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The student becomes a Master(Sianna)

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  • The student becomes a Master(Sianna)

    Following a few days after Sianna's promotion, James would take the time to train her in the new abilities she would need to learn. Through all her accomplishments with the Sith and finding that holocron that he sought the Sith Master was having it repaired. Seeing to it afterwards that the secrets it held would be revealed. Hopefully he'd find the answers he was seeking to it.

    The masked Sith Master would take the name 'Lord of Pain' making it a new title for himself. Although it had belonged to Darth Sion, he was taking it for himself now. It would belong to him for a new generation till he would no longer take a breath. For how long that would be...nobody would know. Not even James would know that.

    Standing in the Training Grounds, the masked Sith waited for the Priestess of the Sith'ari to arrive. With his eyes closed he then moved his hands around, making the dead rise from their graves below his feet. The skeletons danced and moved like an army till James let go of them. A skill he had learned from Master Shadowtide on how to use necromancy. It was a Sith Sorcery skill and the only one he had learned. Maybe Razielle would be able to teach him more. Or possibly Dalethria. One of them perhaps.

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    Excitement flowed through her veins as the priestess left her private room, now on the top floor of the temple since her promotion and headed downstairs. Diverting through the second story archive, she passed all the many tomes that had kept her enthralled since she had arrived on Munto Codru now for some years and moved to the open balcony. Seeing her master from this height in the arena, she Leaped from the rail and glided through the air, then settled on the rough ground only to see it alive with dancing corpses.

    Silver orbs took in the scene as James played with those failed disciples that hadn't become fodder for the Keth garden outside. Amused, she watched as he effortlessly used them like marionettes on an unseen string. Knowing she already had an arsenal of abilities to scare the mess out of most people, this one would definitely have its uses.

    "May the Force serve you well," she greeted, though without the usual curtsy now that she was on an equal level. That had taken some getting used to as well.


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      James turned to Sianna as she had arrived, "And you as well, Sianna."

      The Sith Master turned to his fellow master with hazel eyes. Now that she was on an equal level it was time for her to begin. Today she would learn how to use necromancy along with a few associated skills of Sith Sorcery that he knew. The others would be learned from Razielle or one of the other Masters. He knew only a bit of the sorcery and alchemy skills. He hadn't had to use them that much. So, that was why he knew how to use necromancy and how to alter beasts with the use of the Dark Side.

      "You like the skill I used there? I can show you how to channel the Dark Side through Sith Sorcery. They call that necromancy. A skill I had learned from Master Shadowtide." James said, "Also I can show you how to alter a beast with the darkness. Something I learned a bit from her also."

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        "Absolutely," she grinned, eager to begin the final stage of learning the basics of sorcery and then alchemy when the time came. Though she knew that Razielle had been very busy with other newly appointed masters, Sianna had every intention of learning all she could from the daughter of Dathomir. Silver orbs turned to the corpses and then back to the master encapsulated in black, "How does one infuse a body with the Force to animate it again? I've heard of a few old masters that could do that, but nothing on how it's done."

        He would have her undivided attention for as long as it took.


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          James chuckled, "It's harder then it looks. One must use Sith Sorcery and channel spirits of deceased Sith. More or less it's channeling their power to infuse the energy they once had. Those who died here I can channel their dark energy and reanimate them. Only for a while. Then they will go back to the ground. Just like I displayed there."

          He then focused on one corpse as it was just buried a short while ago. Channeling his dark power and that of the deceased corpse he was the conduit for the reanimation of the dead one. The corpse at first only jerked it's body. Arms flung up a moment like it had been hit with a shock of electricity like restarting someone's heart. Keeping his concentration the Sith Master channeled the deceased around him their energy flowing through and around him.

          "Once you have the conduit...which is yourself...then you can animate them again." James said with a glance over at Sianna, "It takes a lot of concentration. I raised nearly thirty at once before. Took a lot outta me."

          He then moved his hands around like the puppet master pulling strings. James then made the corpse stand on it's feet. Eyes were not open though as the slowly decomposing body then moved around a moment. The legs walking like it was still alive and it's arms at it's sides. As the corpse's pale white features and dirt covered face walked around seemingly on it's own, James glanced over at her again.

          "It might take a while. Just be patient. I had to when Master Shadowtide taught me this." James said with a slight chuckle.

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            Watching with rapt attention, she took in his instruction and knew that things like this were beyond what she had ever studied before. This was where her heroine lived and the one that had become her model as far as being such a great influence on the origins of the Sith and the code that she had written. To be in the footsteps of such a great master from so long ago had been a dream, until now.

            "So, basically it's using the corpse like any other object, just using the Force to empower the brain once again," she mused aloud. "Maybe also the spine?" Trying her best to picture how the body worked electrically, Sianna had a fair idea on how it should work. "Need to hit the archives once again and study up on Biology some more." Raising thirty at a time would no doubt take a lot out of someone, especially keeping them "alive" all at the same time.

            Soaking in the Force, she then concentrated on one of the other bodies laying on the ground now, then delved mentally into the universe to see the various organs, then move her attention to the brain. Knowing that it was the communication center of the body, she then did her best to infuse it with power once more. Unfortunately, her zeal fried the brain and she backed away from it, her spirit then moving to another and attempting it again, though with less energy and focused at various points, trying to find the right part of the brain which would then kick start the rest. Soon, she discovered a bit more about the organ and it started to gain some life once again. Though having no soul any longer, she knew that it wasn't going to take on a life of it's own, but that unique thought may be possible later once she delved into Alchemy.

            But, first thing's first, she mused and began using the Force to make it do simple things first. Starting out small until eventually getting the body to sit up, though the toll that it was taking on her was becoming taxing and soon she had to let up, the body collapsing again to the ground.

            Rubbing her temples, she rested her eyes and used the Force to then abate the headache that had arisen. "You weren't kidding."