender tree beside her in one hand and lowered herself down to the creek to cup water in her other hand and raise it up just above the current. The water was warm. Another luxury of residing on a tropical planet. She opened her fingers and let the water fall back to rejoin the current. "My people have been betrayed, Master Icarus. Several times. The Taeke Clan I preside over with my mother have had other clans turn on us or trivial matters but we gave in every time. We are a passive people, Master. Other clans who used to supply food for us turned against us when they asked us to join them in war and we refused. So that is when we learned to fight. We adapt to our environments. And now...."

        Gianna dipped her hand in the water again and retrieved water quickly, squeezing her fist angrily to make the water squirt out of any opening in her hand. "...some usurper by the name of...Tsuni has laid claim to my land and had me exiled to this planet. His men were going to kill me instead, but I got away. I will return, master. I will return and I will have blood." She couldn't believe what she had just said. This wasn't her. Catching herself, she sighed and stood up, her eyes lost in the stream of water. "Forgive me for my anger."


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          James then nodded as she started to share her story with him, "Ah, I see. Diado huh? Never heard of it but then again this galaxy is vast. There are parts that I had no idea existed. Plus, the outter reaches are where I've never been to."

          As she spoke of the Empire he then shrugged. They were allied for now, yes, but the alliance came out of the need for firepower more then anything. Something the Sith did not have. The Empire needed them for the Force that they had so it was going to be a win-win for both sides. A war was coming soon. Very soon indeed. He forsaw it in his visions but, the future changed all the time. Destinies were shaped and crumbled and those who could see it never knew the outcome of it. War was a powerul and fragile thing. Battles would be won and lost on both sides. Many casualties would happen. That much was certain.

          Hearing more of her story he was intrigued by this 'Tsuni' person. Seemed like he had ideals of his own. Although it seemed he wanted to hold all the power for himself. In the ways of the Sith, however, power was not shared. It was either taken or else you wouldn't ever survive. Much like the jungles of Munto Codru and the creatures who resided in it. Fear and anger could make one desperate. It also made one more powerful. Fearing the unknown made one focus on what was ahead of them. Like anger it gave you strength, focus, and a power like you'd never felt in your life. Something James knew quite well. Along with pain. Losing those close to you made you realize what you must do to not repeat the mistakes that you'd done before. Plus pain could be an ultimate weapon.

          "They exiled you here but didn't kill you? That was their mistake, Gianna. A big one at that. One day this...Tsuni...will realize his mistake when you shove a blade throug his beating heart. Or rip it from his chest. Whichever comes to mind at that time." James said turning to her as she was dipping her hand into the water.

          Seeing her clench her fist, the Sith Master grinned. Her rage would take her far in this place. If she didn't have it she'd never be able to feel the Dark Side. Pain would also bring her the power she sought out. He'd show her that at some point in this day. For those emotions he used made him what he was today. A powerful and revered Sith Maste who resided on the council here in the Sith Empire.

          "Do not apologize for feeling anger, Gianna. It will give you strength. Pain, fear, and rage will also attune you to the Dark Side. Feed on those emotions and you will feel power like you'd never known before. You must turn your weaknesses into a strength. Find them and you will know yourself. Then, you will have no chains holding you down. Like the Jedi do. They bind chains to themselves and that is their undoing." James said with a smirk.

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            Gianna quickly turned her head to look at James. Was he serious? "But anger is dangerous if trifled with. Sure, one can feel it, but to use it as a tool is to become something that is not...normal." She placed her hands in her pockets and kicked a small pebble into the creek. "I gave in to anger before and it cost my sisters their lives. Several times over. Each of those times, I lost a little bit of myself and found the true me."

            Gianna rounded James and looked up at him through the eye holes in the mask, almost glaring through him. "Anger will not be an emotion I will use. I will choose another avenue for my energy. Confidence." She knew that would confuse him so she explained quickly. "Confidence and determination will be my sources of power. To hold confidence in one's self is far superior to uncontrolled rage from anger and twice as dangerous. Anger leads to rash decisions which can cost lives and resources in the end. With confidence, I can keep a cool head in battle because I know my enemy will falter before my might." She thinned her lips into a smile. "Confidence, determination, will, loyalty, and empowerment. These are the tools of a warrior of the dark side of the Force, master. That is my code within the Sith Code that I will follow."

            She returned her position to beside him and sighed jokingly with a constant smile on her face. James was beginning to grow on her already. "You will see soon enough."


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              "The Dark Side isn't what people consider 'normal', Gianna." James said as she turned to look at him, "Most consider it 'unnatural' but, it is as natural as you and I. Losing yourself isn't as bad as you might think. Did you think I lost myself when my home and nearly my life was destroyed in front of me? Yes. Did I survive it? Yes."

              With Gianna speaking of not using anger but confidence instead he then shrugged. He'd let her use whatever it was she would use. Hopefully pain would be one of them. Because that was what James used to fuel his dark powers. Pain could be a powerful tool indeed and James used his own pain every day as something to channel the Dark Side. As she explained herself he then kept shrugging folding his arms over his chest, which was his usual. To which Gianna would see that more often then not.

              "Use whatever it is that you think will allow you to use the Dark Side, Gianna. But, whatever pain you feel or have felt in your life use that too. It will fuel the darkness within you and that will also give you power. Don't let the chains of pain hold you. Use them as a weapon. Like I do." James said with a smirk as she spoke of 'you'll see soon enough', "I suppose I will."

              The Sith Master then sat down again near the creek and closed his eyes, "Sit down. Meditate with me. Tell me what your greatest fear is...what your worst pain is. Then channel them and tell me what you feel when you do."

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                Gianna took her seat beside him. His question pryed at her very soul as she queried what her answer would be. "Loss." She said, picking up a single blade of grass beside her and playing with it in her hands while she elaborated. "My greatest fear is both disappointment and loss. To lose the faith my people had in me would be more devastating than dying itself. I let those men into my gates, master, and they took advantage of everything we had." She was speaking more to herself than to James at this point. As she spoke and relayed the entire story to James, detail by detail, it played over in her mind......


                Twenty something gunships and freighters circled the primitive capital city of Kestal high above like birds waiting to swoop down on their prey. They dipped low almost all at once and took up residence, landing just outside the outer ice walls of the large city. The Queen was just doing Gianna's hair in a braided ponytail when they received word from their stewardess that several steel crafts had landed beyond the walls. Gianna rose from her seated position in front of her mother and immedietaly ran outside, holding up her dress as she ran so it could not rub against the snow covered ground and soak the skirt of the dress.

                Mounting up on her family tauntaun, Ala, Gianna and two of her most trusted advisors rode out of the gates to meet the one in charge of this intrustion. Three swoop bikes closed in on their position from a large spacecrafts' exit ramp. The ice princess of Kestal halted her advance and held her banner high, the purple flag flapping in the heavy wind. The man in the center of the swoop bikes raised a hand to slow the advance of his people as to not kick up any loose powdered snow to startle the women and their mounts. Once the bikes came to a stop, the three men dismounted and approached the three royal ladies. The man in the center spoke and as he did so, more than one hundred men rounded her castle walls from their own ships to join their leader.

                "Pretty nice place you have here." He said, his gloved hands in the pockets of his large black snow jacket. Gianna wasn't moved. She held her resolve. He was a male. Something her mother had warned the women of Kestal about. She said that one day, man was going to set foot in Kestal but its walls would never be breached. On this day...she was wrong.

                "Where are my manners? My name is Malcome Tsuni of the Tsuni Conglomerate and these are those men who are hired under my hand. The many tribes, clans, hunters, and vagabonds who have gathered under one banner to bring justice back to this galaxy to take over Nar Shaddaa. Our plan? Nar Shaddaa. The Smuggler's Moon. Ever heard of that? Either way, we are going to take over that planet, take it for every credit it owns, and burn that planet to the ground to rebuild it in our image." He opened his arms wide. "Don't you want more than just this piece of land on this frozen rock? Baby ,you could hold a chunk of that credit mine by just opening them gates and siding with us. My men just need a place to rest our heads and fill our bellies for the night. No harm done. I only ask that you join us for the final push on Nar Shaddaa when the times comes. If you do not have a spacecraft of your own to carry your people, we will get you one. What say you?"

                Gianna pulled back on the reins of her tauntaun, angering it and forcing it to kick up powdered snow. The guardsmen next to Tsuni raised their blaster rifles at her. "You are male and the city is female. Our genders will not coexist under the same moon. We will not! Your men will not rest your heads anywhere near our city. The women of Kestal are not for sale and we are not for recruitment. Return from whence you came with your machines or..."

                Tsuni reached in his jacket pocket and retrieved two pistols, dual wielding them in either hand now. "Or...or what? Honey, this ain't me asking you for permission. This is a request. You are gonna let us through them gates or I'm gonna put a bolt in your over-sized rodent and then I'm gonna let one loose in your chest, so you better step aside now or it's gonna get real ugly out here."

                Gianna yelled in her language. "Rei Rath! Rei Rath!! (Fall back! Fall back!)" As her advisors and herself turned to race back to the city, blaster bolts opened fire from all different directions on the three clanswomen. A bolt clipped the right shoulder of the advisor on her right and another slammed into the neck of the tauntaun of that same rider. Barely making it in the gate with her life, Gianna yelled for her sisters to close the gates, but nearly eight swoop bikes blasted through the narrow gap just before the frozen wall closed. The riders leapt off of their metal mounts and opened fire on the innocent women, lobbed grenades in huts, and decapitated a few women who tried to defend their princess. On this day...Kestal was breached and any freedom Gianna had before...was gone.


                Gianna shook her head. She couldn't bear to share any more right now unless she was prompted to. The rest of it hurt her so bad. "I'm not sure what you mean by channeling it, but I can tell you what I'm feeling right now and it's not too good. I feel warm all over and I can't stop myself from thinking terrible things. It's like I "feel" hatred itself and yet there is despair. The ground, the air, this blade of grass, even I can sense everything as if all of my senses are heightened for the moment."


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                  James then smirked and nodded, "I see."

                  When she started to explain what had happened he then delved into her mind racing through the surface thoughts. As Gianna kept telling the story of what had happened on Kestal he could see all of it. Prying into her mind with his use of the Force along with Farseeing the past of his new Disciple was seen by the venerable Sith Master. All the pain, suffering, and anger. This 'Tsuni' guy seemed like more a nuisance then anything.

                  As she said that she felt a 'warmth' surging through her he then grinned. The Sith Master then moved his arms and opened them, "The warmth you feel is the Dark Side. Your pain, anger, all of it will help fuel the darkness in you. Just embrace it don't fear it! Embrace the darkness and it will give you the power you've always wanted. Gianna, don't let your own fear keep you held down. Don't let it chain you."

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                    OOC: No worries about your post. You did great!

                    Gianna brought her knees into her chest and wrapped her arms around them, leaning her head forward to rest her chin on one of her knees. A deep sigh escaped her. She really didn't believe in expressing anger and using her "fury" as fuel in gain strength, but James was right. The feeling in itself felt good and invigorating, but for now it would have to be leashed.

                    "I won't let it chain me, master. The Force shall free me." She said, looking sideways to wink and smile at James. Her studying was starting to pay off. "This feeling does feel pretty good. I can almost feel this planet breathing. If this is what the Dark Side is about, then I don't want it to go away. Even your voice sounds like its in a different definition."


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                      James looked over at her with a grin, "So you've studied some of the Sith Code have you? The last line in it is 'The Force shall free me'."

                      The Dark Side was a universal energy that flowed through everything. Most of it was neutral, neither dark nor light. But, the Jedi used peace, serenity and calm to use the Force. Their definition was of the Light Side. Sith and the other Force users used their anger, fear, and pain to fuel the Dark Side of the Force. Both sides used it in different ways. But, they were two sides of the same coin.

                      Her wink made the Sith Master chuckle, "Then embrace it. Let it's energy bend to your will. Then close your eyes and tell me what you can 'see' without your eyes. There is an aura to everything, Gianna. Some is light, dark, or neutral. My voice can sound different if I want it to. It can be influenced by the Dark Side if I bend it to my will."

                      Gianna's charm and innocent nature made him see why she had Antony on her mind too. It was deep under the surface and he knew in her thoughts she did not trust men. For a good reason though he could understand. The destruction that was caused made her distrust them. James could understand that but he knew that Antony was fascinated with her. Now he could see why.

                      "I see why my son is infatuated with you. You've got quite the charm. If the need occurs then you should use your charm to kill these men who've taken your planet." James said with a smirk.

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                        Gianna giggled a bit and her eyes lit up when James mentioned his son. "So Antony actually thinks about me as well?" She asked rhetorically. "Oh charm was never used on him, master." She played with the pendant connected to her gold necklace. "Antony saved my life and brought me into your home so I am indebted to him. Because of him I am here to this day and able to exact my revenge. I believe this...Force kept me alive only to have brought us to one another."

                        The princess cleared her throat and changed the subject. "Charm could be used to win my city back over. Violence and war will only cause more deaths and that is the last thing Kestal needs at this point."

                        A chime from Gianna's datapad sounded in her back pocket. A cold shudder went through her body. That could only mean one thing. Malcome Tsuni...had sent another message. She looked desperately into James' eye holes of his mask in hopes that he could help her not hear what she thought she heard.


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                          "He does." James said with a chuckle, "He's young and exploring his infatuations with women now. I know he thinks a lot of you. Spent the last day or two wondering if you thought he was cute. It's funny actually. Plus he wonders if you'd go on a date with him sometime. Again it's rather funny. I remember how I was at his age."

                          When she changed the subject to her people and the subject of violence and war would cause more harm then good. True sometimes it was needless but there were other times that violence was the only answer to a problem. Charm would be a good weapon for Gianna to use since she was young and beautiful. Men would break their necks to get to her. That would be their downfall. Much like Jezebella was beautiful...beautiful and deadly.

                          "Your charm and beauty will come in handy. Men would break their necks to get to you. That is where you will plot their downfall at. If you get a chance you should meet Master Shadana. She's a who is deadly though. Or Razielle. She isn't hard on the eyes either but men have paid a price when they deserved it." James said with a wry grin on his face.

                          Then the sound of a datapad went off. James then raised his eyebrow looking to Gianna. He wondered who would send her a message at this point and time. Either way he then motioned for her to take it out. If it was that 'Tsuni' guy he wanted to hear it. It would give him insight into the kind of person this guy was. Maybe he'd meet this guy and see why he chose a planet that was isolated from the galaxy. There was nothing that could be taken from there besides the women. Nothing of value anyways was there.

                          "You may answer it." James said, "If you want to."

                          He then saw her shudder and that told him right away it was that Tsuni guy. That was what he inferred not even having to delve into her mind to find the answer. It was written on her face. James then kept his hazel eyed gaze on Gianna.

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                            Though James gave her permission to answer the datapad, she didn't want to. It only spelled bad news. Retrieving the datapad from her back pocket, she saw that the message was sent with the letters "Re:" before the subject line, meaning it was a continuation of the previous conversation even though she had not replied back to the first. This time, it was video instead of audio. Clicking on the subject line, the video quickly came through. The video began beside Tsuni with him looking out of a circular window from what looked to be aboard a spacecraft.


                            Tsuni took a sip of his caf and held it out beside him so one of his associates could pour liquor into it for him, since he was too proud to do it himself. He swirled his mug to mix the liquor and caf together before taking another sip. Finally he turned to face the camera, angrily. "It's beautiful out here on Diado. And your city looks even better at this altitude." He took another sip, stepping away from the window and walking towards the center of the large room which looked like a cargo bay. "If you remember, I gave you a full day's time to return to this city and return my credit chit to me or else something drastic would happen. Now I'm not sure if you're getting these messages or not, nor do I really care, but when I make a threat, I intend to uphold it to its full extent."

                            He handed his mug to one of his armed guardsmen in the room and stroked his chin with his right gloved hand. His other hand was in his trench coat front pocket. "I said I would burn a part of the Lower City to get your attention, but you aren't getting the message the way I want you to. Greyson!" He called out, looking off camera. His hate filled eyes glared deep into the lens and almost at Gianna. "Ready the cannons. We will level the entire Lower City." The soldier off camera acknowledged with a "yes sir" and footsteps on metal could be heard tapping away at a fast speed.

                            Malcome grabbed the camera and walked back towards the window once more and as he walked, he kept the camera on his face as he looked forward. "This is a warrior-class spacecraft, princess. A spacecraft with enough power that it could level your entire city, but we still need some place to sleep so we will wait on that. Do you know how many people live in the Lower City? Well I'm sure you do, but you actually missed one in your count. You see, I told the Queen...aka your mother, that I needed her to do some public relations for me down there. She knows nothing about this entire attack, but she will be caught in the crossfire. Her survival may come to pass or it may not, but know that everyone who dies down there will be on YOUR hands! You made the choice to not return to me and they die because of your lack of courage! You are a princess of this city, so act like it!! On this day....Kestal shall become...........Cinderfall!!!"

                            The blaring alarms could be heard along with the sound of the shifting of the port side turbolaser cannons coming to life and charging. The camera quickly shifted to the fantastic view from the window of the large ice and stone capital city before lines of red blanketed the sky and collided with stores, buildings, homes, and stables. Everything she had ever known as a child and the friends she had ever had in the Lower City...gone. Women ran from their homes but were quickly swallowed up in the sea of fire and explosions. Panic and chaos filled the streets of those in the market square. The sound through the camera was almost deafening as the cannons finally halted and nothing but plumes of black smoke and flames as high as the walls of the city could be seen flapping in the wind. Charred remains of those who tried to escape littered the molten ground.

                            The camera slowly turned back to Malcome Tsuni but he held it up high so she could see the rest of the room. Armored thugs of all kinds and tribesmen with blaster rifles held up their weapons and cheered along with chanting their united song.

                            "Through war, through fame,
                            We will hold no shame,
                            Your failure, your falter,
                            We will hold no blame,
                            Through wisdom, through riches,
                            They will know our name,
                            The Dragon of the Conglomerate will turn you to flame."

                            They began burning the honorary purple Kestal flag and waving their banner of the red dragon. Malcome spoke over the roaring of their celebration and excitement. "That dragon symbolizes me. I am the one who will carry this Conglomerate of nations and tribes on my wings and we will engulf Nar Shaddaa in flames to rebuild it in our image. An image of free nations of those who stand with us and we will enslave those who stood against our will to do our bidding. The time of the weak is over. We lift those up who are too weak to fight and we give them the power they need. Return to Cinderfall and end your people's suffering. The women here will keep our beds warm as they do now and they will serve us, but together we will rise. I am sending two dropships to Munto Codru to search for you. If you are reading this message, meet with them, for they will do no harm to you. Have my credit chit in hand and they will return you to this planet and to this city unharmed. If they touch you, I will end them. Your return will be met with peace. You already know I am a man of my word. Lady Gianna, your people need you now more than ever. Think about it. I expect to see you soon."

                            The transmission ended and Gianna fell backwards to look up at the open sky of Munto Codru. Her hands covered her ears and she shut her eyes as hard as she could, but tears escaped and streamed down the sides of her face, kissing the ground. She felt so sick to her stomach that even if she screamed, something else would come up. Her whole body shuddered in anger and her fingers trembled. Right now, she needed Antony more than ever but James would have to do. Whether James wanted the hug or not, she needed the embrace, so she hugged him around his waist and buried her head in his robe and the sobbing began. The former princess tried to speak through her tears and sniffling. "It's not...fair! stop! I can't it anymore. Die! Die! I wish...all of them...would just...die! They're coming here. I go back."

                            It was about to be too easy to tap into the dark side now. Her greatest fear of loss had just come true. The blood of three hundred or so women were now on her hands.


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                              As he saw the entire video message he kept his arms folded across his chest. This Malcome Tsuni was an insane individual. Although arrogant as all get up he was foolish. Quite foolish though. As he explained that he was sending two drop ships to Munto Codru he then watched as the city was leveled. It did make him angered. The only reason a city should burn is to start anew. Chaos was something he didn't quite agree with. But, James was a Sith but he wasn't a complete monster although he looked like it underneath.

                              When the message was over he then laughed a deep booming laugh. This guy was extremely foolish! Sending his ships would end in their destruction. At his hands! Then Gianna would see what power REALLY looked like. Nothing this guy had was compared to the power of the Force. Not all the fire power or ships in the world. They would see it. Oh, this Tsuni would see it first hand. Too bad he made the first mistake. Now James would rectify that mistake he made. Prove a point to him that in darkness there was power! Through fear and anger one would be powerful.

                              When Gianna ran crying and hugged him he then stroked her hair, "It's going to be alright. Now that you've seen it and your anger is rising what do you plan to do with this new found power? Don't fear your emotions, Gianna. Embrace them. Don't chain yourself. Be free! Your not leaving here! When they enter Sith space they will not last long. I will show this Tsuni the true power of the Force!"

                              "You will go back when your training is complete. Antony would go with you. He's already made that clear to himself and to me when I entered his thoughts." James said then pulled her back, "He really cares for you, Gianna."

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